Dehleez 9th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 9th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhasini telling Swadheenta that Adarsh has a mind of his own. Manohar says I think Swadheenta does not want her Appa to apologize, and Adarsh wants him to apologize, you guys decide. Suhasini says Swadheenta is clear about it, she does not want her dad to apologize. Ahuja asks Swadheenta does she not respect Adarsh’s words. She says think anything, but my Appa will not apologize.

Suhasini says if you both have to live a long life together, you both have to take decisions together, disagreement started before your new life started. She says Swadheenta, your father is involved in this matter, you are not taking right decision, I m proud of Adarsh, he regards him Guru ji and respects him, but he is able to take the right decision. The arguments continue. Suhasini asks Adarsh

to talk to Swadheenta if she wants. He refuses. Swadheenta says I don’t think I have to explain anything. Suhasini says then its my decision that this engagement won’t happen. Everyone get shocked.

Swadheenta gets upset and cries. She asks Amma to come with her. She cries and leaves with her family. Adarsh cries. Ahuja tells Suhasini about Swadheenta not valuing Adarsh and you. She sees Adarsh hearing them. Ahuja says I gave good values to Simmi, and here Swadheenta has no values. Adarsh gets upset.

Swadheenta and her family come home. Appa says I did not expect this from Adarsh, if he thinks I should apologize to Ahuja, then…He tells Swadheenta to let him leave from here, Haider and Zubeda will take care of your marriage arrangements. She says no, I won’t marry if you won’t stay here. Appa gets sad and goes to his room. Swadheenta cries seeing everyone upset.

Jaidev and Abhay talk to Adarsh. Jaidev says this was not right, engagement can stop. He asks Abhay when did he take Ahuja’s respect on his ego. Abhay says its not like, Adarsh and Swadheenta is imp for me too, its not about Simmi and mom, but Swadheenta went against mom. Adarsh leaves hearing them.

Jaya stops Adarsh and says I know you are annoyed with Swadheenta, things don’t get solved by silence, you did not say anything to support her, you stayed silence, she needs you right now, talk to her, you both can solve this issue.

Asad goes to Swadheenta and asks her to have aam papad. She refuses. He asks her to talk to Adarsh once. She shouts on him and asks him to just go. He leaves. She cries. Adarsh recalls Swadheenta and her words. Jiya Re…..plays………… She thinks of him and cries. He recalls his promise made to her infront of pigeons. He takes his phone to call her, and stops recalling what happened today.

Asad calls Abhay and says Swadheenta is crying a lot, where is Adarsh. Abhay says he is also upset and not ready to talk. Asad says they both should meet and talk. Abhay asks how. Asad says you are great cop, you think this, how to lay net and trap two people. Abhay says I got it, and tells his plan.

Abhay goes to Adarsh and says everyone is calling you, your Janta is worried and calling their govt. robinhood. Adarsh asks who called you. Asad lies to Swadheenta and says some client wants to meet you. Adarsh asks why did they call you. Abhay says they know I m your brother, I m cop, so they called me. Adarsh asks where to go. Asad tells the place. Abhay also sends Adarsh to same place. Adarsh and Swadheenta reach the stadium. Asad and Abhay sit far and look on. Adarsh and Swadheenta see each other, and argue. He says Abhay told me that client wants to meet me here. She says even Asad told me the same, so they want us to meet and sort this. They argue more. He says our relation is strong, such small things does not matter. She says promising is easy and keeping it is tough. He defends his parents. She defends her Appa. Boy picks a ball and asks them to fight. Asad and Abhay hear their arguments. Adarsh and Swadheenta regret to love each other and fight. They get away and leave.

Swadheenta is back home and still upset. Amma and Mamu come there. Amma says you went to meet Adars, Asad told us, what happened, did Adarsh say anything. Swadheenta says nothing. Amma says its engagement tomorrow, everyone is fighting. Mamu says we have to find solution, I will talk to Ramakrishnan. Swadheenta stops Mamu and says I will not let Appa bend more. Mamu says its not about bending, its about solving matter. Amma says its not good to argue with daughter’s inlaws, I will explain your Appa. They leave. Swadheenta worries. She sees Appa going somewhere and thinks where is he going at this time.

Jaidev asks Adarsh to ssay what happened, you met Swadheenta right. Adarsh asks how do you know, Abhay has sent me. Abhay says your face shows it. Adarsh says Swadheenta is not ready to understand, she is adamant. Suhasini and Manohar come there. Suhasini asks him to say, why did he get silent. Manohar says he said she is adamant. Suhasini says if anyone does mistake, whats shameful in apologizing. Ahuja comes there and greets them. Suhasini asks you here. He says I got call asking me to come here. She says we did not call you. Appa comes and says I called Ahuja. They all get shocked.

Swadheenta tells Adarsh about Appa’s allergy. Suhasini hears them. Suhasini makes Appa drink whiskey purposely.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. krishnai aka ww

    Abhay and Asad u r the cupids man…….

    Stop dragging…. Suhasini’s fav bahu is Swadhu in future……….. so why so much of drama……. i m not seeing this from the time vanshika entered…….

    the moment smthng like the 1st 5 epi happens i will be back…..

    pls team…….

    1. Pls check hangouts WW Di

  2. Ya too much drama and dragging too

  3. Yes ww I agree first week of dehleez was way tooooooooo gooood now it’s good but not good like first week hate the way they spoiled suhaisini’ character te most followed by adarsh really this created a bad expression on lawyers

  4. Thanks Amena di for fast update.

  5. I will kill that Suhasini…she os getting dangerous day by day..??

  6. Thanks Amena,
    These fights are useless..Swadetha should just go to chennai for some time. Adarsh is such a hypocrat..He was ready to put ring on vanshika..(no respect for another human soul knowing that she will suffer/ its so unfair to her). wonder why he could not speak up with his mom in the first place?? Swadeentha warned him a million times that this affair will make her lose her job, her career, her love and cause agony to everyone..In spite of that, he was head over heels behind her, she finally crossed the dehleez and acknoweledged his love, and now its too hard for him to keep up. He should have known his mother better, she is not that easy to come around..Surprising how IAS officers are portrayed so dumb by the director…

    1. Hi pac i too felt the same. How all these guys r dumb??

    2. Same feelings here

  7. Ohh…i think appa will appologize..???

  8. Really guys…all the brothers r awesome in this serial..jaidev,abhay,asad..they r really awesome.. ?

  9. Guys itz not at all dragging. Itz we who r waiting to see Swadarsh united and worrying about them.
    Do u know if itz the telugu serial they would have dragged it to more than 2 yrs. If u stopped seeing a serial for a year and started watching it, u find that story stopped where u stooped watching it. In telugu serials the characters talks to self by looking at a mirror. If u find some story is moving good, at one point they go back and shows it as a dream of one of the character. Again dragging starts. Thatzy we are all stopped watching those serials

    Coming to our dehleez suhasini still tries to separate Swadarsh.

    With Swadarsh issue suhasini became more negative. Ofcourse she might be a great lawyer. But she never allow any one express any feeling. She is rigid adamant. She made two IAS officers( jayadev and adarsh) and an IPS officer(abhay) and the so called senior beauracrat( manohar) as dumb characters. To the rest of the world they might b great officers ?. But coming to their personal life all are MEOW MEOW ??before suhasini.
    Suhasini became voice of sinha family.

    1. Hey!
      Whch place do u belong to?
      Jus wanted to noe out of curiosity..

    2. Lolol meow meow is bullseye esp for adarsh.

    3. Yes they r not dragging I will agree to this point

  10. uff thank u thank u thank u thank u Amena for ur fast update…….i was waiting so eagerly and checking for update…..i hope these family drama soon will b finish…i m just xcited for political drama….when will arvind blast his boom!!!!

  11. thanks Amena for ur fast update…….i was waiting so eagerly and checking for update…..i hope these family drama soon will b finish…i m just xcited for political drama….when will arvind blast his boom!!!!

  12. i m.sure guys a time when we all.will start to like suhasini…lol cz that time suhasini will always support swadheenta….

  13. hahahahahaha #usha u r funny enough (meow ]meow ) lol….nd talk about telegu serial huff these r toooo longlasting boring….the director of telegu serial even dnt want to finish their serial…….ryt suhasini is the boss of sinha

  14. Suhasini shouldn’t have done that.

  15. any of the south folks have seen surya’s new movie 24. imdb has givenit a 9 rating and its done well in us so was just wondering.

  16. Out of curiosity…i’m Malaysian…..why is there such an abhorrent attitude towards traditional dance in the north. Isn’t it indian and not just tamilian? Sad to see such discrimination.

    1. It depends on the people I guess. I’m sure not all North Indians feel that way. North Indian traditional dance is kathak which is different from bharatnatyam.

  17. Something is wrong w suha. I think she has gone crazy. God she was talking too much I got a headache from it. I want to duct tape her mouth and tell her to shut up. She belongs in pagal kana. Swadarsh fight even though unnecessary was really cute. Abhay and asad’s reaction was hilarious. I think Abhay needs to get his own spinoff show. He’s too funny. I’m scared looking at that precap and suha’s wierd facial expressions. She was so nice in the beginning of serial. Why is she so looney now. Maybe adarsh and Suha are bipolar.

  18. Nice episode. Both of them made mistake .but suhasini is too much.i dont know when will adarsh come to know about her?

  19. Why this serial went back to typical saas bahu bad drama game..suhasini is an educated women..she can think.adarshs pasand is good. Then what’s the problem. Plz just stop emotional blackmail drama.and come to link their professional drama.

  20. Where is jaya’s parents?if they can invite ahuja ,then y can’t they invite jayas family??its not fair..share some moments with them also..she is a sacrificing bahu

    1. Good point.

    2. May b their perfect bahus parents r not perfect enuf to b invited for any function as decided suhu the queen

  21. Suhasini running Sinha family is OK. Families run by ladies are always good. But people should express their views openly., then only it is a family. Lest it becomes a hostel run by a warden.
    Dissapointed after watching today’s episode, they have shown Adarsh and Swadheenta fighting. This is not teenage love directors. Shouting at each other in open stadium. One is an IAS officer and the other is an upcoming lawyer. They must be beyond 25 minm. Directors! please improve your imagination and make things look like practical so that it will be liked by the viewers. Ultimately you may show them united but before that this drama was not necessary. People may disagree some times but dont fight if they really love each other and especially when they are matured. And if love is not there then no marriage should happen and dragging for divorce etc.

    1. V tru i think i have already crossed threshold ( dehleez) of my patience n i m giving up.

      1. I am also loosing patience, but no other alternative at the moment. Hence…….. After all this sudden marriage arrangement is also not appealing. Quick patch up causes quick break ups.

  22. why did adarsh under stand abt the situation the two people made the mictake but they says that appa should apolzize this is not fair

  23. Suhu is a witch .she is a perfect lawyer but not a perfect mom.

    1. Yes reeshu i agree with u.suhasini is not a good mom at all.

  24. Agree. Suhasini is playing with her son’s life., just becuase he did things behind her back, she wants to do the same to him.

  25. Swadheenta marriage arranged by her father,Adharsh came in between, Convinced her,once she said yes, like typical groom family forcing girl family to put up with all their insults,so cheap and the status conscious mother playing dirty tricks with the life of people,sick.

  26. Why is Indian mothers are portrayed as mothers who conspire against their sons or daughters if they don’t like her choice.? Isn’t it too much in this day n age.

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