Dehleez 30th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 30th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Asad calling Yash to tell him about third spot. Arvind presses the button. Ravi and Rajesh die in the blast. Abhay and Asad get shocked. The people start running away. The place catches fire and all the dense smoke forms a layer. Arvind pushes Abhay and tries to escape. Abhay follows Arvind. Asad gets down the car and sees so many people dead and injured. He cries and says freedom’s marriage. The gift box is shown. Shraddha says lets see who comes next, its newest entry in Sinha family, Mrs. Swadheenta Sinha. Everyone clap.

Swadheenta says Mamu, Mami, Amma and Appa, and Adarsh, they all gave me love, but I have a special relation, he is cute, sweet and fighter, he keeps giving challenges, I can slap him in anger but can’t ignore him, such challenger is my brother Asad.

Asad tries calling Mamu. Everyone’s phone is on silent mode. Swadheenta says Asad is an idiot, but he is my life. Asad tries calling Yash and Mamu. He cries and calls Adarsh. Suhasini feels restless and drinks water. Simmi asks Suhasini what happened, are you fine. Suhasini says yes, I feel bit restless, I m fine. Abhay runs after Arvind and catches him. He beats him Arvind, while Arvind has gun in his hand and shoots….. Abhay and Arvind fall in some shop. They have a fight. Arvind runs away. Abhay runs after him and catches him. Abhay bravely fights and does not let Arvind escape.

Bilal takes a gun from the car and runs. Asad sees him. Swadheenta says I have lost count of how much I slapped Asad, he has been very supportive, he always helped me. He has always been my strength, he has made me realize how much I like Adarsh. She thanks Asad. Asad runs after Bilal. Bilal looks for Arvind. Asad follows him. Police reaches the blast spot. Gift box is still at the marriage venue. Swadheenta says Asad is not here, he does not have time for me maybe. Suhasini messages Abhay asking does he not have time for brother’s marriage, where are you. Bilal calls out Arvind and throws the gun to him. Arvind stops and aims the gun at Abhay. He recalls Abhay’s words and gets angry. Arvind shoots down Abhay.

Abhay gets multiple bullets on him. Police spots Arvind and says that’s the terrorist wearing jacket, he has shot Sir, catch him. Asad comes there and sees Abhay shot. Police shoots at Arvind. Arvind shoots at them. Asad shouts for help. Asad says nothing will happen to you. Bilal gives gas cans to Arvind. They throw the gas and run away. Asad follows them.

Swadheenta says I remember everyone was happy in my engagement, Asad was upset, he told me freedom you got engaged, you will get married and go to inlaws, then what about me, he used to make me count days, then I realized he was counting days, now he will come and say freedom why are you getting senti, I was busy in work, give a sweet smile, I will slap him this time, don’t know in what imp work is he now, but I miss him. Asad runs after Arvind. Arvind shoots at him. Asad hides and gets saved. The bullets in the gun get over. Asad fights with Arvind. Arvind beats him.

Asad stops Arvind from running away and pulls away his jacket. Arvind kicks him away. Arvind hears police coming. He jumps from the terrace and escapes. Police comes on the terrace and sees Asad with the jacket. They all surround Asad. Asad gets shocked. Asad being tensed, tries to explain…..

Swadheenta says I want to say something to Mamu. She cries and says I always used to say Mamu, your son can be useless, but my brother isn’t, you see one day he will make our name shine, yours and ours too. Inspector says he is the one, see this pic. Arvind has taken Asad’s pics with Ravi and Rajesh. Police shoots down Asad. Asad falls down the terrace and recalls Swadheenta, Mamu, Mami and Radhika. He thinks of Abhay’s words that Asad would get a bravery award from govt, and Swadheenta’s bitter words asking him not to return and die. Asad falls down near Abhay. Abhay still conscious gets shocked seeing Asad. Asad thinks I m getting sacrificed today, I wish my sister’s happy life and such terrorists to lose, when their mission succeeds, then Abhay and Asad will lose, it will be Lord’s failure, Lord can’t fail, I will pray for myself that after I close my eyes, I just recall all happy moments of my life, my parents, Radhika and freedom.

Asad thinks of his life’s journey, All the happy moments flash in his mind. He recalls his family and Radhika. Radhika’s stole falls over his face. Abhay looks on, helplessly. Swadheenta hugs Mami. Mamu says the brother you are talking about… Mami says no one can call Asad useless. Swadheenta hugs Mamu and asks them to take care of Asad. The inspector says we shot the terrorist who shot Sir. He calls for ambulance. Abhay thinks Asad is not terrorist, I have to survive to prove Asad’s innocent, else Asad will be tagged a terrorists, I have to stay alive……

The police finds the bomb box in Adarsh’s marriage function. They ask who got this gift box here. The constable says that blue kurta guy got this gift here, and points to Mamu. Mamu gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Aasrithaa

    Abhay should be alive as he thinks…. then only truth about asad will stay back.. hope he atleast stays alive…

  2. kanchan

    Wao Amena really fast, thanks for the lightning speed updates for Tamanna and Dehleez.
    Was really crying continuously while reading, pls the writers now save Abhay….
    Know this track was necessary to fulfill the show promo but pls give a happy ending to Dehleez.
    I just hate stories where they leave the story in suspense and twists and all…

  3. Anonymous

    I think asad will be tagged as terrorist and then police will arrest mamu and so swadhinta will cross the dahleez for fighting mama’s case

  4. pratha

    It was an interesting episode but this is not fair… Asad cant die… Are they trying to end the serial soon?? ?

  5. dami

    Plz dn’t let Abhay die or else only Yash cn reveal d truth abt asad. Watevr let Abhay b in icu to survive n recover evn if it takes time plz….plz…dahleez goin to go off soon bt d story Sims to twist nw

  6. Khadeeja

    Abhay should survive or else asad would be termed as terrorist forever.. yash would try t prove asad a terrorist don’t like the blame on mamu..

    Hope everything goes well

  7. Rajashri

    I hve been watching dis serial frm the frst day nd I lyked the shw also..btt tday I’m really feeling irritated for wht is going on in the serial..wht nonsense is all dis..the good ones are dying nd are blamed fr wht dey didn’t do..nd the bad ones are escaping. .why can’t a serial ever show good thngs hppng..olwys the bad wins nd good loses.. 🙁 🙁

    • Sri

      I totally agree, Assad should also not die and good people should be rewarded and Aravind should be arrested…

  8. mani

    What a shit havoc…!!! Asad is innocnt!! Abhay has to stay alive,,else asad wil be defamed

  9. aashi

    Plz star plus donot kill the innocence of them show…. Plz atleast let abhay survive….. Yash I’ll not speak truth…. I’ll never give statement in favour of asad….. It’s just abhay who can say truth….. N also I want abhay to survive…. I really like him….. I understand it’s just a serial…. But I m too attached to it…. Had tears watching it…. Plz make him survive……

  10. Sravya

    Still it is shown that Asad and Abhay are alive.anyway abhay seems to be saved for proving asad even after proving if asad is kept alive then it makes sense and even more happier environment can be seen nd all the viewers will be the happiest and contended.please lead the show without any deaths in a positive way then trps will be atleast maintained or even there can be an increase.being patient nd positive is the only way left.let’s hope that all is going to be good tomorrow

  11. Sindhu

    Pls pls don’t kill Abhay….. He should be alive…..pls pls pls … Dey don’t even kill real terrorists in real life… Dey keep dem in jail fa yrs… Here in d story dey killed asad….feeling very bad fa him….atleast Yash has to prove asad innocent…. Hope d story does not turn negative… Yash tells asad as terrorist bec f Radhika…. The serial is good till now… Pls show d same positivity in upcoming episodes….

  12. nooooooooooo wht d f**k dts not ok why r director making it disaster by finishing lyk dis…if they decided to air off it on 1june den how he,ll finish it nfld solve these prblm

  13. just go to hell director of dahleez u can’t do lyk dis u should have some consideration for ur dahleez fans. if anything will happen with asad nd abhay den it,ll become a disgusting serial so

  14. swadheenta

    it will not air off in 1june. it could be air off at the end of the june or at the 1st of july! pls don’t kill abhay to prove asad innocent!

  15. Abdulwahab Hanzwan

    We want ti see the love story btwn Asad and Radhika continue as Radhika’s parents want a Lt.

  16. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    No no they hv to show muslim terrorist? ?? Always.Wat the f****…Howman dats the precedent dats set…wasted tym my dstv north indian bouquet subscription for 5 indian channels dat repeats so much n show the same old films every 2 months….anyways no one cares or reads. Y waste data. ..f***** man eishhhh

  17. soniya

    pls ek nirdosh ko ESA nqam nhi milna chahiye voh bhi matte vakt mujhe Rona aa gaya jab swadheenta apne bhai ke bare me bataya

  18. neesha

    it was rubbish. no one was even tried to take abhay to the hospital atlist asad Could have try. also after knowing 3rd plot asad went to catch around instead of going to the marriage. may be now abhay will go to the coma and on the day of last hearing he will come in sence and swadhinta will win the case.

  19. Partho

    Plz don’t kill abhay and give this beautiful show a beautiful ending and let the truth be revealed about the terrorists and asad innocent Today’s episode was awesome though very touching.

  20. Aahna

    Hlo guys I. I’m new here…
    I don’t think that abhay will die…….
    Maybe he will go into coma and something like that….(for years or some long time)
    Swadhinta will fight for asad….suhasini and other will blame her for abhay condition…
    And saas bahu will stand against each other…
    After that one day abhay wake up and tell everybody about the truth…everything gona alright….main track will end and new start….( only my imagination)
    Sry for long comment

  21. Aahna

    Hlo guys I. I’m new here…
    I don’t think that abhay will die…….
    Maybe he will go into coma and something like that….(for years or some long time)
    Swadhinta will fight for asad….suhasini and other will blame her for abhay condition…
    And saas bahu will stand against each other…
    After that one day abhay wake up and tell everybody about the truth…everything gona alright….main track will end and new start….( only my imagination)

    Sry for long comment ?

  22. Why is ab hay running after terrorist w gun in his holster. U chase a terrorist should be drawn out. He could have got a clean hit. Cmon this is ips 101. How can he just expose himself like that to a terrorist who has planted bombs in the city.

    • Sorry just saw abhay gun fell down during fight. Will miss the flying singham sinha bro. He was really good in his action sequence. Will miss Abhay and Asad:(

  23. OMG I can’t tolerate today’s episode it was too emotional I felt soooo bad for Asad n Abhay they dd so much and why they had to die I hope Abhay will be able to tell everyone that Asad is not a terrorist the Asad flashback touched my Heart I can’t dare to see this episode again I feel so bad I think only swadheenta will fight for asad’s justice and the way Abhay spoke to his mom I think he will also die :,( no way and I think b4 dying he will leave a clue for asad’s innocence which maybe swadheenta may get that’s what I think I also saw the funeral pics in Insta so sad 🙁

  24. Moon

    Exactly loopholes in direction how could Abhay expose himself like that knowing fully well that they ate terrorists? Besides nobody from the police force has acted fast to move their DCP Abhay. Nobody to attend to him in such cases saving life is a priority with a huge force at disposal.
    Looks like Swadheenta will fight for her mama and Adarsh’s family will believe them to be associated with terrorists .Please keep Abhay alive so that the truth is revealed.Why did Asad not head for the marriage site as he came to know about the ticking bomb as a gift? Thats quite strange.

  25. Moon

    If Assad is a terrorist as per Police then they should have caught him alive to get information about the third spot ? Total lack of coordination between the police force and Yash’s force! Plot thoda aur mazboot karna chahiye tha!!!

  26. Sravya

    Pls don’t end the show so has happened already with badtameez dil only bcoz of trp,what happened then the replaced show kuch tho hai tere mere darmiyaan which is not at all a stable one always the characters kept on changing and the story line was also not good.and now the same mistake is repeated.I think they should care abt the fan following also nd if the other show to be launched is very necessary n urgent they should try for some repetition slot.but just bcoz the shows have low ratings making the shows go off air is notproper ,I feel.please think abt this .we all are going to miss a very his show

  27. Fatima Khalfe

    Please do not kill Abhay. If Asad is to die than the truth can only be revealed by Abhay other wise the story will become long, drawn and boring.

  28. pru

    I cried after seeing this episode. It was too emotional. Please give a happy ending for terrorist part soon…

  29. Nilanjana

    Plz abhay ko marna nahi chahiye,yash also knw the truth bt he may not reveal dat asad was not a terrorist..kyuki wo sayad asad ko bura proif krna chahta hai. Abhay coma mei bhi nahi jana chahiye . Plz dnt kill abhay. Aur kal asad ka death seen was so emotional, tears came to my eyes.. I wl really miss asad.

  30. nb

    Hi guys. I could not see the serial for about a week. What a change. The basic charm of Dahleez is gone. OK. You are going to wrap up the serial but not on a negative note writers. Maintain your dignity of being different from others.
    Some good people also die on terrorist attacks, but don’t show silly mistakes of important officers on duty just to show your serial. It is an insult to IAS and IPS officers.
    To go ahead with marriage in spite of terrorist threat when almost all family members are important bureaucrats of Delhi. Letting Asad’s friend enter without check up. Abhay was moving alone with a civilian like Asad without bulletproof jacket or back up team. Keeping phones in silent mode when terrorist threat is there. Abhay moving out to battlefield without informing anybody in the house. At least Manohar or his brothers should have known. After getting the map in the apartment Army was sitting and analysing for hours together to know the spot. Terrorists are freely moving in the city in a car and even talked to a policeman when total bandobasth is there.
    Sorry you people messed the show yaar. I am dissapointed.

  31. bin

    Pls try to understand first these serial viewers are not stupids…that u can create such a non-sense plots in serial and we won’t understand…. at least you should not have insulted police force by showing that many police together killing one innocent fellow ,instead of catching and enquiring about there other terrorist spots or taking abhay to hospital …y all police together went to kill one person …if police force has arrested asad and abhay goes in some coma stage or so……then that would have made some more sense. This serial is really getting rubbish………. no more comments for such stupidity.

  32. nb

    Also shooting of Asad by police based on a photo that to when he was empty handed. Even Kasab was caught live. The gift packet with bomb reaching marriage venue with so much checking in place. Long speech by Swadheenta was just useless and boring. Emotion to some extent is OK. If it is dragged it looks odd.
    When you start criticizing very long list is evolving. If the show looses its charm such list can only grow. If you end a show correctly, may be short, people will remember for ever.

  33. bn

    plz show close nhi hona chahiye …Plz asad ko marna nhi chahiye … he is very funny and intersting character…plz abhay ko marna nhi chahiye….

  34. Plzzzz don’t kill abhay and asad .Otherwise people will stop to watch the serial and the trip goes down…
    Take asad and abhay to hospital and save their life plzzzzzzz………

  35. MEhak

    this is the first time i cried watching a fictional show.. today’s episode was so touching.
    I’ll miss asad.. but plz dont kill abhay 🙁

  36. H PATEL

    very hopeless turn in the story. It is disgusting and insulting to Indian Police force. Such stupidity should be stopped by star before release.

  37. Kinjal bhatnagar

    Seriously i dint even dared to watch s show aftr reading d update…cant face d negativity which is going to ruin d happiness f swaAdarsh…asad n abhay are d pillars f der happy lyfff…abhi abhi sb thkk hua th…n again…plss writers ye kya h…ye terrorist sequence khtm kro jldi n plss asad to is dead bt abhay nii marna chaiye….wrna i cudnt watch d serial anymore…

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