Dehleez 26th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 26th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swadheenta saying Asad is mad, he says anything. Adarsh smiles and sends message to her. She reads hope everything is fine, good night. She recalls Asad’s words and switches off her phone. Abhay gets a call and gets shocked…. His sleep breaks and asks who did this, are you sure, I will come office and talk. He sees Simmi sleeping…. And calls Adarsh. The call does not connect. He rests to sleep.

Its morning, Adarsh gets ready and Abhay stops him on way to breakfast table. Abhay says I tried calling you at night, your phone was switched off, its something imp. Adarsh says mom is calling and goes to have breakfast. Suhasini asks where is Simmi. Simmi comes and says I came on time. Suhasini says good you are adapting to this house. Simmi says yes, but maybe this house won’t

accept me, Abhay I came here by trusting you. She says I don’t know what relation Adarsh has with that cheap lawyer, why did he file FIR against my Papa. Manohar and Jaideep ask Adarsh in shock. Abhay tells them that Swadheenta complaint that Ahuja’s men has beaten up her, her brother and Adarsh. Suhasini asks what. Adarsh says actually… Simmi says Papa can’t do this, just Adarsh can answer why he is doing this, sorry mom, not today. Manohar and Jaideep ask Adarsh why did he file FIR without thinking. Adarsh says its not false, the goons had really beaten up Swadheenta and me. Suhasini asks how are you related to this. Adarsh says there were 5 goons, Swadheenta and her brother were beaten up, I was there and helped them, she filed FIR, I went along. Manohar asks him not to take his Robin hood tag so seriously, as he is not thinking against whom is he going. Suhasini asks Adarsh does he know Swadheenta. He says i just met her in Shraddha’s marriage. Before Adarsh could explain, Simmi starts arguing with Suhasini. Suhasini says Ahuja’s name will get cleared if those goons are not his men. Simmi says what a family, Abhay got to know this at night and he kept quiet, and now mom knew this and kept quiet too, mom regards my Papa a criminal. Suhasini says police will decide whether he is criminal or not, we don’t talk in high tone in this house. She gets angry. Simmi cries and looks at Abhay. She leaves. Abhay goes after her.

Abhay consoles Simmi and says we will shift to our quarter, all this arguments won’t happen. She says no, I don’t want to shift, I want to be with everyone here, if we leave, everyone will say I broke Sinha family. Adarsh looks on and comes to them. He says I did not have intentions to hurt you and Ahuja uncle, sorry. She says its fine, everyone like to hurt me and my Papa. Adarsh says you are mistaken, you are bahu of this house. She says saying bahu is not enough, bahu’s rights have to be given. Adarsh says I know, relations are not one sided, ask yourself what did you do to become this house’s bahu. He signs Abhay and leaves.

Adarsh goes to Suhasini and says I need to talk. She refuses to talk. She gets her anger out. He says I m saying what happens daily, Simmi did not leave this house, she could have taken Abhay, but she did not, she gets angry but never walked out with Abhay, accept her mom. She asks did you grow up such that you can explain me on joining family. She asks Abhay does he have to explain anything.. and goes. Abhay thanks Adarsh for trying. Adarsh says don’t worry, I will make everything fine. Abhay says there is one way, you also do love marriage. Adarsh asks why, will this end mom’s anger. Abhay says no, her anger will get divided. They laugh. Abhay asks is there any girl. Adarsh smiles and leaves.

Mamu and Mami are happy for Swadheenta. Asad jokes and Swadheenta pulls his ear. Swadheenta eats curd as she is going to meet Suhasini. Her mum calls and asks her not to be nervous. Her mum says I did puja and blesses her. Her dad talks to her and reminds how scared they were before sending her away, but today they are very proud. Swadheenta thanks them.

Swadheenta is on the way in rickshaw. She gets Adarsh’s call and does not pick it. She recalls Asad’s words. Adarsh is in his car, and reaches the rickshaw. He asks why is she not answering the call, talk to me, I thought you will be glad. She says its my office’s first day, don’t irritate me. He asks driver to overtake and stop rickshaw. He goes to her and asks whats the problem. She asks him not to create a scene on road. He asks her why is her mood so bad, whats the problem. She says I m getting late. She leaves. Adarsh wishes her all the best. Ahuja spots them, and says black in pulse meaning daal me kaala…. He leaves.

Suhasini is in her office and recalls Adarsh’s words. Dubey says Swadheenta has come. Suhasini says ask her to sit….

Suhasini welcomes Swadheenta to her team and asks why are you worried. Swadheenta says no. Suhasini says if Ahuja’s goons attacked me, I would have got worried too. Swadheenta asks how do you know. Suhasini says some things have to be found, here is your desk, wish you all the best, did you file FIR. Swadheenta says yes, yesterday night. Suhasini says so fast, FIR takes weeks time against rich people like Ahuja, did govt officer help in FIR. Swadheenta says yes. Suhasini says its good if govt officer is boyfriend of a lawyer. Swadheenta says he is not my boyfriend. Suhasini says close friend. Swadheenta says we just know each other, I came here from Chennai to do law and focus on my work, I don’t have time for all this. Suhasini says nice thought, else you can get distracted, have a look at the files. She goes. Swadheenta gets shocked seeing Ahuja construction file. She goes to Suhasini and says all these cases are against Ahuja. Suhasini says you should be happy, Ahuja attacked you, you got a chance, study the files well, so that Ahuja can’t snatch any poor man’s land. Swadheenta says yes and goes. Suhasini checks newspaper and thinks Ahuja made my son away, and raised question on my upbringing, I will settle scores now. She smiles.

Adarsh smiles seeing Swadheenta at the mall and waves to her. She smiles. Suhasini comes there and calls out Adarsh. Adarsh gets tensed and turns.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thankyou Amena di for fast update??

  2. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Thnx for the fast update amena mam

  3. Swadhu also starts feeling something..huh???

  4. Wow,….as usual Adhu swadhu chemistry is awesome

  5. gud n u adarsh wow gud episode

  6. Vahhh, suhasiniji toh badi chaalu nikali… I wamt her to fix marriage of Swadarsh…..

  7. Wow….suhasini is grt…..jz love fo adarsh n freedom…. ??

  8. nice episode…Abhay and adarsh talk on love marriage was funny…lol swadarsh

  9. Swadarsh scenes r fabulous….. I think the writer focuses a lot in swadhenta… There must be some official scenes of Adarsh…..

  10. Wow Suhasini supporting Swadhu… Hope she supports even Adarsh and Swadhus relation ship too 🙂

  11. riya( die hard fan of rivanya)

    Nice epi

  12. God…..!!!! precap is nice hope in real also sab Kuch clear ho jaye swadhu needs to know that adarsh is suhasini’s son.

  13. I just wish they will start dating

  14. Nice episode..hope to see more swadarsh scenes?

  15. hello im natasha. im reading dehleez updates frm the first day but interesting thing is that till didnt see any of its epi. but really enjoying reading it.

    and yaa best wishes frm me for u all. good night.

  16. WOW suhasini great move dear!!!!!…………..yeah i support you in settling scores..and i m fed up with this nonsense simmi ….she is real spoilt brat…

  17. Awesome show!!! After sssooo many days got to see something worth watching in star plus…except the mythological series…love swadarsh as a pair & their way of portraying their relation!!! Day by day i’m going gaga over this serial!!!

  18. Nice epi

  19. Haha I lobe adarsh and abhay’s nok jhok but dont want simmi to spoil it. On the other side I hope swadarsh are not seperated by suhasini.

  20. Asum…Swadheenta and Adarsh..they r such a cute couple…

  21. Hi thanks amena for fast update I love the chemistry between swadarsh omg I m loving it???????

  22. Suhasuhasini superb acting but I think she s just using Swadhu for her own revenge lil doubtful if she will accept her as DIL… Although she will start knowing he in the process. But her role is lil unclear

  23. sudharshna udhayakumar

    The pair is just awesome ??? adarsh an d abay scenes were good..I like abay character…

  24. The story is becoming very interesting and complicated. But nice hidden love between Swadheenta and Adarsh. Adarsh really cared about her in trouble sea.
    Even now it seems that Suhasini is against Ahuja and this will help Swadheenta.
    Nice Episode. Thanks Telly Update.

  25. Swadheenta and adarsh too good, just love this show a lot this ahuja and his daughter Simmi is quite annoying, even my nephew said this simmi should say kill me 😛 hate her 😛

  26. plz show adarsh doing some wrk hes just shown gog after swadhu ya plz we want to c him wrking as well

  27. new girl entering in adarsh life it wil b fun to see she s jayas friend n suhu likes her for adarsh..

  28. craze about skr

    super episode …………………..but feeling sad for adarsh as swadhu is not talking to him…………………………………………

  29. i think,suhasini will antagonist.:-(

  30. i dont think Suhasini will support Adarsh & Swadeenta’s love…. She’s jus using Swadeentha against Ahuja… I dont think she’l let Adarsh & Swadeenta go ahead in their relationship..

    1. yea!i thnk so!

  31. Wow….without sweety the co.monetary section looks sooo bare…
    Lol…. am missing this bickering..

  32. Missing Sweety di….??

  33. wellwisher (ww) zaya fan

    Amazing epi…. suhasini is too good….. swadhu again started to be rude….. love adhu so much….

  34. All the best fr ur exams sweety , max nd etc who r studying 12th

  35. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Swadha is a bit offish always angry/ryde to Ardeah n shame he always smile.good couple but suhashini is maybe just like using law n kp her name n may or may not support lovies. …hahaaa lets wait n ccc…eish too late we hv to wyt for repeat!!!!.

  36. Adarsh bahu is Vanshika . I just want some
    romance beetween swadarsh .

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