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Dehleez 27th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swadheenta arranging her desk with her parents pic. She gets Asad’s note and keeps his pic as well. She fixes some notes and sits to work. Abhay tears the papers and gives to Ahuja. He say case is over. Ahuja thanks him and says Swadheenta is giving tension for no use, I don’t have to do anything, Simmi is tensed. Abhay says Simmi is fine, don’t worry Papa. Ahuja says you know her state, take these medicines, did Simmi doubt? Abhay says no, she thinks these medicines are vitamins. Ahuja says God should give everyone Jamai like you, I m very grateful, I m annoyed with your elder brother, why does he interfere in other’s matter, why did he go with Swadheenta. Abhay says I apologize for that, maybe Adarsh knows that girl. Ahuja says long time friendship, fine, I walk, I mean

I will go, your English got weak. Abhay laughs. Ahuja says be with me, I will make your English better. He leaves.

Asad tells Radhika and other friends about the goons. He boasts of his bravery and says I have beaten the five goons a lot. He sees Adarsh coming and says how did he come here. Radhika says he is IAS officer Adarsh Sinha, who was coming to give lecture. Asad says I will go. Adarsh greets him and stops him. Asad greets him. Principal asks Adarsh do you know Asad. Adarsh asks him to check arrangements, Asad will get me to auditorium. Principal asks Asad to get Adarsh.

Adarsh asks Asad how is his wound. Radhika says what was the need to beat five goons, I explain Asad so much. Adarsh asks really and tells more fake stories of Asad’s bravery. Asad looks at him and says yes, how can I forget. He asks Asad to come. Asad asks where. Adarsh says auditorium. Asad says yes, after you Sir…

Adarsh gives the lecture about making career, and girlfriend. He says choosing career is like choosing girlfriend, choose career which you love and work with sincerity, sorry to bore you all. Everyone clap for him. Gilani greets Adarsh and says speech was very nice, what are you doing tomorrow morning, I wanted you to come at my house for morning tea. Adarsh says sure, I will come. Gilani thanks him. Adarsh says I will come on my own, I mean Asad will tell me. Asad tells his friends that I know big people. Adarsh calls him. Asad goes to him. Adarsh asks him not to fake boast so much that it gets tough. Asad says sorry, I was saying to impress friends. Adarsh asks how is Swadheenta. Asad says what happened, she is fine. Adarsh asks did she say anything. Asad says she always says something. Adarsh says about me, did she think anything. Asad says she is busy, she has no time to think, she is assisting big lawyer. He goes to his friend. Adarsh smiles.

Swadheenta is on call talking to Mr. Mehra. She gets Adarsh’s call and ends ongoing call. Adarsh asks is she still annoyed. She asks do you care. He asks her to think of Simmi. She says we spoke about it. He says exactly, its time for action, I m your son and won’t leave this matter so soon. She asks what to do. He asks her to meet him, he will message the location. She agrees. Suhasini asks Swadheenta are you still here. Swadheenta says I will leave once I finish the work. Suhasini says good, see you tomorrow. Mami calls Swadheenta. Swadheenta says its great, I finished work, I will come home, where, fine will come.

Swadheenta and Adarsh reach the same mall. They look around some stuff. Adarsh sights her and smiles. She sees him and turns. He waves her. Suhasini reaches the mall. Swadheenta smiles. Suhasini calls out Adarsh and he turns. He says you came late. She asks whom were you seeing. He says actually, someone known. She asks any known girl? He asks her to shop for Abhay and Simmi. She says we will buy something for everyone. She likes a clutch for Jaya, and for Simmi…. She asks do you think I m such mum in law who troubles bahus. He says no one thinks so at home. She asks about Abhay. He says I feel you love Abhay the most. She says we will do some shopping, you check shirts for Manohar, he liked your choice. He says dad does not like whatever I do, whats the use. She says your dad will be proud of you one day, go now. Adarsh sees Swadheenta trying out earrings. More jiya……plays……………. He smiles and walks to her. He chooses earrings for her, and says you look very confused, you would have called me, I would have help. He helps her and asks her to try the top and earrings. She says no thanks, I wear things of my choice. She walks away. He follows her and stops seeing Suhasini coming that way.

Mami comes in between. Suhasini goes other way. Adarsh looks on. Suhasini asks Adarsh what is he doing here. He says I was waiting for you. She asks is shopping over. He says yes, bags are there, come. She says you got me here, I left office and came, you are asking me to leave, no, come, we will do more shopping. He does not let Suhasini see Swadheenta and covers up her sight getting in between.

Suhasini likes a dress for Simmi. Adarsh and Swadheenta collide. She asks can’t you walk and see, and sees Adarsh…. They sit to pick things. Suhasini comes there. They both get shocked. Swadheenta asks Mam, you here, what a surprise. Even Suhasini and Adarsh say the same. Suhasini says you know each other, even then I will do the introduction, he is Adarsh, my son. Swadheenta gets shocked.

Adarsh gets flowers and is at the door. He greets Swadheenta. She shuts door and says he came here too, he is cheap. He says your voice is audible outside. She opens the door and asks why did he come here. Adarsh came for Gilani’s invitation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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