Dehleez 2nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 2nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with lady reporter asking Swadheenta for lift. Swadheenta ends call. The lady asks Swadheenta to drop her ahead and sits in the car. She tells Swadheenta that I fail to understand whats happening in our city, did you hear about the blast, someone said a wedding had the bomb. Swadheenta says that was my wedding. The lady says so sorry, I heard some terrorist is arrested there. Swadheenta says Haider Mamu is not a terrorist. The lady says is he your Mamu. Swadheenta asks where to drop you. The lady asks driver to stop the car somewhere. She thanks Swadheenta and gets down the car. She records everything and says now I have personal angle.

Swadheenta reaches the hospital. Media asks her to say something. Swadheenta hugs Suhasini and cries. Suhasini asks about Simmi. Swadheenta says

we did not tell her, she is fine. Swadheenta sees Adarsh. Suhasini asks her to go to him. Swadheenta goes to Adarsh and hugs him. They cry. Inspector says Adarsh Sir, you wanted to see the terrorist who has shot Abhay. Adarsh asks where is he. Inspector says his dead body is in nearby govt hospital, come, other two terrorists got badly burnt.

Inspector takes them to the morgue. He says this is the third terrorist who shot DCP Sir. They all get shocked seeing Asad. Inspector says we got the pics at the flat where all blast plannings were made, this guy with those two guys, the flat was of his dad Haider, he kept terrorists there, all the family is involved, there is no doubt now. Adarsh recalls Asad and Abhay taking Asad’s name before his death. Adarsh and his family leaves. Swadheenta cries seeing Asad. She recalls Asad and their sweet moments.

She recalls Asad’s words and how she asked him to die and not come back. She hugs him and cries. Inspector gets Haider Mamu and asks him to come with them to police station. Haider says I m a professor, I did not do anything. Inspector says you taught your students to make bombs. Mamu says no. Adarsh and his family come back. Mami says I knew you will save Haider, tell them that we are Swadheenta’s Mama and Mami, Adarsh tell them Haider is not a terrorist. She holds Adarsh. Adarsh goes to Mamu and recalls Asad and Mamu’s words for not postponing the marriage.

He says Haider Gilani, you are a terrorist, you and your son, you both are terrorists, we did not come to meet you, we came to see that terrorist who shot 11 bullets to Abhay, who killed Abhay and did blasts in Delhi, we came to see Asad Gilani’s dead body. Mamu, Mami, Appa and Amma get shocked hearing about Asad’s death. Mamu and Mami cry. Adarsh says what harm did we do, why did you do this, what enmity did you have with us, Swadheenta was your daughter, you got bomb in her marriage, take him away, else I will kill him. Swadheenta looks on and cries. Adarsh shouts on Mamu and asks him to just leave. Mamu sees Swadheenta.

Adarsh holds Swadheenta’s hand and takes her away, while she tries to stop. Adarsh makes her sit in the car. Sinha family leaves from there. The lady reporter gets everything recorded. She says blast did not just happen in Delhi, there is emotional blast in Sinha family too. Mamu, Mami, Appa and Amma go to see Asad. They get shocked seeing his dead body. Mami cries holding Asad’s face and recalls him. Mamu recalls Asad and cries.

Inspector asks Mamu did you see your son’s dead body, come with me. Mami hugs Mamu and cries. She says our Asad, our son….. inspector says he was not a kid, he was big terrorist, we shot him many bullets than he shot our DCP. Mami says you are lying, my son and my husband are not terrorists, we did not do anything. She asks Mamu to say something and cries. She says Haider wanted to see Asad in army, Asad loved his city and country a lot. Inspector says we have seen your love for country and city. He takes Mamu along. Mami cries and says my husband is not a terrorist. Amma cries and looks at Appa. Appa seems to be confused.

Jaidev asks doctor about post mortem. Doctor says it will take 5-6 hours, you take body in morning. Manohar asks Suhasini how will we tell Simmi. Jaidev says Simmi has to know it tomorrow anyhow.

Simmi tells Ahuja that no one came home till now, what are they doing. Ahuja says they would be coming now. Everyone reach home. Simmi says Abhay would have come and runs out to see. Adarsh, Jaidev and Swadheenta walk inside. Simmi sees Suhasini and Manohar, and asks about Abhay. Jaya signs no to them. Simmi looks for Abhay. Suhasini cries. Manohar holds her. Suhasini says Abhay is in headquarters, he is in meeting, I slapped him asking him to come home, he promised he will come in morning. She hides her tears and goes. Manohar says Abhay promised, he will come in morning. Jaya takes Simmi. Ahuja cries and asks how did this happen. He hugs Manohar and cries.

The people protest and get angry on Mami asking her to leave from their locality. Mami cries. Simmi gets shocked seeing Abhay dead.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Ayushya

    After they killed asad and abhay I stopped watching?they are simply making unwanted complications

  2. Devga

    Rubbish…. Y dint abhay survive to prove asad innocent…..
    Arvind!!! I am goin to kil u idiot….
    Writers u spoiled every small charm of dehleez….

    • Mohini

      Yes i am also feeling dejected and dat stupid guy yash just for a gal radhika ……..he is doing something against humanity yaar wtf####

  3. swati

    How can a mother be so stable after knowing his sons death, it was a shocking expression from Suhasini. How can a wise lawyer give information to unknown person. Ridiculous scenes

  4. Halimah

    Where is yash??? He knows asad is not a terrotist infact he was actually helping them …..

  5. Roohi Naser

    Really…so disappointed on the script,dey r gtng a big cmplctn,,it was one f d bst serial,nd abhay was a sup character,i jus wanna stp seeing it…so dipressed,nd embarassed…

  6. Vaarahi

    It’s quite embracing to see that mother is trying to console everyone after his sons death

  7. Ankit

    Zia now they will prove not every muslim is a terrorist. really dissapointed to see abhay and asad dead everything is going good the show is going very well atleast they have to save one of them maybe abhay sometimes abhays character looks better than adarsh so sad

  8. Maria Rebecca

    I think they are trying to be realstic….showing how innocent people get branded as terrorists….jst coz they are Muslims….forgetting they are Indians 🙁

  9. Ammu

    Haan Zia Nana kiya but I think it’s all plan of abhay and asad to get arrest that idiot arvind hope soo bit if it is real I m gonna stop watching this show it will become wrost hope writers won’t do this hope asad & abhay are alive just hope……

  10. devgyani

    What a nonsense track they are blaming each other falsely and showing positive roles facing the death!

  11. thulasi

    What yaar smmothly going serial ko aap ne esa kardiya asad and Abhay ne kya kiya un logon ko kyu Mara vey disappointing acha kasa love story ko ……….???

  12. Sweety

    Now we know how the police is handling the situation. The police is blaming innocent civilians without finding the truth. That’s the reality.

  13. ARDHIK

    I’m sure mamu will be free because of that scarf of radhika and swadheenta will be against to suhasini in court this show is really amazing and showing real scenes..

  14. PK

    there is no point in watching this serial now. everything is going to happen wrong with mamu’s family.

  15. zaki

    What a Script ,,, Great,,Hats upto Dehleez Writer,, absolutely Real…

    ..100 % truth reveal kiya hai Dehleez ke writers ne ,,,, Daring work guys ,,,This the True face of our Countries’ Police ….

    indian army aur police ko completely incapable prove ker diya hai,, jo real terrorist the unme se ek ko police na to maar paayi aur na hi arrest ker paayi , jo real terrorist the unme se 2 jacket bomb se mar gaye aur 3rd one Arvind jo sabse bada terrorist tha use to police na maar paayi aur na hi arrest ker paayi ,aur usne police ke itne bade officer Deputy Commissioner of police DCP Abhay ko 11 goliyan bhi maari aur police ko bewakoof bana ker bhaag bhi gaya,,aur uski jagah Indian police ne ek innocent teenager ko terrorist declare kerke apni impotency ko hide ker rahi ,,, indian police ko to poori tarah impotent dikha diya ,,, ,, vaise sachchayi bhi kaafi had tak yehi hai jo Dehleez me kaafi achche se dikhaane ki koshish ki gayi hai , mostly muslims ko jo ye log arrest kerte hain terror ke naam per unme 99.99 % innocent indians hote hain,,,ye humari police aur Army kab tak is tarah apni impotentency ko hide kerti rahegi …………

  16. AS

    it is going to end by june it is a well scripted story abhay’s death is going to unmask many if asad is only going to die it going to be a closed one

  17. zaki

    by the way Indian System aesy hi kaam kerta hai,,Justice will come but after some time,,SO plz Bare with that ,,,, this is the best phase of the Entire Show ,how creatively they DIrected this extreamy sensitive incident and the aftermath,,,,,

  18. ar

    asad ke baghair serial kisi kaam ka nahi!!! well ab swandheeta jo hai wo mamu ka case laray gi adarsh aur sb us k khilaf hojaye g nd then finally truth samne ayega but us k bad asad!!!! that should be the last scene of this serial end this

  19. Afra

    It’s too bad..I don’t like to watch cuming episodes… asad’s character was really joyful… really mis swadheenata n asad’s bonding…so sad….asad,mamu n ammi loves swadheenata as a family member,why ths Ramakrishna is behaving like ths…how can he believe asad n mamu as terrorist…

  20. Shubham

    Hey zaki! Indian army is more than that what you think! Indian army did not work on religion, politics e.t.c. They are the real hero .you are living peacefully in this country because of them only . I think u get what I m saying!

  21. If mamu had kept the bomb there why would he still be there. They would have been outta there. That’s some stupid logic. I hope swadhu remembers that it was arvind who gave the gift. Also from watching CSI I know that if someone fires a gun there’s usually gun powder residue left in their clothes and hands. Hope they follow protocol and do tests and don’t just go by what that crazy yash says. What a desh drohi he is. Creepy guy. Writers this show was going so nice…what’s going on? U guys been hangin out w ekta girl. It’s become nonsense. So much Rhona dhona. Tomorrow looks like another big one I’m getting the tissues. I watching this show for entertainment but right now my life is way more entertaining than this. Plz put a stop to this needless melodrama. As always the acting is always top class.

  22. Fatarajo

    OMG nowadays this show make me so sad I can’t tolerate these kind of scenes I feel so bad for Asad n Abhay n also asad’s family n freedom especially

  23. crystal

    Hey guys is the roles of harshad is always of misunderstanding inthe first seial beintehaa he misunderstood his own love and gave her divorce and now in dehleez he misunderstood his own inlaws Wow how ridiculous.

  24. mithu

    Guys dis is the best part of d story ,itna interestng jagah pe ulogo ne mar dia abhay ko really interestng twist…agar itna easily sab kuch samne a jata to serial itna interstng kaise hota, ha bura lag raha hai asad n abhay ko marte drkh but i thnk dat journalist will bring d truth n wil help adarsh or swadheenta.

  25. Moon

    Todays epi was painful to watch! This serial is trying to showcase reality but it ends up with melodrama at times. The army is not what is being projected they are far more coordinated and we sleep peacefully in this country because of them! The police is ineffective i agree but they dont handle people from high profile gatherings the way it is being shown specially the ” tu tukari” without evidence. Police also handles people from such circles with care because evidences can prove them wrong anytime.
    But a good effort on the part of the maker to expose a lot of wrong things that also goes on! But now they should focus on solutions to solve these problems thats what a story can afford which often fails in reality! Hope from here story telling will be done a little more thoughfully as it is taking an interesting twist!

  26. Pooja

    This serial started with sweet romantic story and now what the hell is wrong with writing section why they always want some pathetic twist like terrorism.. That to also on Muslims ?

  27. Rimmi

    Asad was mainly the reason i got addicted to dehleez … I will badly miss him and ofcourse his smile

  28. sugandha Das

    it shouldn’t be like dis. without any proof the police can’t shoot anyone. in reality they will arrest the terrorist instead of shoot him/her. And mentioning any religion is also not good for our country. because “Hindu Muslim we all are Bhai Bhai” we are talking about and studied in school also. He was Muslim that doesn’t blame them that they must be the Terrorist. :/ >:(

  29. Amoula

    Fed up with this shit. Always blaming muslims people. I knew that America is a racist Country but I didn’t know that India is the same. I used to love this country but now I hate it

  30. Maheen fatma

    wo yash bundela kaha mar gaya wo ake sch sbko nhi bta skta hai muh accha nhi hai to role hi koi kyade is kr le

  31. bhumi

    What a shittyyyy script……
    Ektarfa story…..
    Asad, abhay & mamu teeeno ne shadi ke liye agree kiya tha…
    Kl se no more tellyupdate..
    Goodby dahleez….
    Ab to trp 0.8 se bhi kam hogi…

  32. sabha

    Abhay should not die, he is the only person who know the truth , yash will back off for sure. i am still hopping abhay will come back, hope you guys will get him back.

  33. Siroumauritius

    I don’t like the script , Police cant arrest people like this, no proof nothing .
    Abhay can’t die. please…………………………….

  34. The government should not have permitted about this topic as it is not truth. Always Muslims are not terrorist and army never do such thing. If they will be doing this they would have killed kasab but they arrested him.

  35. Angel

    At first,i am saying everybody HI!
    I m from BANGLADESH.
    You all wrote very nice.
    Plz anybody welcome me.

    So painful episode…………..
    Feeling sad 4 everyone……
    But wt will happen to mamu and asad?
    Plz swadheenta,do something….
    I didn’ understand wt the lady reporter said,WT IS THE PERSONAL ANGLE??
    Any way,thanks amenadi 4 the update.
    I m waiting 4 the next update,amena di……………..

  36. sona

    Sch an idiotic script yyyy alwyz muslims r been blamed.vil miss bth the best characters of dehliz.ab to trp ki band baj jaegi

  37. Sai

    please ban this serial…. we are living in a society where hindu, muslims and all others live in unity…please don’t try to spoil it by showing such stupidity…. I don,t understand y government not taking any strict action against this story. kindly stop this non sense and start any good serial…. now i don’t think any other entertainment can happen in this… only simmi , abhay and asad use to entertain us in this serial most…no more hope from this serial.

  38. jia

    such a melodrama
    such a sweet romantic soap is turning into a big mess. the same old story of separation between own people. and why is the truth never found out. terrorists not equal to all the muslims. there are two groups of people positive as well as negative so why blame the same group. the mentality of muslims being terrorist should be changed because these terrorist harm themselves and also the country they are affecting and the country they belong to. its a good sign that soaps are dramatizing these events rather than saas bahu stories but why affect the sweet couples and the families. the story has totally turned around to a different direction. do not bring this lady reporter to a negative character in the story and specially a separation between adarsh and swadheenta.

  39. Joy

    Please change the story line of this film,no sense in it anymore why India story is full of bomb blast ,I don’t like it when innocent is being punished for wrong things.

  40. Naina

    Ridiculous. Even though showcase f acting skills is perfect but d story is taking an ugly turn. Either go ekta’s way nd show abhay getting alive again so dt he can prove asad’s innocence. Suspecting n d basis of religion z ridiculous

  41. This asad abhay case atleast took six month or more thn six month to close it seems thy well planned to drag this case and make court fight scenes and argument scenes between suhasini and swad 😀

  42. Ankita Pandey

    Yr at least isko din me repeat to kiya kro rat me time ni hota dekhne k plzz din me repeat krdo isko

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