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Dehleez 28th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Adarsh hug. Swadheenta says she did not want tensions. He takes her for a drive in his car. He smiles at her and she smiles back. Jiya re plays…
Swadheenta turns on the music on the dashboard. Its a slow romantic number . Adarsh smiles n eyelocks. Thru drive all night its dawn now and they are locked in eyelock. Adarsh shows Swadheenta his office building , thru drive across rashtratibhavan. He shows her his house.
Swadheenta says last time she came here she broke his engagement. Adarsh says next time she will come as daughter-in-law of that house. Swadheenta then shows him her office. She has doubts if she will remain employed here. She brings him to her house. Then they drove back to Dillinhat . They feed the pigeons. Swadheenta says she will not be successful like

his mom. She will help the poor people and do social work. Adarsh says he was a bureaucrat but he worked for poor downtrodden. He fought against corruption. He was unlikely to earn lots he confesses. He asks her to get ready fast as they had lots of work to do.

Swadheenta meets suha , apologises. Suha scolds her angrily.

Adarsh reaches Mr Rama and apologises, tries to appease him, requests him to get Swadheenta married to him. He says if he gets her married to Jeevan, then she will never be able to stay happy.

Swadheenta says same on other side that Adarsh and Vanshika won’t stay happy. She asks who she is to decide that. Suha says love happens sooner or later, if relationships are right. If relationship is wrong, then no matter how much love is there.. love disappears one day. Suhu blames Swadheenta for manipulating her. She tells her to get lost.

Mr rama accuses Adarsh of lying to him insulting his art. He refuses to listen anything and tells him GET OUT .

At college rads says her parents agreed to allow her to finish studies then they will chose guy for her. Rads scolds Asad ‘s frends for not being with him when he needed them. Asad’s friends apologise and they make up and the friends hug.

At Swadheenta’s house
Jeevan tries to appease Mr Rama , he says Adarsh was not totally wrong. Mr Rama is surprised he was praising Adarsh ?? Jeevan says he has learnt lot from him to be good human first. And he had to keep up, to the standards of best student. For Swadheenta, Adarsh is best he better accept that, Pleads him to talk to suhasini.

Swadheenta is shocked and surprised as Mr Rama says he would talk to Suhasini. Not for Swadheenta but becasue Jeevan asked him. Swadheenta is very happy. He says he will go without having anything bad in his mind. He will go with intention of making this rishta..res they shall see what happens. Swadheenta says everything will be good. Adarsh is a good guy. Jeevann comes and he too praises Adarsh. Jeevan asks Swadheenta to inform Adarsh that Mr Rama is coming tomorrow. Mr Rana leaves. Swadheenta thanks Jeevean.

Adarsh tells suha that Mr Rama wanted to meet her. He then reveals he was Mr Rama’s student. He learnt bharat natyam. He learnt Tamil for the sake of Swadheenta. He did not want to lie to her any more . Suha refuses to meet Mr Rama.

Jaydev and jaya come and try to plead suha to meet Mr Rama. Suha in end tells them to ask Mr rama to meet her at her office at 12.

Adarsh calls Swadheenta and Asad picks up . He hears Adarsh calling her sweetheart etc.

Bro sis cute moments as Swadheenta snatches the phone. Swadheenta and Adarsh share tensions as their parents are about to meet up .

Mr rama reaches Suha office and gifts her mithai. Suha says it’s like she is used to this. Last year, someone brought mithai like this as well. She introduces him to Manohar. He is a senior bureaucrat. He had taken an off for meeting Ramakrishnan. Suha reminds him how last time he had come to see Swadheenta’s office and he had liked it a lot as well. He liked so much that he changed everything..changed all his plans. Rama feels insulted.

Rama returns home and is upset as Swadheenta asks what Suhasini ji said … He is sweating badly as he returns home with mithai dabba .
Adarsh confronts Suha and Manohar. “What did you say to Guru Ji”?

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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  1. What a superb and romantic episode of today.This is the best serial of Star plus.It is not dragging like other old serials.Star Plus should give more prefrence to this serial so that every one enjoys during dinner time.
    A nice acting of Swadheenta and Adarsh and best direction.
    Thanks Telly Update.

  2. Loved the Swadheenta n Adarsh’s chemistry.?

  3. Yea its so romantic love today epi

  4. Awww awesome Eli

  5. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Nice…bit late..I hv to wyt for repeat..
    n dat too I miss busy.

    suha I like ur aura n repoar…n style.
    ..but u hv to give a fair chance to swa/adez?
    swa/adse set a misaal…dnt succumb to be cohersed.
    n dnt look down on people. ..not nice mam.

  6. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    My current series I try to catch…kasam dehleez thapki ikrs…..kaala tikka….dropped off so many bcoz abuse dragggggg n same story copycat style…zee hello??? Nothing new not even films??? Except Sara gama pa..

    1. I like all the shows mentioned here but I like dehleez more and do watch sony shows (the 2 latest ones) they are rocking too

  7. Love this serial and yes i also think its the best on Star Plus 🙂

    1. Yes nafisa it’s the best serial on star plus

  8. Missed it but loving it

  9. jiya re rocks,but its seems like d parent are dragging d whole stuff

    1. This is like the original story. Even in real life also if parents came to know about their child’s love relationship. They behaves same as current track.

      1. I agree with u swara

  10. One more gr8 episode thx cvs again .todayz episode was simple yet meaningful.liked the way adarsh asked her for a drive ( n not coffee r expensive date …
    )shows he just wants to b with her n surroundings dont matter .loved the way both showed each other offices being from different proffessions yet their goal was one to help needy.Also so simply both told each other that may b thy wont have lots of money n their life but using their proffession helping the needy was their biggest.thx again Star Plus i think i m game for this finite series concept if we are gog to get such meaningful stuff

  11. Love asad to core ya what a brother Tension hai tere sweetheart ko !!

  12. Nice .. But missed it.
    Thanx fr d update sutapasima but requesting you fr d fst update plss..

  13. thank god my mom recorded te last two episodes saw two episodes in a row yesterday Swadhu’s love confession was gr8z. And today’s Episode swadarsh scenes were awesome, I really hope suhasini accepts their love because i really like suhasini’s character a lot

  14. Yup!I agree with what Nafisa say.Though it is a new serial but it’s the best serial on Star Plus.Awesome love story.

  15. Nice episode. All the emotions felt real. Swadarsh scenes were sweet, Planning their future, their dreams. I’m surprised suhasini didn’t kick Adarsh out of the house. Adarsh, suhu scene was good. I can totally understand the hurt the parents are feeling. thanks for keeping it real.

  16. FfDehleez: Adarsh and Swadheenta’s relationship in more trouble Upcoming Story

    Friday, April 29 2016
    Dehleez: Adarsh and Swadheenta’s relationship in more trouble

    Dehleez: Suhasini insults Ramakrishna, Ramakrishna against Swadheenta (Tridha Choudhary) and Adarsh’s (Harshad Arora) marriage

    The upcoming episodes of Dehleez will show a huge twist coming up as big rift will come in Adarsh and Swadheenta’s relationship.

    Ramakrishna is upset with Swadheenta for breaking his trust but Jeevan convinces Ramakrishna for Adarsh and Swadheenta’s relationship.

    Ramakrishna agrees to meet Suhasini to talk about Adarsh and Swadheenta.

    On the other hand, Adarsh confesses to Suhasini about all the lies he had told her earlier.

    Suhasini is not happy about Swadheenta but agrees to meet Ramakrishna.

    Adarsh angry with Suhasini for insulting Ramakrishna

    However, Suhasini insults Ramakrishna for seeing dreams of getting Swadheenta and Adarsh married.

    Ramakrishna is hurt by Suhasini’s words and returns home crying.

    On the other hand, Adarsh is furious with Suhasini for insulting Ramakrishna.

    However, Ramakrishna will refuse for Swadheenta and Adarsh’s marriage after his insult.

    1. Thanks for the spoilers Goldie 🙂 but sad spoilers 🙁 I hope ramakrishna and suhasini will accept swadarsh relationship soon

  17. Nice episode again! I hope they will not pull Suhasini’s character towards negativity. Till now she is a strong woman with proper logics and balanced mind.
    I disagree with some fans who are saying that the show is being dragged. You can see any other serial in any other channel and you will understand what dragging is. There is no need for jumping now. They are showing day to day progress. It is OK.
    The nice thing will be as both parents do not agree, they will not marry each other neither to any other person(s) and continue their love and wait for the parents to agree.

  18. NYC…episode
    Love u SwaDarsh❤

  19. Very realistic…juz love the whole episodes…fingers crossed for da next drama… love love dehleez….

  20. Atleast another 3-4 dayz for suhu to agree . I think by next tue wed she will .Hope fully jaya will prick the bubble world she s living in n bring her into reality that, the way she thinks “ki der saver pyar ho hi jaata hai rishta hona jaroori hain pyar nahin “doesnot work.

    1. After knowing jayas reality i think she might b more shattered.

    2. And as jaya rightly once said “pati patni mein pyar hona jaroori hain baki sab to dheere dheere theek ho hi jaata hain “

  21. Jaidev nd jaya ‘s confrontation regarding their marriage can only convince suhasini for swadarsh relation… Let’s see what happens.. ??

    1. Correct logically. Lets see.

  22. What happened to Amena di?? hope she is fine..
    Anyway thanks di for the update..??

  23. Swadharsh scenes were awesome..??
    Sweetheart n all..ohho..?

  24. Asad u r cho chweet.,….??
    Love u loads..
    Ur n adhu’s bonding is so superb ,..

  25. Ab Radhika is having swadheentha’s situation..she can complete her studies but will have to marry according to parents choice.. ???

    1. I think asad will make himself capable of being their choice till then.?

      1. Yes. That would be nice.

  26. Suhasini shouldnt have insulted Ramakrishnan..Its too bad,… ???

  27. Ab Suhasini will see a different shade of adhu..who gets angry on his mom for insulting his future FIL.

  28. True. She may not agree for the marriage, but she should not insult her parents. Ahuja was a corrupt man, so that was OK. But Ramakrishnan? I thought Suhasini is a matured logical lady. She started behaving like any ordinary sas, horrible. This will destroy the image of the show as a whole. Plz dont do this. Think practically writers . Improve your imagination field or take suggestions from public if you cant. Dont become stereotyped.Stick to the character from beginning to end.

    1. Totally agreed she should not put Mr Rama n Ahuja together as both r two different individuals one who has achieved thru hard work n other thru wrong means.She should respect Mr Rama as an individual n not a person whose daughter gatecrashed her sons engagement n snatched her son.Specially without knowing all the facts she not judge a person n being a lawyer definately not.It was her son who was running after his daughter .Why Indian television alwsyz show that MIL s think its alwayz the girl n her parents snatch their sons difficult to understand.

      1. I think jaya should stop being a good bahu as in turn she s fueling suhus ego which s in turn making her strongly believe whatever decisions she has taken for her elder son have been rite n thy r happy n their married life.

      2. Ofcourse dont intend to say she should stop being a good person that she s by nature but need to make suhu realise that she cant b always rite.

      3. Right. That is why I am requesting the writers to imagine differently and dont copy from other stories (rather pakau storyies). Use maggie sauce if required. It is different.

      4. Regarding Jaya, however, I am not able to agree becoz Suhasini likes her. She can only convince her. Also, may be knowing Jaya’s plight, Suhasini may realise her mistake. But thats OK. What will happen how it will happen. My point was not to murder the basic characters and make them negative. Educated MILs behave or rather handle their educated bahus differently whether they like them or not. The writers need to know that first. I think Suahsini shd be shown as more disturbed becoz of his son or Swaheenta, who did not tell the truth rather than raising questions about her parents intentions. As she did research in Simmi’s case she shd do research on Swadheenta how she fell in love to her son. It was never the intention of that poor girl. It is not becoz he is Suhasini’s son, not becoz he is an IAS, just becoz he is a good samaritan.

      5. And their thoughts match. And he is a good person by heart and so on…… She is not after his money or anything.

      6. HighTime get ur facts rite The Suhasini Sinha!!

  29. yaar i love this show……but m litle bit scared….adarsh and swadheenta …..i m worried if they portray a romantic character properly…

    1. I think yes. It is not teenage love. It is called mature love.

      1. Lol….thx for telling me this sweety…..

  30. Swadhu rocks
    Hope thng sort out soon between suha and rama
    Jaydev too shld commit his love to jaya
    I thnk one day jaydev too will fall in love wid jaya hope thngs goes ryt

    1. I think Renewal of vows for jaya n jaydev n swadarshs wedding might b a new start what say ???

      1. Ya even I think that
        Let’s see what happens

      2. And thy are also n vogue in so called suhus class conscious circle !!!

  31. Today’s episode was really very nyc loved Swadarsh scenes….. Nd hw bad of suha insulting rama I hope they don’t turn suha more negative
    Nd Swadarsh rocked , their chemistry is just awesome

  32. I am waiting for today’s episode after seeing the precap. How Adarsh handles his parents is important.

  33. Nd thanx for the update sutapasima

  34. nice show with beautiful true and mature love story and the relatiions between the characters is so senstive and very bonded hope this will be telecast at earlier love u swadarsh and asea and radhhika.

  35. Guys, I don’t know but I am getting an intimation of the track proceeding a bit similar to the book as well as the movie 2 states. As in:-
    1. Boy loves girl.
    2. Finally girl falls for the boy.
    3. In work related process families meet.
    4. Guys Family starts hating girl and girls family does the same with boy.
    5. Families hate each other.
    6. Now may be according to next plot adarsh may go from delhi to chennai (posting) and then convince parents of swadheenta and swadheenta here in delhi will do the same with suhasini.
    7. Then families will meet but due to differences swaadarsh will brk up and then eventually manohar will go and again fix the relation.

    Plot is so damn familiar and its totally predictable.
    I personally love swaadarsh and the way they act but maybe due to the plot and story its predictable.

    I just hope it is not the way I have predicted!

    1. I don’t think so shantanu because in the first ever ever promo it was shown that swadarsh getting married but instead of mandap later it turned out to be a court where swaadheenta is a lawyer and adarsh is an IPS officer it was like a face to face against each other in the court I can’t 100% remember I think something big will happen but after swadarsh get married

  36. U all are serial killer…Ha Ha…..

  37. Lovely episode.

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