Dehleez – love triumphs (episode 5)


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It starts with Suhasini asking Adarsh about the mark on his arm. Adarsh looks at Suhasini for a second quietly and says ma I had an accident during a visit today. Suhasini gets worried then Manohar interrupts saying really an accident? Adarsh says yes I was something minor, he had even forgot he got hurt. Jaideep says take care.

Morning mamu wishes Swadheenta luck for the interview and mami blesses her. Veer ask Swadheenta to drop him on the way she agrees. She drops him and he wishes her all the best.
Adarsh was on the way to court for some work. He sees Swadheenta on the way and later finds out she is also going to the court.
He sees Swadheenta giving the interview she looks at him he wishes her luck by signs. She smiles.
Adarsh was waiting for a lawyer in the court. Swadheenta is asked to fight a murder case against a journalist. She says I ll try my best. She’s asked to leave and is informed that it’s 1st hearing will takes place in 4 days.

Suhasini gets to know that the murder case has got a lawyer and she asked about the the new lawyer. Suhasini calls Swadheenta and says I’ve heard you’ve taken the case, she says yes mam but I ll need your guidance. She says meet me at lunch in my office. Swadheenta reaches Suhasini’s office. Swadheenta is asked to wait, Suhasini then calls her inside.
Meanwhile Adarsh looks for Swadheenta in the court before leaving. Swadheenta is awestruck by Suhasini. She greets Suhasini. Suhasini says I am surprised that you’ve agreed to take up this case, Swadheenta says mam I had to do it. Suhasini says that’s good that you’re not afraid, but here I can only advise you that be determined. You ll achieve your goals. Swadheenta says mam I need your blessings and help. Suhasini says I don’t have any case file of the murder case but on the desk near has file which contains some info about the case.
She says thank you mam. Happily leaves.

Adarsh goes to meet a friend in a restaurant and coincidentally Swadheenta is also there waiting for Veer to come. Adarsh and Swadheenta cross paths and they both stop and look back at each other. Swadheenta says hi, Adarsh smiles and says hello. Adarsh ask her you can join me for lunch, she says I am waiting for my brother to come. Veer comes there and sees Swadheenta talking to Adarsh. He recognizes him from last night. He moves towards them. Meanwhile Suhasini has a meeting in the same place, she reaches and sees Adarsh talking to a girl. She gets down from the car and walks towards him.

Meanwhile Adarsh excuses himself and goes towards his friend. Veer asks Swadheenta how do she knows him. They both sit and Swadheenta says we met at shraddha’s wedding. Veer says he is the one who had saved him. Swadheenta stuns.
Suhasini calls Adarsh and says I am at the same place. He says thats great mom, she I cannot find right now I have a meeting here. See you after that. He says sure mom.

Precap: Swadheenta sees Adarsh and Suhasini talking. She leaves in hurry and forgets scarf Adarsh notices her scarf on the table.

Credit to: Mannat

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