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Dehleez 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swadheenta getting shocked knowing Adarsh is Suhasini’s son. Adarsh gets shocked knowing Swadheenta is assisting Suhasini. He says nice. Suhasini says I forgot my bag, and asks Adarsh to pick the earrings. She goes. Swadheenta says you did not say Mam is your mom. He says did you say my mom is your Mam. Swadheenta goes. Suhasini looks on. Swadheenta thinks of Asad’s and Suhasini’s words. Adarsh goes to her and says we have to clear this misunderstanding. He says we all know each other and did not know that we know each other. She says its big opportunity for me, if I lose job because of you then see… she sees Suhasini coming and goes.

Suhasini goes home and hands over the gifts to Jaya and Simmi. She gives an additional gift to Simmi. Simmi thanks Suhasini and smiles

being shocked. Jaya asks are you okay, whatever happened is good. Simmi says I will call Papa and buy big flat for mom as return gift. Jaya says its good idea, mumma likes some dish litti chokha, if you make it, she will like it more than flat. Simmi asks shall I make it alone. Jaya says I m with you. Simmi says yes, we will make it together. Jaya smiles.

Jaideep gets the shirt. Jaya greets him. he asks why is this packet here, I told you before, I think you don’t understand, don’t bring this and shouts. She says not me, mumma got this for you. He stops himself from throwing it. She asks him to check once. He says mom gave, so it will be something costly of her choice, I have no interest in mom’s choice. She stops him to talk and cries. She says my parents and your mom have asked us many times, we are married since 4 years, will we have a child, no… what shall I tell them. He says no, tell them we won’t have a child. He leaves.

Abhay tells Simmi that we will have baby soon, mom will not say us directly. We have to think this, we are mature. She asks him not to disturb her. She says I m worried about the dish litti chokha. He corrects her. He says mom will be glad when our baby comes. She sends him out of room so that she can read recipe. Abhay goes to Adarsh and says you did not do this right, you made Simmi become good bahu and took mom on shopping. Adarsh asks what did I do, I just explained mom that Simmi is stubborn, but good at heart. Abhay says Simmi is not mom’s type, she is high school drop out, she is nice girl, I love her a lot, I should have explained mom, this would have not happened. He gets call and goes. Adarsh thinks Abhay said right, the mistake this idiot did, I should not do.

Adarsh goes to Suhasini and talks to her. He asks who is troubling you at this time of night. She says not trouble, she is helping me, Swadheenta, she is good at work. Adarsh says she is not experienced. Suhasini says she is talented and focused, she is not ambitious, she will assist me for 4-5 years, she will fight the cases I want her to take, its not good to get good assistances, it will work for both of us. Adarsh says she is good assistant, how did you like her as a person. Suhasini says innocent, she stays with her uncle and aunty, her parents are in Chennai, middle class family, I did not ask her, we don’t have to get related to her. Adarsh thinks I have to get related to her, I will tell you about her after I have some relation with her.

Its morning, Swadheenta is making tea. Mamu asks her to make extra cup, someone is coming. She asks who. Mamu says surprise. The door bell rings. She goes to open the door and sees Adarsh. She shuts door and says he has come here too, he is very cheap. He says your voice is coming, door is not sound proof. She opens the door and asks why did you come, whats these flowers. He says motichoor laddoo. She asks why are you smiling. He says your welcome style is so different, everyone welcome me well, your welcome is simple, beautiful… she says don’t joke, I m not type of girl. He stops her and asks are you scared that you will fall in love with me… She looks at him.

Mamu comes and says Mr. Sinha, come. He says Swadheenta that Adarsh is his guest, for whom he asked her to make extra tea cup. She goes. Adarsh asks Mamu to call him just Adarsh. Mamu welcomes him and asks did you get the house easily. Adarsh says yes, Asad explained me the route well. Asad looks at Adarsh. Adarsh smiles. Asad says yes, and gives him sweets. Mamu says Adarsh earned such high place in such less age, its really great. Swadheenta gets the tea. Adarsh gives flowers to Zubeda, while Swadheenta assumes he is giving bouquet to her. He says Sir, people are serious about career these days, there are many things to do, like hanging out with friends. Swadheenta says career is important. Adarsh says I believe life should have fun, else it gets boring.

He says I m talking about my mum, she works a lot, but she is not boring. Swadheenta makes excuse and goes. Suhasini compliments Manohar and hugs him. He likes her choice. He says Abhay and Jaideep are like him. She asks about Adarsh. He tells how Adarsh sent his associate in imp meeting and went to give lecture at some college, don’t know what he wants. Adarsh thanks Mamu and Mami for calling him home. Mami thanks him for saving Asad and Swadheenta. Adarsh says no, Asad was there, he is enough alone, look at his body. He looks around. Mamu asks do you want anything. Adarsh says I was just seeing the house, its interesting. Asad asks will you like to see, I will show the view you want. Mamu says I will take Adarsh. He takes Adarsh to terrace and shows the view. Adarsh sees Swadheenta and says beautiful…… He takes her pic. Mami calls Mamu and he goes. Adarsh goes to Swadheenta and asks are you angry. She says I thanked you for your help, that’s it. He says we will talk later. She says we won’t meet and talk. He agrees and asks why don’t you want to meet me, did I misbehave, whats the reason, I know something is troubling you, I can solve the problem. She says you are my problem.

Simmi sees Swadheenta and asks what is she doing here. The girl says Swadheenta is Suhasini’s new assistant. Simmi calls Ahuja. Swadheenta gets shocked seeing…. She calls someone and says someone came here in office.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  12. riya( die hard fan of rivanya)

    Nice epi

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  17. Areh why Swadhu doing like this with adarsh at least she should be friends with him, and I think jaideep loved someone else I feel bad for jaya , Simmi is annoying at times but funny sometimes poor abhay

  18. Suhasini Khanna

    Nice epi. Love dehleez

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  20. Btw, how was ur last exam max, sweety n other board candidates?

    1. Hey sheena!!! My last xam was gud.

  21. Nice episode enjoying go see swadarsh scences and in last episode we saw simmi father giving some pills to abhay to give simmi wats the matter I can’t understand
    Yaa I also feel bad for jata but if swadhenta solves the problem between them it’s rock but I don’t know how the story take moves

  22. Guys,how do you like talk to each other here? O.o
    Do you get notifications and all?
    Btw,im Tara,17 years old currently giving boards exam ?

  23. Hi Tara!! Well, its fun talking to each other here as we get to know that everyone has their own dimension of thinking n each of us belongs to a different region and different background..☺.I mean at least I feel good..?
    N yaa we don’t get any notifications.
    BTW, welcome to our grp

    1. Haai Sheena ?
      Hahah okay,sounds amazing.?

  24. I thought story will move further but dat same boring and nonsense track started

    1. Hahahahaha hey max are u the same max who used to comment in bigg boss page?

      1. Hey fatarjo No i m the max who use 2 criticise dahleez, mean this is my 1st show where i cmnt

      2. Oh okay because there was another person names max who commented on bigg boss page and his logo was quite similar to yours

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    Hope…the keep it interesting…unlike other serials

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