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Dehleez 4th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swadheenta asking Adarsh will he go in these clothes. Adarsh asks why, Subhash is not at home and Leela is watching tv, will you take care. She says no, I will tell them that I m Swadheenta, and you are Adarsh, we came to find out about Banwarilal, you are saying as if I won’t take care if you don’t tell me. She gives his phone and says its Vanshika’s call. He talks to Vanshika. She asks him what should I wear. He says anything you like, what shall I say. She says you are so unromantic, is there anyone with you. He says office colleague. She says fine, I m alone in my room. He says we will meet in evening. She says miss you and ends call.

Swadheenta laughs and asks Adarsh what will I wear after you leave. He says you want to joke, you won’t understand. She asks him

to explain, she will understand. He puts the bag and his shirt button falls. He says this had to happen now, I can’t wear Pyaare mohan clothes, I just had this shirt. She says relax, button broke, not the sky. She gets needle. He tries to stitch and gets hurt. He asks don’t you have any safety pin, anyway I will go like this. She says I will do, remove the bag. She stitches the button and he looks at her. Music plays…………… He acts to get hurt and smiles. She gets hurt and he asks are you okay. She says yes, its okay, done. He says I don’t want to go leaving you alone. She says nothing will happen. He says call me if there is any problem, thanks for this. He asks her to lock the door. He goes and leaves in his car. Subhash looks on angrily. He says a company’s clerk and this status, Leela was right, see Pyaare Mohan what I do of you and your wife now.

Mamu is worried and says no one is taking call. Mami asks him to call Asad’s friends. Mamu says let me think. She says call Swadheenta, maybe Asad called him. He says if I tell this to Swadheenta, she will come here leaving all her work, even she has problems to deal with.

Everyone wait for Adarsh at the restaurant/place. Vanshika asks why is he late. Abhay says he is always on time. Jaya says relax, he will come. Adarsh comes. Vanshika greets him. Jaidev asks so late, is everything fine. Adarsh says I had some work at office. Jaya says Jaidev is your senior and comes on time on dates. Jaidev says its Adarsh and Vanshika’s date, so lets forget it. Simmi says who said this, its Abhay and my date too. She asks Vanshika to manage Adarsh and she will celebrate rose day with Abhay. She asks him to come with her and they do on dance floor. Vanshika smiles seeing their romance.

Vanshika asks Jaidev and Jaya to go. Jaya says yes, ofcourse. Jaidev says actually…. Jaya waits for him. Jaidev goes and she holds his hand, reminding him that they are happy married couple for the world, Vanshika should not doubt. Adarsh imagines Swadheenta and him dancing. More jiya……………….plays………..

Vanshika says lets go and dance. She holds his hand. He says I don’t want to and moves her hand away. Simmi looks at them and smiles. She thinks she can see Adarsh restless and will enjoy this sight. Simmi asks Adarsh and Vanshika to come for dance. Adarsh says Simmi pleae, I m not in mood. Simmi gets roses and asks him to give roses to Vanshika, wish her rose day. She asks him to get romantic, Vanshika is waiting.

Adarsh gives the roses to Vanshika and wishes her happy rose day. Vanshika smiles and hugs him. Simmi looks on smiling. Adarsh thinks of Swadheenta. He says sorry. Abhay takes Simmi. Adarsh hopes Swadheenta is fine. Swadheenta says Asad is not taking my call. She checks the video and sees Geeta crying and hearing Leela and her conversation. She says you are Sudha, Banwari’s daughter, not Leela, the proof is your tears.

Swadheenta goes to Geeta/Sudha and stops her. She says I know you are Sudha. Sudha says its lie. Swadheenta says no, fear of Subhash and Leela made this a lie, Adarsh and I came to help you, Banwarilal is your father right, Adarsh will get Banwarilal here in morning, don’t worry, you have bear a lot, not anymore. Subhash and Leela look on angrily. Sudha sees them and drops the glass. Swadheenta gets tensed seeing them. Subhash asks whom will you free, see how I make you free from this world, I won’t let anyone get your dead body, then your Pyaare mohan and Banwarilal will find you. He asks the man to shut her mouth and lock her in storeroom. Leela takes Sudha inside the house. Swadheenta is brought to storeroom and tied by ropes. She screams. The men leave.

Subhash confronts Adarsh and says your wife is missing. Swadheenta screams. Adarsh says let me go upstairs. Subhash stops him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Loving the epi..thanks Amena..for the update during the epi


    1. I know right sweety…I felt so bad for asad..BTW can I join you all??

      1. yes dear……… welcome to our family 🙂

        be regular in ur cmnts ok???

        n tell us ur class n place of residence 🙂

      2. Sure..I’m in 9th grade..
        I’m from Pakistan and living in doha.
        What about you?

  3. Awesome pairing…

  4. Thankyou Amena di..?

  5. adhu plz save swadhu n then hopefully she’ll hug u 🙂

  6. I agree with swetty she is very chipku type ?????

  7. Amazing episode

  8. krishali khnna

    i dont know its bad or good but yash nd vanshika both bro nd sister are going to become villain of this show……………………………

  9. Guys wat chipku…. And

    Who s ‘yash’????

  10. I hope dehleez does not get cancelled coz of low ratings. Loving the show and esp harshad’s performance. He literally lights up the screen w his performance. If they have to cancel the show please get it on Netflix in us.

    1. definitely star plus will axe it if it didnt improve in trp
      even manmarziyan first and second week trp is 1.6 at the same 10.30 timeslot

  11. 05 Apr
    Adarsh helps Swadheenta and Sudha escape from Faridabad along with Banwari.

    06 Apr
    Swadheenta takes Suhasini out for lunch to a street food restaurant where Adarsh and Vanshika join them. Suhasini and Vanshika notice Adarsh’s comfort level with Swadheenta.

    07 Apr
    It is the hearing day of the Banwari case and for the first time Suhasini is in the courtroom.

    08 Apr
    Swadheenta makes a big mistake and Suhasini fires her. However, later on Suhasini wins the case with help from Swadheenta.

    09 Apr
    Simi tells Adarsh that the family has decided to meet with the Bundelas to fix an engagement date.

    10 Apr
    Adarsh realizes that he must be just friends with Swadheenta and accepts the fact that he has to marry Vanshika

  12. A nice episode.There is some kind of Love saga between Swadheenta And Adarsh.I hope they come closure and best of luck.
    Thanks Telly update.

  13. This show has bcom nothng more than a disaster!!! Wat a crap…

    1. ????lol’s seriously better than all the shows out there…and do yourself a favour..go and tell the directors your know you would just gain a few kicks,slaps, insult from the fans or directors…go go the directors are waiting for you ?????

      1. ohhh nooo misha…………… u tapped on d wrong shoulder………. lets just hope max doesn’t read this……………. or he’ll give u a piece of his mind………. u disturbed a sleeping tiger 😛

      2. Well I don’t mind…??I don’t mind if he gives a piece of his mind because he will give it only if he has it???

  14. Hope some better show will come in its slot

  15. i dnt knw why are they ruining this show

  16. nowadays i’m losing interest in watching dahleez

  17. Plz update 5-04-16 episode

  18. Plz update today’s episode.

  19. Plz amena update today’s episode I can’t sleep without reading plz ??????????i m still waiting plz & sorry too for troubling u a lot but plz update today’s episode?????????

  20. April 5th Episode

    The episode starts with Jaidev and Jaya hugs suhaasini and leaves. Suhaasini, Adarsh, Simmi and Abhay sits together. Simmi talks about Adarsh and his fiancee. Adarsh is upset and leaves. He tries to call Swadeenta . Her phone rings and Subash looks at it and reminds Silent. Swadeenta is shown seeing tied in the chair.

    In the morning Adarsh comes to Subaash house and some goons stops him and make him tied in the chair. Banwarilal waits outside Subaash house and worries that Adarsh is still not come outside. Then he goes inside the house and starts fighting with Subaash and his goons. His wife fumes seeing him. His daughter Sudha feels happy seeing Banwarilal. Subaash tries to hit Banwarilal.

    Sudha untie the rope from Adarsh , her mother sees this and beats her. Adarsh also frees Swadeenta from the tied rope. Adarsh starts fighting with the goons and Subash. One man try to hit Swadeenta and Adarsh Hugs and protects her. They roll in the floor.Sudha worries and goes inside the house and she comes out with Gun and shoots at the Sky. Everyone is shocked. Adarsh takes the gun and points at Subash.

    Adarsh , Swadeenta, Sudha, Banwarilal Get out from that house and lock the main gate from outside. Subash tries to open the door and shouts. They leave in the car.
    Then they sit in a Dhaba in Faridabad and talk about the incident.

    Precap : Swadeenta removes the Mangalsutra from her neck and gave it to Adarsh and tell him that she cant take this.

    Without knowing hindi ai tried my best friends. If any mistake please forgive me.

    1. ty sooooooo much anu………….. n ur description is really gud…………… ty 1c again 🙂

      1. Thank you Sweety

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