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Dehleez 26th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with judge saying Yash’s statement made the case very clear, Asad is not a terrorist, he is a brave son of the country, Abhay and Yash are the true soldiers of the country, who fought and sacrificed lives for their country, but what Asad did showed what every Indian and soldier should do, he has sacrificed his life for the country, this court clears all the blames on Asad, and requests govt. to recommend Late Asad’s name for bravery award. He says there is a question now, if all this was true, why was all that proof recovered from Haider’s house, why did Allan lie and gave that statement.

Swadheenta says Manohar would like to say something. Adarsh holds his hand. Manohar goes to witness box. He says I want to confess that there was internal enquiry initiated by govt about

Gilanis, it was proved that they are innocent, I was given the work to cover this mistake, the proof in Haider’s house was planted there. Mamu and Mami cry. Manohar says I want to confess that minister Choudhary was also involved in this. Suhasini looks on. judge says its such a shame that system went to this limit to hide their mistake, this court orders for enquiry on Manohar and Choudhary, its proved that Professor Haider is innocent, so all the blames on him are taken off. Swadheenta cries happily. Everyone clap.

Suhasini tells Swadheenta that you said right, we were not against each other, but in search of truth, I m proud of you. Swadheenta hugs Mamu and Mami.

Adarsh and Swadheenta visit Asad’s grave. Some men pray there. Adarsh keeps the aam papad there. Maula mere lele meri jaan…………….plays………….. They leave. Mamu sits near the grave and prays. Reporter says everyone is paying tribute to Asad, we are proud of Asad, he gave his life and saved the city, we salute him. Reporter asks Haider how does he feel to be called father of a martyr. Haider says I feel proud. Swadheenta says even I m proud of him.

Everyone attend bravery awards honors function. Commissioner says this case was complicated, no one understood the truth, police department did a mistake, now its chance to rectify this, every year bravery awards is given, but this year its special award for Asad, who gave his life and saved many lives, I request Asad’s father Haider to come on stage. Haider recalls Asad’s words and goes on stage.

Haider receives the awards. Commissioner says we know last few days were very painful for you, but the country is ashamed, I apologize to you, I request you to say few words. Mamu asks what shall I say, country did mistake, country is ashamed, country’s respect, even I m from this country, I was born in a village, I went to city and worked hard to study and get a job, then I become History Professor, I taught the students about country’s history and was proud of it, one day suddenly I was called a terrorist, my 18 year son was killed, I could not cry and mourn for his death, we were staying in that house for 25 years, we were made to leave from that house, loved ones, relatives and friends made us strangers, I was sitting in jail and thinking I was born in this country, why am I made to prove that we love the country as you all, I wanted to see my son in army, Asad used to say if I don’t go in army, even then I will do such big thing for the country that will make me proud, he did that, what did he get in return, he was tagged a terrorist, there is no use to repent now, when my son is gone very far now, he can never return now. He cries and says you all have gave me big honor, but someone else deserves this honor, that daughter with whom I don’t have blood relation, but a deeper relation, she went against her husband, inlaws, family and the world to get justice for me and Asad, my daughter Swadheenta. Everyone clap. Haider asks Swadheenta to come on stage. Swadheenta looks at Suhasini. Suhasini signs her to go.

Mamu gives the award to Mami. Swadheenta goes on stage and greets everyone. She says Haider, Zubeda and Asad Gilani are my loved ones, I grew up with this truth, that incident was bad, I was sure that night would not make me away from my family, I did not understand if Swadheenta Ramakrishnan stood for Asad Gilani, why did the world did not see a sister taking a stand for her brother, they just stopped at the names……….

She says the world is very big, world identifies person by name and religion, I ask you all, if Asad Gilani was Amar Sharma, would the world regard him as a terrorist, no….. We have to change our thinking, because relations are bigger than name and relations, a hindu girl has learnt this by getting raised in a muslim family. Everyone clap.

Manohar and Suhasini talk to Haider and Mami. Manohar says I agree with whatever you and Swadheenta said, we have learnt that doubt is like poison which breaks any strong relation, this happened with us too, don’t know to call this fate or situation, we lost you by this doubt, forgive us. Haider holds his hand and asks what are you saying. Manohar says I m saying truth. Suhasini says we had sorrow of losing our son and did not understand what happened, we find religion in names, maybe we also did it.

Mami says it was testing time, and we have to assure everyone that we are together against terrorism. Manohar hugs Mamu, while Suhasini hugs Mami.

Simmi sees Swadheenta and apologizes. She cries. Swadheenta asks her not to be sorry. Simmi says don’t know what all I told you, Asad and Haider Mamu, I talked about making you leave the house, forgive me. Swadheenta forgives and hugs her. Jaya looks on and cries. She too hugs Swadheenta and apologizes. Simmi asks Swadheenta to come home. Swadheenta says I have to go home with Mamu and Mami. Jaya says but everything got fine, why not. Swadheenta says I have to do a daughter’s duty. Suhasini asks her to go, its not just duty but a debt too. Swadheenta goes.

Mami asks where is Swadheenta. Mamu says she will come. Adarsh goes to them. He recalls how he insulted Mamu. He says when its about blame, there are many words to say, when its about forgiving, it seems like loss of words, forgive me Mamu and Mami. Mamu and Mami forgive him. Adarsh says I insulted you a lot, I was mad, I wanted to get Abhay’s murderer punished, I also felt that Asad shot Abhay, when I knew the truth, it was very late, I realized I lost two brothers that day, Abhay Sinha and Asad Gilani, I did big mistake and could not value relations. They hug Adarsh.

Paddy tells Swadheenta that it seems like an apology day. Swadheenta says yes, I also want to apologize, I thought media reporters just want news, but my perspective changed after meeting a mad and emotional reporter. Paddy laughs and says I m glad I could help you two. Adarsh also thanks her. Paddy says both of you make a great couple, always stay together, happy and blessed. She goes.

Swadheenta tells Adarsh that she has to go home with Mamu and Mami. He asks her to come soon if possible. He recalls their old moments. Jiya re……………plays……………. He says I will wait for you. She goes to Mamu and Mami, and asks them to come. Mamu asks where. Swadheenta says our house. Radhika comes and says I m very happy freedom, you did it, I m happy for Asad, the stain on his name finally got clear. Swadheenta tells Mamu and Mami that Radhika always supported her in this fight. Mamu and Mami thank Radhika. Swadheenta hugs Radhika and leaves with them.

Simmi lights a diya near Abhay’s pic and cries recalling him. Adarsh gets the ashes and says I promised Abhay, till his murderer get punished, I will not immerse the ashes, now its done, I just wish I get this family and my Abhay in my next birth. Adarsh and Jaidev immerse Abhay’s ashes in the river. They pray.

Swadheenta, Mamu and Mami reach their home. They see everything broken and destroyed. Mamu and Mami cry. Mamu sees the shelf and recalls Asad’s words. Asad tells him that one day he will become such a great man that there will be trophy of his name there, don’t look at mum, you will yourself keep that trophy there. Mami recalls the humiliation, and old moments with Asad. She hugs Asad’s tee and cries. Swadheenta holds him. Mamu cleans the shelf and keeps the Asad’s bravery award there. Maula mere………….plays…………… They cry.

Jaya and Jaidev come there. Mami says come, I can’t ask you to sit, its all messed up. Jaidev says its fine. Jaya asks Mamu can she ask him something. She says we have to come to take your daughter, our house’s bahu Swadheenta. She asks Swadheenta to come home, you did a daughter’s duty well, now come home and manage bahu’s duties too. Jaidev says you can do bahu’s duty, but stay as mom and dad’s daughter and my sister, will you become my sister? Swadheenta nods.

At Sinha house, Jaya and Jaidev get Swadheenta home. Suhasini gets glad seeing Swadheenta. Simmi gets a dress for Swadheenta. Adarsh and Swadheenta smile seeing each other. Suhasini asks will you come like this. He says its my wife’s grahpravesh. She asks him to get ready, go fast. Suhasini asks Simmi and Jaya to take Swadheenta, I will do Grah pravesh’s preparations.

Jaidev and Jaya get Swadheenta and Adarsh. Suhasini does their aarti and tika. She asks Swadheenta to hit the kalash slowly. Jaya stops her and says with right foot. Adarsh says careful, don’t kick it thinking it’s a ball. Swadheenta says know, sometimes wives should scold husbands. Adarsh asks what would happen by that. Suhasini says husbands stay in control. Swadheenta hits the kalash and steps inside the house. Grah pravesh rituals are done. Swadheenta, Adarsh and everyone smile.

The show ended on a happy, proper and blissful note.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Devga


    |Registered Member

    Awesome performance by gilani’s adarsh swadhu….. Proud abt this show and the ful offscreen onscreen crew….
    I dont knw y but suddenly wid the lil view of asad’s pic on the stage my eyes wer really overflowing….

    Haider’s speech had fullest truth and painful post….
    THe tym of haider’s speech at last wid ful pride he said tht you deserve evry bit of it… Come on stage it was outstanding performance….

    Simmi swadhu jaya trio convo also emotional….

    • Aritri


      |Registered Member

      Seriously devga.. Swadheenta na mamu S speech was harsh truth of this virtual world.. Even my eyes were full with tears during that tym… Specially in asads grave where adarsh kept the aam papad!!! …

      • Devga


        |Registered Member

        Yes ariti… True…. Hey i too had same dp yesterday.. . Hifi…
        Wil meet u daily on krpkab page daily.. Ok frnd bye….

  2. veena

    Last episode…will miss the show..will miss swadarsh..after a long tym there came a gud show…i will reallyyyyy miss yaa…this show touched my heart..thelast episode thing hurts me a lot..didnt get to see much swadarsh scenes …

  3. Prativa

    It is d bst telyserial..i rly lv it…ll miss it.plz Try to continue dis serial or realise new episodes of dehleez..n fulfil audience wish…

  4. Khushi

    We miss u alot nd 2dy episode ws heart touching lve u dehleez atlst swadeenatha proved her bro lve u…. 🙂

  5. Khushi

    Mis u lot dehleez atlast swadeenatha proved her bro inocent hope tht starplus undrstnd nd bring u back

  6. Devga


    |Registered Member

    Tht moment wen haider remembrs asad and keeps the award in the show case…. Wat to say all the technicians have done perfect work…..

    Shows i cant forget
    3. KUCH RANG PYAR KE AISE BHI (though stil running)
    4. EK DUJE KE VASTE (though stil running)

    now anotherr added in this list 5.DEHLEEZ

    No no i wil not become sad its happy bye to dehleez… Bye team….

  7. Aasrithaa

    Show some romance between swadarah as a husband and wife and end na. Come with second season as a continuation of the same.

  8. mona

    Speech of haider was too much hreat touching… i just cry out

    Waiting for complite update and miss a lot dahleez and amena di

  9. mohi...crazy fan of VITHARV

    the best episode ever…swadheenta’s speech was awesome…this episode was full of moral values for our society…

  10. Riti

    My first comment ever…..I will literally miss this serial….but i am happy that the show ended nicely and it was not extended unnecessarily as is done nowadays in every serial…everything and everyone related to this show were just awesome…the supporting cast of the show just made it perfect…i will moss this show very badly

  11. Rupa

    I’ll miss this serial & swadarsh :'( …but I’m thankful to the writers that they didn’t drag this serial soooo much like other serials in star plus 🙂

  12. Ammu

    Gonna miss dhaleez feeling sad that today it ends hope writer may bring new season to fullfill fans wish todays episode was too emotional swadarsh we all r going to miss you plz come back soon

  13. Umama

    Ahh!!Why it is last episode?I’m crying.My sisters can’t believe this that i’m crying fr a serial.Bt it’s happening.Bcz it is DEHLEEZ.They said it bcz they didn’t watch any show.They asked me,why am i so mad at this?Today again i watch first 2 episodes of DEHLEEZ & i just breathed a deep breath..I can’t imagine today is d end of DEHLEEZ.Why star plus has to end such a good not only good bt OUTSTANDING,EXCELLENT soap.If we say good it’ll b neglected..This soap creates a great impression on me..

  14. Rajashri Ganguly

    Hi a silent reader…bt today I cant cntrl myslf frm cmmntng here….I was literally crying today while watching the show. ..will miss the show to the power infinity..swadhenta u jst rocked the show…will mss swadarsh..the thng I lved mst about dehleez was had a hppy wala ending. …nd now I’ll be waiting fr dehleez season 2…

  15. Wellwisher aka krishnai

    Dont know what to say ……. after asad’s death n abhay’s i stop watching reading dehleez as i couldnt bear the misunderstanding ……. but today i dont know but by chance i came to see the channel was shocked to see the last but the emotional episode…… WILL MISS U ALL SO MUCH….. THE OLD MOMENTS OF SWADARSH N JEE ARI REY SONG MADE ME REMEMBER MY CRAZE AND LOVE FOR SWADERSH N THE SERIAL…….. HI ALL MY DEAR DEHLEEZ FANS FRIENDS …… SRY FOR NOT COMMENTING THESE MANY DAYS….. hw r u all???? Goldie, fatrigo and all hw r u all guys??? Did sweetie di r max bhaiya visit again? ????

    Guys pls recommend for dehleez part two for it deserves it….. will miss u so much dehleez……. gudbye for now….. hope to see all again together in another serial r in part 2……

  16. Sanjana

    Thanx amena Di hats off thanks a lot a toast to u????????
    Why I love this show is bcoz they didn’t focus on romance neither saas bahu drama
    A blissful end yes
    Etched in my heart forever
    Voice for voiceless
    Swadheenta Ramakrishnan
    Hats off CV’s
    Not gonna miss it but will cherish it
    Keep up the good work
    Great team superb acting which was beyond spectacular
    A great emotional end and perfect
    I felt what indianess is all about
    This show that repentance can exist too

  17. Maria Rebecca

    I hope there wil be more shows of this kind finite, emotional, sensible, realstic and still flawlessly beautiful.
    It had all the emotions selfless love, sacrifice, trust, brotherhood, sisterhood,the entricate, complex and fragile family bondings
    It had hatred, jealousy, doubt, betrayal and a lot more….
    And the messages the truth always wins….

    And how not to mention Swadeenta a lawyer, a strong potrayal of modern indian women, hold down she doesn’t wear sarees to bed 🙂

  18. Arshdeep


    |Registered Member

    Finite series of 106 episodes.?
    I watched the third episode first. The title fascinated me and i had earlier seen harshad in beintehaa so determined to watch the show from the very first episode.
    Such an awesome wonderful superb series?? Words are few to describe it??
    I had never commented here but Amena di your updates were so helpful to me especially when my exams were going on and I wasnt having the time to watch it. Your updates were so perfect..exactly word to word. Thank youuu soo much.????

    The show which portrayed many issues of our country like corruption, terrorism, love for country, fight for truth and much much more all together in such a short span.
    This show will always live in our hearts.❤

    I have a lot say but will try my best to limit my words.?

    Starting with the first episode itself.. The lovely way adarsh fell in love with Swadheenta at first sight.?? Then the way he proposed her with the pigeons flying around. Beautiful scene..??
    How he worked day and night to win heart of Appa.. Love you adarsh sinha????

    Jeevan was the hero of the day when he let swadheenta go off and talked to appa for her too.??

    Then came the engagement day where finally our FREEDOM confessed her feelings to ROBINHOOD.??? Still can visualise each and every scene.?

    The way Freedom helped Simmi and Abhay to say truth to suhasini and suhasini’s acceptance of swadheenta as her bahu. Loved the way jaya and jaidev came together and finally love each other dearly now.?

    There came a time when my hands trembled in fear to open the update even.?? When abhay and asad died i did not watch and did not even read the update for 2 days i was so scared to read them.???
    But really loved the way swadheenta stood for her mamu and brother. The way she trusted them. The court room scenes..Suhasini vs swadheenta was just awesome.??
    Tridha chaudhary you nailed it girl.??❤
    Abhay and asad’s deaths were tragic and really heart breaking??
    And finally to confess yash was the hero of yesterdays episode. Loved the video and everything he spoke.
    And now Finally a very very beautiful ending. ??

    Loved tridha and harshad chemistry. You both were awesome. ?❤?
    Almost all other characters too were perfect in their role..their acting everything was soo good be it suhasini..abhay..mamu and mami..asad..simmi..ahuja(funniest english speaking man?)..jaidev jaya..radhika..yash..manohar..appa..manohar..arvind..ravi..rajesh??

    The bestest relationship for me was of swadheentha and asad. The best bro-sis onscreen.❤ Loved the way they understood..helped..teased..loved each other. Superb relation?? And how can i forget to mention the aam papad??

    Also loved the bonding among three brothers Abhay Adarsh and jaidev?
    And the song Jiya Re which stole my heart everytime it was played.❤ Still on my playlist and i listen it everyday i guess.?

    Thanks to PH Cvs for such a wonderful show.? Realy really appreciate the show and all the cast and crew. Excellent work???? I will definitely Miss the show.? But i am happy it ended without dragging and giving us lots of useful messages? Love the complete cast??? God bless you all??
    Thank you?

  19. Pranu

    It was really a heart touching epi. I couldn’t stop crying. But I regret why is the show ending up soon.please continue some swadarsh scenes or else bring it’s next season.
    Love u swadarsh.
    Trudha u r awesome, super duper cool.
    To be honest if I get a chance to meet one of the serial actress I will surely meet u.
    “”Love u DAHLEEZ””!!!

  20. devgyani

    I will misss dehleez very much a very heart touching and a senseful story plzz come back with season 2 plzzzzzz

  21. saurav

    A wonderful show comes to an end.. Grt wrk grt team grt show.. Will miss Dahleez.. Todays episode was full of emotions, surrenders n happy moments.. As said a good things which started hav to end someday.. So on the positive note all the best to Dahleez team.. N last bt nt the least, I write here smtyms which definitely I will miss nw..

  22. Aganis jane

    Its my first comment i really love this serial dehleez n will really miss adarsh and swadhenta i want to continue this serial plz….

  23. sreyashi

    will miss daheleez a lot
    but also excited for ishqbazz
    luv adarsh swadheenta abhay asad..and every one else will miss it very much

  24. Umama

    More jiya….Jiya re….Today I’m just lisening this music..It’s adorable..Lisening this music,i’m geting emotional..I love SWADARSH <3.I love them.I love their chemistry.I love them a lot.They together look adorable,beyond explanation.They r my FAVOURITE couple..I'LL MISS THEM BADLY.ALREADY I'M MISSING SWADARSH.. :'(

  25. Fiyana Ahmed

    I am actually too too too proud of this serial. Both dehleez and tammanah proved that religions do not matter at all. What matters is unity and equality. Really proud of these serial as they are based on true facts and not on dragging stories. We all will miss you guys. 🙁

  26. dr kajol

    My first comment ever..i just love this serial too tooo…much ..n also luv to swadhu n aadarsh.I feel its incompleate some romance there..n how could this channelwale stop this serial ?tht blo*dy hell serials r continue still ..saas bahu dramma n all nonsense..

  27. sachin

    Am very sad tht ths show ended bt m happy tht it gave mny good values and also abt the corruption in our country….hope season 3of the show comes soon….ATB to all cast and crew if ths show…????

  28. Rimmi

    It’s too sad that a sensible serial like Dehleez ended this fast owing to trp issues . . . I’ll truly miss it specially our Swadarsh . . . Keeping fingers crossed in the hope of Dehleez season 2 with same cast (asad, abhay and yash included)

  29. pritty

    Vl miss u dahleez team…entire cast..thums up fr the entire star cast..with each one unique role…

  30. karishma rathore

    I will really miss this show. this was awesome show..and the last episode is very sent??

  31. Ritu

    best show ever..will miss badly…I myself dont know how many buckets of tears I have u swadarsh..u both and whole team rocked

  32. Umama

    Haider mamu & swadhu gave a really spade full speech.That was very emotional.Today’s episode was a emotional 1.Asad & Abhay, they will miss d both Martyr.Bt feeling very sad fr mama,mami& Last part was funny.Like swadarsh’s nok-johk.End it on a happy note..

  33. Madhuri

    I love this serial… I Love story of dehleez… There are many twist and turns in the story… Amazing jodi’s swadarsh… Simmi abhay… Asad radhika.. Jaydev Jaya.. And wonderful character suhasini Sinha…. 🙂

  34. Umama

    Like freedom’s character.Tridha is so beautiful & she is d perfect match fr swadheenta.She play this role simpely amazing,naturally.

  35. Umama

    Like suhasini,adarsh,asad,abhay,jaya a lot.Yash also.Bt swadhentas parents were not there.They should be there At that time..

  36. Sindhu

    A very good serial… Asad and Swadheenatha bonding is awesome…..a very good and Unique show….star plus we would love to see such kind of shows .. Small and Simple and a meaningful story… love yu freedom :-)?????

  37. shnaakht

    this was very beautiful serial na….i will miss it u swadarsh n team of dehleez .u all done very awesome…..n brilliant acting…bye bye…whishes for ur best…

  38. Dr. Fathima

    Amazing..such an amazing serial..missed early episodes.n thanks to hotstar dat i covered it solo..will miss dahleez badly..every characters ace ace actors here..congratz team dahleez..jiya re vl b my fav forever..

  39. Swetha

    I miss dhaleez so much if possible continue the story swadeentha nd adarsh about abhey kid too….

  40. shikha

    the show is memorable and the lv which sister hs shown fr hr brother n d difficulties vich c go through to prove his innocence is really incredible……hats off to swa /freedom……

  41. Inali kukreti

    All the good serial goes off air very soon…I really cant understand why the channel expect T.R.P so soon. ..and also what public s watching…hopless serial with same saas and bahu story goes for long…and if new story comes up no one watch. ..I really like Dehleez but felt very bad when I heard its going off air…

  42. Umama

    Salute to DEHLEEZ TEAM .Special thanks goes to d story writter.And also d people who gave their hardwork on it.May God bless them so that we can see them again with another good storyline,may be season 2.

  43. Partho


    |Registered Member

    Such a beautiful episode and finale had tears in my eyes in certain parts but enjoyed it a lot will miss this show very much

  44. hafsa

    My first ever comment……it was too touching heart show…a very gud message …..miss u swadheenta…

  45. Umama

    Another special Thanks goes to Amenapu fr her deeds.She really gave us A to Z explain full superfast updates.I think i’ll see u in Isaqbuzz. Will miss u guys,my dehleez frnds.We can meet on Isaqbuzz too.Frnds pray fr my pre-test exam.It’ll start on 11 july.Till then Bye.Always keep smiling & make ur surrounded people smile.Stay blessed frnds..WILL MISS U PEOPLE A LOT…

  46. M A Gaffar

    There is no doubt that the show was nice, but some questions were still to know that the author did not clear us why Mr Monohar and Yash did so even they knew from before that sad and Mr Haider was innocent. These should be cleared. Rest are ok. Without these it seems a cinema as anyhow there will be a conclusion.

  47. sadiya

    I m gonna miss this serial..but in last epi I want to see swadarsh romantic scene..but its ok …I really miss u harshad..nd all dahleez team rocks…dahleez rocked…awesome journey with all if u…all actors done their best..specially I really really like the bonding of swadheenta nd asad.. well done…amazing …dahleez rocked..

  48. Sindu

    Gonna miss dehleez very much and going to miss swadarh jaya jaidev and everyone pls pls come with dehleez 2 and today’s episode made emotional bit no swadarsh scenes at all y?

  49. Sindu

    Dil ki dehleez par payr ki dastak no words to say about dehleez and awesome performance by hyder its not end to serial it’s still incomplete

  50. goldie

    Oh noo finally last episode s aired….?

    Wil miss dehleez n swadarsh.

    As paddy says Mafi mango Day

    Loved mamu n swad speech n sdarsh offeri g aam papad at asads grave.

    SP not fair few more episodez n Swadarsh relation shd hav got proper footage atleast at end.
    We were deprived of swadarsh scenes dhokhaa….

    Will definately misz dehleez cannot watch anythg else for long time now…

    NBIi thought cvs had somethg special for last but thy were not that intelligent i thought them to b….

    Miss u dehleez n swadarsh….

    • goldie

      Will miss al people commenting here padu nb ..n all othrz hopefully our paths will cross again (read as comments ?).


      Nb adarsh s still my hero no matter he apologized but i still believe his actions helped swad in some way r the other.?

      • padu

        Bye goldie. I’m taking a break from hindi serials for little. Cant handle too much emotions. What did u think of adarsh’s statement that I’m sarkari robin hood bhaiya and i can find out in 15 min. like if u could have done that why not do it a whole lot earlier right. guess his mom didn’t ask him to do it. anyways…adarsh is still a little dysfunctional for me.

    • goldie

      C i dont want to blame it to cvs now but i felt that sat sun episodes were too rushed thy cld not end it n a proper note i think .atleast that grihpravezh happened in a different house i think.

      So it s my personal opinion that cvs had to rush it n as not time to show adarshs contribution n plus as it s SP serial where the female protogonists s shown to b superwoman always so i think the end shown was just n haste. Actually till ladt monday dehleez star cast wete not sure if thy hav got 1hr time slot n weeknd.

      Yes adarsh char was not potrayed properly in terrorist track but for me what i thought as the way things were happening i felt n his reactions n those circumstances was more than what it meets to the eye.

      If i think ths wud b atleast 110 episode series it wud b justifued but anywayz whatever v got was nice n njoyable n knowledgeable.

  51. Fathi

    Dehleez is one of the best serial plz come back with season 2. Gonna miss dehleez team harshad tridha chirag aryan pandit and all and gonna miss dehleez fans who comment everday and show it love

  52. Nandhu

    Dahleez s the very first Hindi serial, i haven’t missed an episode n tracked written updates too. . Nice family potrayed serial wit lot of twists n turns for past a month.. kudoos to the team n appreciated!!

  53. phatty

    Thumbs up to the entire dahleez team, a very nice and concise story, very touching and straight forward, we will really miss it, its among d best serial star plus hve ever shown, best wishes to adarsh and swadu.

  54. Libba

    I honestly think it’s the best show ever I have watched every single episode and I am a real big fan of dehleez and I’m sooo angry with these star plus people y did they have to finish this show y not saathiya. ADARSH SWADEENTA ROCK. I loved every single moment of this show especially the first ep it was all just soooooo good.

  55. mosfaca

    I will really miss this serial.there r many serials air off for a long time.even there r no good story bt they continue for a long why dehleez air off in a few month.I’m very upset. I will miss adash & swadheenta very badly.I was only watch this serial. bt now..that’s very bad. eagerly waiting for dehleez season 2 .&want to see all characters of best wishes for all actor&actress of this serial.

  56. zaki

    If Asad Gilani was Amar Sharma, then Would the world regard him as terrorist???? the answer is a big no no no…never…We have to change our thinking ,,,becoz relations are bigger than the name & address…..

  57. zaki

    excellent apisode…… i think the best of all,,,, best episode,,, hats of to the writer,,,

  58. zaki

    jab ilzaam lagaane ki baari hai to zabaan bhut chalti hai lekin jab maafi maagne ki baari aati hai to aisa lagta hai k muh mein zabaan hi nahi hai…..

  59. wahida

    Omg the series finishes quite quick it was only on for a couple of months they should have confined it…. gonna miss dahleez and the characters

  60. swara

    Which show we like that u end so fast please continue this show n finish that bakwas n cheap shows of saas bahu n melodrama

  61. Akritimishra

    Everyone should have sister like swadheenta.and Adarsh like husband.we all love u swadheenta nd Adarsh .u both have nice chemistry.pls come back wid same u

  62. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Tq so sooooooooo much for this awesome story with full of reality.. Dehleez team a big salute to u people.. Really an awesome plot with lovely characters.. L surely miss this show.. If u can then pls come up with season 2….once again tqs a lot for this superb show star plus…

  63. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Forgot to say today each and every dialogue Was so touching.. Especially swadu’s dialogue in the function we just amazing.. Tears started to come from my eyes…. Hats off to the dialogue writer.. Love u dehleez love u so much.. Miss u…

  64. sneha

    will miss dehleez team a lot ………….will also miss d evry character where it b adarsh, abhay ,asad, swadheenta or simmi ,jaya, jaideeeev n at last suhasini Sinha
    it’s going off air so soon tht we cant c d swadarsh moment n as if it ws rush to end It so soon…….
    But we say evry gd thing hs an end so it is…….
    but I wld lyk to say tht ths end ws too soon……..
    missing u a lot
    DEHLEEZ show n also d cast n crew of d team……..
    And really hats off to d writer of d show tht sm serial lyk this can b written in d daily soap…..
    really proud to c story lyk dis……



    |Registered Member

    Nice episode…. every verdict given by Haider and Swadhineeta in award are so true….
    Going to miss the show….
    No words to express emotions… feeling cry?????

  66. Smriti tyagi

    The show was very good I will miss it I liked it instead of dragging it they completed it unlike other serials

  67. Ayushya

    Loved this serial alot they could have dragged it for one more week ,they ended it early?

  68. padu

    Good ending although hoped to see little more swadarsh. cried a lot today hearing mamu’s speech,abhay last rites, asad at home and their parents crying. too too emotional. thanks folks for a nice serial. you are all very talented and wish you all the very best. if there is an uncut, extended version of grah pravesh please put it online. with all the crying i could not enjoy it and it was over too soon.

  69. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Love this show a lot. Will miss it a lot. Show ho toh dehleez jaisa, this show never failed to impress me since day 1 will miss all the characters of dehleez all did an equally job and justice to their character especially suhasini. And jiya re this song won my heart. Another promising show from beginning till end for star plus after ek Hasina thi

    • Umama

      Exactly.Same here.. Hey,my sister asked what’s mean by ‘Fatarajo’?I’m eagerly to know too!

  70. shusmita and shuparna

    i missssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss it a looooooooooooot offffffffff

    please make dehliz part 2 pleassssssssssssssss

  71. Karina

    I will miss this show…every episodes were superb….its really feel bad that it ended now…really missed this show

  72. Asma

    I never thought show will end so soon , it was really a very good show not even one day also I missed this show though we don’t have TV at home I used to watch in hotstar in my iPhone daily in office, request to release it’s second part which should run like ye rishta kya kehlata hai one or my favroite show in star plus after dahleez.

  73. Nupur

    Never ever expected that such a show can be made in the obsessed world of CVs who are hell bent on sucking out the life of poor people like us by making those horrible saas bahu sagas!!!

    Truly each and every episode of dahleez held the same spark and intensity and portrayed each and every emotion beautifully and deftly?All of the cast members…Just hats off! And today Mamu and Swadhu’s speech was so emotional and so true! Thank u to the whole creative time ll seem a small word for giving such a meaningful and definitely one of the best shows in the Indian television world!
    Only 1 wish remained unfulfilled i.e to watch more of swadarsh but m really glad that it didn’t drag its storyline till the next ice age!

    Now officially dehleez has been added to my all time fav shows!!!!
    Kudos to the whole team?

    • Angel

      I M so happy that swadheenta won the going to miss u a lot dahleez.luv u swadarsh.salute to asad,yash,haider,mami and also swadheenta……………..
      I WILL MISS U A LOT………
      LUV U ALL.

  74. nb

    Going to miss a very good serial ” Dahleez”.
    It was a thought provoking series for the audience. Good message delivered very smartly by naming it and starting with romantic scenes. Actually the message was not to consider all Muslims as terrorists. Very true. That brotherhood shd continue and that makes India a great country. At grass root level, it is there as depicted between Swadheenta and the Jillanis. But it is spoiled by a handful of people. Mistakes from systems people like police, army, politicians and beurocrats make things worse. Hyder’s speech was heart touching. Seeing his action, it can be told that he has not forgiven anybody. Not shown in the show further, but such things make people think against society. I wl come back after 1 hr.

    • goldie

      Yes nb will miss dehleez a lot n all those discussionswe had .njoyed a lot hope we get some gud serials like yhese ….

      • nb

        More than Dahleez, I wl miss u guys. It was wonderful to have shared each other’s povs. Even if we disagreed at many points, still the discussions were healthy and funny. Goldie, I found u to be a very positive person. Enjoyed a lot. Zindegike safar me kai dost milte hain. Kuch bhul jate hain, kuch yaad rah jaate hain. It will be same for you. Hope, we will cross each other at some corner some day. Till then, Good bye and hope u all the best in your life.

      • goldie

        Nb”Forget all the resons why it won’t work n believe all The reasons why It will”.
        That s what u have to follow n life that s my funda…

        Anywayz it was pleasure to debate here with u shared laughter we cried through the difficult dayz n jilanis n sinhas lives n shared happy dayz n their lives too.



  75. Sindu

    Where is abay and simmi child aman and what was about ahuja case and inquiry on manohar there are lot of things need to be shown but unfortunately it was ended its still incomplete

  76. Mitu

    Dahleez was the best serial of star jalsa. I am missing it so much. … “swadars” the sweetest couple of star jalsa.

  77. Mitu

    Dahleez was the best serial of star plus. I am missing it so much. … “swadars” the sweetest couple of star plus

  78. nb

    The show started very well, but towards the end, things are hurried up. Many silly mistakes could be seen like diffusing bomb in presence of children etc.
    Swadheenta, Suhasini, Asad, Hyder’s characters were very well depicted and the actors have done justice to their roles. Adarsh’s character was also good, but towards the end it was frustrating.
    Anyway thwe show was different from other sas-bahu types and was finite hence, we all enjoyed it and gonna miss it.
    More than that, I met with some good friends like Goldie, padu and others who were actively participated in healthy discussions to make it more enjoyable. Going to miss you Goldie.. Hope to come in contact soon.

  79. ayesha

    Pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls come back season 2 I really miss it pls pls pls Star plus

  80. nb

    Last date for comments hence I cant stop myself putting my pov.
    Yash Bundela’s suicide bombing is not army style, it is terrorist style. He cld have surrendered and used for baiting out Arvind, and Commandos cld have shot him out or captured and diffused the bomb etc. Writer is more influenced by terrorists than army stories I think.

    Even if Manohar accepted the fault, he shd have been suspended so as the minister.
    In the Award ceremony Abhay shld have been also felicitated.
    JIllanis shld have been invited to stay along with Sinhas for time being in stead of leaving them in grief.
    As they lost their son, Adarsh shd have offered to stay with them as their son to repay his insults. Many more to come…… But I am not getting that enthu any more.

    • goldie

      I have lost energy too no point in posting anyways i m.going to watch some old episodes again …

      • goldie

        Nb in dehleez thy have shd v rightly after (love here)marriage for all couples life may not b a bed of roses n u will have to face such circumstances where u both will b right in ur own way but ur povs may b these circumstances n how u sail thru these determine if there s any love after marriage r not.n everybody s human no one s saint n humans react differently n different situations n thy have every rite to .n

      • goldie

        I already was lawyer to adhu now i m sounding like a marriage counsellor …thats it done now …nb i wil try to watch KRPKAB if possible n comment till then bye .

    • goldie

      Nb ghar nahi bulaya as no ghar left thy have shot ths grihpravesh n different location from the entrance itself u can make the s not original sinha house so no swadarsh momets well if thy knew the end that thy were planning to show thy cld hav shot some swadarsb scenes n delhi itself but dont know why thy shot grihpravesh n mumbai ???

      Any all done n dusted watch some old episodes ull feel better i hav too as i m not gog to watch anythg new soon.

      • Padu

        Even mamu mami house looks different and abhays room also looks different. Think all the ending episodes were shot on Bombay sets. Have to agree w nb they could have just got the terrorist out and used a sniper to take him out instead of suicide bomb but that’s the only way to redeem army officer yash. Audiences seem to think that’s ok and like the little patriotic touch. dont know what happened w Abuja too.

      • nb

        I think budget lost in shooting of terrorist scenes etc. I think Shidharth Sen might have threatened producers, hence his scenes wre more towards the end and looked like dragging. They cld have ended after Yash and his fight scenes. During his fight with YAsh, he could have been surrounded by police and caught. Why Yash ka andar ka army man Suhasini ka dialogue ke baad or Radhika ke offer ke baad Jaga. By this they cld have saved some scenes for Swadarsh moments. LAst me Jiya re bajna tha yaar…………

      • nb

        I have seen some episodes of KRPKAB ( SONY) , it looked romantic. At least no saree wali heroine. Also I have seen the new serial HTHPKK ( SP) , it is funy but cheap type though. No serial with a solid social message like Dahleez is there right now, I think. Tamanna was the story of a woman fighting for existence, but that also ended now.
        By watching the promo of Ishqbaaz, it looks to be a super flop. No good actor or good looking actress. Janana dil se door is a flop anyway, old zamindar and poor farmer story.

      • goldie

        Also friends i think what cvs trying to show no love left after marriage ??.i think harshad n tridha had a clase n their contract that after reel marriage no romantic scene will b shot ……?

      • nb

        If no love after marriage is a reality, then why marriage? Continue love for ever. Society will not allow, may be! Then change society.

      • nb

        Padu, Ahuja has not got his payments, hence left in between. & Goldie, what is that surprise Harshad twitted?

      • Padu

        Yes that aravind talked way too much. He needed less screen time. I think pretty much all the actors are kinda ready to be done I think. Enjoy your week guys. I’m going to catch up on couple of shows on Netflix. It doesn’t have too much emotional preachy stuff.

      • goldie

        Nb harshads surprise was theres no surprise as it s a SP show dont expect the unexpected ….
        I.e dont expect the male lead doing any work as the female lead doesnot leave anythg for the male lead to do ?

      • nb

        True!! That is why I was calling Adarsh as Dumbo. I think ladies enjoy such men so that they can dominate whole life, which is not correct though.

  81. nb

    Please TU, at least for today allow Dahleez fans to comment their last comments. Dont be a spoil sport. I think that is the reason,why Goldie unregistered herself. Comments given earlier is updating later.

  82. Asma

    Idiotic serials last for years together and good one’s like dahleez only106 episodes
    ..??? miss u swaadarsh….

  83. swadheenta

    miss dehleez so much. in last episode i wish there will be more swadarsh scene! i know it will not work at all if i say that pls come with dehleez season 2. but all viewers wish to see season 2. swadarsh jodi is the best. hope to see that jodi in any other new series. ofcourse miss comnenting here. good bye dehleez and good bye all dehleez fans.

  84. Jaya

    bye bye dehleez…and hope dehleez 2 with the same team…don’t think about trp and all .we all love are the best..u people only telling na,don’t think about wthr in first position or last the best..everyone will appreciate plz come back

  85. minnu

    thank god it was an happy ending but surely I will miss dehleez it had a unique concept but the show has ended…………..feeling so sad MISS YOU SWADARSH

  86. Dhana

    This was my best show. But I personally felt the ending was done in a rush. Could have done an extra episode to have a better story flow.
    Give credits to all the actors for their best performance.

  87. Anu_u


    |Registered Member

    Cried throughout the episode???…most emotional scenes and beautifully written and presented by the Dehleez team…missed Asad and Abhay????
    Thanks Star Plus for giving us such a beautiful show ‘Dehleez’& ‘Swadarsh’
    Will miss u alot???
    Best show ever…Now in our memories forever???

  88. Angel20


    |Registered Member

    I cried watching the episode, it was fantastic! No other serial like Dahleez?? will miss this show very much??

  89. Angel20


    |Registered Member

    Jiya re… A song one must hear??? i just loved this song, the lyrics, the tune?
    Omg just loved it yaar❤
    Will miss Dahleez??

  90. Angel20


    |Registered Member

    Will miss Dahleez very much,
    I started watching Dahleez because of Harshad Arora?? well known as Zain from Beintehaa. I didn’t follow the show religiously but maybe sometimes I watched it. But after Asad’s death and the case on him I started watching it regularly. It is the best show, with a meaningful message! Hats off to the CV’s

  91. vandana

    A good serial on Star Plus. Waiting for more such serials on Star Plus bcoz 2 new bakwaas serials star plus per abhi bhi chal rahe hein. Worst selection.

  92. Umama

    WOW.This scene is awesome.The Starting.Where Adarsh seen doing video recording & talking with himself about marriage,his soulmate.He looks so cute,handsome,adorable there.Oh!I love u, Adarsh..More jiya…Jiya re…

  93. mumtaz

    harshad arora said in his interview dahleez 2 wil not he broke my last wishes.dahleez 2 wont air coz of star plus.

  94. Dehleezian

    Will miss dehleez… swadrash…..the whole cast es amazing … never failed to impress me since day 1…..luv u all nd may u prosper in ur life…..cme back wid season 2nd same cast…..luv u all <3<3

  95. Umama

    First look of Abhay is so cute.Feeling bad fr him.Missing him.i like d youngest children most.bcz me too is a younger daughter!bt it’s family also said that youngest child is d life of a house..

  96. Anshika

    Dehleez got a very fresh concept in front of the eyes of the audience… It was a beautiful story depiction of a Swadheenta and her love story with Aadarsh. The brother-sister relationship of Asad and Freedom was also very beautiful… All the scenes were shot very realistically. The serial was amazing and I literally cried when it ended!!??

  97. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    @umama well fatarajo is not my actual name its the combination of my full name like my nickname is joyee so Jo is from joyee
    @Goldie hope to see u back soon yaar
    @mumtaz manmarziyan n dehleez deserved a better channel like life OK (viewers watch all shows regardless of timings in 1st week) if not a prime times slot like ek hasina this they deserve to be in hot star
    @maria happy to see u here ya jiya re is too good

  98. Reeshu

    Hi after long time I m commenting. In the epi of dehleez. I m feeling like missing a close relationships

  99. Reeshu

    Missing friends like fatarajo ,Goldie ,padu and I can’t remember because of long leap.byeeeee guy good night .

  100. Ila

    Miss u dahleez stars …from 1st episode to till last I was the daily watcher of dahleez …. Now feel like something is gng from my life … Very superb serial …. Come back …

  101. mona

    Yaad aali h dahleez ki socha yahi hi comment kar lu

    Guys ab dahleez ka bas 2nd season aa jaye toh maja aa jaye
    Missing the connection dahleez

  102. mumtaz

    yestrday dis d tym when i was watcng daheez.n nw m sleeping n crying.misd all d swadrsh moments.

  103. mani verma

    I really so much enjoyed this…missing u dehleez…5 stars..:-(:):-$. cast is doing appreciated wrk.its shows tht blood relations dosnt matter in hindu muslims.

  104. Sindu

    At 10 :30 today I felt so bad that dehleez is not going to be telecasted pls come with dehleez 2 missing swadarsh and entire cast of dehleez

  105. Sonu

    I’m gonna miss u all. It’s my only daily soap. Miss u dehleez. Please come soon with season2 waiting eagerly..

  106. Mandeep

    I think best serial which ended in less time giving the ending as the meaning of title not by simply dragging the serial without any proper meaning good job of the director n producer

  107. Hazique

    We miss u dahleez , i really want u to come back with sseason 2,plz plz plz come back asap.
    Swadheenta(freedom) i really mis u.

  108. Rimmi

    Want a sequel of Dehleez very soon with the same cast . . . Became so much attached to it . . . I was literally sobbing at 10:30pm today . . . Such a terrible feeling it was

    Miss you Dehleez
    Miss you Swadarsh/Trishad
    pls come back soon
    Eagerly waiting


    I don’t want lost this serial….
    Please come back . It’s my favourite serial i show all season and episode. It’s heartly request please come back…..

  110. Aastha

    Going to miss Dahleez inmensly. Ultimate Show … On relations & false mentality..
    Come back with next season. miss u Freedom & Adarsh*

  111. dami

    Really miss dahleez….pliz tridha n Harshad come back with new project if nt with dahleez 2 also its fine…no nc serial to watch nw.

  112. Samrudhi

    Plz come back dahleez 2 with Trisha and harshad…
    Not a single nc serial …
    Plz…plz plz come 1nce a again

  113. nisha pandey

    i love swaadheenta acting ..i love dhleez seriol ..itss my humble request plzz come back adrsh and swaadhenta plzz cme in season 2

  114. Rupa

    I miss dahleez.. Please come back with the new series of daleez sequel!! love you swadhneeta and adharsh..

  115. khushbu

    will miss this show…star plus should continue with it…will miss whole team of dahleez…proud of u guys…u guys had done outstanding job…miss swadhadarsh…love u all…come soon with..’dahleez-ek bar fir’…!!

  116. dehleez lover

    plz plz plz come you all guys with asad and abhay too we all will miss you a lot come back on star plus but same serial dehleez ek bar fir

  117. RASHI


  118. Shehnaz

    Salam to all dehleez team. inthe last vch haidersab questioned to gv prooves for love to india. it was very heartfulĺ. nd swdhnta what a hígh level told tht if thr would any amar verma instead of asad gilani thn u vl never recognize as terrorist. c was absltly right. thrs no any qural both community in aam public. bt it is created by sm pnmlitician by their men in socity. i hope both community aam praja try to understand. nd stay-live co operatvly vt each other. ye kaam hum aam praja ko hi karneka hai. we should nt leave on any politicaly leader. aftr all show was very heart touch. pl return all dehleez team. thr was no a single charactor useless nd more or neusance. all gave their work as necessaciated.nt felt boared by any one. my humble request to director to make picture to spray ths msg between more population please. i m nt sayíng bye-bye ths team, bt i vl wait ths full team. nd you would have to return.

  119. Bhumi

    One good thing abt the show was that alleast it ended so early ….. n not like the other serials …..and that too with a good ending. Pls make such kind of serials in future n entertain us.. a good show….

  120. Ritu Syal

    Me and my family really missing this show..plz come with new story ,adrash and freedom,why this serial stopped so early,there are many other serials which r running so long then why this with dahleez……’s a humble request kindly start with season 2

  121. Ambili

    Dahleez_Very good serial. Not like any other boring time wasting mega serials where marriage after marriage bahu and mother in law always crying women etc. A standard one. So pls keep it up .

  122. Janhvi bhagyawant

    I love swadhinta vakalat verry much.plzzz show him again in next season .why it had been finish in three month….this is not done…plzz come sooon

  123. jiya

    I’ll miss this show a lot this was my fav show plz yaar come back with season 2 swadarsh we’ll miss u

  124. Seha omar

    Even though this Dehleez serial is short but the message delivered to us is ‘solid’. Looking 4ward to season 2 of the serial .

  125. arshiya

    Its an amazing show…ill miss abhay and asad’s bond with swadinta which makes her to fight further but i felt soo sad after they were killed by the terrorists…plz make such type of shows which will end soon and the cast of dehleez done a great job they all were too good by their acts…will miss yu

  126. puspa tudu

    dheelez was short sweet and meaning full. …I loved it so much. ..hoping soon for season 2.

  127. Umama

    Feeling bored & bad.I’m free now.Cz it’s dehleez time.Missing SWADARSH,JIYA RE,DEHLEEZ a lot… 🙁

  128. Deepthi

    We are going to miss you people.. Plz come back again with a new thought’s and thrillings

  129. Tanveer

    Really missing this show… it should have more episodes… the ending … is not that well.. it is some how… incomplete… there is another show in Pakistan.. “Pyare Affzal” it’s was a good show same it is.. it’s also has to b continue types ending same as this show ends… there this show should have more attractive ending… not to b continue types… Really missing this shows… 🙁

  130. swadarsh

    ihope star plus realises its time to kick saas bahu serials like….and bring dehleez back plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss……..its important to show the realistic problems of country thaN showing how to increase population like saath nibana saathiya…i feel its waste and i am sorry if i hurted someone by accusing saath nibana sathiya…i feel its waste of time wathching it.dehleez was the only serial i used to watch

  131. shekhar

    SUHA the great actress! She shows the height of acting while her husband face her on revealation of his lie. Its her eyes which deliver more words than her lips. When she conqer with LT..conl.bundela with hard words, is the hardest words so far he could have been scolded with in his entire life which ultimately lead him to die for country.

  132. Reshu

    I really don’t know why they are saying that the show’s trp is very low so the show is going off while the nonsense serial sathiya trp is OK
    I think the timing was the main problem otherwise it is the best show ever in tv series
    I m commenting here 1st time because I can’t stop myself
    The ending was so rushed
    Bt I think there will be no show like this ever
    Love u swadarsh…and all team
    Good job and a great msg
    Pls come again with other timings and I bet this will cross records of trps
    Because there can’t be low trp of this kind of lovely show ever

  133. Urvi Katira

    Why r u rushing to end this serial… Its my fav… I just was surprised to knw dis dat it’s ending. . It was actually d best show with new thoughts n psychology .. Pls come back if u can… Vl miss d entire team swadharsh..

  134. Naaz

    Why the show r end.this is the best show in t.v.This show give us true message of life.i miss this show nd swadarsh too.

  135. Laxmipriya lenka

    I’m really surprised dat Dahleez is end…i really miss very much dis jodi…plzz cum bk soon in another serial…we want to see dis jodi again n soon….miss u swadhars

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.