Dehleez 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhasini asking Simmi to go home and check Grah Pravesh arrangements. Simmi goes. Ahuja gets a huge gift box and says I will side this small gifts. The bomb box was falling. Mamu holds it and asks him to see others’ gifts too. They go to have drinks. At blast site, wounded people are rushed to hospital. Police checks the place for more injured people. Mamu takes the bomb box gift and keeps it down, as the gifts table was being brought near the stage. Mamu goes and calls Asad. Someone answers and says I found this phone fallen on the road, there was blast in Delhi city. Mamu gets shocked.

Mami asks him did you call Asad, I saw his many missed calls, he is not answering now. Mamu in shock asks her to come. Minister comes in the marriage. Yash informs minister’s security officer/inspector

about the bomb, and says we are informing at all marriage events happening tonight, manage situation, don’t create panic. Mamu hurriedly leaves and inspector stops him. Mamu says there was blast in city. Inspector says I know, but you won’t go anywhere, go inside. Manohar welcomes minister. Inspector asks staff not to let anyone go or enter here. Mamu and Mami worry.

Police brings the sniffer dogs. The guests wonder if there is any problem here. Police tries tracing the bomb. Everyone look on worried. They check the gift boxes and find the bomb box there. Adarsh, Swadheenta and everyone look on. inspector asks who got this gift. constable says he got this box, that blue kurta man. Mamu gets shocked and recalls Arvind. Inspector opens the box. They find a cooker in it. Ahuja says its just a cooker. They all get shocked seeing the bomb in it. inspector asks all of them to move back. Mamu tells Mami that this was Arvind’s gift, there is bomb in this. Inspector asks everyone to move and runs with the bomb. Everyone run away and quickly vacate the place. Manohar looks on. Jaidev takes Manohar. Inspector beats up Mamu, and pushes him on the ground. Mami cries. Everyone look on shocked. Police checks the bomb and try to defuse it.

Inspector says we have to take Haider. Swadheenta cries. Adarsh says relax, I will talk to Abhay. He makes a call to Abhay and gets to know about the blast, Abhay got 4 bullets. He gets shocked and runs. Jaidev takes the phone and asks about Abhay. He gets shocked and runs too. Adarsh and Jaidev run. Simmi sees them and gets puzzled. Adarsh and Jaidev rush to see Abhay. Ahuja takes Simmi with him. She asks for Abhay. Suhasini holds Swadheenta. Jaidev says I hope Abhay is fine. Adarsh says nothing will happen to him.

They reach the blast site and see Abhay wounded. Adarsh shouts for ambulance. They rush Abhay to ambulance. Adarsh and Jaidev talk to Abhay on the way, and say nothing will happen to you, we will reach hospital soon, then we will make Adarsh dance and enjoy. Abhay tries to say about Asad. Jaidev says get well first and then talk. They reach the hospital. Media blocks the way. Abhay holds Adarsh’s hand and says Asad…… Adarsh asks what Asad? Abhay leaves Adarsh’s hands and drops dead. Adarsh and Jaidev get shocked.

Yash goes to see terrorists. Inspector says we have to send all three terrorists’ bodies for post mortem. Yash gets Radhika’s stole and sees Asad’s face. He recalls Asad and Radhika. Inspector says he is one of the three terrorists. Yash asks him to take this terrorist and goes. Adarsh calls doctor and asks them to take Abhay out of ambulance fast. Adarsh asks doctor why is he not saying anything. Doctor checks Abhay and closes his eyes. He says I m sorry, he is no more. Adarsh and Jaidev get shocked, and cry recalling last meet with Abhay, their brotherly moments.

Inspector asks force to come fast. Simmi asks whats happening. Mamu is taken away. Mami cries. Swadheenta tries to go. Appa asks Swadheenta not to come. Suhasini asks Swadheenta to let them do the job. Manohar calls Abhay and wonders why is he not answering. Swadheenta cries. Suhasini is at her side. She asks Simmi to hold Swadheenta. She asks Manohar for her phone. She calls Abhay. He asks her to try to call Adarsh. Adarsh asks Abhay not to do this, we will go for jogging, talk to us, Simmi is waiting, its my marriage, get up please. Jaidev asks Adarsh to talk to Suhasini. Adarsh answers the call. She asks where are you, and where is Abhay, he is not answering my calls, make me talk to him. Adarsh cries and says I will call you in some time. He ends call. Suhasini gets worried. Manohar keeps trying to call Abhay. A reporter sees Adarsh, and asks the cameraman to zoom camera on Adarsh. Adarsh cries seeing Abhay. Manohar says Abhay is not answering. Suhasini says get the car. He asks where will we do. She asks him to just get the car. He goes.

Suhasini and Manohar get shocked seeing Abhay dead. Swadheenta and Simmi see the news of Abhay’s death and cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ye star plus wale kya kar rhe hai yar…..repeat telecast kyun band kar diya dehleez ka??

  2. hii but abhay ka roll nhi khatm krna tha,ab asad ki sachai kon btayega..ab serail bhi kon dekhega, herat krte h searil banane wale,ab bnd kr do serail.koi fayada nhi dekhne ka. kuch mila nhi mar do sabko, ya terrosist bta do usko,balki ho ya na ho. jo h use bhagne do. I HATE SERAIL……….DAHLEEJ……….BYE

  3. Even I have stopped watching it since this week.Ek acche serial ko barbaad kar diya.Audiencedont need such emotional torture.Y did they kill Abhay and Asad.Now Asad’s family will be uselessly branded as terrorists.

  4. It’s unbelievable that police would shoot an unharmed person. Is that how it is done in India?

  5. kya yr had krte h yaha bhi faltu ki chij… kuch to realistic dikhao yr… guyz go get alive v r toking about terorrist n aise kuch bhi mt dikhao yr…. faltu ek serial tha jo acha lgta tha uski bhi band bja di…. bnd kr do isko pta nhi kaha ka kaha le gye serial ko…. bann these serials

  6. It’s so ridiculous ambulance serv8was not offered to abhay early on.

    1. I was thinking the same like wth !! A person is dying and the police are doing nothing to help him all they’re concerned about is he got shot 11 times its ridiculous !!

  7. Y did they stopped repeat telly caste chii…even…once in a day…plzz keep

  8. why repeat telecast of dahleez is closed ?

  9. This shows reality of our country…innocent pplz are caught here and punished..wheareas the culprit live freely thereafter..huh

  10. yaar Asad ko to nhi marna chaiya tha ab comedy kon krega…… come back Asad….

  11. its not simmi but jaya

  12. Jenniferobunomu

    I stop watching it for now, or the write put it right, u are making the good people living bad, the bad people good life, why is the bad people alway happy, this is shit now, abbey most not die in the story, stop it. U will loss a lot of fans, believe me.

  13. Seriously disgusting to have ruined da script of such an amazing show dis way n dat too its just wen the serial had just taken off..
    With abhay n asad the serial seems to close its eyes as well with trp going below negative! !
    RIP dehleez

  14. plz repeat this show once in a day

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