Dehleez ff epi-13

The episode starts with adarsh pulls her closer Sanam re plays… Adarsh tells her now nobody is here so!! She tells so?? He was about to kiss her girl shouts

He tells her to take care and he runs from there and sees no way and jumps the wall????????

Adarsh comes to his parents and tells them to take car soon. Girl runs to him. But he runs on road?????

Adarsh comes near coffee shop and goes inside and sits and sees ranveer and gets amused. He tells him tmr is hearing be careful!! He tells OK…

Adarsh comes out and sees his parents and comes to them and gets into car and comes there.

Court session begins. Swadheentha fights. But adarsh does not speak properly. She signs him to speak but ranveer comes there with another lawyer and tells he is the new lawyer ahuja!!

He gets relieved and leaves from there. Swadheentha fights the case and comes out and sees him happy and gets amused. She asks why he is happy?? He tells I am fear to fight against u but now I am happy..

He pulls her closer and tells nobody can stop their romance…??????
Adarsh wishes her best of luck and leaves from there and gets sweet and gives to everyone . He tells I am happy….

Adarsh calls someone and tells I am happy now!! He too tells the same. Zain comes there and tells I made him to bring new lawyer…

Precap:Adarsh tells swadheentha shall I help u in case? She tells I will handle and tells him not to take stress

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Next epi this ff will end…??


    wow really superb bro….

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