Dehleez ff epi-11


The episode starts with Adarsh and swadheentha leaves from there.Adarsh tells her that i told u na i will make u kiss me…She beats him and tells aliya kissed u and u are telling me about bet.She beats him ranveer sees it and gets shocked. He thinks to call him later and leaves from there in car.

Swadheentha tells him once we get married then u should be on my control!Ok once i see u talking with girl then i will kill u and she tells this is warning.Adarsh keeps his hand on his mouth and tells ok madam as u say and he laughs..

She tells really and leaves from there and he comes there and calms her down and tells her as u wish!!!!!!!!!!

Adarsh tells tmr is our enagement!!!!She tells really and husg him.They all comes to engagement function.ranveer comes there and warns him to win the case and threatens him…..He leaves from there

Adarsh gets tensed and looks at swadheentha who smiles at her. She tells her to smile and laughs

Zain and aliya comes there all see them and sees adarsh and laughs. All asks about them? Zain tells about him and talks to adarsh and tells him to calm down

Girl comes there and asks where do u take xerox? Adarsh asks what? She tells this uncle is like u na? I asked u where u have taken copy?……….

He tells near my house she leaves from there and tells becoz my 2 boy friends call me at same time so if i take xerox of me i can be on 2 places na?

She laughs and coomes out and leaves.Swadheentha and aliya smiles at them.Zain tells him to happy.He tells about ranveer.Zain tells i am IAS officer so i will take care be happy

Precap: Adarsh and swadheentha engagement takes place. They exchange rings

Credit to: Narendran

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    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Thnx roshini what is yuckkk??


    really ncy ranaji….. amazing….. but roshini if u dont like the ff then why do u give negative comments…… dude yuck means: used to express strong distaste or disgust………… dont worry r bother such silly comments…………

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