Dehleez 6th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swadheenta saying we should take a step against Leela and Subhash. Adarsh says I will get Sudha and Banwari’s DNA match tomorrow. Swadheenta asks Sudha will you give statement. Sudha agrees to do anything to get her father. Swadheenta says perfect case, if Suhasini helps, it will be good. Adarsh sees her and says perfect. She aids his wound with haldi, and he says don’t apply this haldi, I will do aid at home. She says its desi antiseptic, its effective. He smiles seeing her. Jiya re…..plays. he checks her hand wound while she says its nothing. He asks her to see her wound. He applies haldi to her hand.

His phone rings. She asks him to answer his fiancee’s call, maybe his pain will get away after talking to her. Vanshika asks Adarsh don’t you miss me. He says nothing

like that. She asks him to come on lunch. He says I m out for some work and ends call. She says how rude….

Radhika asks for Asad. Asad cries recalling their moments. Radhika asks Gilani for Asad. He says Asad came to college, why. She says I have to give him notes. Asad’s friends ask him to meet Radhika, she is finding him. Asad refuses to meet her and goes.

Adarsh asks Banwarilal to go. He asks Sudha not to worry, Banwarilal will be fine till this case gets solved. Banwari asks Swadheenta to take care of Sudha. She says don’t worry, she will be with me. Banwari hugs Sudha and they cry. Adarsh asks Suraj to take Banwari. Swadheenta asks Suraj?? Suraj introduces himself and says I m Adarsh’s assistant, I was coming to take this case, but Sir stopped me…. Adarsh stops him from saying more and sends him.

Suhasini calls Swadheenta. Swadheenta tells about the case. Suhasini says Dubey took tomorrow’s date. Swadheenta says it means Banwari will get his identity tomorrow. Suhasini asks her to come back, as she has imp meeting and wants Swadeenta to join. Swadheenta says sure, where shall I come. Suhasini says I will message address. Swadheenta smiles. Adarsh asks her to come.

Adarsh drops Swadheenta home. She asks him to meet Mamu and Mami. He says I have to go. She says you have to meet Vanshika, fine. She returns the mangalsutra. He says its suhaag sign. She asks him to keep it. They both joke being in their roles. She goes home. He looks at mangalsutra and her.

Mami teases Swadheenta for marrying and hugs her. Mamu hugs Swadheenta. Swadheenta says this girl is Sudha. Mami says I can’t believe such people exist in world, come Sudha, I will show you your room. Mamu says I m proud seeing what you did for this girl, if anything happened to you, I would have died. She says don’t tell this to Maa. He says your mum will break my hand. She calls him coward and teases him. He says what did you say, your Mama is coward. She asks for Asad and calls him. She says strange, he disconnected the call. She runs to get ready and meet Suhasini.

Suhasini and Swadheenta are on the way. Suhasini says first case success, congrats, we are going for lunch, not meeting, my treat. Swadheenta suggests a food joint and they have a talk. Adarsh and Vanshika are on the way. She asks do you stay silent always or trying to impress me. Suhasini calls her and asks Vanshika to address her as mom. Vanshika calls her mom. Suhasini says I was trying to call Adarsh, you both are together, did you go for lunch. She invites them for lunch. Vanshika agrees. Suhasini tells Swadheenta about Vanshika, Adarsh’s fiancee, they are joining us on lunch.

They reach the place. Suhasini asks where is your restaurant. Swadheenta shows the small food joint and says here it is, wait I will get it. Suhasini looks on shocked.

Swadheenta greets the south Indian food shop chef Anna and orders two south Indians thaalis. She tastes the chutney and smiles. Suhasini looks on and smiles. Adarsh and Vanshika come there. Vanshika greets Suhasini and hugs her. Adarsh greets his mom and sees Swadheenta there. Vanshika asks are we dining here, look at the place. Adarsh smiles seeing Swadheenta. Swadheenta takes a plate and just a small jerk makes chutney spread a bit. Swadheenta comes to them smilingly. Suhasini introduces Swadheenta to Vanshika. Swadheenta smiles and congratulates Vanshika. Vanshika asks shall we go somewhere else to have food mom. Swadheenta asks her to try this food, its tasty and cheaper too. Vanshika says no thanks. Swadheenta asks Suhasini to try it. Suhasini looks at the plate, and makes excuse saying I feel its very spicy.

Vanshika says sorry, I can’t eat this. Adarsh says I m getting pleasant smell, I m going to try this. He eats it and says its very delicious. Swadheenta asks him to try that chutney. He tries and says nice. Vanshika says I m thinking to go to Chinese restaurant. Suhasini says yes, even I would like to have soup. She asks Swadheenta to join them. Swadheenta says no, I will meet you tomorrow. Suhasini asks Adarsh to come and gives the plate back to Swadheenta. Swadheenta goes. Adarsh looks on. Swadheenta sits eating the food. Suhasini, Vanshika and Adarsh leave. Swadheenta gets a call.

Inspector asks Mamu where is the girl, where did she hide her. Mamu says we did not kidnap anyone, and tells his name Haider Gilani. Inspector asks the staff to look for Sudha. Subhash looks on. Sudha worries. Swadheenta comes there and faces Subhash.

Sudha changes her statement in court and says Banwari is not my father, they tried to explain me that Banwari is my father. Suhasini looks at Swadheenta. Swadheenta gets shocked and signs no.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Goldie

      He hasn’t said that to Swadhu don’t know whn he will say so think how he will say to his mom…? Sometimes I think Swadhu is rite in not falling for a guy who cannot even speak his heart out…

  1. As usual Adhu is so funny….
    Adhu has a very long tongue to speak when he is with swadhu..but when it comes to his mom..he stands like a dumb?…why Adhu…pls speak up,…atleast for ur love?,..plssss..if not..atleast for me..!?

  2. Oh god..i will kill that sudha….she changed her statement…oh no…i think now suhu will not support swadhu…????
    then it will be more difficult for Adhu to convince mom!!???

  3. rosy

    god typical class conscious people vanshikha but i liked when freedom said to go with them maintaining her self respect!!!!

  4. I dont want dehleez to become a sas bahu drama….so pls cvs dont change the story line “Dil ki dehleez par pyaar ki dastak”?

  5. I really do think that kasam serial is far better…its having more trp too…hmmm why cvs is doing this…full of drama..pls show some nok-jhok between swadarsh..pls..

    • Yes kasam serial concept is not so good but gaining trps due to twists and turns as the curiosity is created how tanu-rishi will marry I like their scenes too, but I don’t get to watch this show much as I watch ek duje ke vaaste at tat time

  6. sweety

    i think if d cvs had to run d show like this,………… they shudn’t have really given us dat first week epis,………. we wud never hv expected gud scenes like those then…………… 🙁

  7. sweety

    now suhu will fire swadhu………………… n then i think swadhu will get d dna report to prove her pt………..

  8. sweety

    only d beginning swadarsh scene was gud today…………. but what were d cvs showing???? haldi ceremony????

  9. sweety

    guys did any1 watch that video link i gave ??????? in it suhu welcomes swadhu as a bride………….. n then they face each other in d court ……..

  10. sweety

    i think d dehleez cast is not shooting in advance…………. that’s why we r given so less promos……… 🙁

  11. sweety

    ty cvs for such a dumb story…………. oderwise i wud hv spent 30 mins everyday watching dis stupid track…………….. i study now at dis time 🙂

  12. sweety

    max even my p.e. was gud…………. n my entrances hv not even begun yet……………….. 🙂

  13. sweety

    max ri8 now even i wanna go n slap d cvs…………. same pinch…………… dey’ve just ruined it…………….. d story doesn’t support swadarsh’s chemistry……….. 🙁

  14. sweety

    guys can u plz show us more of asad………….. n abhay too………….. or is every1 too bored to shoot for dis dumb track?????

  15. Fatarajo

    Areh when will swadheenta fall in love with adarsh , story is good but slooooow, I feel bad for adarsh, swadheenta should understand that adarsh is adarsh

  16. sweety

    btw……………. abhi what’s happened to u???????? why so less cmnts these days ?????????????? 🙁 r u too bored wid d track????

  17. Sheena

    I thought that suhasini n vanshia will go to the Chinese restaurant, leaving swadarsh alone..Bt

  18. Oye hoye! Yeh dono Abhi se hi shuru kar diya ek dusre ko haldi lagane. Looking forward to seeing it. Yes the episodes are not as good as previous ones. Guys check out all the gif’s fans of this show have created on Twitter. Really good and captures good moments and funny moments. Thankful dehleez it’s not one of those sass bahu shoutathon w yards of saree and jewellery overload.

  19. sweety

    guys i just read n interview in which abhay said his character will become d most loved soon………… even better than d leads…………. i wonder how???????

    • sweety

      plz guys i request u to get back to writing those ffs…………. u all were soooo gud………..

  20. sweety

    hey abhi ty so much for ur cmnt in my ff………………. did u read d entire ff??????????????/

  21. Since the show is going downhill how about we reminisce about our favorite scenes. I loved the one where they went in disguise as reporter and swadhu gets upset that he thinks she looks like his mausi. I laughed so much. Another one was the rooftop scene where swadhu cuts poor Adarsh down to size and u think ok he’s done but what a great comeback he had when mamu asks Kaise Lagi and slow whisper kuch jyada hi lagi. Rooting for u aadarsh even though you are a goorifying IAS officer and a pucca maa ka laadla. Loved there looking at each other from rooftop. Story mein dhum hain lekin woh bus cvs Jaante hai.

    • goldie

      I think adarsh the so called govt. Officer as his mother claims s living upto the image of govt. Officers of not doing any work .. grow up cvs show him doing some wrk.

      • They did show him help with banwarilal case. Dude did a full on heroic act. This show is about the love story na not about the work. Already getting bored by the courtroom scenes.

    • Misha

      Hey sweety…how are you all? last exam is on 15th…and what about you?
      Btw..I also write ff…it’s called
      I write three ffs…hope you would check it out.
      “Roommates (nesam)”
      “Breakdown (swaragini)”
      “The masquerade”
      And what about you?

  22. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Losing interest. ..sad Ardesh??? Y all the guys big mouths wit girls..but pipsqueaks wit mom’s? ???

  23. goldie

    Anyone watching ek duje ke vaste its gog gud the pair s also cute.

    It s predictable yet logical..

  24. diya

    Villiains: ahuja,simmi,vanshika,suhasni,yash

    adarsh sud express his love to swaadhu… If she refuse then he can move on… But whats happening now… He didn’t tell anything 2 his mom,vanshika… And one side going for dinner date with vanshika… Other side going with swaadhu..
    He s spoiling vanshikas life too… And D’s vanshika why didn’t she notice something wrong WD adarsh behaviour…. And Ds suhasni too… Plz swaadhu come out from Ds suhasnis office….
    Adarsh character sud be more strong….

    Today feel sad for both asad & swadhu

    And suhasini character same as gustakh dil barka…. Status conscious…. Selfish…

  25. goldie


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    Dehleez: Suhasini to help Adarsh break engagement with Vanshika

    Dehleez: Suhasini to help Adarsh break engagement with Vanshika
    The upcoming storyline of Star Plus show Dehleez will bring some high voltage drama as Adarsh (Harshad Arora) and Swadheenta (Tridha Chaudhary) are trapped in Banwarilal case.

    The upcoming episode of Dehleez will show Adarsh and Swadheenta cracking the Banwarilal case by exposing Subhash and Leela.

    Swadheenta’s life will get in danger but Adarsh will rescue her.

    Swadheenta will successfully fight the legal battle for Banwarilal.

    Adarsh will be heartbroken as he will have to part ways with Swadheenta after the cse.

    Adarsh loves Swadheenta immensely but as per Suhasini’s wish he has got engaged to Vanshika.

    However, Suhasini will realize her son’s disturbed and upset behavior.

    It will be seen that Suhasini will help Adarsh in breaking relation with Vanshika as she will come to know that Adarsh is not happy with vanshika

  26. There’s a new pic of swadarsh out. She is in a yellow half saree and he is in a white suit. It says swadarsh wedding ceremony. It’s on adarsh swadeenta dehleez Fb page.

  27. Vinayak

    There is a great affinity between Adarsh and Swadheenta. Adarsh should bravely and boldly confess to his mother that he truly loves Swadheenta. I hope on coming episode becomes more interesting.
    Thanks Telly Update.

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