Dehleez 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 7th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swadheenta coming home. Adarsh holds her hand and takes her to everyone. He shows the news and asks whats all this. She says I wanted to tell you all. Manohar asks what were you going to say, that you were going to media, that you were going to give shoulder to terrorist Asad’s funeral. Jaya says its your duty to maintain our prestige. Suhasini says we have seen your answer, if you can’t keep our respect, atleast don’t ruin it, you are our bahu. Swadheenta says I wanted to talk to you, I m upset for Abhay’s death too, he was not only my Devar, but also my brother too, but Asad was not responsible for his death. Adarsh says your brother has shot 11 bullets to Abhay, is he not a culprit, Haider had live bomb, Abhay said Asad’s name before his death, your Mami has brainwashed

you. She says she is my Mami.

He says she is terrorist’s mum, I will call press conference, you have to change statement, you are indebted to everyone, their tears, you have to clear this debt. She says wait, I have debt of an innocent brother, a fatherly Mamu and Mami who will more than my mum, I know they both are innocent, I will prove it, I won’t sit with peace till I pay that debt. She asks them to believe her, they are not responsible for this. Adarsh looks on and cries. Appa and Amma come there. Suhasini says come, you have come on right time. Amma asks what happened, did Swadheenta…. Appa asks what happened Suhasini ji. Suhasini asks them to see and hear. She plays news and shows Swadheenta’s statement.

Suhasini says I feel your daughter is stuck in relations, she has pity for terrorists, not us. Swadheenta says mom, they are not terrorists. Suhasini asks her not to call her mom. Amma says don’t say this, she is your daughter. Ahuja says we regarded her daughter, but can’t she see Simmi’s pain, she is taking Abhay’s murderer’s side. Appa says I want to talk to Swadheenta. Manohar consoles Ahuja. Appa takes Swadheenta. Appa and Amma are annoyed with her. Appa asks shall I beg you, what do you want, why did you say that on tv, that Asad and Haider are not terrorists. Swadheenta says you are saying this, you regarded Mamu as brother and Mami as sister. He says yes, till I knew their truth.

Swadheenta asks Amma will she not say anything, you may think your brother is culprit, but I won’t regard my brother as culprit, if you are in problem, won’t you wish your daughter to stand by you, I stayed with Mamu and Mami for 5 years, they loved me as their daughter, who is with them in this tough time, will I not stand with them now, Asad could not bear any stranger’s pain, you know him and calling him a terrorist. She reminds Appa that Swadheenta got a brother after Asad’s birth, he was my brother, I m keeping relation, how can you do this. She cries and says Asad is innocent, Mamu is also innocent, I can go to any extent to prove this, they are innocent, I will prove this and show everyone. She goes.

Its morning, Swadheenta and Mami meet Prakash and Ratna. She says I have come to ask something. Prakash says we will give even our life, our children has roof over head because of you, just command. Swadheenta says she is my Mami, Zubeda, can she stay with you for few days. Prakash and Ratna happily agree and ask Mami to stay as long as she wants. Prakash asks Ratna to make a room ready. Swadheenta thanks Prakash. Prakash says don’t worry, we will take care of her. Swadheenta asks Mami not to feel herself alone, I m with you, stay with them for few days, pray for this long fight, I have to win it in any cost. Mami blesses her and hugs. They cry.

Its night, Swadheenta comes to her room and sees Adarsh annoyed. She asks him to talk. He asks what shall I talk, two like-minded people have conversation, I spoke to you a lot, till I felt our feelings and ways are same, not its nothing like that. He goes.

Its morning, Appa tells Swadheenta that we won’t be here with you, you have to manage your house now. Amma says yes, your inlaws are your family now, you are seeing what they are going through, support them, don’t increase their problems. Swadheenta touches their feet and takes blessings. She hugs Amma and Appa. They leave.

Days pass. Everyone ignore Swadheenta and does not talk to her. Suhasini takes care of Simmi. Swadheenta bears their annoyance. Swadheenta goes to Jaya and tries talking to her. She asks Jaya to talk to her, I felt you are calm and mature. Jaya says being calm does not mean to forget loved one’s sorrow, even I thought you are understanding and mature, I was wrong. That kalash is there since 12 days, mumma, Simmi and I decorated it, we were happy and preparing for your Grah pravesh and you….. Swadheenta says please….. Jaya goes. Swadheenta says even I lost my loved ones, I lost two brothers, I know everyone is hurt at home, but I m not doing anything wrong.. She cries.

Jaya goes to room and cries saying I did mistake, I should have got Adarsh married to Vanshika, they would have stayed annoyed for few years but Vanshika would have not taken Abhay’s murderer side, I should have not heard you. Jaidev says you did not do any mistake and hugs her. She blames herself. He wipes her tears and says no, look at me, I always blamed you for everything, but no, I won’t permit anyone to point finger at you, not even yourself, you can’t be wrong always. He hugs her.

Inspector tells Adarsh that their case is very strong, they have eye witness and evidence, we arrested Haider with live bomb, we have your marriage CCTV footage. Inspector sees Swadheenta. Adarsh turns and sees her. Adarsh asks inspector to gather more evidence, even if their case is strong, so that court has no option than to punish Haider, I want that man to be hanged till death. Inspector says I assure that, Abhay was our senior, decision will be taken tomorrow itself, I will use all my power. Adarsh looks at Swadheenta and goes. Swadheenta asks inspector for Haider’s reports. Inspector says look Mrs. Sinha… She says Swadheenta Ramakrishnan, Haider Gilani’s lawyer…. reports please…..

Swadheenta sees Adarsh sleeping and sits by his side. She gets teary eyed and thinks what I m doing today, I decided this by much thinking, I can’t step back now. Suhasini meets Swadheenta at the court and says I knew your next step will be this, after I saw your media statement. She asks what do you want to prove, that those terrorists are innocent. Adarsh looks on.

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  1. Aasrithaa

    Couldn’t see adarsh and swadeenatha fighting.. that romance is missing. Hope adarsh understands his sweetheart soon and that scene comes asap.. it’s interesting but quite boring to atleast see them like this….

  2. Anushika srivastava

    The serial gives us a moral that we shud not make frndz jz lyk dat .. nd shud also know each nd evrythng abt d persn bfr giving our room or any other posession…if asad would not hv givn them room….50% of ol dis wud not have happened…

    • Nish

      Yes, but how many of us do actually do back ground checks or anything like that to see who our friends are. And with this era, anything can be changed, its very easy to hide your identity. Also if he was warned by others to have them checked as to who Asad was being friends with, but since Asad couldn’t do the check, someone should have done it. Yash was able to check in minutes if he wanted to because he had the facility, but he didn’t either.

    • pac

      100% correct. All troubles in swad’s life are becuase of Asad..Emotional immaturity and poor negligence of Asad is affecting everyone..His parents, his sister and all of the mess.

    • goldie

      Even s parents mamu n mami should hav had enouf info as their sons friends although thy were college mates n thy did get police verification done did mamu n mami knew anything abt arvind ravi n rajesh??

  3. Aj

    Can’t that bl**dy Yash Bundela tell the world that Asad is not a terrorist but tried to help Abhay about the bomb blast. What the hell is this. Swadheenta deserves a better guy. Adarsh doesn’t even have the basic common sense to investigate the case that who actually killed Abhay. @Suhasini where will you keep your Garv ki aasoo when you get to know the true killer ? And the Suhasini character has too much attitude

    • Nish

      I feel your pain, Yash was suppose to be a loyal army person right? But he became selfish, But now I do feel that Yash may just help Swadneeta because he is the only one who knows the truth.

      • Ayushya

        I don think yash will help directly . May be during cross examination truth may slip from his tongue.

  4. Aanchal

    Can’t see the most romantic couple adarsh-swadheenta fighting for so long. But still don’t come up with the seen of their divorce . I feel its going to be interesting during the case , but at opposition suhasini must not be there.. And can’t that bl**dy yash bundela come up with the truth. Pls don’t stretch this case for long time .. And take the serial ahead with adarsh swadheenta beautiful love story ,romance and of course the most awaited special scenes… And at last don’t end this serial coz I love harshad Aurora…

  5. Aanchal

    Oh ! Pls Aj swadheenta and adarsh are most wonderful couple.. Even if you will be at place of adarsh you may also act like him … He has loose his favourite brother whose wife is pregnant .. OK so just try to understand his situation and condition …

  6. Yash knows the truth??.. Hope he will help Asad….but It may also be the case dat… He won’t as he wud like to take revenge…. Hope Yash help to prove Asad innocent……

  7. Shreya

    Adarsh and swadheenta both r right at thier place… Misunderstandings r there..plot was made in such a way… Real evidence…missing… during the fight of abhay arvind asad… Yash is taking persnl revenge from asad by hiding truth of asad’s purity and love towards nation

  8. I love the message this show is trying to give on how some innocent families are blamed for no reason. And in real life also there are some people who lost their life for something which they didn’t even do and no one fought for their justice here at least there is swadheenta who is fighting for Asad’s justice and one thing is certain that freedom n asad’s bond showed that it’s not necessary that only blood relationships exists in this world

  9. Moon

    Very nice episode.Both Adarsh and Swadheenta are right in their own ways. But they had promised before marriage that whatever difficulties come on their way they will not misunderstand each other. But it really doesnt happen that way. Its again exposed some of the real aspects of the human mind that fails to keep up any promuse when hit hard.Immediately to both the loss is irreparable shocking and too big to forget. Very natural!
    But swadheenta’s real parents seem to be Oppurtunists and disloyal too! They are not even interested to think logically and help their brave daughter!
    Yash Bundela should get exposed and how come Radhika has disappeared as her beloved is no more! I guess they will show in the next epis! Great show Farhan Salaruddin! Fantastic

    • chee

      Comment about Swad’s parents not correct. They are not opportunist but concerned about their daughter’s future like any middle class parents. It is quite logical.
      In my view Swad shld leave Adarsh as he is not as adarsh (ideal) as she thought of.
      Very annoying to see a responsible officer (so called Robinhood) is talking like this. Not for a single moment he realised that the terrorists can be somebody else. A matured and honest officer will always think twice before believing others. He simply believed the police, who are covering up their sin of cold blooded murder of Asad.
      Swad shld produce any picture of the terrorists with Adarsh , which was taken earlier and ask if he is also terrorist as they are claiming Asad to be terrorist based on the picture.
      Other’s reaction can be treated as natural as Sinhaji is a corrupt officer, media (we all know), Suhasini (always against Swad), Jaya ( normal person), Ahuja ( corruopt businessman) etc. It is seen till now that Jaydev has not uttered against Swad. He may believe Swad and help in bringing out the real culprits to justice. In this way he can also save Adarsh and Swad’s marriage.

      • swati

        How can people misunderstand Adarsh. When his own brother died everybody reacts in the same manner. We don’t think we are officers or whatever, we react as normal human being. And mis understanding asad also happens naturally as he is not associated with asad like swadhinata for several yrs. When nobody is trusting asads family how can adarsh trust.

      • chee

        Swati dear,
        There is difference between common man and a responsible IAS officer in home ministry (and husband now) to react on any issue . You just dont blame anybody by seeing or listening from anyone about any incident. If Asad is proved innocent, he should be dismissed from service for giving such statement on TV.

      • chee

        I am saying this in logical point of view of course. But drama point of view, if you want to make it unreal or if writers dont have that much common sense and immatured like many, then it is OK.

      • Swati

        My dear my own brother is a deputy collecter and my mamu is DIG of police Andhra Pradesh what ever we are by the end of the day we think of our loved ones only. We don’t think we are officers and we need be logically

      • swati

        Serial is running in a realistic way. Bcoz of asads immaturity whole thing happened. When mamu mami and SWA knows asad is innocent they should not consider asad s opinions like giving room etc. They should not entertain asads irresponsibility. And finally pls accept that officers are not almighty power.

      • chee

        IAS, IPS officers are rarest in rare and considered as best. Whatever depicted in the serial is an insult to them. Dont take it personally beta that becoz your brother is collector and whtever he is doing is the characteristic of a true officer. Manohar is also a senior IAS, I am not saying anything about his behaviour becoz he is shown as corrupt. I have only complaint about Adarsh as shown in serial that he is a sensible officer and so called robinhood. They say true character of a person comes to light at the time of crisis. Hence I am saying that he is not true robinhood as shown earlier. ANyway Swad is going to prove it later and leave him.

      • swati

        Adarsh should leave swadhinata as she not suitable to sinhas family. She is apt to mamus family.

  10. I wish they showed Adarsh showing a little support for Swadhu. Adarsh is portrayed as Robin Hood who does not really believe in the system and goes undercover to expose dishonesty but after being around Mamu and asad I’m having a hard time believing that he will blindly believe the police and not his wife who has lived w her relatives for 5 years. For an IAS officer adarsh comes across as a flake and an airhead. Mamu a professor should have immediately notified the authorities that the bomb was made by arvind so they could get his college id I’m assuming college would have his pic I.d. or at least pursued the right person. I don’t like how IAS officers, IPS officers, college professors are made caricatures
    of. These people work hard to get where they are. Arvind had dropped a machine gun. Fingerprints could be got off that too.

    • Moon

      Very well said! I think they have stressed more on the behaviour of the human mind! An immediate response in a situation like this.I guess in next episodes Adarsh starts thinking more rationally, I hope . Otherwise it will loose its logical approach. I also hope they pursue the case logically to prove that Mamu and Asad innocent

    • goldie

      Padu rite now adarsh due to his personal lossnot thinking rationally. Has he even tried to find out how abhay n asad died??to swadhu appears to b more brave the way she has gathered her self as even she has lost her brothers.i think both will try their own ways n finding the truth n as adarsh will try to dig deeper will come across some facts which wil make him support swadhu.

    • goldie

      Yes now how swadhu proves mamu n asad innocent wil b watching i avoided all those 5 dayz of highly emotional epi

    • goldie

      As swadhu progressez n proving asad n mamu innocent questions will b raised as to where arvond s how thy got in to college n where thy got MONEY from n here alan broad will come n stway suhu +manohar n jaidev n CM will b n firing line.

    • goldie

      Ya gud to c old grp back only padu n pac were commenting from old grp i hate watching emotional scenes n thus last whole week was just reading updates watched episode n fast fwd mode.

  11. I want to say that living in a democracy like India is a privilege and this constant bashing of law enforcement and military is getting on my nerves. Military personnel are freezing their butts on the borders so the Indian citizens can have a safe life and we don’t need to bash them we need to respect them. Law enforcement is a hard job yes the system
    Is corrupt but this constant mudslinging won’t help. If we look around there’s civil war in Syria. Millions displaced boka haram mass genocide. Why are we bashing what freedom we have in India and the people who are making sure we enjoy that. Terrorism is everywhere even us w superior intelligence could not stop 9/11. I’m watching this show for romance some light stuff. Terrorism is making it too heavy. Waiting for this to be over.

    • Moon

      we cannot overlook the fact that in many of the crime cases the police have wiped out a lot of evidence that we come across in the news. They have been lackadaisical in their approach . The terrorist story is just to give a spin to test the strength of Swa Darsh ‘s love and commitment!

  12. jiya

    swadheenta and adarsh are right in their perspective and adarsh should aldl by this time know that swa that what she thinks is right and she is very much right here i liked her that dialogue that karz mere bhai mama mami ka bhi hain on the whole dahleez has a very realistic approach

  13. Alia

    Where is yash? Ge knows that asad is innocent, will he lie and cheat just to win radhika.

  14. Prasanth

    I think it might be a strategy to find third terrorist. That’s the reason hash is not opening his mouth.

  15. Wow, I think this is one of the most interesting serial after YHM (Yei Hai Mohabbetein), it shows the reality of life and i will says kudos first to the directors, actors and actresses they have all put in the best. If it’s going to be a finite series or not, i will still vote for it cause the story line is superb and much more realistic. Looking forward to more episodes to come.

    • Aj

      Prakash n Ratna are the poor farmer family for whom Swadheenta fought their land case which was abducted by Ahuja in the very first episodes.

  16. Ani Dina

    Swadheeneta is doing a fantastic role n she is right .whoever it might be husband fiance, if we r attached n consider some as mom dad bro we should fulfill our duty. Swad should win at any cost .after all adash just become her husband bt asad is her brother from years.

  17. truth

    Really I can’t expect this from Adarsh and Suhasini
    As a best lawyer, she has to find out
    What is true
    Though she is mom
    Nd Abhay didn’t complete a full sentence only a word from dead person is not a dying declaration
    Swadheenta is goin in a right way
    Hats of to u swadheenta . I request k Adarsh should atleast understand what swadheenta wants to prove?
    Seriously the Sinhas are sooo dumbo..all r soo intelligent still can’t get the truth

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