Dehleez 7th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 7th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Eoisode starts with Swadheenta asking inspector does he have search warrant. He says it will come. She asks him to come after he gets warrant, and leave now. She says I did not kidnap Sudha, she is in protective custody. He says fine, we will come with search warrant next time, come Subhash ji. They leave. Sudha comes out and hugs Swadheenta. Mamu and Mami look on. Swadheenta asks are you fine. Sudha cries. Swadheenta makes Mami sit and asks her not to worry. Mami says the way they were talking to your Mamu…. Swadheenta says Mamu, its court hearing tomorrow, I m sure everything will be fine, don’t lose courage.

Adarsh and Vanshika are on the way. Vanshika says mom’s assistant is cute and downmarket, do you know her just as mom’s assistant or otherwise. He says how will I know her. She

gets a call from her best friend. He asks who is Bunny. She says our best friend, talk to him. Adarsh talks to Bunny and says Vanshika and I…. She says tell him we are marrying. He says hello… I think call disconnected. He asks Vanshika did she say everyone. She says I declared on social media that we are getting married, come on, its good news.

Asad comes home late and Swadheenta asks him where was he. He says college. She tells him that police came here, Mamu and Mami were alone and worried, you don’t have any responsibility right. Asad says I have headache. She says Mamu needs you. He asks her to manage Mamu, let me go. She asks what happened, don’t be this foolish lover, come out of this love, you are doing this because of Radhika. He cries and asks her to stop it. He asks do you know love, did you cry for someone, just fight case and get justice for world. He goes. She gets sad.

Its morning, Mami and Mamu tell Sudha that Swadheenta is good lawyer and get justice for her. Asad comes and asks for breakfast, he gives aam papad to Sudha and says its our secret formula to get stress free. He offers that to Swadheenta. She says I m going, if you have any problem Mamu, call me. She leaves with Sudha.

They reach the court with police protection. Subhash and Leela look on. Sudha gets tensed seeing them. Suhasini comes there and looks at them. Subhash’s lawyer looks on. Suhasini tells judge about Banwarilal being away from home to serve the country, he is asking for justice now. Subhash’s lawyer says this man is fraud. Suhasini says his brother and wife said the same and kicked him out of house, even police did not believe Banwari, he needs justice. Subhash’s lawyer Kashyap says law wants evidence, 10 years ago, amy had the proof, when Banwari’s dead body was found, dead body’s DNA matched with Sudha’s DNA, and it was declared that Banwari is dead.

Suhasini says even I have DNA report, of Sudha and Banwarilal, it matches. Kashyap says it means Suhasini is challenging army, that army was wrong in declaration. She laughs and says you are wearing blue shirt. He says everyone knows lawyers wear white shirt, I m also wearing white shirt. She asks him to see well, look at the collar side, there is blue patch, I can say this for sure, check it. He could not see his collar. Suhasini asks a police officer to check that and say, can’t you see it, strange. Officer says yes, its blue. Kashyap asks whats happening, this is court. Suhasini says nothing, you are saying its white, I m saying its blue, I m sure.

He says it will be better if we talk about case. She says I m saying about case, Kashyap’s shirt is white, there is no blue patch, congrats Kashyap. Judge laughs and says Suhasini you won’t change, come to point. Suhasini says if kashyap’s shirt can be proved blue, whats tough to match 10 year old Sudha’s DNA report with the dead body’s DNA, army believed the report given to them, no one tried to know how the report was made, I want to assure that this man is not any fraud, he is Banwarilal.

Suhasini says there are many evidence, but evidence is made and manipulated, I don’t want to present evidence, we have a daughter standing here, she is not 10 year old today, she was made a maid by her mum and uncle, now her eyes and heart say this man is her father.

She says Sudha, I won’t say anything now, you have to say it, say the truth, the truth which you lived, truth of your father, mum and uncle. Swadheenta signs Sudha. Sudha gets tensed. Kashyap says what will this girl say, she is brainwashed and brought here. Judge says let her say. He asks Sudha to say. Sudha is about to say and bell rings. Judge says court is adjourned for lunch. Suhasini says your honor. He says rules are rules Suhasini. Swadheenta asks Suhasini why did she not cross examine Leela and Subhash. Suhasini says witness is imp, be with Sudha.

Swadheenta goes to have water. A man Kabir meets her and says I m Banwari’s friend. Swadheenta recalls Banwari’s words about Kabir and talks to Kabir.

He says I have seen Sudha’s state since 10 years, its good that Banwari is getting justice, if you say, I can give statement. She says no need, case is strong. He asks can I meet them. She asks him to meet after hearing. He gives a note for Sudha. Swadheenta asks Sudha to meet Kabir later and gives chit. Sudha reads it and gets shocked. The hearing resumes. Judge asks Sudha to say is Banwari her father. Sudha says no. Banwari gets shocked. Sudha says my father died 10 years ago, they are trying to explain me that he is my father, this man is fraud, he is not Banwarilal, he is not my father. Swadheenta and Suhasini get shocked.

Suhasini scolds Swadheenta and says you call yourself a lawyer, you know the case depended on Sudha’s statement. Swadheenta says sorry. Suhasini gets angry and says my firm does not need you, you are fired.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. how is dis production house going so mad?????????????? i remember dey showed each n every character in every epi of beintehaa 🙁

    1. i think their stars r hidden behind d clouds 😛

      1. or maybe their vastu isn’t ri8 …………. 🙁

  2. even silsila is much better ……………. at least they show smthing happening……………. even if its all bullshit 🙁

    1. n etretr n yhm too …………… much better than this 🙁 🙁

  3. d cvs have dashed all our hopes………….. nothing is left in dis serial 🙁

  4. misha…………….. nowadays adarsh is not even getting d role of a nincompoop…………… hell, he’s not getting any role at all 🙁

  5. guys that half yellow saree pic is a dream of adhu………. 🙁

    1. What??my only expectation was that pic…??

    2. he s getting engaged to stupid vanshika but imging swadhu.?

  6. any1 watched that video??????

    1. if yes plz tell us what’s in it …….. plzzzzzz 🙂

      1. actually my speakers nt working 🙁

  7. abhi………. frm late july i’ll start posting a ragna ff……….. its my life’s true story………….. will u read it ?????

    1. i’ll title it as a relationship of 14 days that changed my life…………… okkk ????????????

      1. plz do read it……….. i’ll give u d links in dehleez epi wu only okk????

      2. n yes do give ur cmnts there…………. frm late july okkk ???????

      3. copy to oders too ……. 🙂

      4. 1 more thing…………………. wud u like to hv it as a dehleez ff instead of a ragna ff ?????

      5. plz tell me after thinking coz……….. d leads wont unite in d end 🙁 they’ll hv a breakup 🙁

      6. Your life’s true story ??ofcourse I will read it.,.
        N yes please make it a dahleez ff,..n sad ending is not a problem…infact I like reading emotional stories but feeling so sad that its your real life story,..?

      7. Nice title…i will be waiting for that ff..
        N will surely comment..
        N please make it a dahleez ff as I dont know much about EMA serial..

  8. misha i write an ff on ek mutthi aasmaan…………… 🙂

    1. its titled ragna – love is life……..

      1. i’ve posted 47 epis till now…..

      2. i’ll resume writing 1c i reach college 🙂

      3. hope u got it ?????

      4. n misha cud u give me d links of ur sr ff???????

      5. i’d luv to read it …….. 🙂

      6. but giv me d link only if its swalak………. i dont wanna read swasan ……. okk ????

      7. sorry if i hurt u 🙂

      8. giv me d link anyways………… i’ll read it 🙂

      9. but i’ll giv d cmnts here only…………. not in ur ff………. okk ?????????

      10. R u a swalak fan?
        Ragsan or Raglak u like more??

        #sweety di

      11. I used to read misha’s ff…its a swasan ff..its name is The Breakdown..

    2. Swalak fan huh Sweety 🙁
      I love swasan…

      SANSKAAR <3 <3

  9. lol guys i tried my best to give so many cmnts…………. 😛

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      2. Me…completed ninth and from Kerala..

    2. Challenging me??huh??

      I accept my defeat..?

  14. n Shrinivas, who was seen in Anil Kapoor’s ’24’, will soon enter the TV show as the protagonist’s (Tridha Choudhury) introvert fiancé. He will play a business tycoon Jeevan. The 15 days that Kiran shot with the team of the show, he shared maximum on-screen and off-screen time with Tridha. Talking about his chemistry with the actress, he says, “She is like a breath of fresh air, young, energetic and full of life. We shared some mature conversations as well, and I think she’s very intelligent. She’s doing a brilliant job on the show and I’m glad to be a part of this show with such talented actors.”

    1. From ths article it means that thy r not shooting week to week basis thy hav already shot for these wonder their storyline s not changing with trps cmg down.

      1. Yeah show is gng down day by day… I’m nt feeling lik watching it..

  15. ranaji………. seems like u r too busy on d vishkanya pg………….. that’s y u forgot ur family here 🙁

    1. my heart is crying out for u to return……………. 😛

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  18. Really getting worse now .i read somewhere that ths serial was earlier named swadheenta but thy had to chg name cos of some copyright issues whch means the serial s only n swadhu i think its gud thy r showing how a women fights against all odds .
    but thy hav shown swadhu too weak.

    1. Yeah even I dint understand why dey hav shown swadhu very weak… She does nt hav a lawyer qualities… Even Ahuja case she won with d help f Adarsh..

  19. I think she was treated by kabir. Did you see that. When she readed that chit she was shoked. I think that man is not kabir

  20. I think dehleez OAP team s worst not promoting the serial at all no gud promos nothing .how will people know whn not promoting ths serial.

  21. More swadarsh scenes please and please let’s have some scenes where they like each other and have feelings for the other. One way love from Adarsh is getting repetitive and boring. Move the story along please. U have 2 nice characters develop them well. The way they ruined asad character is too much.

    1. Robinhood hain na

      1. Dehleez: Swadheenta (Tridha Choudhary) gets fired by Suhasini making crucial mistake in court case, Adarsh (Harshad Arora) tries to help Swadheenta

        The upcoming episodes of Dehleez will bring about a big twist with Suhasini firing Swadheenta from her job.

        The court case is going on where Suhasini is trying to prove that Sudha is Banwarilal’s daughter.

        Before Sudha can give her statement, the court session ends.

        Suhasini asks Swadheenta to make sure that no one talks to Sudha.

        However, a man named Kabir gives a chit to Sudha and she gets shocked reading it.

        Later, Sudha changes her statement in court saying that Banwarilal is not her father.

        Suhasini furious with Swadheenta spoiling her case

        Suhasini geta shocked hearing this and blames Swadheenta for Sudha’s sudden change in statement.

        Swadheenta is apologetic but Suhasini is furious and fires her from her job.
        It will now be seen that Adarsh will get shocked knowing about this and will try to convince Suhasini for taking back Swadheenta.

      2. My guess was rite!!

  22. I don’t understand ? Why did Sudha lie ? Poor Swadheenta , now what she will do ?

  23. More scenes of swadarsh

  24. Hey vanshika!!! I have appeared in jee paper 1

  25. now its high time to show some concern from swadheenta’s side for adarsh ….. after all adarsh rescued her life from subhash’s plot….. and please dont spoil Fsad’s character too much. he is a bubbly boy.

  26. show more new promos with new twists and turns…. the only people will feel like watching it…pls dont darg the stories with cases only…

  27. Aadharsh enna pa ipdi swathintha kai vitinga ellathulayum.. Unga amma thituranga paru swathintha va neegalum koda poninga illa… Ungaluku panishment illa a.. Eduthu sollupa unga amma ku

  28. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Aaaagggggg man same old story line.i tink suhanshi is the villian.getting stupid now!!!! Thank god I only reas updates then decide to watch or not! !!!!

  29. Fan of ishveer

    Sweety come back soon…..waiting 2 see u again in commenting session

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