Dehleez – love triumphs (episode 3)


Adarsh leaves the venue after getting a call. He with his team reaches an old factory where he finds out about the illegal manufacturing of drugs. He order his mates to seize the entire area. They arrested the owner. The owner (Anuj Makhija) threatens Adarsh and says he has face consequences now, Adarsh smiles and surrenders him to the police superintendent and leaves.

At the dinner Suhasini asks Manohar “where is Adarsh, didnt see him since noon.” Adarsh comes downstairs and joins them for dinner. Manohar says here he is. Suhasini asks where were you? He explained her. Jaya joins them with Jaideep (Adarsh’s elder brother) and says to Suhasini that my friend will come tomorrow, I want you to meet her. Suhasini says she is busy tomorrow, she ll be leaving early for work and says sorry.

At home Swadheenta’s uncle and aunt talks about her future plans, she says she has got an interview day after tomorrow and she wants to work now.
Uncle and aunt both get happy. Swadheenta says thanks for being there for me. Uncle asks where is veer, Swadheenta calls him. Veer says I am with friends will come back in 15 mins. Veer asks her to take the charge of the situation and save him from dad, she says ok. Swadheenta says i will help you but this shouldn’t happen again. He says you’re the best and cuts the call.
Adarsh goes for a walk after having dinner, and suddenly he collides with veer who was in hurry. Veer says sorry to Adarsh, Adarsh says take care.
Next morning Swadheenta gets a call from Jaya. Jaya reminds her of her promise to come home. Swadheenta says she ll come for the lunch.

Swadheenta reaches Sinha house and Jaya comes to receive her, they both looked cheerful after meeting each other. Adarsh was still at home due to some paper work and he starts dreaming about Swadheenta. Jaya shows Swadheenta her room and says will have lunch in sometime, till then i ll show you the Sinha house.

Adarsh says bhabhi i am getting late i might skip lunch. Jaya says no you ll not leave without having food. By the time Adarsh sees Swadheenta in the garden and thinks he dreaming about her with a smile on his face, while Jaya notices the smile on his face. Swadheenta comes towards him, he wonders if she is really here.

Precap: Swadheenta and Adarsh leave in the car, they introduce themselves. Both smile and Adarsh gets a call from Suhasini.

Credit to: Mannat

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  1. really 9c epi mannat 🙂

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    1. I got these pics from different sources. This one from a Twitter fan page. Lemme find it again, I ll the link here ☺

  3. Really nice Mannat, keep writng

    1. Thank you
      Will upload next soon.

  4. Craze about skr

    Gud 1

    1. Thanks a lot dear. Guys I ll need your reviews, suggestions and encouragement to write more. ☺

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