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More jiya…. meh kya tere bin… plays adarsh and freedom have a eyelock jiya re Sochuh meh tujhe chaand raaton meh jiya re khoya meh rahu teri baaton meh jiya re jiya re… adarsh dims off the lights.he kisses her on the forehead.j iya re…plays here in suhasini and manohar room suhasini says whatever happened iam happy it ended. Yes says manohar. I promise I won’t lie again from u. Neither from u nor from people who trusted me. The nation also. She says it’s right wat ur saying we will talk on lies and all afterwards let’s talk on something like he says everything is fine now wat about sending swadarsh to honeymoon. Yes he says it’s great idea. Yaa it will make them closer again. The way they were. Yaa he says. As jaya and jaydev have started their relationship again why don’t we send them too. He says gud idea. Yaa . No it is not comes a reply from the room. It’s jaya. But jaya.. mom actually simmi simmi wat jaya;says suhasini. Mom I don’t think ki simmi would b happy I mean she will get Hurted.abhay and all. Suhasini says iam here. Manohar is here. We will see her. No problem at all. Yaa bhabhi comes a voice from outside. It’s simmi. Simmi I yaa bhabhi it’s ok u both should go to honeymoon along swadarsh. But.. please I will decide the location too. It’s cool naaa.. plzz say yes otherwise again I have to do drama. ??? Yaa says suhasini ok we will. She smiles.perfect done. ?? By the way simmi why are u here. Actually see my jug is empty I wanted water so. Ohh u would have called me. Iam ok bhabhi don’t worry. first say wen r the honeymoon plans. First u will take rest I will say then. But.. come along simmi. Ok. Gud night mom. Gud night take rest. They smile. Jaya and simmi Leave. Suhasini smiles. Wat about us. Wat about us. She says seeing manohar. We also need some rest. Yaa she says. Wat about coffee?? Yaa great idea. Let’s go then . She says. ? Here in swadarsh room.morejiya

Swadheentha is side hugging adarsh
Adarsh hmm he says. Iam thinking I would stay at mamu and Mami s house. U know asad ussh he says. Yaa adarsh iam thinking they r disturbed wat about me staying for a while. ? I know it swadheentha but… hmm wat about they staying here. Its great idea. for a change. Yaa she says. Wat about planning a vacation together all the family.? Great idea he says shifting towards swadheentha. Woww my freedom is intelligent she smiles yes adarsh sinha iam she smirks. He says u know swadheentha my back is aching due to the work the room shifting. Ohh is it. Yaa he says. Then why don’t u sleep in couch as u used to
Wat he says. Yaa couch??? it will decrease the back ache. She says standing from the bed. Ohh is it yaa she says throwing a pillow at him. He catches it. I think there is a better to heal it wat she says.? Running he too runs. She laughs. Jiya re…plays… he throws a pillow. Jiya re Sochuh meh tujhe chaand raaton meh jiya re khoya meh rahu teri baaton meh jiya re… she says see ur back ache is gone woww. ??? Ohh really no I said right it will heal by.. by she says he catches her. They have an eyelock??? jiya re
… meh kya tere bin… he removes the strands of hair from her face. By a kiss..?? he smirks. She smiles. Jiya re……. precap: all are at dining table. Swadheentha says iam thinking wat about us family outing than ou r honeymoon. Suhasini says great idea. Wat about visiting a holy shrine then a vacation. Yaa she says it’s best idea. ?? Iam glad I did choice to Choose u. She smiles. Arrey mom I chosed her remember??? says adarsh.!!?

Guys I updated two tyms but my ff didn’t reached donno wer it went mi. Hope it reaches u.? Do comment.

Credit to: Tomboy (sindhu)

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  1. Tomboy

    Woh published finally after two times great???

  2. Dibya

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwesome Dr superb romantic……… I like the pillow moment ? plz Dr keep it up…….

    1. Tomboy

      ????? thank you for commenting

  3. Jst loved it…I was missing dehleez..nd am happy reading this… 🙂

    1. Tomboy

      ?? thank you dr. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Hope Dehleez never ended and it was the regular written update . . . Anyways …. Great effort …. I’m loving the story

    1. Tomboy

      Thank you dr??

  5. Nice at least dahleez continues by ur written update…hats off to u tomboy..
    May u pliz continue it everyday

    1. Tomboy

      ????? thanks for commenting. Yep if u r keen to read I will update.

  6. Partho

    Nice one

    1. Tomboy

      Thanks partho!

  7. wow great..thnx budy for update…rly very romantc

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