Dehleez – love triumphs (episode 4)


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Episode starts with Adarsh seeing Swadheenta in the garden. Swadheenta saw Adarsh and Jaya together and recognizes Adarsh. She goes towards Jaya. Jaya says meet my brother in law Adarsh. Jaya introduces Swadheenta to him as her friend.
They both say hi and goes ahead to have lunch. Jaya asks Adarsh go drop Swadheenta but Swadheenta refuses. Adarsh says it’s my pleasure I ll drop her. She says alright.
In the car Adarsh asks her where shall I drop you? She says near India gate. He says this is Adarsh by the way, I am an additional director at state government so if you need any help do let me know.

Swadheenta says sure and smiles. Adarsh complimented her and says your smiles is beautiful. She looks on.
By the time they’ve reached the India gate, Adarsh gets a call from Suhasini. She asks if he had lunch Adarsh replies he had. She says good, I was worried. He says thanks mom both say bye. Swadheenta says thanks to Adarsh and waves him bye, he waves and says see you soon again. She smiles and goes.

Mami cooks special for Swadheenta as she had completed her law with good results. In the evening Swadheenta reached home and become happy to see her favourite dosa. She says thanks mami. Mami says anything for you.
Meanwhile veer had a fight with goons and was beaten by them for money, Adarsh on the way back home sees some men beating someone. He hurry to help him. He calls the police and tried to fight the goons, police reaches the place and goons get arrested. Veer walks upto Adarsh and says thanks for saving my life. Adarsh says you don’t seem to well I drop you home. Veer guides him. Veer gets down after reaching.

Adarsh sees Swadheenta talking to Veer. Before he could say hi, he gets a call from Manohar(dad). Manohar asks if he is having dinner tonight, Adarsh says I ll be home in 10.
Call gets disconnected.
Jaya at the dinner table says my friend had come, Adarsh reaches at the dinner and signals Jaya to not say anything more.
Adarsh sits with them Manohar says Mr. Robin Hood has come. Everyone laughs. Jaya and Adarsh look at each other.
Veer explained everyone what had happened. Swadheenta gets worried Veer says there was this oofficer who helped him and dropped him home back. I forgot to introduce him to you all.
She says thank God he was there.
Suhasini sees a cut mark on Adarsh’s arm and asked him how did this happen? Adarsh stays quite.

Precap: Adarsh meets Swadheenta coincidentally and Veer sees them. Suhasini too sees them from far away inside the car.

Credit to: Mannat

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