Dehleez ff epi-14 Final Epi


The episode starts with adarsh asks zain? He tells that he told them to get new lawyer. Adarsh thnx him…

Swadheentha sees case papers adarsh comes there and asks him shall I help u? She tells no u pls take care and I should work hard for my work he hugs her and wishes her and leaves from there…

Adarsh comes to house and tells his parents to arrange for marriage soon. He comes to his room and gets ready infront of mirror and sees him twice,thrice and leaves from there…

3months leap..
Swadheentha and adarsh gets married… They both enjoys their life… But the case continue for many years?????????

Swadheentha and adarsh gets a boy baby but case still continues and swadheentha grews older still it continue..

Zain and aliya comes there with their child in court and wishes them after 10yrs swadheentha wins the case!!! Ahuja leaves the court curtly!!

Adarsh hugs her and tells finally u won and teases her.. They both laugh and their son come in-between them and tells I am also here. Adarsh takes him and in his hands and rotates him and laughs….

They all comes to house and pose for a family pic and the show ended with a happy note…..

Hope u all enjoyed my ff epi and thnx guys for the support and keep supporting to all ff writers also bye guys

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. FF means

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Fan fiction it is own story created by us


    ncy ending…… gud luck to ur exams dude…..

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