Dehleez ff epi-8


The episode starts with adarsh and swadheentha and all cleans the room. Adarsh tells her let us be friends and not to fight for everything… She agrees and gives her hand.

Adarsh and swadheentha comes to court session begins!!!!!
A:Tells my client ranveer did not have done any crime he is normal citizen then why everytime u make him stand?
S:Tells becoz he have taken farmers land on his name.
A:Really!!! Where did u see?
S:Tells I have a proof. She gives it
A:Tells I also have proof.
Both stand infront of judge. He gets up and claps and tells u are quiet now but there is nothing In the paper???
S:Gets shocked she gets paper and checks it.
A:also checks it and tells there is points here where is it?
J:Tells OK now u can proceed. Next case will start after 1hr only so pls continue…
A:Tells I have one more proof he calls someone and asks when it is registered.
He tells Ranveer name was registered in 1970 but farmers in 1980.
S:Gets shocked and looks at adarsh who smiles at her.
J:Tells this case soo critical so I need time I will tell next hearing of this case now and he tells after 1week. He tells swadheentha to take points and come within the time.
A:Takes a leave from there.
S:comes out and tells far.ers that u r land will come back to u….

Adarsh comes there and claps hand and tells u are superb madam. U fought nicely… So let us have a coffee… She tells sure.

They both come to coffee shop and order 1hot coffee and 1cold coffee..

Adarsh tell her to prepare well next time and beat him. She laughs and thnx him and tells no one will do and talk to opposite lawyer like this!! She thnx him.

He tells no thnx and sorry between friends she tells OK. They both drink coffee and leaves from there

Precap:Adarsh parents tells him to get married and sends pic to swadheentha house. There she sees the pic and calls him and laughs???

Hope u all liked the epi

Credit to: Narendran

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    wow…… but where s last epi’s precap……. why didnt they fight while cleaning???

    did u get disappointed by reading mannat comment? today was it really u dint want to include much of jokes r bcoz of mannat’s comment????

    okay coming to epi…… as usual u rocked…… waiting for next epi………. precap really superb………

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Yes yaar I cried very much becoz of mannat comment only so I cancelled the fight and made normal epi don’t worry next epi is full of fun only??


        did u really cry??

  2. are tamul paiyya nalla eludurappa..

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Thnx virumandi!!!for the comment

  3. it was really gud ranaji…….. but dont exclude d humour content……. as that is d main reason why i always wait for ur ff…. 😛

  4. n i left a msg for u in mannat’s ff .. cud u plz check it out????

  5. Hey this is toooooooo gud…. plz include ur comedy ss usual… unga ff tha epadi humorousa iruku… all other ff are very serious… so plz write wat u always write…. eagerly waiting for next epi 😉

  6. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Thnx guys and sure sweety

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