Dehleez continues…. FF Part 3

The episode starts with all laughing. All sit at dining table?? having their breakfast??

After some time all leave towards mamu (Mr.jilani) house. Manohar calls Mr. Ahuja simmis dad to reach there. He says any problem manohar says nothing I will say u when u reach. Ok I will says ahuja.? swadheentha is seeing outside from window adarsh smiles. More jiya…plays. suddenly she remembers asad her on the scooty??????? ?? freedom plzz sit quiet why r u always worried. She smiles…??? adarsh says swadheentha r u ok? Yaa iam fine. She says I know ur too she says smiling at the sky. They reach there.?? All are at the place he gets shocked seeing them there. Mami hugs swadheentha. Ur looking great in saree.? Thanks Mami. Beti badi hogayi??? she says. Come inside

Yaa says suhasini. They explain everything that they need a trip? no actually… ?? Mami says… first let me speak Mami plz listen mamu u too know naa after everything happened u know… suhasini says haider Saab maanjaayiye marriage ka gift yeh hi bolke…( haider accept as this is wedding gift she is asking) ok we will he says. Ahuja also comes. All agree. We will plan everything. Yaa. Why don’t we call Mr.ramakrishnan?? and swadheentha mom too. Yaa gud idea says adarsh. I don’t think so says swadheentha they didn’t support wen I was fighting they r angry on me and… suhasini says we were also the same.. but now u forget that right? Yaa says swadheentha then.. call them. I called says adarsh they will be here. Perfect now plan naa.. Mrs and Mr Ramakrishnan will b in two days. So we have time. Yaa jaydev says I have work . Yaa me too says adarsh so leave then. we will be here some time then directly to the office. Yaa mom we will says swadheentha. ? One minute lunch time is in few minutes. Why don’t u stay.says Mami and simmi says it’s a vacation in 2 days we have to plan everything and rest too says jaya. Yaa ?? get ur job at a place after some time. Ok??? all say and sit at a place. swadheentha is at kitchen adarsh is there.?? Jiya re… swadheentha r u happy? Yes adarsh Iam so wats cooking ?? Mami says ur favorite dessert? ohh actually why don’t we do Rasam (ritual) of swadheentha cooking first cooking here itself. Yaa more jiya… plays I will be excited to see howmy freedom cooks ??? jiya re……. no precap?? actually I have my hand pain I slept on my hand uff it’s hurted donno how but updated for u . Tomorrow I didn’t thought wat to. Do suggest wat will b next..?? lots of love

Credit to: Tomboy (sindhu)

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  2. gud job

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      Thanks puja

  3. Nice 

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      Thanks think him??????

  4. Its really nyc tomboy . and where r they going to ?

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      Reeshu just a place dr some vacation place lolzz didn’t decide it yet

  5. NC…kip on continuing?

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  6. Sindhu yaar…thnx fa acceptin my request…dats so sweet of u…nd today’s episode s nyc…thnq fa updatin fa us though u hav hand pain…take rest…gud job…keep goin…

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      ?????? thanks for commenting and yes iam fine now will upload two days chapter once itself?? do check

  7. Hey tomboy pliz continue ur ff episode again k wen u gt time….waiting fr ur nex episode…thank u

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