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Dehleez 25th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adarsh noticing a car following since long. Suhasini hears Swadheenta’s arguments and smiles. She asks Dubey for Swadheenta’s contact number. Asad asks his friends to have anything today, party is on me. His friends tease him. Asad says I told Radhika… His friend says Radhika did not tell us, we have spy. Asad says it looks odd to show I m professor’s son. His friend asks why are you happy today. Asad says freedom won, my sister Swadheenta, she won a big case today.

Adarsh and Swadheenta come to have coffee. He says finally coffee… she asks were you like this since childhood or recently. He says recently. She orders two filter coffees. He sees that car outside and the man staring. She says I liked your gift. Suhasini calls Swadheenta. Swadheenta says sorry, I did

not have your number, iw as going to meet you after case. Suhasini says I liked your arguments, how are you celebrating. Swadheenta says nothing, I was having coffee with a friend. Adarsh gets happy hearing friend. Suhasini says these days, many are going for coffee. She asks Swadheenta will she assist her, and says I did not ask anyone in 25 years to assist me. Swadheenta says sure, I can’t believe this. Adarsh sees the man taking Swadheenta’s pic. Swadheenta says see you on Monday. She ends call and says do you know whose call was it. Adarsh runs after that man and the man leaves. Adarsh takes pic of car number.

He goes back and says sorry, whose call was it. She asks why did you run like this. He says someone known… Asad calls her and asks where are you, congrats, did you remember my pocket money promise. She says you are so selfish. He asks whats this muci in background, where are you partying, tell me. She asks him to reach market area in one hour. He says done. She drinks coffee hurriedly and says it was just about having coffee, I have to rush, to buy few things for home. She pays the bill and thanks him for help. He asks just one coffee. She asks what will he like to have in food. He says two three coffees. She says next time, where you don’t get anyone known. He asks her to take care, there is risk in high profile cases. She asks did anything happen. He says no, if anything happens then, give me a call. She says bye. He says saying see you will be better than bye. She says see you and leaves.

He makes a call to get car details. Later, Swadheenta and Asad are on the way. The same car follows and a bike man stops them. Asad asks her to leave. Asad gets beaten up. The man catches Swadheenta. She asks him to leave her brother. The man asks her to now fight case and get justice for farmers, its just stay order and your brother’s bones are breaking, think if case gets shut, what will happen. The man pushes her away. Adarsh comes there and holds her. He beats the goons and saves Asad. The goons catch Adarsh. She finds pepper spray and saves Adarsh. They all run away hearing police siren. Adarsh asks are you fine. She says yes. Asad says I m fine, cowards have run away, did you get hurt… Adarsh says I m fine. Asad asks where is police car, I heard siren. Adarsh offers them lift.

Asad asks were they Ahuja’s men. Swadheenta says yes, he did this. Asad says I will see Ahuja. Adarsh says its okay champ, don’t be angry. Swadheenta says I will call you by robinhood name too. Adarsh smiles. Asad coughs. She asks Adarsh did he know this will happen. Adarsh says that goon was following you, he was in cafe too. Asad says café, it means you were partying. She asks Adarsh why did he not say before. Adarsh says I just had doubt, I did not wish to make you worry. Ahuja smiles seeing video and shows Singhvi. He says we would have done this before itself.

Asad asks what to do next. Swadheenta thinks I know what to do. Swadheenta and Asad come home. Zubeda takes care of Asad. Asad says I would have not left them and boasts. Zubeda asks do you still want to fight that case Swadheenta. Mamu says she is not coward to move back. Swadheenta says case is delayed after 6 months, there is good news, Suhasini offered me job to assist her. Mamu gets glad and Mami worries. Asad says don’t worry, her bodyguard will manage Ahuja’s men, he pops anywhere like popcorn. Swadheenta stops him and goes. Asad goes to her. She asks why did you say that, were you joking. Asad says you are asking as if you don’t know, Adarsh likes you. She says nonsense. He says its my sixth sense, why does he come to help you. She says you are hurt on your head too and beats him. He says this is truth.

She asks why is he saying this. Asad says I know everything, you don’t know one thing, there is nothing unplanned more than love, no one knows when, where and why love happens, I know Adarsh is in love with you. He goes.

Adarsh comes to his room. He lies on the bed and smiles recalling Swadheenta. Jiya re……………..plays……………………….

Simmi argues with Adarsh for filing FIR against Ahuja for Swadheenta’s sake. Suhasini asks Adarsh whats his connection with Swadheenta. Suhasini asks Swadheenta about the govt officer, is he her friend, its good to have a govt officer as boyfriend. Swadheenta gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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