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Dehleez 3rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manohar asking Ahuja to calm down. Ahuja says Abhay was not my son in law, he was my son and always supported me, he left. Suhasini says Simmi is inside there, calm down please. He says Simmi has no one now, take care of her. She says Simmi is our daughter now, a mother is not told to take care of her daughter. Ahuja thanks her. Jaidev cries and tries to clean blood off his sherwani. Jaya comes to him and cries. He says its Abhay’s blood, I can’t see this. She wipes his tears and hugs him. She says what about us if you lose courage this way. He says whom we trusted and joined relations, they killed Abhay, you know who killed Abhay. She asks who. He says Asad Gilani, he was a terrorist, he shot 11 bullets to Abhay. She gets shocked. Jaidev says I regarded Asad a younger brother

and he did this, if Asad was alive, I would have killed him. They cry. She asks him to calm down and hugs him.

Adarsh and Swadheenta are in their room and see the news. Reporter tells about Haider Gilani and Asad Gilani, they are the terrorists, Asad has shot 11 bullets at DCP Abhay Sinha. Adarsh fumes. Manohar says if I could, I will get Haider Gilani hanged to death, what did we do to anyone, Abhay called Swadheenta his sister. Suhasini says Swadheenta did not know this, the one she thought as her family is going to use her. He says I don’t know all that, I just know they snatched our Abhay from us, till they don’t get punished, I can’t be quiet, think what will Simmi go through when she knows this. Adarsh says I can’t believe this happened in one night, I believed Haider and Asad, if Asad was alive today, I would have killed him, Haider should get hanged. Manohar gets a call and worries. He switches on the tv. They see the news.

That lady reporter shows Swadheenta’s statement that Haider Mamu is not a terrorist. Swadheenta says I gave lift to this girl while I was on the way to hospital, I don’t know about this record. Adarsh says news reporters can go to any extent to add spice in news. She says how can they do this. He says its okay, you did not know their truth, now you know Gilanis are terrorists. Adarsh goes to Manohar and Suhasini. Manohar switches off the tv. Adarsh says I knew you were seeing news. Manohar says what was the need for Swadheenta to say that. Adarsh says reporter cheated her and took that bytes, I told her to be away from media and Gilanis.

Suhasini hugs Adarsh. Swadheenta comes there and looks on. Suhasini sees Swadheenta outside the room and goes to her. Suhasini says your marriage happened strange, there was no bidaai and no grah pravesh, I did so many preparations, the place you took wedding rounds…. Swadheenta hugs her and cries.

Its morning, people throw stones at Mami and ask her to get out of their locality. Mami says we are staying here since 15 years like a family, where will I go. The man asks her to go to her husband in jail, get lost before we burn you along with this house. Amma takes Mami with her. Mami cries seeing people’s hatred. She recalls Mamu and Asad.

Simmi wakes up and smiles seeing Abhay. She greets him and asks when did you come. He says I came at night. She says I knew, you will be late, but would come eventually. She asks did anything happen at night. He says yes, Adarsh’s night, rain and storm. She says you always joke, why was everyone looking scared. He says what had to happen has happened, its morning now, I love you. She says I love you too. He gets teary eyed and holds her stomach. He says tell junior that Papa loves junior a lot. She says and Simmi loves his Papa. Suhasini opens the door and walks in. She greets Simmi. Simmi realizes Abhay isn’t there and thinks where did Abhay go. She says Abhay was here just now….. Suhasini gets shocked.

Simmi asks her to come and sit. Suhasini goes to her. Simmi says I want to ask something imp, when I sleep at night, I get tension when I take turn in sleep, will it affect baby. Suhasini says I wanted to tell you same thing. Simmi says Abhay would have told you this, trust me, I take care of baby even in deep sleep. Suhasini says you have to take care, these nine months, you are not alone, a life is linked to you, mother has to manage herself and child. Simmi says its cheating, why should I take all responsibility, Abhay and I will share responsibility. Suhasini says Abhay has come home. Simmi says I know, he may have gone to make coffee for me, why did he not come here. Suhasini says he won’t come back, he has gone leaving all of us. Simmi says he would be acting. Suhasini says he is no more. Simmi says what nonsense mom, Abhay was just here, I will see. She goes out and Jaya hugs her. Swadheenta hugs her too. Simmi sees Ahuja and everyone in white clothes. Ahuja cries. Simmi gets shocked……… Suhasini holds her.

Jaidev and Suhasini take Simmi to show her Abhay’s dead body. Simmi turns to leave. Jaidev asks Simmi to see Abhay once. They all cry. Adarsh and Jaidev hold Simmi and take her. Jaidev moves the cloth off Abhay’s face. Simmi gets in shock seeing Abhay. She breaks down and cries, recalling Abhay’s words.

Appa asks Swadheenta to focus on her family and forget Gilanis. She says Asad is my brother. Appa says he is a terrorist. Arvind says there is no one who can prove Haider and Asad innocent. Swadheenta shouts that they are not terrorists. Jaya looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I m really waiting ki koyi aake asad aur mamu ko innocent prove karee… Hope it should happen…

  2. Kya BAAT hai asli terrorist jinda hai aur innocent people mar rahe hai

  3. Anushika srivastava

    Wth…dis is not done…such a sadu twist….sad for abhay nd asad??

  4. I think the reporter will eventually repent and will help Swadheenta.

    Just wish may the whole world be against her but let Adarsh be always there to support Swadheenta….

  5. Pleas Yash com forward n tel the truth n save gilani’s family… reveal the truth abt Arvind involve in bomb blast n dat he stil alive since his pic was nt shown in the news…instead Dey put asad…i think Arvind itself dos pic to the police….jus wan to see d happy ending as the show s goin off soon

  6. I hope that swadheenta will fight for jilanis and prove that they are innocent. And I hope that Adarsh must support swadheenta

  7. What a good example. Just a big crap. In India all muslims people are terrorists. Just an advice : If u are muslims just leave this country where you don’t have any respect. We have a wonderful religion but they always point fingers on us. Fed up with all this. Muslim and proud

    1. Amoula what..??

      1. I said in all your serials they show muslims as terrorists. It’s not a good thing. I didn’t know that India is a racist country.

      2. I said in all your serials they show muslims as terrorists. It’s not a good thing. I didn’t know that India is a racist country. It’s not a good image for India.

  8. Nice but feeling bad for mami and simmi
    Also swadarsh relationship
    Hope everything will be back to normal soon

  9. Plz yash kch to role dikhao apna.plz yaar…… sch a bad nd sadu twist mssng the comedian of the serial.

  10. I have a hunch that abhay is alive . the flash back simmi saw. ‘abhay gets teary eyed’ and when asad was shot abhay wanted to prove asad innocent maybe hes going under cover or something idk it might be some coincidence or something but I wish this happens

  11. Plz yash kch to role dikhao apna.plz yaar…… sch a bad nd sadu twist mssng the comedian of the serial.hope dat adarsh vil supprt swadheenta…

  12. Hey..amoula dont you dare comment about any culture…never muslims nor any other religion..just respect..who the hell r u to be fed up..remember india is a secular country

    1. I comment If I want. Our religion is always spoiled. A lot of your serial talk about Islam and don’t give a good image of it. Fed up with all this. I never talked bad about any religion but I have the right to defend mine. Islam is a religion of peace and for your information I say what I want. If you don’t like it I don’t care

  13. Hey..amoula dont you dare comment about any culture…never muslims nor any other religion..just respect..who the hell r u to be fed up..remember india is a secular country.

    1. Amoula India is a great country…
      she shld be proud to be living here
      a country where all religions are tolerated
      and if u r unable to do so then pls leave

      1. For your information I don’t live in India and I m not indian

      2. What’s this fight over religion and all?
        I think that they are showing the right thing because in the end Asad and Haider will be proved innocent obviously. That will lead them all to regret that they judged people in a blink of an eye. And about all that religion thing , I guess the directors are educated people and they know what’s right and wrong , and they in a way are trying to show that how less Indians and Muslims trust reach other . So guys relax. It’s fiction and I guess it’s our mistake that we differentiate among each other.
        We are humans and about nationality it’s us who has drawn the lime so yeah

      3. Oh then FYI u hav no rght to talk abt or serials as such

      4. Oh you start to get irritated. I comment If I want and I have all the rights ok? If you don’t like it I don’t care. I m not one to be quiet so ferme la !!!!!

  14. Its nt about Muslims.. Here they hav that evidents that shows gilani family is terrorist.. The gift which Arvind gave only haider n family knows abt it.. The guards hav seen haider with that their doubt will go to haider only n police force saw asad with bullet proof jacket so they shoot him without any thinking.. So its jst misunderstanding.. I hope all these gt cleared n asad n haider prove innocents.. N dat stupid moron Yash said nothing to prove asad innocent.. Plz make all these fine.. M sure swadheenta will prove them innocence n in that no one will help her nt even Adarsh.. I think only Jaya could help.. Bt m nt sure

  15. Abhay will come back or abhay is doing drama for some reason or yash will change and prove asad and mamu i nnocent

  16. Manohar is the biggest hypocrite in tonight’s episode, calling Gilani many a terrorist and wishing can hang him to death.
    I’m really looking forward to day when he realises how people like him contributed to his son’s merciless killing. There’s a funny say “money talks and bullshit walks”

    Shame on Manohar! Only when trouble comes to your house then you know the feeling. He was quite happy to help some who is financing terrorist activities, just so he can lay his hands on cores!!

    Alot is going to unfold, images will be shattered, lies will be exposed, masks will be removed and I’m looking forward it so much

  17. since Dehleez is a finite series serial so i think serial ko thoda lamba kerne ke liye ye twist laaye ja rahe hain , otherwise agar Abhay ko zinda rakhte to serial ki abtak happy ending ho chuki hoti , coz they must have no story after all this , thats why they are creating twist to stretch it as much as possible

  18. Looks like swadheenta will fight against all odds for both mamu and assad! To prove them innocent. She will eventually prove them innocent but while she does that, i think there will be a rift between Adarsh and Swadheenta but she will still go ahead and dare to fight! Should be Interesting !

  19. I think swath will try to prove asad’s innocence and suhasini try to get haider hanged. And there will be a law fight between suha and swat.

  20. All are trying to prove innocent ppl as terrorist and real terrorist is moving around freely. Too much.
    Yash kaha gya….best office of radhika’s father. He is bringing shame to our officers.

  21. hope d relation bw swadeenta suhasini n adarsh n othr family members dont get spoilt. if dat happens den d story ll bcom borin. its already borin without abhay n asad. :/ 🙁

  22. why the writer change a love story into tragedy? Now sure adarsh and swadheenta will fight! pls jaldi ye sab khatam karo! we all want to see the love story of swadarsh! not the fight or any tragedy!

  23. Suresh Sharma

    What about gift providedthat contained bomb, by Arvind for freedoms marriage which even Aadarsh saw, I hope it will play a cruical role to prove Aasad innonence

  24. This is not done it is very bad

  25. rihana malik

    Plz com bak DCP Abhay …plz..Not fair with Simmi !!Why d writer change a love story into tragedy ?

  26. The serial must go on …I luv

  27. Hey , amoula it’s not like that they are just connecting to Pakistan that’s why Islam religion have been used… But all the way I luv this serial ..the luv story must go on

  28. Will miss Abhay a lot…he was a charm for de show…He even managed 2 look better Dan de lead actor….at least make him appear in de dream sequences 2 keep de charm alive…if possible bring him back..

  29. Amoula u r not Indian right then u r not living in India then what u know about India u don’t have any right to point out India is the one country where different religions people are living together irrespective of race religion caste and in India Hindu Muslims were “bhai – bhai” don’t comment like that

    1. I comment about what I see in all your serials and I didn’t criticize India else I’d not watch your movies and serials

  30. Amoula you are right . Everybody respects every religion except Islam which is the religion and should be the relifion of all the people and the whole universe. But they are non -muslims naa so how can they respect Islam because even they know that Islam is the real religion but they are meant to be non -muslims so how can they accept Islam . They are proud of their religion. They will be punished in the hereafter don’tbworry .

    1. Amine Rafida. Allah will give us justice. Inchallah ramadan Moubarak ????

    2. Hello rafida, for your comment about religion, it really saddens to know the opinion of people who are so fixated on religion. Mam i think god only personally must have told you about islam being the only religion..or meant to be rather..thats why ur so sure about it..n FYI..u get punished for your karma..not for your religion..n it goes for evryone..whtevr religion they have..anyways you are a human being before evrythn..and will comtinue to be..without race caste religion..n d basic thing that u cn do is respect othr people’s choices as well..and for that matter the god they preach as well..coz in the end all is one..all of us will go down one road..and what goes around comes around..

  31. By the way Amoula which country are you from ?

    1. I m Tunisian but I live in France.

  32. hope someone punishes the real terrorists and it should be none other than swadheenta and adarsh should help her at every step.

  33. The character I m hating the most in dehleez currently is swadheenta’s dad how can he just say they r terrorists they let his daughter stay with them and treated like their daughter and tey never harmed her so he should understand

  34. Amoula you know Hindi both spoken and wtitten ?

    1. I understand a little bit hindi but I don’t write it. I watch with the subtiles. But anyways all arabics countries watch your movies and serials ??

  35. I am from Bangladesh . You know Bangladesh .

    1. hey rafida i was born in bangladesh but i live in singapore since i was born nice to meet u 🙂

    2. Yes I know Bengladesh but only by name. ?

  36. Abhay should not have died…dey could have sent him to coma

  37. Hmm.. Comma was better option

  38. This serial is just for entertainment as written in starting of the serial, but makers must always keep in mind, that these serials are watch by so many people, and these serials build so many thoughts in our mind. i hope makers will give a right turn to the show, with positivity and make the truth of the gilanis clear in front of everyone, without involving swadhinta. As it is sole responsibility of Yash now, to prove asad and haider innocent.
    if swadhinta will be involved than there are chances that adarsh and family will not support her.
    I doubt that may be now yash will not do justice, involving his personal problem with asad.
    Guys we can make ideas only, show will goes on according to the show makers.
    Guys we must take this as entertainment only, without fighting with each other.
    The sole motive of the show makers is to make money. Dont involve yourself. “Hum sab ek hain” hum sabka blood red hai….apni ego and attitude ko bhagwan se bada mat banaiye. Be happy and enjoy the show without involving.

  39. Rafida and Amoula , you both may be upset by this shows direction, but please dont be,
    i have studies on wikipedia about the show
    The series is produced by Fortune Productions of Farhan Salaruddin. So you cnt say that this show reflects one religions thinking, as this is just an entertainment show and is made by people of many religion, not only HINDU. and the sole motive of any show is to make MONEY and showing us a series of DRAMA. so just enjoy it guys, dnt think too much.

  40. Such a negative and disappointing turn to serial plot….. hopeless story writing… much negativity…..i hv stopped watching this serial the which i used to love- after this events

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