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Dehleez 3rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with guard asking Appa to remove his shoes and socks. Appa gets angry and does so. He asks shall I remove pant too, tell me. Guard says you are misbehaving with us. Adarsh says Mr. Singh, its fine. Appa gets annoyed. Mamu is checked as well. After the thorough checking, they sit in the car. Suhasini says I m sorry Mr. Ramakrishnan. Swadheenta leaves with her family. The guards shut the gate. Adarsh asks Suhasini why did she sorry to Appa. She says he got much upset, did you not see, he does not have bureaucrats at home, he will get habitual slowly. She laughs and goes.

Appa and everyone come home. Appa gets angry. Mamu tells Appa that Sinha is a big bureaucrat, Suhasini is big lawyer, his two sons are IPS officers, its govt procedure, its not Adarsh’s mistake, this was necessary

at Sinha house. Appa says this way we can’t go and meet Swadheenta at her inlaws house. Mami says fine, you can meet her at our house. She hugs Swadheenta. Swadheenta goes. Mamu asks Asad to get ready for college. Mami asks Appa will you have tea. He says yes, add sugar.

Mamu talks to students. Asad tells him that his friends want to talk to him. Mamu asks is verification done. His friend says no, not yet. Mamu says I can’t give you keys without verification, I gave keys to Asad, I can’t handover flat to you. He asks Asad to give keys after verification. Asad agrees. Mamu goes. Arvind and others ask Asad to do something.

Manohar ask Suhasini do you think it happened as we wanted. Suhasini says its not what we want, we are just showing mirror to Adarsh about the problems he will face in future, I hope he realizes this. He says I hope too, you lost case for this. She says Mr. Dixit lied to me last time, I don’t have interest in that case, but it got useful for us. They laugh. He asks did you think what to do. She says I won’t give up easily, we will think something.

Simmi asks what, no one gave me surprise. Jaya says you both gave us biggest surprise. Abhay says Adarsh is in stress, surprise party for Adarsh and Swadheenta would be good. Jaidev agrees. Jaya says we can take mumma’s permission, maybe she can come with us. Jaidev says good, we will call mom, dad and Swadheenta’s Amma and Appa. Jaya says yes, I will ask him. Jaidev says we are going on outing, not any meeting. Jaya says I know, I suggested. Simmi says its youngsters party. Abhay says yes, I m already excited.

Adarsh and Swadheenta are on the way. She says you asked me on phone to get ready well, where are we going, any special occasion. He asks her to wait. She says I had to go to Asad. He says call champ there, he is part of our team, call him and ask him to reach at address I m texting him. She calls Asad and asks him to reach at address Adarsh is sending him. She asks Adarsh is he happy now. Adarsh says very much and smiles. They reach the pub.

Abhay hugs Adarsh. Jaya and Simmi hug Swadheenta. Jaya says I m so happy, finally you both united, its small get together to tell Swadheenta that we are anxiously waiting for you at home. Simmi says this was my idea. Jaya says yes, Simmi gives all great ideas. Swadheenta says thanks, I love this family. Jaya says welcome to our family. They all smile. Asad comes there with his friends. Jaidev says we can sit and talk. Adarsh calls Asad to come to them. Jaidev asks who are these guys with Asad. Asad hugs Adarsh. He tells Swadheenta that he was with his friends when she called him. Adarsh says its fine, have a seat, enjoy. Asad says you look different freedom. Adarsh asks Swadheenta to let Asad enjoy.

Adarsh tells Swadheenta that Abhay is Mr. Cool of their house. Asad tells about him and Radhika. Simmi says love marriage is life’s best decision. Swadheenta winks to Adarsh. Jaidev sees Jaya. Asad asks shall I call Radhika. Adarsh says call her. Swadheenta says no, her parents won’t allow. Abhay stops Simmi and says we kept party for Adarsh and Swadheenta, so they will start the dance. Adarsh and Swadheenta go for dance. Abhay and everyone smile.

Adarsh and Swadheenta have an eyelock and smile. Jiya Re……plays……………….. They dance and ask everyone to come. Abhay and Simmi go for dance, while Jaidev and Jaya stay seated.

Asad and his friends dance too. Simmi goes to freshen up. Arvind tells Abhay that there is small problem, I came to know you are police officer. Abhay asks whats the problem. Asad says dad gave them flat and asked them to get police verification. Arvind shows papers to Abhay, and says Asad told me about you, so I came here, if you sign, it will be verified, I will get stamp from police station tomorrow. Abhay signs and asks Arvind to get stamp from police station. Arvind thanks Abhay. Abhay asks him to enjoy. Arvind asks bartender for a mocktail. Another guy comes and asks for drink. Bartender asks him to wait. The guy gets angry. Arvind smiles and asks bartender to serve drink to this guy first. Arvind is glad seeing the papers.

Some goons come there and shoot in air. Everyone get shocked. The goons ask all of them to sit down. The goons ask them not to move, else they will die. Simmi cries. Swadheenta and Jaya get worried. Adarsh sees the alarm switch and signs Asad. Asad sees that and signs Arvind. Arvind sees the alarm and goes there. The goon catches Arvind…… and aims gun at him. Abhay gets his phone. Adarsh asks goon to let Arvind go. The goon ask him to sit quiet. Asad says please leave him. The man asks who started this machine. The place gets filled by dense gas and they all get shocked hearing a gunshot.

Manohar tells Adarsh about a big terrorist. He then asks Jaidev to come along to Central jail, as he has to meet that terrorist. Asad’s friends are at the new flat and get shocked seeing the terrorist news on tv.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thnaks a lot…??

  2. Story was awesome.but time na 10.30 pm i feel its too late .frnds..
    And abt swadrash na, they were rocking each and every one is opt for there role…
    I think wt na, this story u know going to be top rating..if they continue this adventure, action, love, secure feelings of loved once..all rocking and mind blowing

  3. Thanks Amena di dor superfast update??

  4. Wondeeful moments bet swadarsh… Is abhay a mad? Bina verification will he sign.. Stupid fellow.. But he is hot and smart.. Mr cool is Mr handsome too… Dunno what will this lead to.. Meanwhile suhasini and manohar is underestimating the love and bond between swadarsh… Hope they get to understand the true love..

  5. Adhu n swadhu’s dance was good…Jiya re…

  6. Appa is quite annoying…?

  7. Ohhh…asad’s friends r so cruel…asad helped them,this much n they r trapping him…???

  8. Jeevan ka koi role nahi hai kya??He will be a villian right…but they r not showing him at all…

  9. Jaya n jaidev’s dialogue was good…
    when she said we will call mom too..
    his reply was awesome…
    But if it was said by a normal hus wife then it might be cute,…

  10. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Thanks for speedenous update…I dnt like the humilation of Suhashi n manohars manners of search.mean n rude…showing class n ethnic groups racism…sad in tdays society??!!!!

  11. What s swadhu doing what is she wearing these dayz .whn she had to wear somethg traditional she wore a modern (funny ) outfit n whn she had to wear somethg modern she wore that long outfit .give us a brk.

    Jaya s dressing sense s really gud ya she looked cute than both simmi n swadhu.

    1. That swadhu’s dress reminds me of something…drumroll…diarrhea…yuck. WTF please my dear girl u can do a lot better.

      1. A better word for that color s babys potty color.. haaa

      2. I wont b surprised if thy keep yellow color (swadhu fav color)themed wedding haaa..

      3. LMFAO Goldie! Baby poo it is ??

  12. Asads friends wil create more trouble for swadarsh now.

  13. Manohar s gog to b trapped in ths money laundering case now n arrested n suhu will b helpless. Swadhu wil help out n thn marriage wil happen i guess.

  14. Yes swan the timings r too late I have to wait for repeats at times -_- and loved today’s epissode happy to see the brother and sister in law Bond among Sinha brothers and their wives swadarsh scenes r very cute. I wonder why Asad friends are worried maybe they r related to the terrorists

  15. Yr plz repeat telecast ka time change kro …
    Plz 12 se 2 k bich kro

  16. Episode was gud but I think asad friends r not real one means they r something upto because from 2 days every one is pointing and stressing asad friends hope they don’t have any connections wid terrorists??
    Every day this show is becoming very interesting??????i m really enjoying swadarsh moments???????
    Hope suhasini & manohar understand true luv hope swadarsh don’t part away hope soo?????????

  17. I worrying about abhay as he signed the paper without verification. Swadarsh dance is nice.

  18. Don’t like Suhasini becoming the manipulative mother. They have shown her so far as helping downtrodden people. She was happy to help swadhu of course she had an agenda there. Her kids are not shown as snobbish and standoffish so I don’t know why they have to do this 360• turn to her. Thumbs down on that. Treating appa that way was rude no doubt. You don’t need a check when u r leaving in an hour. Appa was right when he said they don’t do that in US airports. Knock on wood it remains that way. Having them remove shoes and socks I would have said screw u. Didn’t like that. Why show suha as this bindass, badass and now this run of your mill manipulative MIL. Hating it.

  19. On the upside sinha parivaar young n restless bonding was cute. Jaya babhi smokin hot. Please get jaidev’s eyes examined, he must be blind to miss that.
    Swadarsh chemistry sure packs a punch. Totally KOed. Adarsh lustful eyes dayyaamm.

    1. Haha lol padu I agree jaya is very beautiful and pretty , and I hope jaidev forgets about his ex and move on with jaya because after swadarsh my fav are jaya n suhasini love their acting

    2. Ya ths jaya jaidev storey s going nowhere thy r still standing where thy were.atleast ths jaidev s not rdy to budge .cvs plz show somethg like his x has moved on in life n s happy n her family n hates jaidev as he didnt hav the courage to speak whn
      needed.thn only jaya will b accepted.

      Jaidev s such a loser punishing jaya for his mistake.

  20. thanks for the superb
    i’ here
    swadarsh look socute together

  21. Why don’t you idiots complaining about timings just download the Hotstar app.

    1. Chilli Alphabets just chill, and yes for me I record the episodes so not a big problem for me 🙂

    2. FYI alpha hot star app does not work for star plus in US last time I checked but it works for Vijay tv Tamil programming that’s also part of star network.

  22. Nice epi.acting of chirag is so good.Abhay&simmi’s dance awesome than swadarsh.i eagerly waiting 4 next epi.

  23. I missed some episodes in between including today’s. But reading the updates helps. Is the dragging started?

    1. Not yet but 3 tracks running parallely.

  24. Dehleez: Terrorist attack to bring troubles for Adarsh-Swadheenta
    Dehleez: Upcoming trouble in Adarsh (Harshad Arora)-Swadheenta’s (Tridha Choudhury) love life
    The upcoming episode will show that Adarsh-Swadheenta’s love life already has to face many troubles.Adarsh-Swadheenta has managed to convince their family’s for their love and relationship.
    This is not the end of all the problems but a big problem is still waiting on their path.Swadheenta and Adarsh were celebrating their togetherness with family at a night club.Adarsh-Swadheenta’s struggle
    Where a group of terrorist attacks the club and tries to create terror in capital city Delhi.Abhay shows his smartness and calls police, managed to trap the terrorist with his smartness.While this is just the beginning of upcoming troubles and Adarsh-Swadheenta have to work against each other.
    Let’s see will their love be able to go through this tough time or will fail this life test.Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

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