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Dehleez 29th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adarsh and Swadheenta arguing. She says you are my problem. He looks at her. She says you won’t understand, look, I m simple girl of a middle class family, I have to become something and show my parents and you….. He asks what about me? She says nothing, I m talking politely, it does not mean I m weak. He asks why are you getting hyper. She says I m like this only, would you please leave. Mamu comes and says sorry Adarsh, I got busy on phone call, how did you like the view. Adarsh says a lot, thanks for inviting me on tea, I shall leave now. Mamu asks him to come. Adarsh greets Swadheenta and goes. He thinks if she comes on terrace, then it means there is something in the story. Swadheenta looks at him from the terrace. He smiles and leaves.

Its morning, Adarsh wakes

up and calls Swadheenta. She is away and does not see the call. He calls her again. She gets ready to leave for work. He gets ready and keeps calling her. Swadheenta takes the sandwich and rushes. She sees Adarsh calling and leaves.

Jaya compliments Simmi for making litti chokha. Simmi thanks her for help. Jaya asks her to pack it and take it for Suhasini. Simmi says you do everything so well, why does Jaideep/Jaidev not eat the food made by you. Jaya says he is diet conscious. Simmi says I did not hear Jaidev saying I love you to you. Jaya says Jaidev and Adarsh talk less, it does not mean they don’t know love, Abhay expresses love openly, Jaidev loves me too, everyone has different way to express love. Simmi packs tiffin and says I will leave to give mom this litti chokha. She leaves. Jaya gets sad.

Swadheenta is on call and Simmi comes to Suhasini’s office. She sees Swadheenta there and recalls her. Simmi gets to know from staff member that Swadheenta is Suhasini’s new assistant. She asks the girl when did mum hire her. The girl says Swadheenta joined yesterday. Simmi calls Ahuja.

Simmi meets Ahuja and they are on the way. Simmi says I made litti chokha with love and thought she has forgiven me, see what she did. He asks her not to get sad, your heart is clean and Suhasini’s heart is dirty, don’t worry, I m sports champion, I will play chess with Suhasini, don’t argue at home, do romance with Abhay, leave action and drama for me, I will do that with Suhasini on right time. He thinks once I know whats going on between Adarsh and Swadheenta, then I will do drama scene with Suhasini.

Radhika and others wait for Asad. Asad comes late and says actually I… She says you did not get movie tickets, you are mad, stupid, duffer and monkey. Asad stops her and says I will show you a movie, come. He acts and says a girl was waiting for her friend, three guys came to tease her. They all enact the scene and laugh. Radhika asks for help. Asad says girl thinks her chance to get saved is zero, and then is entry of the hero. He mock fights with his friends and they fall down. Radhika laughs and they clap for Asad. Asad says next shot, when hero beats the goons. He makes his friends lie down, and gets the keys to show his attitude. He gets a jacket and bouquet and asks his heroine to come with her. Radhika runs to him and holds his hand. His friend asks why are you taking my bike. Asad says my scooty is running bad, I will give your bike in evening. He leaves with Radhika. She asks where are we going. He shows tickets and says movie, I just got two tickets so fooled them. She calls him sweet. They leave.

Swadheenta is on the way. A man stares at her. She sees him staring and turns her face away. The man gets down the auto and she leaves as signal turns green. She reaches office and gets shocked seeing that same man staring at her again. She panics and calls security to say about the man. The guard catches the man. The man gets inside cabin. Suhasini asks whats happening. Swadheenta says this man is following me since morning. The man says just listen to me for 2 mins. He shows the newspaper and says I have read about you in paper, you won the farmers’ case. Swadheenta says I did not win, just got stay order. He says just you can fight my case. Swadheenta says I work for Suhasini, tell her. Suhasini says we work together, tell me. Banwari tells Swadheenta and Suhasini about his birth certificate and death certificate. Adarsh talks to his staff and says people like Banwarilal need our help.

Banwari says I did not get any help from govt, I was posted at BSF for many years, they got a dead body and assumed its mine. Swadheenta asks how. He tells more. Adarsh tells the man that Banwari did not get his family. Banwari says my family was gone, I did not get anyone, then seeing my younger brother Subhash’s pic, I got to know he joined politics, my wife married Subhash, when I went there. Subhash has beaten me and sent me out. Swadheenta asks how can they do this, you will have proof. Banwari says no, police is with Subhash, an NGO helped me and that enquiry is not complete. Suhasini asks what do you want from us, your wife married your brother. Adarsh says Banwari would be waiting for our enquiry to end. The man says I will do this later. Adarsh says this case is pending since 5 years. Banwari cries and says he is missing his daughter. Suhasini says fine, you wait outside. Swadheenta tells Suhasini that Banwari is not lying, its true as he said about his daughter. Adarsh talks about Faridabad… Swadheenta says if I go to Faridabad and meet Subhash and Leela.

Swadheenta asks Adarsh is he following her. Adarsh says if our case is same, we can go together. Suhasini calls him and says I fulfilled the promise before you, I found my bahu. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thankyou Amena di..

  2. Adhu swadhu scenes were awesome???

  3. Hope swadhu will solve that case..???

  4. I hope asad will not fall into any problem….??

  5. Ohh..Adhu and swadhu r working for solving same case..nice..??

  6. Ohhh god..suhu found new girl for…?????

  7. Waiting for Adhu swadhu nok jhok????

  8. Day by day precap seems so interesting 🙂 can’t wait to watch next episode

  9. As usual..swadhu is rude towards Adhu…????

  10. I think bahu is swadheenta

    1. Same. But could be anyone else.

  11. The bahu is swadheenta i am sure

  12. BAHU??????
    Just hope it is swadheentha. But it will not happen. I am impatiently waiting for tmrw’s ep………

  13. I just love swadarsh scenes in this show and also Asad is funny hahahha all the characters r very good n I m happy that star plus gave dehleez 5.30pm time slot for repeats anyone knows dehleez trp at 5.30pm slot

  14. Adhu shaved…no…he was little more handsome when he had little beard..??

    1. Agree !!

  15. I thnk suhasini wl tl abt freedom only to adarsh…

  16. So Ahuja will play the culprit cupid in making some drama and uniting adarsh n swadeenta…..against Suhasini…

  17. Cute couple and super cool

  18. I think now adarsh shld stop running behind swadheenta..she has so much attitude…I mean if I was in her place I wld hv kept on blushing??

    1. tru but i think swadhu s holding herself back coz of suhasini…

  19. Kaun bahu ??

  20. Lifñâ ñàväZ

    vry nyz

  21. Asad s so cute n swadarsh as usual rocked….

  22. precap was awsom
    asad again rocks
    i dont know why but i feel simmi inocent
    i dont like swadheentha showing attitude

  23. Freedom is the Bahu

  24. It is the best show
    I know it has just start so will take time to get attention and moreover its timeslot is also not very favourable but it has lowest trp of star plus serials.
    And if this continues am sure star plus. Will close it like with mmz….
    Hope it catches eyeballs soon…..
    Sorry for bad news…

  25. I don’t think it’s Swadhu… Bec manohar was also smiling with her when she told abt bahu…. Hope it should b Swadhu

  26. i think as it got 0.8 trp for 1st week its trp will increase with time. i think next week it will go up.?

  27. Guys that BAHU is someone else…not swadhu…??

  28. hello are u all?? max bhaiya how are u?/

    1. Hi Tara I m fine how r u

    2. Hey tara!!! I m fine and how was ur last xam…

  29. sharanya rajkumar

    nice story i really loved

  30. guys i think swaddeentha is the mans daughter or smthn

  31. Isa how cud swadhu be dat man’s daug.?? Swadhu belongs 2 middle class family and dat man’s bro is politician and his wife nd daugh live with his bro…

  32. Did adarsh join cid??? Y he is doing investigation its not work of ias officer…. I thnk better he shud be police!!! Idiot

  33. I dont think swadheenta is the bahu .

  34. I think it is a new plan ahuja.simmi i like u because you cook for my suhu.iam waiting for next episode

  35. The chemistry between these two is awesome …..
    After hearing this …. frm suhasini for sure adarsh will commit his love soon to swadhu …
    Precap is interesting love u robinhood and freedom

  36. Y adarsh is name as robinhood??? I think he don’t even have a tinch of salman!!! Nonsense

  37. Wat happen 2 sweety did she also got any any case??? Hahaha….

    1. Heyyyy Max!!
      How was ur exam bro??
      All over? Or still left?

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