Dehleez ff epi-6

Guys I have planned to end in epi-13 or 14 I does not know clearly so let us come to epi…

The episode starts with adarsh and swadheentha comes to court. Adarsh tells his junior to give his key points which I have taken. He gives it. Adarsh sees white paper and acts as if there is points and tells OK we will win the case.
A:Tells him to get ready becoz judge will come at any time.
S:Tells her friend he is frod. He won 2big case becoz there is no opposite lawyer
A:Who told u?
S:Your junior
A:He turns to him and scold him in mind and tells her how she got food from poor I will show to all.
S:Tells him not to do
A:Tells I will do.
S:Takes her phone suddenly something falls from up and it is crow toilet. She smells it and tells ohhhh
A:He laughs
S:Comes near him and applies it on his face also
A:He gets angry and takes tea from the shop and throws on her face.
S:She shouts and tells it is very cold.
S;Takes hot water and throws on him.
A:Shouts in pain
S;Comes to him and tells sorry
A:He throws water on her face and laughs
S:She tells u!!!!!
A:He tells it is me adarsh
S:Tells I won’t leave u.
A:Catch me if u?
S:She takes water and runs
A:He runs behind judge and hides
S:Throws water on judge face
J:scolds them both
A&s:Stand there is acquist. Judge gives them room key and tells them to get ready and come there in 15min or case will not be held. They both agrees.

Precap:Adarsh and swadheentha gets ready fast. He comes to mirror and gets ready. She also comes there and starts fighting.???

Hope u all enjoyed today epi and next epi will be more comedy so don’t miss it..

Credit to: Narendran


  1. wellwisher (ww) crazy swadarsh fan

    Oh gosh!!!! Ranaji ur ff make my tummy pain…… seriously there r so funny….. n this judge more than that…… adarsh is so funny…. he n his points….. before i didnt want any ff but trust me pls dont this….. urs too too good….. so cute the fights r….. will miss it…. pls dont end it soon…..

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Ok yaar I will try to make it to 20 epi but not more than that becoz I also does not like dragging and I think about these types of fight many hrs and I wrote episodes to make u all laugh be happy???

  2. Avijit(AM)

    hey ..narendran Bhai …as I promise ..I come here ….
    really nice episode …it was funny ..really yaar …good ..keep going …I will comment next part as well as 😀

  3. sweety

    awesome yaar ………. did u read those cmnts i’d asked u to????

    n yes, i wish i’d been there as d judge of ur epi………….. its too gud 😛


      happy holi ranaji………. though we both dont celebrate…………

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.