Dehleez ff epi-5


The episode starts with Adarsh comes to meet someone in hotel and talks to them about the case.Swadheentha comes there and sees poor people sitting outside the restaurant and begging for food. She comes inside and buys food for them. She comes out and gives them. They all thnx them. Adarsh sees her and gets into dream. He sees her getting parcel from poor people and laughs. He takes snap of it. He laughs.

She brings near dust bin. She puts inside and comes to her office and eats the food. Conversation between adarsh-A, swadheentha-S.

A:He comes there and sees her eating and laughs.
S:Asks why he is laughing.
A:He tells to his junior that someone who begs from poor and they will eat.
S:Really that is u.
A:He tells really and shows the pic.
S:she gets angry and asks where did u take the pic?
A:I won’t tell becoz today u r true face come out. Getting food from poor but u tell that u r the best lawyer.???
S:Tells really!!
A:I also accepted it now!
S:Asks when?
A;He tells now u asked when I accpeted that only??
S:She gets angry and tells I served for poor and not like u eating food fully and growing like coconut tree.
A:Tells ohh!!! Really madam and tells I am going tall and u r growing in size??.
S: she gets angry and asks him am I fat?
A:He nods
S:She takes milk glass and throws on his face.
A:He gets angry and takes food cover and throws it and laughs.
S:She throws books.
A:He also throws books.
S:She finally sees her room dirty.
A:He also sees his room
Both clean their room. They cleans it and comes to Hall and laughs about their fight. Suddenly adarsh gets up and comes close to her. She also comes close to him. He was about to kiss her. But both gains conscious and leaves from there.

Adarsh wonders what happened to me? Swadheentha also thinks what happened to me?

Adarsh calls ranveer and tells tmr is our hearing so we should come on time. Swadheentha tells his farmers to come there soon
They agrees.

Precap:Adarsh and swadheentha stands outside the court. Adarsh tells his junior to give his points. He sees white paper and acts as if there is points. Swadheentha tells her friend that he won 2case becoz there is no lawyer in opposite so only… She laughs.

Hope u all enjoyed the epi

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. nico yaar……….. that food f8 was awesum

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Thnx sweety


    wow……. ranaji ur ffs r really humourous……… its the best……….

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Ohhh really thnx for the compliment

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