Dehleez 5th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 5th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode begins with everyone back in the house. Simi talks about how Adarsh was being romantic with Vanshika . Adarsh leaves from the place. Suha feels happy after listening to what Simi said.

Adarsh calls Swa but gets no response. He thinks that she must be sleeping and hence decides to go there the next morning with Banwari.
Suha tries to call Swa, but there was no response since Swa was tied up and gagged. She wonders if something has happened.

Both Leela and her husband decide to get rid of Swa and Adarsh by killing them.

Here at Swa’s home…Mami is worried for Asad as they could not contact home. Asad arrives after sometime and says sorry to Mami. She asks if everything was fine, but he leaves without answering her question.

The next morning Adarsh reaches Leela’s

house. He gives some instructions to his driver.
After he gets out and move towards the house, he is stopped by some goons hired by Subhash.
He wants to go to his room but Subhash makes fun and jokes that his wife ran away from there.
Then Swa screams and adarsh manages to get inside.

He searches for her and finally gets to her. He frees her and they both try to escape but are stopped by some goons.

Soon Banwari arrives and there is a fight. Geeta unties Swadarsh and release them.They four, adarsh, Swa, Geeta and Banwari try to escape from there. Geeta agrees to go as she is irritated with the way Leela and Subhash behave with her.

She goes to bring a gun from inside as she saw the goons beating her father.
She fires in the air and asks the goons to leave Swadarsh.

The four of them manage to escape from the place by pointing the rifle and reach a dhaba. They discuss about the case as Geeta speaks about how she was ill-treated by her mother. Swa and Adarsh could make out about how things were planned by Leela and Subhash.

Precap— SwaDarsh scene. Swa says that the drama is over and she is not Ram Katori anymore. Adarsh asks her to take care of her mangal sutra. She keeps it in his hand and asks him to give it to his fiance.

Update Credit to: Spreeti98

Another update, thanks to our visitor, Anu.

The episode starts with Jaidev and Jaya hugs suhaasini and leaves. Suhaasini, Adarsh, Simmi and Abhay sits together. Simmi talks about Adarsh and his fiancee. Adarsh is upset and leaves. He tries to call Swadeenta . Her phone rings and Subash looks at it and reminds Silent. Swadeenta is shown seeing tied in the chair.

In the morning Adarsh comes to Subaash house and some goons stops him and make him tied in the chair. Banwarilal waits outside Subaash house and worries that Adarsh is still not come outside. Then he goes inside the house and starts fighting with Subaash and his goons. His wife fumes seeing him. His daughter Sudha feels happy seeing Banwarilal. Subaash tries to hit Banwarilal.

Sudha untie the rope from Adarsh , her mother sees this and beats her. Adarsh also frees Swadeenta from the tied rope. Adarsh starts fighting with the goons and Subash. One man try to hit Swadeenta and Adarsh Hugs and protects her. They roll in the floor.Sudha worries and goes inside the house and she comes out with Gun and shoots at the Sky. Everyone is shocked. Adarsh takes the gun and points at Subash.

Adarsh , Swadeenta, Sudha, Banwarilal Get out from that house and lock the main gate from outside. Subash tries to open the door and shouts. They leave in the car.
Then they sit in a Dhaba in Faridabad and talk about the incident.

Precap : Swadeenta removes the Mangalsutra from her neck and gave it to Adarsh and tell him that she cant take this.

Without knowing hindi ai tried my best friends. If any mistake please forgive me.

Update Credit to: Anu

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  1. Misha even i was just havng fun so i was not feeling bad and i will thnk better name for him till than u can continue with dat name!!!

    1. Oh okay …nincompoop suits him because he is acting useless these days???

  2. its my WU here! 😀 just checked to see…the comments and found this..thanks fr giving me credits..:D .didnt know that u hve posted it here!

    1. Hi spreeti thanks for the update..
      As far as the track is concerned, I’m very very disappointed …I mean I was sooo damn excited when I watched the promos of the show but nothing came out the way it shld have…I think they are focusing too much on adarsh’s family…n what does this adarsh want??? Why can’t he refuse to marry that girl..whatever her name is???

      1. Agree 2 u..sheena..!! and welcome…!!
        The promos did rise my expectations…but turned out to be quite disappointing..!! vanshika’s entry and Adarsh’s dumbness made it worse!
        i hope CVs have a better track in store fr us!!

        As per some spoilers suha is going 2 help adarsh to break relation with Vanshika…just hope smthng like that happens! -_-

      2. Really??? I hope it comes out to be true!!☺?

  3. Where is tara??? Is she getting tense 4 her board result

  4. thank u fr update gyuz..

  5. It’s a little dumb that an IAS officer cannot match wits with high school dropout Simmi. Adarsh beta kaisa tu IAS pass kiya.

    1. Ha lol!!

  6. I think thy should hav shown adarsh as police officer n thn showing him gog around swadhu would hav been logical as police officers n lawyers can be involved to solve mysteries not IAS officers

    1. Yaa right Goldie??

  7. A nice episode, but if Adarsh marries another girl shown by his family, the whole charm of this serial will go away. He should not sit on fence. He loves Swadheenta and should confess to his parents.
    Both are so romantic and it should not end.
    Thanks Telly Update.

  8. I
    just hope suhasni dont see them .
    I want to kill those bro sis . Vanshika and yash . Getting in between love story of swadarsh and asad and Radhika .

  9. Best serial…love you swadarsh

  10. Tellyupdates..plz make it a point…to inform us before copying our updates from the forum…it creates a lot of confusion…-_- at first i thought it was good that u mentioned the name but thats nt enough…do inform us before copying updates 2 ur site!

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