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Dehleez 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swadheenta saying if I go Faridabad and meet Subhash and Leela… Suhasini says you heard about them, they are not right people, I will send Dubey. Swadheenta says I will manage. Suhasini asks are you sure, fine then, ask Dubey to send a constable with you. Swadheenta comes home and asks Mami not to worry. Asad asks Mami to send him with Swadheenta as her bodyguard. Adarsh calls her and she disconnects. Adarsh thinks why is she disconnecting call. She tells Mami that it was telemarketing call. Asad smiles and teases her. Mamu asks Swadheenta to talk to her mum, and says we are explaining her since night.

Her mum says Suhasini would have sent someone else too. Swadheenta says I will talk later, I have to take Mamu’s class. She gets annoyed and asks them not to call Amma

for little things. Mami says we worry for you. Swadheenta asks Asad to come, taxi would have come. He jokes that she made him coolie. Mamu and Mami ask her to take care and call after reaching there. She leaves with Asad.

Adarsh jogs on the road and does not see Swadheenta passing by in the taxi. Asad talks to friend and sees Adarsh from terrace. He calls Adarsh and says great, see upwards, there are many parks and gyms, but someone has to do jogging here, freedom is not at home. Adarsh says when did I say that. Asad says fine, have fun. Adarsh says wait, actually.. Asad says Swadheenta went to Faridabad to find out Banwarilal’s case. Adarsh gets shocked and says I will talk to you later. He leaves. Asad says strange man, he heard Banwarilal’s name and became Milkha Singh.

Adarsh drives car in high speed and calls Swadheenta. He hopes his assistant Suraj did not leave for Faridabad and calls Suraj. Suraj does the packing and takes the phone. Adarsh stops Suraj on the way.

Asad’s friends praise him. Asad gives some tips and boasts a lot. He tells the secret behind becoming the girl’s hero. Radhika says the guy is hero with whom the girl feels safe and secure, that’s the secret. She goes and he smiles seeing her.

Swadheenta in disguise, is with the assistant and asks him to just say what she tells him, else she will cut money. Subhash tells Leela that tv reporters came to take our interview. Leela says fine, but from which channel. The man says parsun tak… Swadheenta says he means channel started recently, we are taking interview of those women whose husbands died while serving the country. Leela thinks it does not matter, I will be seen on tv. She starts acting and says ask me. Swadheenta says tell us about your husband…..

Adarsh is thrown out by Subhash. Adarsh asks him to listen. Subhash says we just give home to married people, get out. Swadheenta gets shocked seeing Adarsh.

They react you…. Subhash asks do you know each other. Adarsh says I thought she is my Mausi, she looks like my Mausi. Subhash asks Leela who are they. Leela says they came to take my interview. Subhash asks the man to leave, else he won’t be alive. Leela says let them take my interview, I will get famous and neighbor women will get jealous. Subhash says we can’t trust them. Adarsh says yes, you are right Sir, you have to check well, this reporter will have her id card. Subhash says you are right. Adarsh says I always say right, give me home on rent. Subhash asks him to leave. Adarsh goes. Subhash asks the man for id card. Swadheenta gets tensed and her bag drops. The file falls. The man says sorry uncle, I m small time actor, she got me here as reporter. She asks him not to come ahead, else.. Subhash asks what else. She says I will run. Swadheenta and that guy run. Adarsh gets his car close and takes both of them, saved from Subhash’s goons. They leave. Adarsh asks them to relax, now we are safe. She says you reached till here, first my home and now Faridabad, I will tell Mam. He says don’t be mistaken that I was following you, I came to return earring that day and today I came to give this file, I got Banwarilal’s case, I went to meet his brother. The man asks Swadheenta why did she take him, she could have taken Adarsh. Adarsh laughs as she scolds the man for spoiling the work. Adarsh gives money and asks him to go out of Faridabad. Adarsh scares him that Subhash came and the man gets down the car. She asks do you think this is funny. He says that guy was award winning actor, you look cute in this getup. She scolds him that he called her Mausi type. He laughs and says I gave compliment, you are getting annoyed. She says you spoiled my work, your work will spoil too, wait and watch. She gets down the car while he asks her to wait. She goes.

Suhasini sees a photo and likes the girl. Manohar says Vanshika, she studied with Adarsh, she is from royal family. She says really, call her family. Jaidev says mom, if you asked Adarsh once. She says Adarsh left, Jaidev you don’t worry, I know Adarsh’s choice, he will also like her. Jaidev leaves. Suhasini says her name is beautiful, Vanshika. Manohar asks for a thanks. She kisses on his cheek and they laugh. She says I thought you got old, you chose the right girl. He says praise her who got this proposal. Jaya is on call and says mum and Papa liked Vanshika, Adarsh will like her too. Jaidev asks did she start new work is matchmaking, you should know whats in someone’s heart first, do I need to explain this to you, disgusting… he leaves. Suhasini hugs Jaya and praises her for getting Vanshika’s proposal. Jaya says I m glad you liked her, just ask Adarsh once, we will know whats in his heart. Suhasini says don’t worry, we will ask, he will like her. Jaya thanks her.

Adarsh finds Swadheenta at the dhaba. He asks Swadheenta to listen. She goes and sees some men staring. She sits back and asks how are you here if you were not following me, it was important for me, you spoiled my work. He says so much anger, its world’s worst thing, people don’t understand in anger, if our case if same, why don’t we get together in investigation. She says I m not interested. He says its about a man’s life, I have a good plan. He gets Suhasini’s call. Suhasini says I fulfilled the promise before you did, I found a bahu. He gets shocked.

Adarsh tells Subhash that he is married, she is my wife. Adarsh and Swadheenta get inside the house. Adarsh asks shall we start suhaag raat. She beats him with the sweepstick and he runs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Thank u amena di for super fast update……

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    Really nice

  5. hiee guys i m new hear but i m watching Dis serial from day 1 it iz really nice concept nd interesting love story nd loved the lead pair ….asad is soo cute nd funny …overall loved d serial…

  6. Swadarsh scenes were just awesome today, Hahahahhaha poor Adarsh lol and also poor swadheenta loving this has show thumbs up from me

  7. hi gyuz iam new hear this is the first sereil iam watching frm day 1 .. it s diffrent & too much intresting .. i luv the way hw swadarsh ll meet agn n agn n jiya re plays.. waiting for next episode………

  8. thank u amena di for suppper fast update..

  9. asad s socute n i tthink now swadarsh luv story wil start

  10. Haha…precap is so cute

  11. hope their love story starts now…

  12. Sincere request to STAR PLUS … Y cant they air this serial @8.30 slot ..
    10.30 is way to late ……….

  13. She is tollywood actress, she did a mve called surya vs surya

  14. very nice if it will comes i n Telugu also it will very nice

  15. Thankyou Amena di for fast update..??

  16. Asad is so funny..Iam sure he will help adhu in winning Swadhu’s heart..??..Asad adhu bonding is awesome..

  17. Oh who is this Vanshika…I dont want her to be a villain in adhu n swadhu love story..?

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  22. A very nice romantic episode. Both goes on well. But I think that Adarsh mother and family won’t agree for Adarsh union to Swadheenta. The story will drag.
    Anyway it is the best TV Serial of Star Plus.
    Thanks Telly Update.

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