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Dehleez 9th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Banwari hugging Sudha. He thanks Suhasini for winning the case. She asks him to live the lost years of life. She asks Sudha to become her father’s strength, not weakness, he is a brave man, all the best. Swadheenta apologizes. Suhasini says it was a good point of pistol dismantling, else… Swadheenta says we would lose case. Suhasini says no, case would get another hearing, pick up the files, what happened. Swadheenta says you fired me. Suhasini says I appointed you again, pick up the files and come.

Adarsh meets Swadheenta outside the court and they have a talk. She asks why did he not come, if Suraj could come to attend hearing. She shows some difference created by his absence. They casually talk and he gets away to attend Vanshika’s call. Vanshika asks where is he.

He says court, I mean office. She says fine, I m coming, we will go on lunch. He says hello, listen. She ends call. He sees Swadheenta gone and says one does not listen and other does not stop. Suraj says I did not wish to hear, but heard it. Adarsh asks what. Suraj says you went with Swadheenta to Faridabad, and stayed as husband and wife. Adarsh says it was for work. Suraj asks him to make that acting real, Swadheenta is a nice girl. They look a good couple. Adarsh says even I m trying to do this.

Simmi calls Ahuja and says mom is proud of Adarsh, now she will know. Suhasini is on call. Simmi sees her and ends call. Suhasini says my case is over, I will talk to Manohar and call you. Jaya gives her water. Simmi suggests to call pandit and get engagement date. Suhasini likes idea and asks Jaya. Jaya says why not. Suhasini asks them to do arrangements, she will inform Meena that they are calling pandit to get a date. She goes. Jaya tells Simmi that you suggested right, but you have to do much work. Simmi says I will do. Jaya says I will make a list of your work. Simmi says fine. Jaya goes. Simmi thinks work is much, Papa will be invited too, but this time Sinha family will be insulted as Adarsh and Swadheenta’s truth will come out.

Radhika asks about Asad and comes to cafeteria to meet him. she greets him and he ignores her. She stops him and asks whats your problem. He says nothing. She says you changed after rose day, you avoid me. He says relax, I m still the same, its all in your mind, don’t have misunderstanding, I need just 2mins to date girls and forget them, so chill. He goes. She cries. His friends ask him what was the need to hurt her. Asad says I can’t be normal infront of her, its good to say bad so that she does not meet me again. Yash greets her and says our engagement date will be fixed soon.

Mami tells Swadheenta about Asad, he did not come for one night. Swadheenta asks them why did they not tell her. Mamu says I thought he will be fine on his own. Swadheenta says please tell me whatever you think. Asad comes and she stops him to talk. Asad goes. Swadheenta dances on the song heer to badi sad hai…… She dances wearing some Punjabi male costume, to cheer him up. Asad cries and hugs her. She consoles him. Swadheenta says I will always be with you, even if Radhika is not there, when I was in Chennai in childhood, when you cried, I used to wipe your tears from there, you used to thank me, I m here with you now. She makes him smile.

Sinhas sit to dine. Manohar tells Adarsh that he spoke to Bundela, he said we will be one big family soon. Simmi asks shall we give good news to Adarsh. She tells Adarsh that we kept small get together, we will call Vanshika and her family there, we will get your engagement date fixed there. Adarsh coughs. Simmi asks did anything stuck in throat. Adarsh says I m fine, I think I m done and goes. Jaidev and Abhay look on.

Jaya asks Jaidev what happened to him. Jaidev says you don’t see whats happening, how Adarsh left from dining table. She asks why are you telling me. He says you started this Vanshika’s drama, I m seeing my brother is not happy, I m fed up of this unlucky relation, I don’t want another such in this house. She says don’t blame relation, relation does not fail, person fails. He asks her to stop it. she says I have seen Adarsh with Vanshika, I found him happy.

Jaidev leaves and talks to Abhay about Adarsh. Abhay too tells the same that Adarsh looked upset, the way he left from dining table. They both go to Adarsh. Jaidev says the way you reacted, we found strange. Abhay asks them to share things. Adarsh says nothing. Abhay says keeping family on top is not always right, think about yourself. Jaidev says marriage is big thing, one mistake and everything will be ruined, tell me, are you happy with this relation, do you love Vanshika, just answer yes or no. Adarsh says the truth is….. He stops seeing Manohar there.

Adarsh asks Swadheenta are you happy or sad that I m not flirting with you. She says I m happy, you are not a bad guy if you don’t do that stupidity. She forwards hand and says friends?

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awww todays episode was a good one,.

  2. Precap looks very interesting..

  3. Improvement is there…swadarsh are now friends..?

  4. hello every1 especially abhi………. seems like u guys missed me a lot…….. but i wanna say smthing……. first of all, thanx for d update amena………second, hate u swadhu………. third hate u jaya…. u r d 1 who failed in d relation always trying to be in d gud books of suhu n not giving a damn to ur husband…………….. fourth, guys i m so fed up that i hv stopped watching d serial altogether……… fifth, sorry but i wont be coming back to dis pg ever again so no cmnts…………. sorry but cant tell u d real reason……. sixth, thanx tellyupdates for providing me a platform to discover my luv for writing thru ragna ff………. n seventh, i’ll miss u guys but m really sorry 1c again…… not coming back for d serial n for my ffs too 🙁

    1. Di..pls don’t go…pls…

    2. plz dont go and by seeing only few episodes we cant judge it so u should watch the show i feel.and jaya she still feels that adarsh loves vanshika so its not her mistake also

  5. Oh…god correct time that manohar came…else he might have said the truth..?

  6. Ohho..Adhu’s question in precap…superb?

  7. Sweety di..pls come back..todays episode is a good one..?

  8. swadarsh rockzzzzzzz

  9. How can Suhasni, a learned woman be so inconsiderate and clueless to the emotions of her son! One she claims to know so well? She has not even had a talk with him without emotionally blackmailing him. Is she so blind? And why does adarsh go dumb? It’s his life and he’s supposed to be enlightened enough to distinguish right from wrong, why be such a wimp? Even if swadeentha does not ❤ him now, is it not important that he doesn’t ❤ that Vanshika girl? Writers please give him some common sense!

  10. Are you gonna leave whole tellyupdates site??
    pls reply?

  11. Nice serial lv it.. But plss timings change kardo

  12. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    So sweety. …

  13. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I meant sorry. Sweety….eish I too am fed up…u watching kasam on colors?

  14. Adarsh dialogue is awesome one does not stop and one does not listen

  15. Sweety, Are you alright? Why are you saying like this? Is there something wrong?

  16. Adhu dialogues just superb

  17. Adjust can’t c u like ths plz speak up .jaya r u crazy. Go to hell.abhay n jay deep plz get truth out of adarsh .i the manohar will force him for ths relation for some deal. N adarsh will agree n so wil stop flirting with fredu. But his mom wil c he’s not happy n help him

    1. Hope Suhasini realises it… I donno y she is lawyer and still she is nt doubting Adarsh dat he is happy r nt

      1. Tru she is potrayed to b a modern women , a lawyer who wants justice for others n still forces her decisions n her own well educated mature son .unacceptable.atleast she shd talk to him .

  18. Does anyone know how many episodes s dehleez gog to b is it 130 r 150

  19. Today’s episode was gud precap look more and more interesting now atleast swadarsh r frnds

  20. hey everyone I am just missing max bro and sweety…anyways…there is coming a twist in dehleez…kiran shrinivas will be shown as jeevan-fiance of swadheenta(it will be interesting to see I think now adhu will feel jealous…)!!!

  21. Adarsh and SwadhintA look awesome with each other why is this getting extended it will lose its essence

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