Dehleez continues…. FF Part 2

The episode starts with swadarsh having an eyelock. U know that adarsh says. Wat she says that I love ur blush??? even in the darkness I can see that ur blushing??? see wat an effect ur having the great swadheentha Ramakrishnan is blushing. Jiya re…basa heh tere roop ankhon meh… ?? swadheentha smiles. Adarsh lifts swadheentha and puts her down on the bed. It’s morning. More jiya…plays swadheentha adarsh are in the bed. Swadheentha smiles seeing adarsh. ?? He gets up they have an eyelock u know swadheentha it’s like my dream. Jiya re…plays.. u know the first tym i saw u u know more jiya… and getting up with u on the bed ??? it’s like.. awesome he says. She smiles. Iam also happpy adarsh. It’s my first day after marriage in a proper way. ?? Jiya re Sochuh meh tujhe chaand raaton meh jiya re khoya meh rahu teri baaton meh…..they remember their marriage. They are in a deep eyelock when door gets knocked. Jaya calls arrey Bhai it’s late in the morning can we get a look of mr. And Mrs. Sinhas.simmi smiles. Yaa swadheentha says getting up from the bed. U adarsh uff just made me late on the first day. She gets up fast and opens the door saying gud morning jaya bhaabi and simmi. ?? Woh actually she says ok ok actually I didn’t want to disturb but mom wants to discuss some thing with u guys. So.. ohh ok bhabhi I will get ready in two minutes. Hmm u can take some time actually jaya smiles seeing pillows all on the floor.

Swadheentha remembers the last day fight. Actually bhabhi wat ur thinking it’s not like that. We understand swadheentha don’t worry. Says simmi and jaya stopping their smile???? shall I send servant over here u know if u.. no swadheentha says I will set them everything and I will be in dining table in few minutes. Ohh wow discussion going on says adarsh coming out of shower with a towel on his neck. Yaa about u only. About me yaa u know jaya says pointing at the pillow and stuff. Bhabhi woh actually adarsh says covering everything fast?????? Hilariously jaya stops her laugh says see u swadheentha and plzz wear dis saree if u don’t mind u know first day. Yaa jaya bhaabi I will. ?? Ohh saree yaa adarsh bhaiyya… so u both coming down??? Yaa..yes we are.. adarsh u can go now down I will u know will be back Down swadheentha I didn’t get ready still u know my suit. Ok ok u get ready soon. Reach fast. They leave.

Adarsh see wat she would have thought. Wat?? Pillows remember freedom u started this fight yesterday.?? Jiya re…..plays. yaa actually swadheentha….adarsh I have to get ready mom is waiting come on. But.. plzz adarsh help in clearing room.? Ok coming… swadheentha go get ready I will clear this but.. I will jiya re….plays. swadheentha goes. In dining table mom u did not start yet. Actually i am waiting for these guys Mr and Mrs sinha wer r they? Here mom sorry for late reply. Swadarsh are down

Both looking great??? they take their blessings. Gud morning. Gud morning. They greet everyone. All are at dining table.? Swadheentha I want to talk something. Mom me too. Ohh yaa actually wat about us going on trip. Than honeymoon as I know u want to talk on it. Yaa? lawyer ji?? u guessed right. Mom I am thinking on everyone and this is perfect u know. We all get sometime together. Best naa??? ok as u wish. I will call maamu and maami no swadheentha we all will go now to there place. U and ur saree is amazing I didn’t mentioned before.?? More Jiya plays… she remembers how adarsh helped her in wearing saree.. jiya re… her attire her bangles. and sindoor.jiya re… plays thank u mom she says. Jaya says swadheentha nazar naa lage?? yaa on our family. Sach meh i think it’s wonderful to have u as my bahu. As my daughter. ? Mom remember it’s my choice. Jiya re…plays. all laugh. Precap: all in mamu house. Adarsh says I will call appa and amma. Swadheentha is angry. I don’t think they will come here adarsh already they ignored me and left wen I was fighting. We too left u.but we are here. Says suhasini?? do comment hugs.

Credit to: Tomboy (sindhu)

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  1. Tomboy

    Finally posted.??

  2. Wow its interesting I just went to imagination of swadarsh its really awesome

    1. Tomboy

      Thanks for commenting dr. Glad u liked it?????

  3. Swadarsh part was a treat . . . Just like Sindhu even i was trying to visualize my favourite couple romancing!
    Also i thoroughly enjoyed Jaya and simmi’s leg-pulling session . . . Bechare Swadheenta! she must be looking very cute while being embarassed 😀

    1. Tomboy

      ?????, thanks for commenting. Yaa she is ??. Glad u liked it rimmi

  4. Like it so much

    1. Tomboy

      Thanks umama.?? Thanks for commenting

  5. can l get the video of the above episode

    1. Tomboy

      It’s a fan fiction dr ? sorry to disappoint u.

  6. Wow !!!! Superb episode !!!

    1. Tomboy

      Thanks shreya. Thanks for commenting

  7. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey Sindhu it’s awesome yaar keep writing love ur ff to te core I m so happy to see dehleez continues love u

    1. Tomboy

      ???????? thanks for commenting fatarajo dr?????? love u too

  8. The story s awesome…bt i hav a request…plz use punctuation marks while typin…its tough to differentiate dialogues….sry if i hurt u…jus said my suggestion as a frnd…otherwise…da story is fantastic…

    1. Tomboy

      Ohh sure dr
      Thanks for commenting??????

    2. Sarayumane

      yes, freedom, I also want to suggest one thing, hope you don’t mind,….. don’t write “more jiya plays”….., those many times

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