Dehleez ff epi-3


The episode starts with.,………..Adarsh-A,Swadheentha-S,Judge-JRanveer-R,Farmer-F

S; Gets up and tells objection.
A’ sees her and gets into dream
S; tells the case is somewhat complicated sir
A; Tells then why u taken it?
Everybody around them laughs……………..
S: Tells i have taken for my knowledge and not like u wasting time.
A; He tells then i am wasting time?
S; She tells yes.
A: ohhh then u use time efficiently’
S: She tells yes.
A: Then why u watch serials?
Judge and everybody laughs
S: Tells then u?
A: i won’t
S: Then who is it?
Swadheentha shows the video that he is watching siye ke ram show
A; tells it is history so only
S; This also counts under serial
A; Really then
s: She tells i won’t waste time by talking with u?
A; He tells really?
S; yes
A: He shows the video that she watches serial for 2 hrs continous
S:When did u take this video?
A; tells when u are taking in my house
S; She tells let us stop it and comes back to case. She tells farmers arepoor and he is very rich so ranveer cheat them.they does not have money also so he cheats and beats them
A: Tells really then ?
J: Tells them to stop their fight and speak about the case and he laughs and tells my stomach is already paining pls stop it guys.
S: thinks how this possible?
J: tells next hearing after 2 days.

Court adjoins they all come out ranveer praises him and leaves. Adarsh comes there and asks how u took video?He also asks the same?

They both tell we felt bore and took the video. Finally they both leaves.Adarsh comes to office and sees his things out and asks what is it? Owner tells becoz u did not pay amount correctly for 2 months soooo only.He tells i will pay but he closes the door and leaves.

Adarsh calls his friend and tells him the situation. He tells i already gave to one more lawyer he tells i will call u back. He calls after sometime and tells she told ok and be careful becox she is lady lawyer. He agrees and comes outside and does not see her name and comes inside and tells the workers to keep the things in that room.

Precap: Adarsh drinks the tea which swadheentha ordered, She comes there and shouts how dare u? They start fighting

Guys hope u all liked the fight

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Fan of Ishveer

    This ff is marvellous!!!!!!!! i just love it.great writing as usual….waiting for the next epi when will u upload it?????? waiting for it

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Thnx yaar I will try to send them today itself!!

  2. the tv serial convo was really funny

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Sunna thnx yaar


    OMG………… RANAJI lol the court convo………….. but in real life such things wont happen man………….. but i enjoyed it bro… well go dude…………

  4. Awesome Naru Bhaia well done I m loving swadarsh’s nok jhok

  5. oh wow dr……. that was awesummm wish they had real life fi8s like this in our courts too

  6. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys this won’t happen but in serials!!

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