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Dehleez 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Appa saying 30 years is a big thing. Adarsh says mom and dad did not wish to throw party on their anniversary, we are organizing one. Appa says our marriage completed 24 years, plan our marriage anniversary as well. He says Adarsh is like our son, I can tell him. Swadheenta says we will plan. Adarsh invites them in party. Appa says we will come.

Ahuja tells Suhasini and Manohar to do couple dance in party, they will enjoy. He says its big day for me, Suhasini came to my house for first time, I m honored, we will have lunch and talk together. Manohar says we have to leave, we will do lunch some other day. Ahuja says no, sometimes I feel you guys made me an outsider, you did not tell me about Adarsh’s engagement. Suhasini says I have come here for the first time, we came to

invite you. Ahuja thanks them, and says I know girl, Swadheenta, what does her dad do. Manohar says he is Bharatnatyam teacher. Suhasini says he is an artist. Ahuja says fine, you are great people to agree for this, I would have not agreed if Adarsh was my son. She says Adarsh is like your son, we want you to come and meet Ramakrishnan, but be careful in talks. Ahuja asks why. She says he has different discipline. Ahuja says when I meet him, I will explain him, he did not become Samdhi yet, I m Samdhi since one year, I m Senior. He laughs. Manohar and Suhasini smile.

Appa talks on phone and asks for pics. Suhasini and Manohar come there. Mami welcomes them. Appa asks them to sit. He asks how did you guys come here. Manohar says we came to invite you in our…. Appa says marriage anniversary, Adarsh told us and invited too. Suhasini says oh, we got late, we will leave now, we have to visit other people. Amma and Appa ask them to sit. Appa gets pics and get busy. Amma asks him to leave phone. She says there was stage performance and its those pics. Suhasijni says show us too. Appa says I had performance last month in Chennai. Suhasini likes the pics. Appa gets glad.

Swadheenta and Adarsh meet outside. She says 30 years, wow. He says I think how two people stay together. She says Amma says person becomes habit. He says you have become my habit now itself. She says I will ask after five years. He says when I see mom and dad, I get glad, they are always together in good and bad times, we will also be together like them, right. She says right and pulls his nose. She runs. He runs after her. Jiya re….plays……….. She asks him to promise no person or situation will come between them. He looks around. She asks are you afraid to promise. He says no, mom told me when we promise, it will be near some bird. He sees some pigeons and runs there. He promises that he will not let Swadheenta and his relation fall weak. He says its your turn now. She goes to him and says I also promise Adarsh and my relation fall weak.

Manohar tells Suhasini that I did not see Ahuja so happy till now, not even at his complex inauguration. He leaves for a meeting. Simmi looks on. Suhasini asks do you have to say something. Simmi hugs her and thanks her for inviting her dad by visiting him. she says I m glad. Suhasini says its fine, Abhay and you did mistake. Ahuja and we were paying the price. Simmi says you won’t have any complaints. Suhasini says you know whats happening in our house. Simmi asks why. Suhasini says its fine if you don’t understand. Simmi says I know everyone has hidden things from you, but I always say truth to you. Suhasini says I expect from you that you tell me what others are hiding. Simmi says sure, I promise. Suhasini goes. Simmi says this is chance, which Jaya missed, I can’t get better chance to become mom’s fav bahu, I can’t miss this.

Mamu tells Appa that they should take a nice gift for Sinhas. Appa says yes, I m thinking the same. He calls Adarsh. Adarsh and Swadheenta are together. She says your phone is ringing. He says let it ring. She says it can be imp. He says maybe from my ex GF. She says I will answer. She gets Appa’s call and gives phone to Adarsh. Appa smiles. He asks about gift for his parents. Adarsh says mom and dad are simple, you just come, that will be gift. Appa asks sure. Adarsh says yes, and ends call. Adarsh says Guru ji is cute, he was telling about gift. She says yes, gift should be there. Adarsh asks why, he already gave gift, you. They hug.

Asad asks his friends about Arvind. They say he has fever or cough. Asad asks fever or cough, I know he would be afraid, come, we will visit him at the flat. His friends worry. Arvind checks the city map. Asad comes there and stops his friend from calling Arvind. Asad says don’t ring bell, we will surprise him, give me keys. He opens the door and gets inside flat. He says Arvind is really not here. Arvind lifts Asad and surprises him. They laugh. Asad says you look fine, what are they saying. Arvind says I took good rest, I m fine. Asad says I have come to say about Adarsh and Swadheenta’s engagement, you guys have to come, there is one more party, Mr. and Mrs. Sinha’s anniversary party, I have to prepare for that, you guys come in engagement. They say sure. Asad leaves. Arvind scolds the guys for getting Asad. The guy says we were messaging, Asad stopped us, but how did you know. Arvind says I have seen you guys coming, else don’t know what would have happened.

At Sinha’s anniversary party, Suhasini and Manohar attend guests. Swadheenta and her family comes there. Adarsh welcomes them. Abhay says we thought to welcome guests and let parents enjoy. Jaya asks Swadheenta to join them. Amma asks them to take Swadheenta for any work. Jaya says no, I m just joking. Swadheenta and Adarsh smile seeing each other. Manohar tells Suhasini that Ramakrishnan has come, what about her master stroke. She asks him to wait. Swadheenta and her family wish happy anniversary to them. Appa says we thought what gift to get for you, we could not think. Manohar says you came, that’s enough. Ahuja comes there and congratulates Suhasini and Manohar. Swadheenta’s family looks on.

Appa performs Bharatnatyam in party. Ahuja insults him. Appa angrily slaps Ahuja. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aww…cutie pies

  2. Appa and Ahuja will get along…

  3. Everaina Telugu vallu vunnara

      1. nenu kooda actually i am a silent reader

    1. dosth, nenu telugu vaanney.

    2. naku ostundi. Meru guntur ninchaa

  4. Thank you Amena Di!! Seems like a good episode..Have to wait to watch it online later today. No offense, But Appa’s character is quite annoying..Imagine asking, “ why don’t you give us a party as well?”. The truly good, honest, clean character is that of Adarsh.

  5. Bhai this was terrible….. masterstroke by Vakil Sahiba

  6. what is goin on. i saw d spoilers. some bomb blast n all.
    y all dis drama. y is suhasini hating swadhu. hope everythng becomes fyn n swadu becomes d fav bahu of suhasini. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Thanks Amena di for super fast update??

  8. Wat abt precap yaar…. Ahuja fir kuch pange lega….. Swadhu will be destroyed

  9. Swadharsh scenes were so cute..
    So our suhu is planning to make some troubles for appa using ahuja.
    In between simmi is using the golden opportunity to become mom’s favourite bahu without knowing that she is actually using her.
    Ahuja is actually very funny…i think so..his English is words to say.
    I hope jaidev n jaya’s marriage problems will be solved soon.
    in between asad’s friends are planning bomb blast.Already itna sab horaha hai..insab ke beech bomb blash bhi..wah…
    I hate asad’s friends. Especially that aravind..asad is doing much things for them n they r sending asad in jail for return.wah..kya friendship hai..
    Swadharsh promise wala scene was awesome..Also I liked the way swadhu takes appa’s call which is for adhu…
    Precap…oh god suhu’s plan got worked…appa ki insult..ahuja ko slap..wahhhh…they both makes a good pair,….
    I hope swadharsh will not forget about the promise ever.

    1. As it is suhasini and manohar anniversary, there is one more day to go for Swadarsh engagement. Yes i agree with abhi. Suhasinj using simmi as her news updater of sinha family.

  10. Hello all,
    I hope adarsh stand by appa and swadheenta as appa got angry as he was being insulted. I guess itz not easy to manage emotions gets touched. To let it happen and suhasini herself gone to invite ahuja knowing about ahuja’s loose toungue and appa short temper hyper nature.
    If we leave the evil plans of suhasini, she is very good actor. Her character is nicely portrayed in this serial.
    Though we all know that adarsh and swadheenta get married, i would like to see how suhasini let it happen?? What makes her to agree for marriage??

    When she received simmi as bahu, swadheenta is very better choice for adarsh when compared to simmi and abhay jodi.
    Jaya jayadev issue kept aside in the serial. I think now all are focused on Swadarsh engagement not on jaya jayadev union.

    Long way to go to get clarity over characters. Nice story line
    Expecting Swadarsh not to get disturbed with the issues poping up because of suhasini.


  11. Day by day i m loving this show more hats off to dehleez makers who r not changing track for trp’s sake. Swadarsh rocks. And precap was funny when appa slapped Ahuja couldn’t control my laughter 😛

  12. Hey girlie my bad for dissing ur look but u looked dope in the white outfit. Like a Greek goddess and of course the Greek god Adarsh he just blasted the cute and hot meter to infinity and beyond today. Yeah boy! #bowdown. Swardsrsh was beyond cute. The white and black outfits made them look like wedding cake toppers.

  13. Brown nosing simmi and sasu suha wow what a combo. Im going to get nightmares after seeing that precap. Comedy piece appa in that baratnatyam outfit. Oh lord have mercy. Why couldn’t swadu perform. I don’t know if I can recover from watching appa perform. Jeevan and adarsh no prob watching but this old dude. Dehleez do u want to increase ur trp. Don’t make old dudes dance. I can’t take it. Lolol

  14. hi frs …. shuhasini ithukku ithukku thane asai pattai ……. mudintha tha un nadakam are u happy ? super what kind of lawyer r u ? cunning ..

    mottai boss u celebrate u r wedding 30 th anniversary but u want to stop u r son”s marriage very good pappa and mom ……

    why she does not like swadh i? she is beautiful …… well educated …. bcz of her father ……

    he is short tempered fellow….. adarsh and swadh had already taken otth …….will they fallow ? yes i think so …..

  15. ya im fm andhra

  16. Both look adorable together

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