Dehleez – love triumphs (episode 2)


Adarsh sees Swadheenta and admire her. Swadheenta goes to have juice, Adarsh follows. As she asks for the juice, he stands behind her and suddenly turns towards him and Adarsh catches her in his arms.
They both had an eye lock. He smiles at her and she smiles back. Meanwhile Suhasini searches for Adarsh. Here Adarsh thinks he never felt the same way before meeting this girl. Swadheenta says thanks to him and leaves. Adarsh says welcome while still smiling. From far off Suhasini sees both of them. She comes to Adarsh and asks if he had the juice jokingly. Adarsh shy away and says mom it’s nothing like that. Swadheenta suddenly bumps into an old friend. She is her old school friend, who is Adarsh’s Bhabhi (Jaya). They both recognize each other and greet each other. Jaya says it’s a pleasant surprise to see Swadheenta. Swadheenta becomes happy and invite her to visit her(Swadheenta’s home).
Adarsh says to Suhasini that if he finds any girl suitable he ll inform her 1st. Suhasini smiles. He leaves and looks for Swadheenta, and sees her talking to someone, but couldn’t see who. Adarsh follows her but he gets a call thus he immediately leaves. Adarsh reached at some old factory. He finds out about the illegal drugs manufacturing in the old factory.

Precap: Swadheenta reached at Adarsh’s home. Adarsh thinks he is dreaming about her.

Please let me know guys if you all like it. Any suggestions are most welcome
Thanks ☺

Credit to: Mannat

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  1. Nice! I dnt nrmally read ffs. Yours was short so read it!

  2. Thanks a lot Ritika, really appreciate it. Will be writing more if you guys support me. ?

  3. craze about skr


    1. Thank you so much dear ☺

  4. awesome

    1. thanks a lot twinkle 🙂


    Really superb di………… continue di………….. precap superb…….. waiting for next epi………………

    1. thank you so much, will upload next one soon =)

  6. Awesome. Keep writing.

    1. thanks bhabya =)

  7. Nice yaar….but I guess u could add everything of your imagination. Like not every scene similar to the actual story

    Sorry if I hurted you by saying this
    But your ff is soo nice and interesting luvv youu <3

    1. thanks miss x
      i am trying to write something close because i wanted the backdrop to be attached to the show.. thanks really means a lot =)

  8. Nice epi mannat bro/sis 😉

    1. thanks Shivani, its a girl’s name 🙂
      will upload next episode soon..

  9. hi mannat so sorry that i hurt u in ur last ff…………. anyways let bygones be bygones…………..n m really loving ur epis……….. but plz make it longer 🙂

    1. Thanks sweety , sure there’s a lot to come in next episodes ?

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