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Dehleez 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swadheenta apologizing to Suhasini. She says Adarsh and I…. Suhasini says just leave….. Abhay reacts. Jaidev signs Adarsh. Swadheenta cries and leaves with Asad and Radhika. Suhasini is upset and walks out from there along with Manohar. She recalls Adarsh’s and Swadheenta’s words. Manohar thinks of Adarsh’s words and is much upset. Adarsh and everyone look on as Suhasini and Manohar leave.

Suhasini and Manohar come home. She cries and loses strength. He holds her and consoles. She regrets for whatever happened. She says why could I not understand my children, there was some mistake….. Adarsh comes and says its not your mistake mom. Suhasini tells Manohar to ask Adarsh to leave. Manohar says we will talk later. Adarsh says just listen, whatever happened today was

true, I never lied. She says you lied before or lying now, I don’t believe you now. He says Swadheenta. She asks since when was this going on, she became my assistant, she was infront of my eyes in my office every day, and you both did this behind my back, I was such a fool to not see this, that girl is not related to me, you did not think how will I feel when this truth comes out.

Manohar asks her whom is she talking and why, Adarsh promised me that he will marry Vanshika, he did not take second to break promise. He tells Adarsh that its bad to give hope and break it, you broke our hope. Suhasini says you are dual faced, just leave. She shuts the door and says you forgot we were friends too, we had a deal Adarsh, you forgot it, we said if we get a nice girl, we will discuss, when I got a nice girl, I introduced her to you, I kept my side of deal. You have hidden truth, you did not say as you knew Swadheenta is not right girl for this house. She gets angry. Adarsh gets sad and leaves.

Swadheenta and Asad come home in morning. Appa stops them and asks where were they at night. Mamu says they came at night, Swadheenta went in morning again. Asad says yes, we went to meet her friend. Appa says you don’t have daughter and does not know responsibility. Mamu gets hurt. Appa says after two days, we will leave from here, you don’t need to answer us, I have come here and stayed here, I have seen the change in you, I did big mistake that I allowed you to come here. She says I was coming to talk to you and Amma at night. Appa says we don’t want to talk, live your life, marry anyone you want. Mamu says Adarsh is nice guy.

Appa asks him not to say in this matter. Swadheenta cries and says don’t tell Mamu, its not his mistake. Appa says yes, it was our mistake, we can’t tell him not to interfere in my family matter, I don’t have this right too. He leaves angrily. Swadheenta apologizes to Mamu. Amma apologizes on Appa’s behalf and says my daughter ashamed us and that’s why he got angry. Mamu says I know you are upset, but Swadheenta did not do anything to shame you, she is my daughter too, I know she won’t do anything that brings shame for us, explain Ramakrishnan that Adarsh is a nice guy. Amma goes. Swadheenta cries. Asad hugs her.

Jaya tells jaidev that its good engagement did not happen. Jaidev says it broke, but I don’t think mom will agree for Adarsh and Swadheenta’s relation. Jaya says Swadheenta is Adarsh’s love, we will find some way to bring Swadheenta in his life. Simmi hears them and says you guys are with Adarsh, I will tell this to mom. She tells this to Abhay. Abhay says I knew this, I m also involved in this plan. Simmi says they did not tell her.

Radhika apologizes to her parents and says I m in first year, let me complete studies and then think of my marriage. Her dad says Asad did all this. Radhika says Asad is a nice guy. Her mom says that’s why he came with knife in your room. Radhika says I know we did mistake, I m sorry, I request, give me some time, please understand.

Swadheenta calls Adarsh. She asks are you sitting alone. He says yes, and you. She says me too, did anything happen there. He says yes, and there. She says a lot, I was scared of this moment, I used to think I would die in such moment, how would I manage, its all shattering, Amma and Appa are very much annoyed, even after all this, I did not break, because you are with me. More jiya……plays…………. He smiles.

She says I called to say, you don’t get afraid of anyone, from your and my family, because you were alone till now, but now we are one, whatever we do, we will do together, we will make everything fine. He says I can’t believe you are saying this. She says I told you, I learnt this madness recently, I will learn everything slowly. He smiles. She asks how soon can you come to meet me. He says I m coming. She says I m coming too. He asks where are you coming. She says you always travelled alone, we will travel distance equally and tells the mid place for their meet. She says we will see how reaches first, I m leaving. He says me too. They leave. More jiya…..plays…………… They meet and walk to each other. Jiya Re……plays………….. They say I love you to each other and smile. Then then reply I love you too to each other and blush…… They hug.

Suhasini asks why did you come here. Swadheenta says I came to…. Suhasini says to say sorry…. Appa tells Adarsh that you cheated me and my art. Suhasini gets angry on Swadheenta, while Appa gets angry on Adarsh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Woww!I’m so happy.Wish they will pass this hard time together..I LOVE U TOO SWADARSH!!

  2. Very nice and cute episode I hope suhasini accepts swadheenta couldn’t watch dehleez these days due to classes have to wait for weekends to catch up the repeats

  3. This episode was amazing and swadheenta $adarash so romaic

  4. nice too romantic swadash ]air is 2 good

  5. Suhasini’s angst and feelings of betrayal was portrayed by perfection by Meghna Malik and she looked da bomb while doing it. #fashionista #pinkdiva #madhattermom. Swadarsh just cuteness overload. Can’t get enough of them. Dehleez team u guys deserve a standing O. ??

  6. Please dont end this serial soon as u guys ended nisha aur…and manmarzia please

  7. Congrats to Dehleez team for such a good episode. Everything was perfect. As rightly pointed out by some fans : the pagalpan of Swadheenta, the anger of Suhasini, the spark moment of hugging etc. etc. The precap was also very nice. Let us see in what direction it goes. One improvement observed that Jaydev didn’t remove his glasses today. Also, the scooty of Swadheenta did not stop in between. If it goes wrong next time she should file a case against the company ( is it Vespa or TVS?). Just one scene for Radhika was just enough. Similarly Jeevan/Vanshika also deserve one scene each to end the chapter. Are they keeping it open for future nuisance??? I hope not.
    The best thing I observed was Swadheenta was telling Adarsh to be brave. In fact she was telling all this to herself. Nice depiction of controlled love. Both characters are showing maturity in not fighting for love with their parents and at the same time they are consolidating their love. They are shown as ideal son or daughter. Good message for youngsters.

    1. Ya tru he didnt remove his glasses.

      1. Also has anyone observed in (slow motion scenes especially) harshad whenever blinks his eyes only the right eye blinks most of the times haa…just a funny observation

    2. If not jeevan atleast vanshika n her family deserves n explanation from adhu although he never committed wholeheartedly.that is how educated n mature people would handle such situation.

    3. I think jaya looks determined to unite swadarsh unlike jaidev who has given up like he did with his love.i think she wil step up n will put her marital bliss (sad)story in front of her inlaws who r living in some kind of class conscious lala land.

  8. Mmmmm…
    Wow! Wat an end of episode …
    Luv u Swadhu…

  9. Plz take dis serial a long …….
    Don’t shut it
    Its loving

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    Nayi Soch Award – Sandhya – Deepika Singh
    Naya Sadasya (Male) – Adarsh – Harshad Arora
    Naya Sadasya (Female) – Swadheenta – Tridha Choudhury
    Favourite Digital Sadasya (Female) – Ishita – Divyanka Tripathi
    Favourite Digital Sadasya (Male) – Raman – Karan Patel
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    1. Yay !!!Adhu n swadhu won fav naya sadasya awards 3 cheers for them.

  11. Awesome episode………luv u swadhu n adhu…………keep rocking guys……I love to watch dhaleez.

  12. Congrats Harshad and Trida for naya sadasya awards. They have been air for such a short time and already won awards. Cool. U guys looked great.

  13. Wow…Cngrts harshad and tridha…u guys rocked….awards in just 1 and-a-half month acting…2 good….u guys will deserve lotzz of awards….Iam sure nxt yr u guys will fill dis winners list….is this swadhu?? (Pinch) oops….its swadhu….tdy she is awesome….

  14. Harshad arora keep smiling…u hv million $ smile…so carry on
    & nice episode

  15. Wow…feeling happy that swadhu n adhu..both received naya sadasya award…congrats…?????

  16. Harshad nd swadeentha

    Love this drama.. 🙂

  17. Amena di waiting for today’s update

  18. guyz plz … any1 update tdy episode… i want 2 knw abt tdy ..wt hpnd..wat suhashini did

  19. Quick update.
    Swadarsh decide to go for a long drive. Share some romantic moments, visit their offices and homes and decide to do one important thing.

    Next morning awash meets app a and freedom meets suhasini both of them share their anger on swadarsh and ask them to leave.

    A sad and radians agree to wait for 3 years so that a sad is capable enough to marry her. He hugs his friends after listening to their story.

    Jeevan asks app a to reconsider his decision and accept awash. He agrees to talk with shun.
    Mean while awash tells truth about bharatnatyam to shun. Maya convinces shun to talk to app a.
    Next day app a meets shun she says last year someone came just like this to make rights. Have you come after seeing my office and family or…

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