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Dehleez 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swadheenta feeding medicines to Simmi. Simmi says I forget to have medicines, but you don’t let me forget. Swadheenta asks her to have soup, and tells her about her appointment with doctor, mom will take you. Simmi asks why, will you not take me, how’s everyone at home. Swadheenta says everyone is fine, have this for the baby. Simmi thanks Swadheenta. Swadheenta asks her to take rest. Suhasini comes there. Swadheenta says Simmi had soup and medicines. She leaves. Suhasini sits with Simmi and gives her Bhagwad Gita, saying this will help.

Next morning, Swadheenta gets ready in her lawyer’s dress. She recalls her marriage with Adarsh. She sees Adarsh sleeping and thinks its Asad and Abhay’s case first hearing today, Adarsh used to say its not about right and wrong, its

about difference in opinion, today our perception is different, I regret that you are not able to understand me, what I m going to do today I have well thought about it, I will not step back now. Jiya…..plays……… She leaves. Adarsh wakes up and thinks Swadheenta, you left me behind, if you chose your way, its fine, I also chose my way.

Suhasini gets ready. Manohar asks are you going anywhere. She says we both are going. He asks where. She says court, its Delhi blast first hearing, we have to be there. He says we will get news on tv. She says its not news, its our Abhay’s case. Adarsh comes and says she is right, we will go.

The media is present there. Sinhas reach the court, and stop seeing Swadheenta getting Mami there. Swadheenta signs Mami to go. Suhasini says after supporting terrorists by giving statement in media, I understood what will be your next step, do you want to prove the terrorists innocent. Swadheenta says sorry. Suhasini says don’t feel sorry, the one who defends terrorists and Abhay’s murderer, can’t deserve even my hatred, leave about forgiveness. Manohar asks Suhasini to come. Swadheenta says you feel I decided this being emotional, I have thought a lot about the situation, relations and everything. Suhasini asks what answer did you get by the situation.

Swadheenta says whatever happened was bad, Abhay and Asad’s death, Mamu’s arrest, but one thing happened good, Adarsh and my marriage, its incomplete, my bidaai did not happen, maybe because the house where Adarsh and my story started, that house was going to need me, my bidaai did not happen till now, I m still their daughter till my duty ends, I m part of your family, I don’t want to stay as your bahu, not as Haider’s daughter, I have duty of a sister and daughter, till I do my duties, I can’t be your bahu. She leaves. Everyone look on.

Jaya says why is Swadheenta doing this. Jaidev says its no use to think. Jaya says Swadheenta knows everything, all proofs. Jaidev says Swadheenta showed whom will she favor, its easy to wake up sleeping person, than waking someone pretending to be asleep. He says Swadheenta is pretending to be sleeping and we can’t wake her. Manohar asks Suhasini to come, we won’t see this joke. Suhasini says not a joke, it’s a truth, its out duty to get Abhay’s murderer punished, I came here as Abhay’s mum, not a lawyer, I won’t go till Abhay gets justice. Mamu is brought there in the police van. Everyone protest against Mamu calling him a terrorist. Sinhas look on.

The hearing starts. Judge asks about Mamu’s defense lawyer. The prosecutor says his defense lawyer did not come, maybe no one wants to save Haider. Swadheenta comes and says sorry your honor, I m Haider’s defense lawyer. Sinhas walk inside the court. The lawyer panel greets Suhasini. Suhasini gets seated with her family. Judge asks prosecutor to proceed, as defense lawyer has come. Prosecutor says whats the difference if defense lawyer is here, as there is nothing to defend there, one evidence and witness is necessary to take decision, but here we have thousands of evidence and witnesses to prove Haider is a terrorist, and even his son was a terrorist, we have submitted all evidence to court, Haider was arrested with live bomb in Delhi’s high profile wedding, it was defense lawyer’s wedding, the three terrorists were Asad and his friends Ravi and Rajesh, they stayed in rental flat, the owner of the flat is this man, Haider, the mastermind of this terror attack. He says the three guys took admission in same college, Haider has trained those two suicide bombers along with his son, he has given them place to stay, Haider and Asad are the terrorists, they are DCP Abhay Sinha’s murderers. Mamu signs no.

He says I want to conclude, Haider is defense lawyer’s Mamu, that’s all. Swadheenta says I did not come to deny what happened, everyone is aware of it, I want to prove a truth, Professor Haider Gilani’s truth. She gives his records and says there is Haider’s every certificate in this file, which talks about his responsibility and discipline, and talking about blasts, the bullets and blast arms were from another country, there is possibility that Ravi and Rajesh were not Indians, I m not saying this, its according to police reports, am I right prosecutor? He asks what do you want to prove. She says I don’t want to prove, I want to say Haider is an Indian, he loves his country. The man says it means there is no case, if Haider has proper documents, he can’t be a terrorist, he was caught with live bomb, do you understand this. She says you can’t judge him by that thing, I understand everything, I want to say Haider’s truth first and then I will talk about the blasts. Adarsh looks at her.

Judge says Swadheenta, your words don’t prove Haider innocent, do you have any proof. Swadheenta says yes, I have solid evidence. Manohar says Suhasini, one thing is final, Swadheenta will either leave this case or stay at home. Swadheenta hears them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Am i the first?


    LOVE U!:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:*:

  4. Swadhu dont become senti better choose to stay out of their house thts well and gud….

    But i wil not backmouth others of sinha family coz they r really hurt coz of abhay’s death and they cant do anything as sum dumbo officers made them realise tht it was gilani’s the terrorists….

    And hope for the best proof to b wid Swadhu wich can set aside any proof of prosecutor…… Swadhu shld win and dnt drag tht too much….

  5. I think swadheenta will win the case and prove asad and harder innocent

    1. Yzz swadheenta will win d cse by hook or by cook…….as she ir masterminded person

  6. Omfg! If only i could see the epi!

  7. Good swadhinta..

  8. Nice only swadheenta can prove them innocent bit by being strong

  9. I love this episode but swadheenta must live in sinha’s house only….. At least adarsh must think and try to understand swadheenta emotions how can he ignore her ,.. I just wish this case get solved fast and everything could get sorted between adarsh and swadheenta… There are the super duper couple .. And they must get married again with all rasam’s and specially waiting for their romantic love story… Amena di thank you so much pls give me harshad’s arora phone no. I’m his die hearted fan I have all his serials also I had voted for him for favourite male sadasya

  10. I’m serious pls don’t prank with me otherwise I’ll go to police

  11. Superb episode! I am looking forward to some gripping court scenes and excellent defence by Swadheenta with solid evidence to prove her Mamu and Asad innocent! I hope in the process both Yash and Manohar Sinha gets exposed! He had sown the seeds of this ugly outcome with Allan Broad. Hope Suhasini realises as a
    lawyer it was too soon to conclude about the Gillani’s and that too without evidence! Most importantly, the absconding terrorist should be caught.
    It would be worthwhile to watch all this unfold with a logical end . Justice should prevail ultimately!

  12. hi … .. coming epi will.. become chatpat …….sweet and mirchi

    very interesting

    to day the war starting ….. b/w … swadhu and adharsh family

  13. i also think that swadheenta must live in sinha house. atlest she will be in a touch of adarsh! if swadheenta go out of sinha house then i guess suhasini must got them divorce! otherwise sinha family ka ijjat to mitti me mil jayegi agar unki bahu bahar alag rahi to!

  14. Jb desh ka military man hi jhoot bol gaya sab kuch pata hote huye, desh ko love war sai jod diya to ab kya kahe………use ab military mai sai hata dena chahiye aisa dikhna chahiye

  15. I dont think she can live in sinha’s house..Who would want ” Gilani’s daughter” to live there? I think she will go live with her mami, win the case, mama and mami will do bidai and then she will come back on June 26, the last day of the episode 🙂
    Wonder, how everyone forgot about Arvind!!! Swad knew, jaidev had met him and of course the great robinhood. Why cant they release his photo as “wanted”? He is still there without going to his mulk!

    1. Pac he wil b caught as investigation goes fwd i think swadhu will question the fotos which he circulated w/o clear instructions to his team about asad being the one giving the lead.she will question who took these fotos.that guard in college who told asad that he found something fishy ant rajesh n i think principal(as n precap principsl das s mentioned) wil come fwd to state that asad was helping army n thus yash will come in picture n here n the real battle wil syart to break yash.

      1. Swadhus confidence shows that she has done lot of research n case n the 12 days. just she needs radhikas help to prove asad innocent as she was the only person who knows he needed a locksmith to open his own flat.n that stole which yash took with him only she knows it was with asad .radhika somehow needs to get hold of that r rather police should investigate.they r just trying to show the lapse n investigation n how police just jump to conclusions n innocent people r victimised.

  16. SuperB epi!
    Good Swadheeñta

  17. After watching precap i just remember mamis question to fredu aaj bura waqt mera hai lekin imtihaan tumhara hain infact it s going to b testing time for everyone in sinha house .fredus each relation with sinhas s going to b tested .
    Way to go girly ?

  18. Wow now swadheenta is fighting case for Asad cool, and Swadheenta is very strong she won’t get senti she will choose her bhai and fight for his justice and later once truth reveals Sinha family will understand and they lost their son that why tey r doing like this at least they are not doing evil things . One of the most matured shows of Indian tv

    1. And sensible also

    2. Tru sinha family s behaving the way thy shd b n these circumstances as thy r still n grief n thy cant question police investigation as thy r assuming it might have been done properly n once u loose ur dear ones then u cant think rationally.swadhu knows jilanis for 20 to 24 yrs but sinhas know them for just 2 to 3 months so their reaction s justified.

      1. I cant agree to this Goldie that they are in grief hence they are behaving like this. A person’s real character and maturity comes out at the time of grief only. Someone shld believe Swadheenta and think properly. If somebody would have told that Swadheenta masterminded all this , then …….

    3. See nb i would just say what swadhu said yo adarsh when asleep today that our POV r different she also knows whatever happened was unfortunate n the way she can’t relate to them saying jilanis r terrorists same way thy cant relate to her saying they r.bcoz sinhas r going by circumstantial evidence abhay saying to adarsh n jai asad when he died , mamu bringing gift whch arvind gave n having bomb in it n those 3 staying in their flat .once case unfolds further thy will know that circumstantial evidence was deceiving r was used by some oppurtunists like yash to settle own scores with both families.bcoz yash knew police verification was done by abhay which asad told him.

    4. And one more thing i would like to add if u hav seen that episode when abhay n simmis truth was put fwd by swadhu n suhu office n n their way back home manohar n suhu talking in the car that thhy r confident that swadhu ek acchi bahu hi nahi balki ek acchi wife bhi saabit hogi bhale hi uski family aur unka rutba kuch bhi ho.that means thy have accepted the girl n not her family n all this circumstantial evidence is enuf to add fuel to fire.

    5. Aur nb dont wory sasuma ne aaj Bhagwad Gita simmi ko de di hai woh sinhas ka bulb jaroor jala degi agar kisi aur ka nahi toh adarsh ka jaroor.akhir mom ne de hai na Bhagwad Gita.i hope she put some sense in this mommas boy.

    6. And one more thing if u remember whn asad caught at radhikas place with knife n nxt day suhu n manohar discussing the way she says dad s professor mother housewife such simple people n see this boy such “criminal mind “.suhu had already perceived him as criminal. OMG feels like i m fightting for sinhas now ?.

      1. Hahaha…. After so many points put forward by you, I can understand your point of view. But still I cant agree to the point raised earlier. I am not expecting Manohar (corrupt officer), Suhasini( whatever mindset you have well described), Jaya ( a common person), Ahuja (corrupt businessman) ‘s reaction, I have only objection for Adarsh as they have depicted his character in the serial till now as a honest officer (IAS) in home ministry and aso called Robinhood and works for poor and needy. This is the only reason I have objection. Also he loves Swadheenta and cares for her feelings ( as shown till date).
        Otherwise, as you said, it is natural for everybody to react like that. I, though put duty before family always.

    7. I can understand what ur saying r for that many will have same opinion abt adarsh as v as viewrers know the truth but the characters r still not aware of the truth n yes he loves swadhu but ths s story about love at first sight not that thy r knowing each othef for several years n for a healthy relationship to progress fights should happen thy r necessary for the relationship to grow.when adarsh would come to know abt his parents truth i think he will walk away with swadhu n stay with jilanis n asads wish might come tru.he s shown to b a balanced person as he always has been saying that that was expected of him as shantidoot.

      1. Ok. Ok. You cant argue with a woman for long. You have to surrender at last. But good points raised by you.

      2. Wow looks like a set up a debate competition indirectly here XD

    8. Its always gud to have different opinion one can c things from different POV.adarsh character hasnt found much deprh until now even ithink but hopefully hereon we wil c different adhu

  19. Suspecting is actually base less ,but to some extent it’s ok why is no one thinking about master mind arvind. They are being a lil illogical.

  20. Are you sure the last episode of daheliz is on 26th june? I heard that last episode of tamanna is on 26th june! please someone cpnfirm it! please give reply.

    1. 8-}8-}8-}8-}8-}8-}8-}8-}8-}8-}8-}8-}8-}Wt!dahleez last epi!HUM MAR JAYENGE!:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(

  21. I love this serial though would have appreciated if they could show the Professor being interrogated at the time of arrest. Atleast the fact that the gift was given to him by someone else would have come to light.The police just tortured him without doing some ground work to find out about the involvement of the Professor. The college could have been the best bet for them to investigate. Asad was appointed as an informer and would work with Yash was agreed upon by the college Principal.Yash should be thrown out of the academy after truth gets revealed as there is no place for liars in a job that involved the security of the country.
    The lawyer who accused the Professor of harboring terrorists in his flat without verification is not true i think as Abhay had signed on their verification forms on the pre engagement night party.
    A Little more realistic approach could have made it more convincing. But even then very good job done by the team of Dehleez

    1. They are keeping back these truths for Swadheenta to bring out to light, I suppose.

  22. swadhu fight for truth….. and sinha’s are behaving like they only lost a family member…..

  23. Swadentha, that’s very good fight for what is right, if i were in your shoes i will vacate the house after the case and make Adarsh pay a little… i mean just a little for not opening his eyes even when situations are tough and not being diplomatic about his marriage at least he should tried to reason a bit.

    1. Well said.

  24. Plzz don’t end this serial

  25. Dehleez back in track it seems.

  26. Hi
    I think that reporter and later suhasini will help swadhinta

    1. R u sure?then it will be great!but how?

  27. I feel tht may b yash or radhika may b swadhu’s proof… Hope so yash turns positive and win radhika’s heart by helpin the truth and justice to win….

  28. Indeed its not dat much fishy as other daily soaps… Swadheenta will surely bring justice to her mamu n Asad. I hope Dahleez’s writr will not take months to reveal d truth. Time is d best healer.. finger crossd for SwAdarsh romance……. Satyamev jayte!!!!

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