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Dehleez 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhasini saying she found her bahu. He gets shocked and asks how, you should have asked me once. She asks don’t you trust my choice. He says I did not mean that. She says girl is very nice, beautiful, educated and from royal family, she is perfect for our family, you both know each other, Vanshika Bundela, you both studied in same school, they are coming to meet us today, I m sending her pic, check it. he says fine. Suhasini clicks pic and sends him.

Adarsh goes to Swadheenta and asks her to open her mouth, she is black tongued. She says bad news, I told you if you spoil my work, your work will be spoiled too. She orders another tea. She goes. Adarsh thinks how to tell you what spoiled, its about us, not me, what to do now. She sees him near the temple tree. He says Papa

always says when there are problems, we should leave on Lord. He prays and leaves his love story for Lord to see. He turns and sees Swadheenta praying. She asks what are you staring. He says I m not. She says you spoiled my work, Lord spoiled your work, scores equal, whats your plan. He asks will you support me.

Its night, Adarsh knocks the door. Subhash opens the door and says you, I told you I won’t give room on rent. Adarsh says listen to me once. Subhash says we give room to married people, not to bachelors. Adarsh says I wanted to tell you, I m married. Subhash asks really, where is your wife. Adarsh brings Swadheenta and says she is my love, my life partner, my lovely wife. She covers her face partially. Subhash says new wife calls husband close, she is making you away, is everything fine. Adarsh says she is annoyed, she wants me to take her to my home. Subhash says she is saying right, take her home. Adarsh asks how to take her, we did love marriage by eloping.

Subhash asks whats your name. Adarsh says Ramkatori. Subhash asks where do you say. Adarsh says Delhi and she says Agra. Adarsh then covers up and says I m clerk in small private company. Subhash asks for id card, you taught me in morning. Adarsh says I told you and asks Swadheenta. She says I don’t know. He says I gave you. She signs no. Leela looks on. Adarsh says you always miss documents and they start arguing. She cries and curses her fate. He says its my bad fate that I married you. Leela says leave checking id, see they are fighting like real husband and wife, they are sweet couple, keep them, if you check so much, we will not get anyone to give room on rent, did they get rent. Adarsh gives rent and she takes it.

Subhash tells Leela that giving house on rent is just to show world that we don’t have money. Leela says fine. Leela talks to them and asks Adarsh’s name. Adarsh says Pyare mohan. Swadheenta looks at him. Leela asks is suhaag raat over. Adarsh looks at Swadheenta. Leela says what am I asking, you are running after marriage, how will suhaag raat happen. Swadheenta says I have headache. Leela says I will get tea, and goes. Subhash asks is your luggage just this. Adarsh says yes, we did love marriage and could get just few bags. A girl falls and cries. Swadheenta sees her and recalls Banwari’s words about his daughter Sudha.

Subhash scolds her. Sudha says I cleaned the room. Subhash says fine, go from here. Swadheenta signs Adarsh. They go to the room. Adarsh says wow, beautiful, there is fan, window and this bed. She says we are alone now. He says I know we are alone, shall we start. She asks what. He says what Leela said, suhaag raat. She asks him to shut up. He asks does anyone talk to husband like this, you should serve me, come. She says fine. He stands with open arms and closes eyes. She beats him with a sweepstick and he runs. He says I was joking. Something breaks.

Subhash asks what did they break. Leela says leave it, they are newly weds, and laughs. Subhash goes to Adarsh and asks him to come out to talk. Adarsh says yes. Subhash says I know its your love marriage and suhaag raat did not happen yet, but don’t break anything in my home. Adarsh says yes. Suhasini calls Adarsh and Swadheenta checks it. Adarsh asks whose call it. she says your Maa’s call, I will answer. He worries and tries to go. Subhash asks what happened, your wife has the phone. Adarsh runs seeing Swadheenta picking the phone. She says hello… and Adarsh disconnects the call. Suhasini says a girl’s voice. Subhash asks what happened Ramkachori.

Adarsh says not Kachori, its katori. Subhash says fine, but whats the problem. Adarsh says Ramkatori and my mum fight whenever they talk, I will not break my thing and pay rent on time, and next time when you come in my room then.. Subhash says fine, I m not interested to come, and goes. Swadheenta asks Adarsh what was this, why can’t I talk to Suhasini, she maybe knowing you are here. He says yes, I m going out, keep door shut, switch off lights, they will think we are sleeping, if there is any problem, call me. He cleans few things. She says even I would have done this. He asks her to lock door and goes out. He sees Subhash and Leela dining outside. He slips. Subhash hears the sound and asks who is it.

Leela says don’t leave food, sit, it will be a cat. Adarsh reaches his car parked at some distance and calls Suhasini. He says I was leaving from office, I will reach. She asks where are you, a girl answered call and then disconnected. He says no, it was cross connection, I will reach them in some time. She asks him to hurry up. He leaves.

Adarsh reaches home and says sorry mom, I got late. Suhasini says its surprise. He says I will see whats the surprise. She takes him and shows Vanshika. Jaya asks how did you like our surprise. Adarsh gets shocked. He says mum, I thought we will talk first. Suhasini says yes, but you both know each other and do chatting online, I thought to talk with both of you. She asks Vanshika since when is this going on. Vanshika says 11 years and blushes. He looks on shocked.

Swadheenta talks to Sudha and says we heard that there is case on Subhash. Sudha asks who are you, I will tell everything to Leela and runs. Swadheenta asks her to stop. Subhash asks who is here and sees Swadheenta.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow super acting adarsh both look so cute ramkatori n pyaremohan oh that vanshika s lil immature I think just by her looks..

  2. guys………. here’s d spoiler :

    swadarsh will try to get info out of leela ( banwarilal’s wife ) by giving her bhaang……… however she’ll outsmart them n every1 will discover their real identity…………… this will lead to a huge fi8 sequence in d end wid swadarsh trying to save themselves as well as getting a proof for d case…………

    seems like harshad wanna become an action hero !!!!! n i hope dis fi8 will make swadarsh fall for each other…………… 😛 🙂 😉

  3. n i hope that vanshika disappears soon…………… btw what r d cvs trying to show ???? suhu fi8s for d poor but she herself wants only a rich girl as her daughter in law 🙁

  4. n request d cvs to kindly show abhay too………. really missing him 🙁

  5. n guys has any1 seen that promo ( not giving any link coz i hate typing d urls…… ) on utube where swadhu enters as bahu n suhu welcomes her but later their costumes change n they r seen fi8ing it out in d courts against each oder………… i mean if they both support d poor then how can they fi8 against each oder in d same case ?????

    1. I didn’t even hear anything about this spoiler…but would love know more about it,.?

  6. Heyyy Sweety…. How did ur exams go?? Glad to see u back.. Was missing the bickering between you too 😛 😛

    1. ohh god anjali……… plz dont use dat word bickering again i have started hating it……. plzzzzz 🙂

      1. n yes i m gud……….. how r u ?????

      2. Lol…. Bickering is such a cute word… How can you hate it? Anyways, I wont use it if u dont want me to…

  7. hope there will be more than 100 cmnts frm now onwards on this pg……… 🙂

    1. m trying my best to do that 🙂

      1. guys reply to me……… so that my wish gets fulfilled 😛

  8. Hi guys I m late now but no problem today’s episode was awesome I just love swadarsh omg nice acting cutieeeeee adarsh ummmmhhhhhh?????????

  9. oh wow……… how come d cmnts started being posted so soon all of a sudden ??????

    1. anyways, ty sooo much tu team…………..

  10. n thanx amena for d updates too 🙂 i wonder what we’d do w/o u ???? 😛

  11. ok so now v completed a half century………….. let’s see if we can go beyond 100 cmnts ?????

  12. The episode was nice. ..but they were in faridabad den how adarsh reached his house…

    1. tru n why did he leave her alone n left whn thy were together n missions cv’s plz use commonsense .can understand its a finite series but things happening at ths speed .

    2. he drove !!!!!!!

  13. Nice series bt y is freedom proving hard to get now our cute adarsh will get married to someone else.

  14. Why were they doing broom v pillow war . So nice suhagratt . from my sister angel

  15. I hate this Vanshika . I just hope adhu never dated Vanshika .

  16. Fan of ishveer

    Sweety did I can’t understand that YouTube comment pls explain it

  17. Fan of ishveer

    Sorry instead of di I typed did

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