Dehleez 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhasini asking Simmi to go home and check Grah Pravesh arrangements. Simmi goes. Ahuja gets a huge gift box and says I will side this small gifts. The bomb box was falling. Mamu holds it and asks him to see others’ gifts too. They go to have drinks. At blast site, wounded people are rushed to hospital. Police checks the place for more injured people. Mamu takes the bomb box gift and keeps it down, as the gifts table was being brought near the stage. Mamu goes and calls Asad. Someone answers and says I found this phone fallen on the road, there was blast in Delhi city. Mamu gets shocked.

Mami asks him did you call Asad, I saw his many missed calls, he is not answering now. Mamu in shock asks her to come. Minister comes in the marriage. Yash informs minister’s security officer/inspector

about the bomb, and says we are informing at all marriage events happening tonight, manage situation, don’t create panic. Mamu hurriedly leaves and inspector stops him. Mamu says there was blast in city. Inspector says I know, but you won’t go anywhere, go inside. Manohar welcomes minister. Inspector asks staff not to let anyone go or enter here. Mamu and Mami worry.

Police brings the sniffer dogs. The guests wonder if there is any problem here. Police tries tracing the bomb. Everyone look on worried. They check the gift boxes and find the bomb box there. Adarsh, Swadheenta and everyone look on. inspector asks who got this gift. constable says he got this box, that blue kurta man. Mamu gets shocked and recalls Arvind. Inspector opens the box. They find a cooker in it. Ahuja says its just a cooker. They all get shocked seeing the bomb in it. inspector asks all of them to move back. Mamu tells Mami that this was Arvind’s gift, there is bomb in this. Inspector asks everyone to move and runs with the bomb. Everyone run away and quickly vacate the place. Manohar looks on. Jaidev takes Manohar. Inspector beats up Mamu, and pushes him on the ground. Mami cries. Everyone look on shocked. Police checks the bomb and try to defuse it.

Inspector says we have to take Haider. Swadheenta cries. Adarsh says relax, I will talk to Abhay. He makes a call to Abhay and gets to know about the blast, Abhay got 4 bullets. He gets shocked and runs. Jaidev takes the phone and asks about Abhay. He gets shocked and runs too. Adarsh and Jaidev run. Simmi sees them and gets puzzled. Adarsh and Jaidev rush to see Abhay. Ahuja takes Simmi with him. She asks for Abhay. Suhasini holds Swadheenta. Jaidev says I hope Abhay is fine. Adarsh says nothing will happen to him.

They reach the blast site and see Abhay wounded. Adarsh shouts for ambulance. They rush Abhay to ambulance. Adarsh and Jaidev talk to Abhay on the way, and say nothing will happen to you, we will reach hospital soon, then we will make Adarsh dance and enjoy. Abhay tries to say about Asad. Jaidev says get well first and then talk. They reach the hospital. Media blocks the way. Abhay holds Adarsh’s hand and says Asad…… Adarsh asks what Asad? Abhay leaves Adarsh’s hands and drops dead. Adarsh and Jaidev get shocked.

Yash goes to see terrorists. Inspector says we have to send all three terrorists’ bodies for post mortem. Yash gets Radhika’s stole and sees Asad’s face. He recalls Asad and Radhika. Inspector says he is one of the three terrorists. Yash asks him to take this terrorist and goes. Adarsh calls doctor and asks them to take Abhay out of ambulance fast. Adarsh asks doctor why is he not saying anything. Doctor checks Abhay and closes his eyes. He says I m sorry, he is no more. Adarsh and Jaidev get shocked, and cry recalling last meet with Abhay, their brotherly moments.

Inspector asks force to come fast. Simmi asks whats happening. Mamu is taken away. Mami cries. Swadheenta tries to go. Appa asks Swadheenta not to come. Suhasini asks Swadheenta to let them do the job. Manohar calls Abhay and wonders why is he not answering. Swadheenta cries. Suhasini is at her side. She asks Simmi to hold Swadheenta. She asks Manohar for her phone. She calls Abhay. He asks her to try to call Adarsh. Adarsh asks Abhay not to do this, we will go for jogging, talk to us, Simmi is waiting, its my marriage, get up please. Jaidev asks Adarsh to talk to Suhasini. Adarsh answers the call. She asks where are you, and where is Abhay, he is not answering my calls, make me talk to him. Adarsh cries and says I will call you in some time. He ends call. Suhasini gets worried. Manohar keeps trying to call Abhay. A reporter sees Adarsh, and asks the cameraman to zoom camera on Adarsh. Adarsh cries seeing Abhay. Manohar says Abhay is not answering. Suhasini says get the car. He asks where will we do. She asks him to just get the car. He goes.

Suhasini and Manohar get shocked seeing Abhay dead. Swadheenta and Simmi see the news of Abhay’s death and cry.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Fatarajo

    Can’t tolerate today’s epsiode way too emotional poor Asad Abhay why is it the good one who always suffers n I think one of the three friends is alive maybe that Arvind I think humanity will awake in him and last moment he will say Asad is innocent but charm of dehleez is gone due to overdose of emotion 🙁

  2. jr

    I’m starting to hate this serial.two lively characters whom I like the most r dead that too in the most awaited wedding. I just hope they don’t tag asad as a terrorist.

  3. Rajni

    What the hell….. They showing……. Now yash will turn negative nd will not say in favour of asad…. God knows what is going to happen now.

    • Piyush

      Yes u ryt Rajni…yash will turn negative role..dis is not good…nd two best charactr r dead…whom i like very much….not good..nd now wat happen to Abhay’s wife Simmi…dis is not good in this serial…

      • Rajni

        Yesss…….such a bad phase least they could have chang story line for sake of viewers demand…. Nt it’s goin off air so not a. Long drama will b there in proving asas innocent

  4. akansha

    plz dont kill abhay if he is nt der den d whole story will turn topsy turvy. so plz bring back abhay plz

  5. pac

    Delhi police are depicted very very unrealistically..No ambulance or officers take their IPS head Abhay to hospital? Until the brothers come, he is lying there..Abhay could have shouted to those police officers itself that they killed the wrong guy..this is all very unreal..

  6. wellwisher aka krishnai

    I literally cried….. so sad…. swadarsh r going to get separated again….. sinha family against mamu n asad….. swadhu supports them…. so hatred towards her…. case goes on n swadhu proves them innocent…… sinha family realize the truth…. at last swadarsh n serial ends with a happy note yet a tragic…. swadhu will make yash to tell the truth….. I THINK THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT ONE MONTH…….

    • wellwisher aka krishnai

      Its just yash n arvind who can prove asad n mamu innocent…… epi really made sad…. WILL MISS DEHEELZ TOO THE CORE….. IN THE END LIKE ALL MANMARIZYAN PREDICTED ITS GETTING ENDED LIKE IT…. INFACT A BIT EARLIER THAN IT….. WILL BADLY MISS THE SHOW……..

  7. Sravya

    Koi jitna bhi bole show wale jo sochthe hai wahi karthe hai ..yeh baat mujhe pakka samaj mai aayi aaj ke epi se now definitely asad aur haider pe dbt karenge

  8. vaishali.

    Yash is so bad. Vo sach nahi bataenga taki radhika asad ko nafrat Kate. Aur ab mamu bhi phas gaye. Abhay hi sach bata sakata tha.dono livelihood character chale gaye.

  9. I knew that yash will somehow take his revenge on asad and now this..
    Todays epi was horrible..feeling like crying…..

  10. Nitya

    No plz….don’t kill abhay. He is d hero. Nd who will disclose d secret dat Asad is not d terrorist.

  11. dami

    Oh…no so sad…if it is a movie dey would hv been still alive…..nothing gud nw only war wil start between swadarsh since Yash s nt goin to reveal d truth abt asad…..Adarsh n Abhay r more closed…swadnta also so closed wid asad. So dey lost der most closed ones…fighting fighting…lets wait n watch wats goin to b d ending story

  12. singu

    now again a crack will be developed between swadheenta n suhasini n both will fight agaisnt each other for their son n brother respectively..
    Dehleez is losing its charm
    hope evrything turns out to good

  13. Rajni

    They will surely tagg asad as terrorist….. And swadheenta and suhansini will fight case against each other….. As there is no proof of asad innocence …..last hope is Yash…. Hope he help …bt he will help after some drama for sure….. Wth.. They could have shown Indian police to stop blast.. Bt again they show terrorist win

  14. pritty

    Today’s episode was more hesrt breaking..frm day 1 i was watching but frm today onwards it vl b asad n his father in law b terroist declared… one supports truth…thxs fr showing this creativity people

  15. Pooja

    This serial is going worst.. Specially today,s episode is very disappointing. As they r passing very wrong msg to the society.. Coz they r muslim so they r terrorist. Police and relatives have not given time to Mr haider in defence of him as wrong alligation has been made.
    Dis is nt done
    Not good msg to d society.
    Nd wat about asad.. Asad is not terrorist .. How yash can say him terrorist, he knows everything then too.. Very dissapointing

  16. SV

    Really started hating this serial…. now I know y this serial never had good rating… yes this serial must be stopped…such a rubbish story…. oh god so weird. ..pls stop this serial can’t bear it anymore.kindly understand story writer and director you guys may be fools but don’t think your viewers so.

  17. p2

    The changed track to terrorism made the serial boring. By killing two jovial people the serial has become worst. Had stopped watching serial, now will stop reading it too.. Boooo to the producer writer n director.

  18. Lamees

    I couldn’t watch completely cos of the tension building up. I predict Asad and Maamu is going to be tagged as terrorist. Yash will keep his mouth shut. Swadeentha will rise to the ocassion and takes up the case to prove their innocence. Since Abhays last words were ASAD, Adharsh will also this Asad is the killer. Creating ripples in Swadeenthas and his life.
    The opposition advocate for sure will be Suhasini….

  19. Pooja

    This serial is going worst. Specially today’s episode is very disappointing. Very wrong msg is being passed to society. Coz they r muslim they r terrorist.. When is this mentality going to change.. police and relatives hv nt given time to Mr haider in defence of him as wrong alligation has been made
    Dis is nt done
    Not good msg to d society
    Nd wat about asad.. He is not terrorist.. even yash didnt spoke the truth.. Very disappionting

  20. saurav

    Yash is so bad.. Just bcos of radhika loves asad he left asad there n said him terrorist.. Not good at all..

  21. Anu

    What the hell is going on… Too many negative suituations in same episode… Cant tolerate it…
    They turned the best serial into worst… All upside down… Complete crap…

  22. Akku

    What the hell…..two most loved characters are dead that too on the wedding day of leads…the most awaited wedding….i m not going to watch this show and even starplus again…….story writter just ruiend the story….no romance left…no sense left…this was introduced as a love story…bt jinki wedding day pr ye sb ho jay…..unki kya luv story bchi……i use to luv this serial nd the story line…bt now i hate it …

  23. Akku

    Nd also…what are u ppl showing….an army officer yash….getting negetive that too for a boy who is dead nd who saved delhi….yash is not revealing that asad was innocent….how is this possible…yash is an army officer..nd asad is dead now….so there is no point of taking revenge from yash’s side

  24. Swadarsh love u

    At least abhay should be saved.. Story missed it track.. Even bomb blast can be saved by keeping them alive.. And making asad and abhay hero.. Vil never c dehleez from now on.. Live characters had died.. Which gives a good reflect to heart wen asad jokes and abhay smiles.. Already not watching the episodes past two days.. Atleast abhay should be made alive.. Becz serial mein much bhi hota hee mare hue admi ko zinda kardeta her.. Hope directors of the show do some good thing now..

  25. pac

    Good died, Bad escaped..All that is left is two women fighting in the court..No more romance between Swadarsh, obviously !! what a wedding gift!!

    • goldie

      Pac whatever suhu n mano have sowed that s what thy r getting back .thy r helping that broad n none other than thy have lost their dear son.gud people n bad circumstances become victims bcoz of such irresposible acts of burocreats like manohar n corrupt politicians.

  26. mani

    Feelng really sad fr asad nd mamu.. they r innocnt bt got d tag of terrorist.. nd I think yash is of no use.. as fr him radhika is mch imp dn d poor innocnt fellw.. dnt knw y d shit happned when evry thng was prfct :-\ nd d swt one abhay what was his fault :'(

  27. swadheenta

    is the show really going off air soon? I have read somewhere that swadheenta will save manohar from a fraud case against alen broad!

  28. pragya

    f**k off with this serial itna jaldi hi hai sbko khatm krne Ki to serial hi band Kr do.. Ekta kappor tum Kisi bhi layak nahi ho na hi tumhari sadi ho rahi hai aur na hi tumse Kisi Ki sadi dekhi jaa rahi hai iss liye serials ko brbad Kr rho Ho….

  29. A

    I think yash will tell asad as terrorist and coz of this mishap nd abhay’s death, swadarsh will separate. I dont want it to b like that but by chance writers can go crazy anytime

  30. okkk now its toooo much from today I m nt gonna watching dahleez anymore ….alvida guys I had an awesome tym wid u all gd luck nd take care

  31. Vinayak

    This was a traggic episode.
    They should have a happy ending of this seriel.Not good for such a nice story to end like this.
    I hope there would be no more tragedies.further,because enough is enough.

  32. Hi i am new to this group and comment. Can you all accept me as yours friens Yash is bloodsy fool he just can say that asad is not terorist. I didnt want abhay to die also they were only the one who had lnown that the terrorist not asad but arvind. Dis serial is voing worsr writers why dont alll of lyou see vthe audience. I hate yash

  33. zoya

    The two entatiners of dahaleez why they killed both asad and abhay I guess it will be boring now to watch

  34. utopia

    i have not watched it either since last week. Thought may be today something interesting. Viewers are tired of negativity, sometimes make evil loose please, why is evil victory glorified by these writers on all the serials. disgusting. I hope the show ends soon what a waste of time, I thought this show was a bout love when did terrorism take over.

  35. Amoula

    Always muslims people are terrorists in this country. I stop watching. I’m muslim and I’m proud.

    • Misha

      Absolutely right , that’s the problem with both the counties , the Muslim shows the the non Muslims are terrorists and the non Muslims shows that the Muslims are terrorists. Like writer grow up!!

      It’s not always the Muslims or Pakistanis attacking them. Just spreading the wrong message and the main thing that’s happening is that the hatred is increasing.

      Can’t we all live in peace? Can’t they just stop showing hatred to each other in one way or another?

      And now Abhay and Asad died? Seriously? They could have killed yash! And wasn’t this serial suppose to be about law and romance then what the heck is this?
      I stopped watching it but just read the written updates

  36. Partho

    I really feel sad for asad, abhay and swadarsh damn they killed the happiest and funniest characters of the show and I hate the terrorist track I mean no one should show things that hurt a religious sentiment .But I must say that the best part of the show was the bonding between the siblings both asad and freedom and Jai Adarsh and Abhay’s bonding loved that part

  37. Still upset at how abhay was gunned down yesterday. How can a dcp w so much police force at his disposal be going alone w a civilian to a spot targeted by terrorists. Civilian should have been left at police HQ and abhay should have had back up. There were so many officers w yash. Somebody should have been w him w an ak47. The terrorist detonates 2 human bombs. He’s got backup who’s throwing him an ak47 and molotovs but the dcp does not even realize his glock’s missing and he goes and stands in the direct firing line of a known terrorist. This is total bs. Imo asad and abhay deaths were totally senseless. All this for what so we can have a saas bahu drama in the courtroom. Writers please this script needs to be tighter. The scripts been having so many holes but I’m watching only coz the cast always comes thro w their acting. Too painful to watch abhay’s flashback scenes and the brothers pain. Stop torturing us. We want feel good since this is a short drama. Bring abhay back send him to some futuristic cryogenic chamber that can magically heal his wounds. This is too emotional and painful.??

  38. jini

    Sometimes serials are so illogical. Normally authorities will clear the area first. And you wouldn’t stand there asking what’s inside the gift box. Where’s the bomb squad? Dumb dumb dumb

  39. Fatarajo

    Hey all cool down I know most are disappointed as not only the good characters were killed but also Muslims were portrayed as terrorists I think te intended message of this show is that not all Muslims r terrorists n doesn’t mean that u r a Muslim u become a terrorist so they have to potrayed a Muslim family being framed for terrorsim and only swadheenta will prove that it’s not true.

    • goldie

      Tru it s gog to b very interesting from here how fredu n adarsh put the puzzle together as to how asad n abhay died as no one knows asad was actually helping abhay except for yash .adarsh n fredu relationship s gog to b tested its gog to b agnipariksha for them as both of them hav lost their loved ones.thy r just trying to show how happy families r destroyrd by these terrorists attacks .

  40. anna

    I think yah will say that asad is a terrorist because he loves radika
    If asad is not alive radika will have no choice but marry yash

  41. anitta

    What a tragic serial…I dnt watch it anymore….only tragedy..atleat abhay should be alive…this really sucks..

  42. Moon

    The problem with these serials is they start with a good story and cast snd then just cannot hold on to the reigns. Why are they not showing solutions or how both Asad and Abhay could have dealt with a situation like this. They never bothered to explore those probabilities as it would involve thinking and weaving a tighter plot! Our makers want quickfixes! How terrible to have killed the witness of Asad’s innocence thats Abhay! Instead of showing solutions you have churned more questions! Raising questions is good but not with all hopes being sealed!people watch serials for entertainment and not to become sad! Your illogical approach like Abhay the DCP chasing without any cover is just trash and impossible!An officer lying at the spot and he virtually bled to death shows in this serial how dumb the police force is! Yash the army counterpart is more interested in scoring personal vendetta rather than solving the problem. Such an idiot officer that he couldn’t coordinate! What are you trying to show? It doesn’t happen that way! Besides you should as a story teller have focused on things that can be done to avoid such situations instead of killing these characters illogically!
    Really our TV story tellers have a long way to go and i thought such stories would bring a shift in audience gradually from the sas bahu stories! But TRP s have become the prime thing in Star plus and that is why I have no respect for this channel.

  43. Moon

    The star channel most of the times resort to illogical approaches to boost their TRPs! Killing Asad and Abhay was just an approach to spike their plummeting TRPs before calling it off!
    Thats a cruel approach though!

  44. Rita

    This is too rabish…. will nt see the serial Frm today…. good by dehleez ….. it’s a bakvas serial I had ever seen….

  45. fathima

    Omg!!? today’s epi proved how terrorism is dangerous….miss u abhay….at least abhay must be saved… 2day abhay shows as an Example for real heroes who sacrifice their lives for our country……It makes cry…..I luv dis serial Mre nd mre frm 2day….adarsh’s crying makes heartfelt….poor simmi….gonna 2 miss her baby….awesome track…..luvly except abhay’s death…..I think abhay got opportunity in any other serial as a lead that’s y his role ended….but this is just irritating……

  46. swadarsh

    like not all indians r dudh ka dhulahuva..its same in case of muslims.there is no repeated telecast of this directors.if u cantmake these 2 heros alive at least remove the tag of terrorist from asad and mamu.

  47. Sravya

    Arey guys we are fools jo abhay ka death declare Karney ke baad bhi hum full hopes rakhe hai ki kuch bhi karke writers atleast thoda sa script mein changes karenge lekin woh log tho heartless nikle hai….mujhe ek baat ache se samaj mai aagayi ki woh log trps badhane ke liye kuch bhi karne ke liye ready hai jaise already kal kiya tha.

  48. BR

    hi this story is going fine …….. but ABHAY AND ASAD DEATH IS UNNECESSARY

    as an officer is in critical condition no body takes first step … nearer to him also .. after adarh return to that place ambulance is coming ………with out enquires how can the police shoot him …….if they catch him alive.. the truth will come out …… ABHAY is a super personality ….. asad is so innocent …… if they alive … the terrorists are caught by the abhay….. asad is awarded for his behaviour[informer] just like … and he also married his girl frd ….. just like this the ending will be sooooooooooooooooo enjoyable…….. and successfully …….

    dir sir sothipetengale…….. real life always horrible……and misareble …….reel life in serial atleat well and good at 10.30pm we r watching this serial .. after a lot of work.s….

    but all r doing their job extremely good except the writer

  49. Satu

    So disgusting… Why did you made terrorist win damid and real hero die? Now I’m least interested in your serial

  50. Jaya

    What stupidity is of the major police man (abhay) got attacked. And nobody was there to save him..Atleast 2 army people could hv send him to hospital by their police vehicle..but they waited for ambulance.. That too only after adarsh came ..that much time wasted..otherwise abhay cd hv save his life..this is writer’s mistake..also who sent terrorist pic to police men??I didn’t watch that episode..but whoever sent, it should be clearly inform that azad is innocent..then they willnot shoot azad.that too a blo*dy mistake.and finally, the marriage is not of any simple person..its sinhas many police men was there..they know about the blast they should be..before entering to the hall they should check the we enter a mall or cinema hall there all hv checking screen..but y didn’t they put here??then they should hv known about arvinds bad face..then all the brothers will go for saving abhay.then azad also wud b last we could hv seen a happy wedding with all brothers.
    This is the only serial which is casting realistic..all casts are not acting , they are living here actually.. What a superb acting they other serial, marriage means lots of saas bahu drama,villain hero exchanging heroin villi exchanging..on my god..hate all of those..but see this..super wedding everything was fine..

  51. nb

    Started with a love story and ending in terrorism and Sas-bahu drama. Anyway congrats for Harshad Arora and Tritha Choudhary for getting Star Parivar awards. A little advice to them. If you want to excel in your career leave this channel. Good bye guys and ex- Dahleez fans and Star plus. This is my last comment for Dahleez.

  52. Ritika

    this us being worst part of serial abhay is dead n asad n mamu being declared as terrioist. kuch aur milta nhi likhne ko serual mein. koi serial to smooth bna diya kro. idiots. useless of watching dahleez nw.

  53. sanaya

    hi I’m done with this serial. it was very beautiful since it’s becoming stressing..don’t want to see this now..bye..

  54. Shams

    This used to be my favorite story so far and I’m so not going to watch it ever again. At least Abhay should have been saved. At least he should have. That innocent fellow asad dies. This story is going nowhere. Probably the worst I’ve watched! Never going to watch again. I don’t even know what they’re trying to make the rest of the story look like by killing two of the most lively characters. ABHAY SHOULD HAVE LIVED

  55. sarojini

    To pull the story from asad point of view they killed abhay its not fine and how come a police officer is left aside with out taking him immediately to the hospital waiting untill his brothers and called for an ambulance very unnatural and making fools out of it . now the story will become boring and cinematic .

  56. sarojini

    The actors in the serial was soo naturally acting and the relationship are shown very beautifully but the story becoming very foolish the story line is going very unnatural yash and abhay know who are the terrorist and how come two officers gave pics in which asad was there to policemen .and secondly did policemen saw asad shooting abhay how come they killed asad immediately comes down and says mardiya jo abhay sir ko mara disgusting .this is not different from others thought it is some what going natural then the other ones .but this also turning to be unnatural .it is only to drag it from asads point of view and if abhay is alive there ends the story because abhay will let them know asad is not terrorist then how could be story gets dragged.any way two lively characters are gone the story line killed the interest to wait and watch the serial .

  57. dami

    If Yash really love radhika he shud not hide d truth of asad…….he’l feel guilty fr himself n may b he’l realize it at last hope he’l cum forward to reveal it.

  58. rahul

    just stop this nonsense movements as the show was in start just do the same that time the love story of swaadarsh pls and took abhay and asad backing in the show please

  59. sarojini

    Though its not logical and cinematic they have to do so i think abhay /aryan got another show with lead

  60. Mayra

    Ye star plus wale kya kar rhe hai yar…..repeat telecast kyun band kar diya dehleez ka??

  61. PRIYA

    hii but abhay ka roll nhi khatm krna tha,ab asad ki sachai kon btayega..ab serail bhi kon dekhega, herat krte h searil banane wale,ab bnd kr do serail.koi fayada nhi dekhne ka. kuch mila nhi mar do sabko, ya terrosist bta do usko,balki ho ya na ho. jo h use bhagne do. I HATE SERAIL……….DAHLEEJ……….BYE

  62. esha

    Even I have stopped watching it since this week.Ek acche serial ko barbaad kar diya.Audiencedont need such emotional torture.Y did they kill Abhay and Asad.Now Asad’s family will be uselessly branded as terrorists.

  63. Naija girl

    It’s unbelievable that police would shoot an unharmed person. Is that how it is done in India?

  64. neeshu

    kya yr had krte h yaha bhi faltu ki chij… kuch to realistic dikhao yr… guyz go get alive v r toking about terorrist n aise kuch bhi mt dikhao yr…. faltu ek serial tha jo acha lgta tha uski bhi band bja di…. bnd kr do isko pta nhi kaha ka kaha le gye serial ko…. bann these serials

    • Neha

      I was thinking the same like wth !! A person is dying and the police are doing nothing to help him all they’re concerned about is he got shot 11 times its ridiculous !!

  65. This shows reality of our country…innocent pplz are caught here and punished..wheareas the culprit live freely thereafter..huh

  66. Jenniferobunomu

    I stop watching it for now, or the write put it right, u are making the good people living bad, the bad people good life, why is the bad people alway happy, this is shit now, abbey most not die in the story, stop it. U will loss a lot of fans, believe me.

  67. Seriously disgusting to have ruined da script of such an amazing show dis way n dat too its just wen the serial had just taken off..
    With abhay n asad the serial seems to close its eyes as well with trp going below negative! !
    RIP dehleez

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