Dehleez 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 25th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arvind asking his friends to switch off their phones. They all leave. Asad goes home and signs Mami for keys. Mami asks him to wait. She makes excuse to Mamu and goes to give keys to Asad. She gives him keys. He hugs her calling her best and goes. Asad and Radhika go to the flat. Radhika asks where did we come. He says its my flat, my friends stay here. She asks did we come to meet them. He says no, they went to Agra, there are some items kept here, so I came to take it. She asks so? He says you will help me in getting those items, if I don’t understand. He finds an extra lock and says its imp, I have to break this lock, I will explain my friends later, why is this extra lock needed when there is door lock. He gets an idea and calls lock key maker.

The man opens the lock.

Asad and Radhika get inside the flat. They smile. She asks what items you have to take. He says we will take it, whats the hurry. She says there is marriage today. He says its at 7pm, its 3.30 now, it means we have few hours, flat is vacant, we are alone and….. He smiles and walks to her. She gets away. They dance on Ishq wala love……

They romance. She gets shy and hugs him. She gets her dad’s call and says I came to market to get some books, I m coming in 15mins. Asad signs no. She ends call. She tells Asad that she has to leave now. He gets sad. She looks at him and goes to him, saying I had fun. She kisses on his cheek. They smile. She says I love you. He says love you…. She greets him bye and goes. Asad gets much happy.

He sees the time 4.30 and hurries to take the plate. Jaidev wears the sherwani and checks buttons. Jaya comes and asks is there any problem. He says I don’t know these many hooks/buttons, why did mom gave this cream color to me. She says I told designer that my husband is very handsome, I said my husband does not like cream color, but my husband does not know cream color suits him the most. She helps him and asks is this perfect? He thanks her. He says Abhay and Simmi click selfies in every ncorner of the house, shall we also click a selfie. She says okay…. They take a selfie.

Asad looks for the shagun plates. He gets one big plate and looks for another. He gets some briefcase and checks it. He gets shocked seeing a communicating machine in it. He starts it and hears the man asking about the blast to happen today. He hears their names. Asad gets shocked and shuts the briefcase. He checks around and sees Delhi map with markings. Asad cries realizing his friends are terrorists. He recalls how Yash briefed him about the terrorists. He thinks of Arvind and other two guys, how he heard Arvind talking without stammering. He says it means those three terrorists are Ravi, Rajesh and Arvind….. He recalls Radhika’s words asking him not to trust those three guys.

Asad calls Yash and says I got to know everything about them. The shop owner asks the worker to fix the tyre. Ravi goes asking for 1000rs change and fixes the bomb in the scooty. Arvind and Bilal look on. Arvind says first spot is fixed, congrats.

Yash comes to that flat. He asks Asad since when are they staying here, was their police verification done or not. Asad says they were my friends, Abhay did their verification. Yash asks who wears this wig among them. Asad recalls and says maybe Arvind, I don’t know where are they, Arvind told me they are going Agra and I have to pickup scooty from this shop. He shows the address. Yash makes a call and asks the man to raid the shop and check scooty, I will send address and scooty number. Yash gets Radhika’s scarf there and asks did any girl stay here with them. Asad says its mine.

Asad gets Radhika’s call and says yes, your stole is here, I will get it. Yash asks so this stole is of Radhika. Asad says we shall talk about work, its my sister’s marriage today, I have to leave. Yash asks did you sleep with Radhika. Asad says she is my GF, what happened and what not, you don’t have to ask about it, its my dad’s flat, don’t tell anything to him. He goes. Yash gets angry.

Adarsh asks Swadheenta to show how is she looking. She says I disconnected video chat. He says I want to see how my wife is looking. Suhasini comes there and he ends the call. Suhasini compliments Adarsh. Mami, Appa and Amma compliment Swadheenta.

Abhay hugs Simmi and says my heart is saying I should marry again, can anyone say you are going to become a mum. She goes. Asad calls Abhay and says listen to me carefully, don’t tell anyone, else everyone will tell about cancelling marriage. He says I went to Arvind’s house and tells everything. Abhay says fine, stay there, I m reaching. Simmi comes back and asks Abhay where is he going. He says its urgent work, I will come back soon. She asks him to come back soon. He kisses her tummy to kiss baby and kisses her. He asks her to miss her and goes. He tells Suhasini that he will come soon and make hero’s entry. She says you are our hero and hugs her. Jaidev asks Abhay where are you going. Abhay says I will check arrangements outside and then get ready. He compliments Jaidev and Manohar and hugs them. Jaidev says come back soon, I know you are going for work, you act well. Abhay says I will be back soon. Abhay sits in his car and sees his uniform.

Abhay tells Asad that there was bomb planted in that scooty. Arvind says no one knows other two spots, there will be blasts……

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thank u for such fast update….

  2. Wow enjoyed the begining with rasad moments…..
    Also the most happiest scene selfie of jj couple….. Lovly hw she told my hadsome hubby etc etc…..
    And poor asad feels cheated and betrayed…. Radhika was right in begining…. He blindly believed them….

    Hmm NOW plzzzzz asap end this terrorists wid the help of abhay yash asad….

  3. Thanks for the update.
    Hope abhay doesn’t get killed in the blast. He is so cute.
    I don’t want him to die in the blast

  4. I’m scared is anything going to happen to Abhay??

  5. I dont want asad and abhay to die… it is not necessary tht evry1 to die in blast they can be serious and then recovered….y alwzz people show negative about indian system i dont undstd y cant they show them in a positive manner ….

  6. Ya I don’t want anyone to get killed

  7. Plz don’t kill abhay he is just soooo cuteeeeee

  8. Abhay and asad will dievin this blast. Radhika to reunitevwith yash

  9. Swadarah romantic is not good but abhay and simmi. I love them. Now abhay and asad will work

  10. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Wow balija u said it ryt…always terrorism. ..asad may die radika may wit child n may yash hv to marry her?
    Focus shifting frm swa/adr…moving on pls we got few days left


  11. I hope nothing will happen wid asad or abhay bcz if they put this serial end lyk. this then the full story of serial get affected audience would definitely get hurt

  12. hey USHA whr r u since long u r just disappeared! !!!!!!!!

  13. Plz dont kill any one its just a wrng thng ll nt fyn aftr oll….

  14. I think abhay n asad r going to die n yash wil tag asad as terrorist

  15. Oh no Goldie! Abhay is going to die. Noooo:)??? I won’t watch the show if this happens. Plzz say itsnt so. I’m so mad now???

  16. i think abhay will save asad! no one will die! simmi told abhay is the hero of the sinha house! so he might solve all the problems

  17. Nooo:-( plzz no;-(???????

    1. Padu dont b sad someone hasto die for suhu n mano truth to come out.whn bhay n asad will b proven not guilty mr manohar n suhu r gog o b n trouble.and after all abhay today said mein hero ki entry maronga so definately hes gog.n asad too.
      Unless he dies adarsh s not gog to know what his parents r doing by supporting broad.

  18. Deepika ( zaya fan )

    The way abhay hug everyone , I m sure he will die ?

    And suhu told he is hero, he will be hero by saving his city

    And both are swadhu’s bro … plz don’t kill them

  19. If u take a look at the instaspam link that Goldie put up it looks like a pic of Abhay. some funeral procession

  20. Nope… please don’t kill abhay and asad. Poor simi. She can’t tolerate. There is no rule that Indian soldiers and hero’s to die in every blast and terrorist attack… there can be positive side of such incidents too.. police/soldiers can save public and catch the terrorist too… I have seen a pic where the 3brothers along with swadheenatha were in soldier dress.. let’s hope nothing negative happens… keeping fingers crossed.

  21. Really liked today’s epi. Adarsh’s bashfulness and swadhu prettiness too good. Swadhu that’s a southindianslay. The behind the scenes crew the director, cameraman, writers these young guns really need to be applauded for their out w the old in w the new storylines. Such a break from the brain freeze monotony and stellar cast that’s just added icing on the cake. #wedontwantabhaysinhatodie

  22. Hi

    I don’t think Abhay will die. If it is then there is no logic as Abhay’s wife SimmI is a heart patient and she loves Abhay a lot. Even the writer also has to kill SimmI which means three people, Abhay, Simmi and their child. This serial is based on love story and there is no point in killing someone for A dash and Swadheentha’s love.

  23. it is all a soap drama. You remember in “Kynki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi”, Mihir was killed and once there was an outrage, he was brought back to life. in Dehleez both Abhi and Asad may be killed by the writers to add emotional drama.

  24. What i think s abhay n asad both will die n yash will tag asad s terrorist m swadhu n adarsh both will fight for asad as if asad s proved terrorist than abhay name will also b dragged as he signed those verification docs n no one except yash knows that thy were signed by abhay unknowingly.i think first yash wil b against asad but may b usme ka insaan jaag jayega n will save asad.

  25. please dont kill abhay he his so sweet

  26. I m enjoying the story now lot of twists n turns coming n waiting to see suhu n swadhu aamne samne.anyways seeing this sweet sasuma i was getting bored.thanks dehleez for ths different storyline .

  27. Hey everyone… I missed watching yesterday’s episode and today’s repeat timings don’t suit mine.. So I read the episode here.. I guess a hat will die, a sad will be framed by YASH as a terrorist… Can anyone tell me… Did anything happen between asad and radhika… I mean did they sleep together …

  28. Don’t let explosion happen…..nd bring Asad Abhay home safe …
    Let de mrge happen plzzzzzzzz

  29. I think what Goldie said is gng to happen n wanted to comment the same but its already here. Abhay will die but Asad will be framed as terrorist by Yash and Swadh will fight to prove mamu n Asad as innocent. Suhasini may blame Swadh’s family for all these n marriage will happen only after everything gets cleared.

  30. I so love to which this serial….I seems so logical and better than those ‘ghisi piti saas bahu stories’….This is different and nice!!
    P.s. I don’t think abhay will die…I guess there will some problem to his family!!:(;'(

  31. wowhh vandana if its really happen den its going to rock

  32. If abhay died I will not see this serial 🙁

  33. No plz make sure abhay will nt leave the serial..
    I am watching dis serial juz fr abhay..
    He is too gud..
    plz dnt make us annoy again..

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