Dehleez 29th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 29th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jaidev saying mom chose the right girl for me, I love you mom. Jaya smiles. Everyone clap for him. Jaidev takes a rose and goes to Jaya. He sits on his knees. He gives the rose to Jaya and thanks her for bearing him. Everyone smile and clap. Jaya thanks Jaidev. Shraddha says wow, that is so romantic, lets see who is coming next. She takes the chit and says he is my friend KJ. They all wonder who is he. Adarsh says Karan Johar. Shraddha says no, he is my fav Kanjus Jiju, Adarsh Sinha. They all clap.

Adarsh goes on stage and says I will see you late. Shraddha tells Suhasini that Adarsh is threatening her. Suhasini says that’s because Shraddha called him miser. Adarsh tells about his fav relation, he finds everyone cute and nice, and now the new entry in family Swadheenta, but

he loves someone the most. Jaidev holds Jaya…. She smiles. Adarsh says I always followed him since my childhood, that’s my dad. Manohar gets surprised. Everyone clap. Adarsh says I just want to say one thing dad, you were my hero in my childhood, and even today you are my hero, I love you dad. He goes and hugs Manohar. Manohar gets teary eyed and blesses Adarsh.

Abhay and Asad are on the way. Abhay asks him to suggest good names. Asad tells his ex GF’s name. Abhay says stupid, I m asking names for my baby. Asad says Aman, if its son, dad has named me Aman first and then mum changed. Abhay says Aman Sinha, nice. Asad says see the time, marriage would have got completed. Abhay says yes, game would have started by now. Asad asks game?

Shraddha calls Abhay on stage. Simmi gets Abhay’s message that he thought baby name Aman Sinha. She smiles and says Abhay will come in some time. Shraddha takes her phone and says there is no Abhay’s name. Simmi says his name is saved as baby. They all laugh. Shraddha says we will call him. She calls Abhay from Simmi’s phone. He answers and says yes baby, all okay. They all laugh as she puts phone on speaker. Shraddha tells Abhay about the game, and asks him to say about his fav relation. He asks her to wait for a second and stops the car. He says Adarsh and Swadheenta….. Adarsh says we love you. Abhay says sorry I missed your marriage.

Adarsh says don’t worry, we kept food saved. Abhay says I will come home soon, we will enjoy, and my fav relation…. All relations are my fav, but there is someone who is my most fav, that’s my mom. Suhasini smiles. Abhay says I m mom’s dearest one, she used to save me always from dad’s scoldings, she has spoiled me a lot, I love that, I know I have hurt my mum a lot, I lied a lot, but I want to say one thing, that I love you so much, I m proud to be your son.

Suhasini takes the phone and says I m also proud of you my son, you gave emotional speech, don’t think I will not scold you. He says I m coming. She says Jaidev and Adarsh started talking in early age like normal kids, but Abhay did not say a word till 2.5 years, I thought to take him to child specialist, Manohar said our son is very intelligent, so he does not talk, but Abhay spoke after 3 years and said mom and then dad, then we got relieved, then he spoke so much that our ears used to pain, but to be true, I did not get tired of his words, but I spoiled him a lot, every person has a weakness, and person should accept it, I want to accept this that I love Jaidev and Adarsh a lot, but my biggest weakness is Abhay. Abhay cries. She says DCP Abhay Sinha, come home if your duty is over, come fast. He says I m coming. She says love you and ends call.

Yash and his team try to decode the spot 2. They find out the mall spot. Yash calls control room and tells the location. Abhay gets to know this and says don’t worry, I will increase security. He tells Asad about Yash’s call. He asks his staff to vacate the mall.

Yash checks the spot 3 and asks them to zoom more. He says it’s a groom and bride, it means its marriage, crowd, spot 3 is of some marriage, which imp marriage can be there. He calls Asad and asks him did they tell you about any marriage. Asad says no, they said they are going to Agra for family emergency. Yash says fine, I will take care of it.

Arvind’s car is spotted. Police constable informs about him. Arvind races. Abhay gets the info that there was no bomb in the mall, but the terrorists were seen. Abhay says I m reaching there. Rajesh and Ravi say we have to cancel mission. Arvind says maybe, you both get down the car and mix in the crowd. Abhay and Asad reach there. Arvind stops Bilal.

Ravi and Rajesh get in the crowd. Arvind takes the trigger. Abhay asks Asad not to come out of the car, whatever happens. Arvind says bye to his friends. Abhay sees the crowd. Abhay and Asad get shocked seeing Arvind. Abhay runs to stop Arvind. Abhay pushes Arvind and Bilal. Asad worries and stays in the car. Abhay and Arvind have a fight. Asad recalls Yash’s words and Mamu’s words. He says it means third spot is freedom’s marriage. He takes phone to call Yash. Arvind presses the button. Ravi and Rajesh die in the blast. Abhay and Asad get shocked.

Arvind shoots down Abhay. Swadheenta tells about Asad, he is not useless, one day he will make our name shine. Asad gets killed in police shootout.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Ishu

    please dont kill asad..!!
    As a brother and sister asad and swadheentha’s bonding is so nice..!!

  2. Ritika

    Plzzzzzz don’t kill abhay he is tooo cute n sweet. Plzzz kuch chnged kr lo plzzzzz. Serial ka intrest khatam ho jayega. Plzzzzz

  3. Ritika

    Plzzzzz itz a heart core request plzz mat maro abhay ko. Use chahe bemar kr do plz mat maro. Plzz

  4. Aasrithaa

    The ongoing track of Dahleez will have a happy twist in place for Swadheenta and Adarsh as Suhasini finally accepts their relationship wholeheartedly. Swadheenta helps Abhay and Simmi to reveal the truth to Suahsini about Simmi’s heart problem.

    Manohar and Suhasini discuss about how they had misjudged Swadheenta earlier. Suhasini finally admits that Swadheenta is the ideal daughter in law for their house. There is happiness in both families for Swadheenta and Adarsh’s marriage.

    However, a major twist will ruin everyone’s happiness soon, As a terrorist group will use Asad to plant a bomb and Asad will be dragged in terrorist case. A big bomb blast will happen in the wedding and this will break Adarsh and Swadheenta’s relation.

    Found from a site… willl adarsh and swadheenatha’s relation break? ?

  5. Aasrithaa

    According to latest repotrs, Daheleez, which features love story of Adarsh (Harshad Arora) and Swadheenta (Tridha Choudhury) set in the backdrop of Delhi will end in June 2016.

    Dahleez, which showcases the the bureaucracy of India and included courtroom drama, was launched in March 2016 and was meant to be a finite series. Popular actor Harshad Arora is playing the role of a bureaucrat officer while Tridha Choudhury is playing the role of a lawyer.

    However, the show did not manage to grab the attention of the viewers despite its promising star cast and different concept from the regular saas bahu saga. Failing to garner decent TRP ratings, the makers of the show have decided to warp up the current track and end it in June 2106 itself.

    In the current track of the show, we have seen that Adarsh and Swadheenta are gearing up for their wedding while there is a terrorist attack being planned oat their wedding venue.

    Found in a different site

  6. priyanka pattanaik

    Plz 4.30 ko repeat dikhao..i m nt able to see in night..i m missing..plz telecast in the same time 4.30

  7. Sreevalli

    Serial is doing well but the channel authorities are bothered about to ratings..ekta kapoors serials with two three marriages are liked by audience and insulting and torturing women is liked by common people….don’t know when the audience will change..

  8. Moon

    After a long time we got to see a good sensible serial but star plus as usuL too bothered with Trps and hence they want to discontinue something which is sensible! Sony on the other hand gives a damn to trps and hence continues with quality stuffs. The Ekta kappr serials are just unbearable and real trash! God knows when the audience will develop a good taste ! But I also feel the show timings have actually hampered the viewership! Had it been in the 8:30pm or even better 9:30 pm the Trp would have been different. Lot of working individuals cant view despite Dehleez being a quality serial! They are too tired to virw at 10:30pm specially after a hectic working day! So makers should have thought about that slot

  9. Pooja singh

    Plzz plzz plzzzzzzzz dont kill abhay and asad..??
    Y is the serial coming to an ? so ?..

  10. Shivani

    Yes please 4:30 repeat telecast should be kept.. Most of us watch dehleeZ at that time. And regarding ektas serial.. Yeh hai mohabbatein remains my fav show.. The actors know how to act and emote..

  11. shanaya

    please …dont kill abhay n asad…seriously thy r d heart f the serial….i watch it only bcf f them ….

  12. Partho

    Heartiest request plz don’t cut asad and abhay from the show and plz give it a happy ending. And give it a season 2 I love it.

  13. swadheenta

    please give a happy ending. ofcource should not air off so soon! don’t separate swadarsh please!

  14. Partho

    I don’t get the point why on earth YHM continues for so long and dragging but a show like Dehleez will have to go off air disgusting plz don’t make dehleez go off air.

  15. soniya

    ooo main kyA batau mere ko itna Rona aa raha hai???? adarsh mar jayega plz use mat maro

  16. Jay-jai bad romance gone wild was just sweet. Abhay-suha gosh tearathon. Writers why do both chotus have to die on Swadarsh wedding day. It would not be a good day for them to remember. Won’t anniversaries be painful for them. Abhay’s character is so layered if he’s going to die why do this. Why play w audience emotions. Audience loves abhay.Seeing abhay asad getting shot in precap is devastating and heart breaking and totally
    unnecessary. Boo!

  17. dehleez fan

    so sad that abhay and asad r going to die . stupid serials r still going on , sensible serials are coming to an end so soon , why r they doing like this

  18. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Its so frustrating they dnt listen read or care abt viewers! !!! The viewers either mk or break a series n off course the actors…killed or memory loss or something.look now Abhay/Asad..sob sob sob

  19. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    I tink ekta owns or may have shares on all tv stations in india??????.eishman…are der no other writer or producers?

  20. jaya chauhan

    Plz dnt kill abhay n asad vrna ye show pkka flop ho jaega so in dono ko maro mt in dono ki vjh se bht acha chlra h seriol plz

  21. Khushi Rai

    Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz dont kill abhay as well as asad too otherwise many of us will loose their interest in watching the show
    Abhay and simmi look cute & lovely together…..

  22. Girija

    Please don’t kill abhay and asad.serial is more interesting with all the family members.

  23. Pallavi

    Please don’t kill Asad & Abhay… At least all should know that Asad is not terrorist. Also police has given 3 character photos… I don’t think Asad photo given as a terrorist then how come police directly shoot Asad. It’s very shocking twist… Also All knows that Asad was with Abhay for help then how police shoot Asad. Please do something u can’t take a serial in a sad way…

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