dehleez (ff)-intro


Adarsh sinha : a honest I a s officer , loves his family . he loves swadeentha , but he does not have courage to express his love
Swadeentha ramakrishnan: a sweet tamilian girl , she is a lawyer by profession , she assists suhasini sinha (adharsh’s mother) . she too loves adarsh but does not have courage to propose to him , she still does not know that adarsh is suhasini’s son.
Suhasini sinha : a very great lawyer and adarsh’s mother .
Jaya sinha: she is jaydev’s wife , unlike the present story , she loves jaydev and jaydev also loves her . jaya and jaydev have a 3 month old daughter named diya . the whole sinha family loves diya .

Siya ramakrishnan: she is swadeenta’s younger sis , she is in the last year of college .
Abhay sinha is also in last year of college unlike the original story .
Swadeenta , her parents , and her younger sis live in delhi , as swadeenta’s father has business there . swadeenta assists suhasini , one of the best lawyers in india . she met adarsh at a friend’s sangeet and at once fell in love wid him.

Hope u like this story , I don’t know whether I will be able to update regularly or not , but pls do comment

Credit to: varshini

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  1. Good story
    Continue it

  2. Plz continue the story

  3. Akansha

    awesome plz continue the story

  4. please tell is it all episodes r finished?

  5. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow interesting 🙂

  6. Hey its really awesome . pls continue .because ur off is without any mistakes. Its good for reading. NYC.and hi fatarajo and some known friends.. I can remem Ber only some guys. And can any one tell me about the ff of combination of dehleez ,matsh story ?

  7. Pls tell me

  8. Sarayumane

    nice, continue

  9. hey guys tq for all ur comments , I will try to update 1 st epi soon

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