Hi, guys… i’m a big fan of DEHLEEZ…. and missing it very badly… But, just thought to give it an happy ending… ya, i know it’s an happy ending..but, swaadenta just entered into her Dehleez…so, i just want to give a Happy Family it

Swaadenta entered her Dehleez…. All r happy…………….


Adarsh and Swadeenta consummate their marriage and leads a happy life like a great couple…….. Simmi blessed with a baby boy..and as Abhay’s last wish they named him as AMAN SINHA…… all r so happy with AMAN… in fact they r seeing their Abhay in Aman..becoz, Aman is a carbon copy of Abhay… Simmi also became mature… and she’s now handling Aman’s responsibility with all other responsibilities… her life complete with Aman… she had become a Independent Mother… and also working in her Dad’s company….

Jaya and Jayadev… they also consumate their marriage and happily leading their life with Love…. . Jaya and Jaydev were now, blessed with boy and girl… they named there daughter as AASTHA… and son as ABHAY..!.

Now, SINHA house is with full of joy and happiness.. all r busy in taking care of there prince and princess….. Now, Manohar and Suhasini were too busy with their cute little..grand children..becoz, As grand parents..they r really enjoying their company a lot and remains their childhood seeing them…

Now, ADARSH AND SWADEENTA…. They r too busy with their children [Jaya & Simmi’s]..becoz, they r childrens fav Chaachu and chaachi who always makes their naughty desires any cost….
All 3 kids r very attached with SwAdarsh … Our great couple, Now became Great Chaachi & Chaachu…too..but still all r waiting for Swadarsh child…. but, as usual they r just praying to god..about it..Becoz, Children r God’s gift….!

After 1 yr:

Finally, by hearing lot’s of prayers…God thought to full fill their prayers….

Morning, A great news to Sinha family..that A new Guest is on the Way to SINHA HOUSE….. Ya.. Swaadenta is pregnent… all r so happy for SwAdarsh.. Now, Our Adarsh is on cloud nine…. he is taking utmost care of Swaadenta…. and eagerly waiting to meet his gift[BABY]..

Like this 9 months just passed on.. Swadeenta is now so happy by receiving full care and Attention from her family .which all women’ s want at this time..!

Suddenly, Swadeenta screams in pain… Soon, Adarsh and jayadev takes her in hospital while all family members follow them……. Adarsh is so tensed..while all r supporting him.. Finally after 2 hrs… they heard a baby cry..All jumps with happiness…. Doc came out and say’s ” Congratulations.. Mr.Sinha… u blessed with a Baby boy!

After sometime, All enter Swaadenta’s room… and see’s Swaadenta lovingly holds her child and admiring his beauty with teared eyes and with a smile on face……. All r so happy for her..and slowly takes their new Guest in hands… After sometime, Adarsh came to room… and smiling with happy tears… Suhasini and all other’s leaves from there… to give them some time…

Adarsh slowly came near Swaadenta and sit’s beside her… she slowly smiles seeing him and signs to see their Baby! Adarsh see’s the Baby ..happy tears r rolling in his eyes… Swadeenta signs him to take baby… When Adarsh holds the Baby..he feels like a divine..feeling… ! he slowly kissed on Swaadenta’s forehead and his child’s … Swaddenta say’s Adarsh ! see he is symbol of our LOVE… ! and admires the Baby happily … Adarsh wipes Swaadenta’s tears and say’s ” Swaadenta! why r u crying yaar? don’t u see ASAD is back!” Swaddenta happily see’s Adarsh and hugs him and her Baby… later, SwAdarsh names their baby as ASAD SINHA!

Sinha family got their Abhay back ! and Swadeenta got her brother ASAD back in the form of her Baby!

Thank u..friends… hope u like it… waiting for ur valuable comments…Thank u…

Credit to: Adhya

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  1. really nice dear…

  2. so nc dear…nw v gt a complete story of dahleez

  3. Saanvi

    Even I am a fan of dahleez…I just loved the ending by you compared to the original ending of the serial 🙂

  4. Adhya

    Thank u..friends..thank u so much for ur support..i’m glad to know u all like my OS

  5. It was superb adhya..i miss dahleez badly..

  6. Aadhya…. It’s too good…. Hope for season 2 with nice ending

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey adhya its awesome one shot I really wished they showed this in the ending that was so nice and loved ur imagination sorry for the super late comment I read it 2 days ago but was busy thats why couldnt comment

  8. Sneha

    Wow adhya di such a nice ending… Di i wish to replace those mindless Cvs with u…

  9. Adhya

    Thanku so much friends for ur valuable comments..i’m so happy by receiving nice response from u all….

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