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Dehleez 3rd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adarsh giving roses to Swadheenta to hold and taking the phone. He talks to Asad. Asad says Adarsh, you reached Faridabad too. Adarsh says yes, we have same case. Asad says I can see, your case is becoming same, don’t think freedom is alone. Adarsh says relax, lets talk about your case. He asks Asad to give the rose to his love. Asad thanks him for advice. Swadheenta says you ended call. He says Asad is in love, let him carry on, its rose day today. She gives him the roses back. He thanks her. She says I have a plan, there is one weak link in this house, Leela.

Asad is nervous and tells his friends that Radhika can refuse to him. His friends support him and make him do situps. Radhika comes there. Asad goes to her and smiles. They greet each other and wish happy rose day.

He says I was in tension, I did not know when you come, will your face have smile or anger, my tension got less seeing your smile, I want to say something. She says even I have to say something. He says wow, what a nice situation, I did not feel shame or afraid to talk to any girl, but I feel scared and shy to talk to you, I asked freedom about giving you rose, finally she asked me to give you a rose, so… wait, I will get the rose…

Leela sits to watch her fav show. Subhash leaves. Leela calls out Geeta and asks where was she. Geeta says I was washing utensils. Leela asks her to wash clothes and sends her. Adarsh looks on and switches off the power, to stop Leela from seeing tv. He thinks now we can start our plan and signs Swadheenta.

Asad collides with Yash (Vanshika’s brother, mistakenly named Laksh) and falls on the stairs. Yash taunts him and gives hand to help. He asks his name. Asad asks are you PT teacher, why should I say my name. Yash says I m army guy. Asad says college called army men on rose day. Yash says you know what, army comes for a motive. He moves Asad and sees Radhika. Asad smiles seeing Radhika and shows the rose and the card.

Yash gives her a rose and says happy rose day my love. Asad gets shocked. Radhika looks unhappy. Yash asks are they your friends, will you not introduce them. Radhika introduces her friends. Yash says hi Asad, myself Yashvardhan Bundela, Radhika’s fiancé. Asad and his friends get shocked. Asad gets teary eyed and looks at her.

Swadheenta makes Leela drunk and tries asking her about Banwarilal, saying neighbor told me that Subhash is not your husband, Banwarilal is your husband. Adarsh records them. Swadheenta says I tried to ask Geeta, she was shocked hearing Banwarilal, is that woman saying right. Leela says yes.

Asad cries and tears the card angrily. His friends get supportive and do shayari to cheer him up. His friend ask him to forget this, if one goes, then other will come, don’t get senti, other girls did not die, don’t be upset. Asad asks why did this happen with me. His friend says what can we do, we also feel bad. Asad asks them to be quiet. His friends ask him to come. Asad asks them to leave him alone.

Swadheenta asks Leela do you miss him. Leela says everyone say Banwari was my husband and worked in BSF, they don’t know how bad he was. Swadheenta says you agree that Banwarilal was your husband. Leela says yes, my fate was bad, I loved Subhash, but Banwari made my parents agree and married her forcibly, Subhash was young and did not say anything for his elder brother’s happiness, he sacrificed his love. Swadheenta says Subhash does not look so. Leela says Subhash changed after Banwari and my marriage, six years ago, Banwarilal got killed by terrorists, then Subhash supported me and my daughter. Swadheenta asks do you have a daughter. Leela says yes. She gets unconscious. Adarsh records. Swadheenta goes to him.

Adarsh says I don’t understand the matter. Swadheenta says Banwarilal did not say he is bad man. Adarsh says we can’t tell about Subhash, did Leela lie… She says no, she was drunk, she can’t lie. Leela opens her eyes and smiles….. She says what did you think, I will get drunk by drinking some thandai and say truth, this is nothing, I will not speak up after more ten glasses on thandai, why does Ramkatori want to know about Banwarilal, I have to tell this to Subhash soon.

Asad’s friends try to cheer him up and take pics. Asad cries and goes away. He asks them to leave him alone. His friend says we can’t do this. Asad asks them not to joke.

Adarsh says Leela is acting. Swadheenta says she has drunk 6 glasses on thandai. He asks what will we do now. She says we will wait, Mamu says when we reach dead end, calm down and wait, maybe there will be some new way.

Swadheenta asks Adarsh to remove the bag. She stitches the shirt button. He smiles seeing her. Jiya re…..plays……………

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what???????????/ now vanshika’s bro is here too?????????? i knew this was gonna happen……… 🙁

  2. dehleez got 0.7 trps……… ha ha carry on cvs……….. a day will cum when it’ll score a perfect 0 🙁

  3. even vishkanya got 2.4 trp………….. go to hell u cvs……………. ruining d entire concept 🙁

  4. cvs u hv gone mad………….. first it was vanshika ruining robindom n now her bro is here to ruin asika 🙁

  5. see guyz????? i told u they’ll bring 1 more -ve character n repeat d entire story………….. seems like they’re not being given a salary at all 🙁 🙁

  6. n see????? i was ri8 when i said they giv us 1 romantic scene n then follow it up wid 3 bad ones………. dont worry……… i m not gonna watch d serial……….. its trps will go down even more………. even mmz was not like this 🙁 🙁

  7. well………….. i m seriously done wid d serial now……….. soooooo boring 🙁 🙁 🙁

  8. d biggest proof of how bad dis track is going is d reducing no. of cmnts here…………… most hv even stopped cmnting at all……………. giv us at least 1 gud scene so that v get a ray of hope 🙁 🙁 🙁

  9. Stupid laksh and sister vanshika why adarsh can’t refuse for marriage when roka was going he didn’t said anything and he loves swadu he should say no to suhasini

  10. Thankyou Amena di?

  11. Precap looks interesting..?

  12. Poor asad..??

  13. Just change the timings then automatically trip rating goes to higher

  14. There must twists of uniting Adarsh n sawdinta…then the trps may go up….

  15. Tru chg timings yà

  16. pooor asad…
    pracp nyz

  17. The chemistry between adarash and Swadhu is reducing day by day… So viewers are losing interest in d show….the chemistry between Arjun and radhika was awesome in manmarziyan… I was expecting d same in dis show too… But I’m wrong…

    1. Tru Ya no chemistry nowadays for some reason I think the storyline is not helping their chemistry at all.

      1. Yup… If der is no chemistry between d main leads… Obviously d story seems so boring

    2. Ya no chemistry as not many swadarsh scenes n if there r some thy r with some other characters so no chemistry growing as thy had shown n first week.. whch was really gud

      1. I think instead of showing adarsh as IAS offcer thy should hav shown him as a Police Officer Like IPS officer where n lawyer n police officers meet often ths IAS n lawyer thg lil difficult to accept i think…

  18. I feel asad and Radhika chemistry is far far better than adrash and Swadhu….

  19. Cmg to Suhasini.. She did her job being Mother… Adarsh was wrong… He should hav asked tym frm Suhasini as he already knew dat his heart started liking Swadhu

  20. They should give this show a 9pn slot for india and 9:30 for Bangladesh then it will have great trp’s I am a Bangladeshi viewer of the show and love it

  21. guyzzzz……… for those of u who r on fb………… just like swadarsh fc pg………….. u’ll forget all these boring epis…………… just see d amazing things they post there……… 🙂 its worth it 😛

  22. Poor asad and that vanshika yaar wat is hona to happen wid adhu he loves swadhu naa y he can’t tell to sehasini ohh no plz shape the serial in gud way today’s episode was gud??????????☺☺☺☺???????

  23. so sad cmnts ..
    play jiya re .. atomatic evrybdy ll get fresh..

  24. its not about the CVs…. star plus creative team will involve and they will ask the CVS to change tracks and introduces some stupid stuff….

    This happend for MANMARZIYAN show… Star plus is just meant for SAAS-BAHU SAAGA… surely they will make suhasini a -ve character, just wait and watch…

    already they introduced simmi,ahuja, lawyer and now this yash….. one family is the enemy for both the boys…
    Adarsh ka enemey – vanshika
    asad ka enemey – Yash(vanshika’s bro) …

    Due to low trps, we have to watch whether they will give a chance to continue or end abruptly just like MANMARZIYAN… 🙁

  25. this serial is very interesting nd very very romantic……love u swadarsh nd carry on…I don’t miss any episode and will never miss it…..dahleez is my life

  26. Fan of ishveer

    Guys to be frank I don’t believe in trip’s. At the end of matsh the trp rating was very low but many people were still watching matsh and I could not believe the fact that it had low trp’s but draging serials have more trp’s ex : kumkum bhagya, sasural simar ka and many nice serials have ended because of low trp’s it’s not fair. If I am wrong pls do comment

  27. Fan of ishveer

    Sweety u r right they give one romantic scene and other negative scene i too stopped watching it.i will watch this serial when this track ends and i don’t want saas bahu backwas tracks too

  28. Well. Now they have shown Adarsh as dumb. An IAS officer will not open his mouth during a decision for his marriage. Well, if he cant staightway deny his mother, he can ask for time or he can express that he knows thousands of girls in facebook, but he can not marry them all. Narrow minded direction and track.

  29. This adarsh is useless…he cudnt say no…yyyy??????????????
    that flop girl she likes adarsh and her decision is important but that girl is such chipkuu type…she was having a one sided liking towards adarsh nd she tld of being in touch for eleven years vanshikha go n f**k yourself baby it will reduce ur excitement n frustration too
    and the promise between suhasini n adarsh was only letting each other know about finding girl not of doin roka…i hate this jaya even she claims to be jaideep’s wife but she seems to be more interested to be bahu of the house but not a wife trying to know wat her hubby wants… she brouth the rishta for adarsh but never thought to know from adarsh being an elder sister like character to adarsh……somewhere i think the show is trying to portray the nature of this type of educated egoistic so called high society famous people where everything is about respect with no depth in relations…..with a contrast to Freedom’s family where she not being in any blood relation with asad or mamau is having such a pure heartfelt relation without ego respect…these show hoe basic difference between middle class and upper class mentality…

  30. Aww…i feel bad for asad

  31. This show is a finite series, so, it will end up eventually. For the first time I am not keen on seeing chemistry between the leads rather want to see them solving some cases.

  32. OMG that yash bundela looks like a bandar. I hope that bandar takes his sister to kisi van and both of them vanish. Van me vanish hui vanshika. So lame

  33. Yes true once I was eager to watch the serial. But now disinterested. Made up mind so slow story no love track. Very bugging. Stopped watching after Adarsh roka

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