Dehleez ff epi-12

The episode starts with adarsh and swadheentha exchange the rings engagement completes…

Zain and aliya congrats them and leaves from there. Zain signs adarsh to be normal and tells I will take care of it.. Adarsh laughs at once seeing swadheentha. He tells if I have many problems if I see u all go away… She tells really!!!

Swadheentha tells him to see her once. Girl comes there and asks tell me where u get mobile phone? He is puzzled. She tells u r mobile phone made swadheentha marry u Na? Like that my mobile will also do some magic and marry some boy like u…!!!..

He cries and tells u ask me many question like this. Swadheentha laughs and tells u told me when u see me all problems will go? She laughs;Adarsh takes her in his arms all of them around looks on amused. Adarsh tells them to look aside becoz I am not showing movie. They all turn aside..

Adarsh brings her near lark and makes her sit and tells her u are beautiful. She tells really… He was about to kiss suddenly ant comes there and asks adarsh is human people are high or ants? He gets shocked seeing ant speaking???

Ant asks him to speak? He tells ant is high. Ant leaves from there. Swadheentha stops her dubbing and laughs at him and tells I only dubbed ant voice and u believe and will speak and she laughs..

He holds her and comes close and tells u are soo cute while smiling. She says and tries to leave but he pulls her closer Sanam re plays…?????

Precap: Adarsh sees the date and tells tmr is date hearing what to do???

Credit to: Narendran

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    1. thnx mukthi

  1. I likes the inclusion of Zaya in ur ff 😛 swadarsh scenes r awesome keep it up bhaia

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Thnx fatarajo


    haha……. adrash is being such dumb…… really loved it bro……

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