Dehleez ff epi-7


The episode starts with judge tells them to get ready soon and come to court or I will stop the case. They both agree.
S:Comes near bath room and gets inside.
A:Waits for her 10min and shouts
S:tells I need time
A:Really r u taking bath or bath is taking u?
S:Tells really very funny!!!
A:Tells her come soon
S:No I need some time.
A:Speaks like judge.
S:She comes out with dress hurriedly
A:He asks u are ready then why late?
S:She tries to go in
A:He pushes her and runs inside
S:Changes her dress.
A:Comes there in towel
They both shouts at each other. Judge hears the sound and thinks I should not have made them use same bathroom.
A:Tells uuuuu
S:She closes her eyes.
A:He wears dress and tells her to see
S:She throws towel on him.
A:She also throws it on her.
They both start fighting.
J:Comes there and tells only 10min left come fast
A:Agrees and gets ready and comes to mirror
S:She also comes there and pushes him.
A:Gets up and pushes him down and laughs.
S:Tells u. She takes powder and throws on his face.
A:He sees his face in mirror and tells mummy??? he also throws on her face.

Judge hears the sound and tells one lawyer to see what is happening there? Lawyer comes there and sees the fight and he also joins becoz he hates swadheentha he also throws powder.
J:He tells next lawyer to go and see.
A:Takes juice glass and drinks it and shows his arms and tells today o won’t leave u!!!
S:Tells I also
A:He takes broom and beats her.
S:Takes rod and tries to beat him. But another lawyer comes there and gets the beat?
S:Tells u…
J:Sends u are last one s come soon
He also comes there and sees the fight and comes to adarsh and tells him to stop the fight. But he tells him to help and gives powder and asks him to throw on her so that I can beat her easily. He agrees.

Judge loses the patience and comes there and sees them fighting and laughs. His son also comes there and tells judge to wait and watch their fight. He agrees.

A:Tells today is the last day for u!
Lawyer throws oil down and tells all not to walk on that.
A:Mistakenly keeps leg on it and falls on swadheentha Allah warriyan plays.. He takes the hair from her face and comes close to kiss her Sanam re plays..?????????. Judge laughs. They see him and gets up…

Precap:Judge tells u made me laugh tooo much today so u all should clean this today and tmr is the hearing so continue u r fight. Adarsh and swadheentha fights while cleaning and they breaks the vase.?

Hope u all enjoyed the epi?????

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Is this ff is fast guys? Pls tell me or slow? But I think of ending in 20 epi it is OK for u all and don’t miss their fights in upcoming epi!!!!

  2. yes …20 episode is enough for a ff …good yaar ..they are fighting like small kids …hahaha
    …keep it up

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Thnx I am seeing u r comments here only otherwise u r precious comments does not come in any ff or any shows!!!

  3. Today’s episode was a complete lol

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Thnx fatarajo

  4. This ff is utter bullshit. Please stop it writing it. It’s complete nonsense. Write something good instead of childish stuff, if you really wanna write.

  5. really gud yaar …. btw mannat r u a sibling/frnd of mottu seeta max or their follower???

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Thnx sweety!!

  6. No sweety I know abt whom u r talking. I didn’t like it that’s what I have commented. This ff is childish plus theres no story. Who fights like mentioned in this story? If any1 writing they should put up a good story not some baseless plot.

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Just shut up OK this really happens in all serials so I all support serials and films and laughs and not ff always trouble and me and asks questions nonsense sorry if I hurted u


    awesome ranaji…….. i really laughed so loud and my mom was looking at me at a puzzled look………… seriously…….. actually while i was reading this i was in a bad mood but after reading it i became normal…….. got now only time to comment……. actually i was worried about nidhi……. she is not well right………… anyways urs s too good……….

    mannat di r bro whatever…….. i know this is childish but i read lots ff and in all there is always some serious plot……………. only this as u say a baseless plot makes me stress free………. sorry if my comment is hurting u……. just said what i felt…………

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