Dehleez 25th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Dehleez 25th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Special Episode of One hour today.

The Episode starts with Jaya telling Jaidev that Arvind and police are saying Asad and Haider are terrorists. Jaidev says but they are not. She says it will be hard for Swadheenta to prove this now. He says I know, I m sure police will try to catch Arvind alive, I will talk to dad, but since I told dad’s truth to mom, I m not getting courage to face dad, don’t know how to face him. She says you think mumma won’t know if you did not tell her the truth, don’t be scared now, go and talk to Papa.

Jaidev goes to Manohar. Jaidev says I need to say something dad, I m really sorry to tell mom. Manohar says no, I should apologize to you, sit. He says its elder’s duty to show right path to children, I walked on wrong path and lied,

and made you part of my lies, I m really sorry. Jaidev says don’t say this dad. Manohar says if you did not say truth to Suhasini, maybe I would have lived with this lie all my life, I have told a big truth to minister, I told him clearly that I won’t be part of his lie, it needs courage to say truth, you gave me this courage, also Swadheenta and Adarsh, I m grateful to you, thanks a lot. He goes.

The media reporter tells about the terrorist Arvind. Suhasini and Simmi see the news. Swadheenta calls Suhasini and tells about Abhay’s murderer Iftekaar/Arvind. Suhasini says yes, I m seeing that news. Swadheenta says I m trying to call Simmi, can I talk to her. Suhasini says yes, she is with me. Swadheenta tells Simmi that Asad is not Abhay’s murderer, I told you, Asad suggested Aman’s name to Abhay, and so Abhay messaged you that night. Simmi cries.

Yash is on call and asks what, I did not get that orders. He gets surprised seeing Suhasini. She says I understood your expressions, I felt you should be in hindi movies, not Indian army. He says I did not understand. She says I told you I want complete truth of that night. He says I told you truth. She says if person repeats lie, he thinks its truth, don’t you know truth. He asks what. She asks did the news not reach about the terrorist. He says I just got a call. She says you know the terrorist is Arvind, you denied his presence news, I m a policeman’s mother, I m proud of his sacrifice, your mother gave birth to a soldier, don’t do anything that gets shame for your mother. She leaves.

Jaidev calls Adarsh and asks is everything fine there. Adarsh says yes, army is going to reach here in some time. Jaidev tells dad met minister and told him that he won’t support him now, dad is sitting in his room and not talking to anyone. Adarsh says fine, I will talk to dad.

Yash tells someone that he is leaving. He sees Radhika and says you here, you could have called me. She says I could not talk this on phone, I have followed this case, I know whats happening, Swadheenta went and will get Arvind, no one knows Arvind will come dead or alive, I don’t want Asad’s stain to stay. He asks what do you want from me. She asks what do you want, Papa praised you a lot, you were best officer in his eyes, I want to tell him that I was wrong, I m going to marry you, but you have to tell Asad’s truth to the court, as you like, while saving yourself, but please tell everyone that Asad was not a terrorist, he did not kill Abhay, Haider is not a terrorist. He asks did you get this deal for Asad. She says no, it’s a request, I won’t say anyone, tell Asad’s truth to everyone. She cries.

Later, Yash contacts someone and talks about Iftekaar’s release. Manohar sees Arvind’s statement. Adarsh calls Manohar. Manohar answers the call and asks how are you. Adarsh says dad, I did not regard you my hero, idol and Guru just like that, what you did today proved me right, I love you dad. Manohar says I love you too, I did not ask you anything till now, I m asking today, promise me Abhay’s murderer will not get saved. Adarsh promises that and says I hope when army reaches there, hostages will be saved too. He sees the army arriving and says I will call you later dad. He rushes to Yash.

Adarsh asks Yash to send his commandos and get Arvind. Yash says no, I got orders from high authorities. Swadheenta says yes, ofcourse. Yash says I have to see, there are teachers and students there, I have to act as per situation, I may have to agree to his demands, you both are selfish and want Arvind alive, just to win this case, let me do this job, who will think about the kids. Adarsh says I worry for them too, it does not mean he let that terrorist go away. Yash says alright, do what you find right, I will do what I find right. He goes. Jaidev talks to Adarsh and says I m talking to ministry, don’t worry, we will not let Arvind go. Adarsh says army is talking about agreeing to Arvind. Jaidev says Arvind’s statement made this complicated. Adarsh says he is lying, he challenged Swadheenta that he won’t let her prove Asad innocent. Jaidev says I will try to talk to ministry again. Adarsh asks him to just hurry up.

Arvind sees the kids crying. The boy gets scared. Arvind asks him why are you crying, come sit here, what happened. He says you are brave child of India, some of you will grow up and become doctor, engineer, policeman, army officer, who will fight with men like me. He asks the boy to smile. The boy tensely smiles. Arvind asks do you like gun, will you use it, no? But why? The boy says because bad people use guns. Arvind asks who taught this to you. The boy shows his teacher. Arvind takes the teacher’s phone seeing it ringing, and says I told you to keep phone off. He smiles seeing the number and talks to Yash.

He says the one you called to talk is busy now. Yash says I called to talk to you. Arvind says I don’t trust you now, still tell me, how can I serve you. Yash says I need to talk to you face to face. Arvind says so that you kill me. Yash says I want to save your life. Arvind asks why. Yash says money, 10 crores is a big amount which will be transferred in my account after sending you to your country, I spoke to your boss Nadim, I called him and he offered me 10 crores to make you reach your country safely, I could not refuse to his deal, and I have other profit too to save you. Arvind says I know, if I get saved, then Swadheenta can’t prove Asad innocent. Yash says you got smart after going to school. Arvind asks him to say his plan. Swadheenta goes to Yash and says so this is your true face.

Yash says face often deceive freedom. She says don’t call me freedom, I can’t believe you can fall so low for money. He says excuse me, I have to meet Iftekaar, its imp deal of my life. She says you can’t do this, think, I can’t prove Asad and Mamu innocent if that Arvind escapes. He says I know what I have to do. She asks him not to do this. He leaves.

Arvind gets some wires and explosives from his bag and surrounds the kids with it. Teachers look on. He fixes the bomb and says I have the remote, don’t act smart. He tells the kids that he will come in 5mins, don’t move. Yash enters the gate. Swadheenta tells Adarsh that Yash is linked with the terrorist, he got 10 crores to save Arvind.

Adarsh asks the officer how can he allow Yash. Yash walks inside. Arvind comes out and gets the kids outside. The parents see their children. Yash looks at Adarsh. Arvind says I was coming alone, then I thought to get them, why to take rish. Yash says that’s why your boss praises you, you take risk by thinking, why just three kids out of thirty. Arvind shows the remote and smiles. He says I did arrangements inside, now tell me the plan. Yash says good, I expected this from you, you see that jeep, its here for you, a helicopter is one km away, which will drop you to your country, this jeep will take you to the helicopter. He asks him to take the kids too. He sends the kids to the jeep.

Arvind says I knew Colonel will save me, but not by your hands. Swadheenta looks on and thinks what are they talking. Yash says you will go by my hands, but the difference is you won’t go to your country, but to hell. He takes Arvind’s gun away. Arvind shows the remote and says you don’t know I m wearing explosive jacket, and there is bomb near the kids. Yash says I know you are wearing explosive jackets, you don’t know I m wearing it too. He shows the explosives. Arvind gets shocked. Yash asks are you scared, you have worn the jacket to scare the world, and I have worn this to kill you. He throws the remote and shouts Adarsh. Yash holds Arvind and does not free him.

Swadheenta gets Yash’s message. He apologizes to her and writes he is going to do his duty, he has sent a video too. She thinks what did he write and recalls his words. Adarsh gets the kids. Yash salutes the flag and presses the button. Yash and Arvind get blown off. Swadheenta and Adarsh get shocked. Police runs inside and saves the teachers and students. Bomb squad checks the bomb. They defuse the bomb. Teachers and the students get relieved and happy.

Next morning, Swadheenta tells the judge what Suhasini said before this case started, whoever wins in this case does not matter, but truth should not lose, truth can’t lose, I felt that Iftekaar is a prime key in this case, but Yash was the prime key, he lost his life and saved many kids’ lives, but before going, he left a statement.

She plays the video message. Yash tells about the truth, big problems fail infront of truth, and even today truth will make this problem fail, even if you did not see this video, truth would have come out, truth does not need anyone’s support, three sons of the country were trying to stop the blasts that night, Abhay, me and Asad. Abhay and I were doing our duty, but Asad was not bounded by any duty, he could have left and attended his sister’s marriage, but he fought for the country and died as a martyr. Asad told me about Ravi, Rajesh and Arvind’s truth to be terrorists, he gave me all info he found at the flat, then he informed Abhay, if Asad did not give us info, there would be three blasts in Delhi and we could have not done anything, Asad gave me first location of scooty shop and was with Abhay all day to find other two locations, he left his only sister freedom’s marriage, sorry freedom, Asad did not kill Abhay, Arvind/Iftekaar killed Abhay. Mami, Mamu, Swadheenta, Simmi and others cry.

Yash says after shootout, Asad saw Iftekaar and run after him to the building’s terrace, they had a fight and Iftekaar has run away, but police has shot Asad thinking of him as a terrorist, sorry freedom, I know Iftekaar’s death can complicate this case, but his death is necessary to tell his country that if they try to terrorize our country, we will not let them return, today I m giving this statement that Asad was innocent, Haider is not related to this case. Mamu, Mmu and Swadheenta cry. Everyone clap. Sinhas look on.


Judge asks if all this was true, how were those proofs recovered from Haider’s house, why did Allan gave that statement against Haider. Swadheenta says someone here wants to say something. Manohar gets courage to speak up. Swadheenta tells her family about that standing for her brother Asad. Suhasini does Swadheenta’s Grahpravesh. Adarsh and Swadheenta smile.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Asmita...


    |Registered Member

    Bomb squad is trying to defuse bom and all the students are sitting there…. hahahaha… great…. they people don’t even think to remove students from there…

  2. Sahasranjali


    |Registered Member

    I think in the whole series, today was the first time that yash did something sensible. He got his senses back on the last but one episode. Haha.. jokes apart. This really was an emotional and brave task by Yash Bundela. Proud of him today. 🙂

  3. Zini

    Hats off Dehleez team.. Thank u for such a beautiful story.. Yash is the hero of today’s episode.. Galthiyam sabko atha hey Bt vo sudharna ka confidence yash ne aaj dhikhaya aur prove kiya ki he s best soldier.. Big salute man.. Hated u till yesterday and loving you much more today 🙂

  4. little princess

    Just loved today’s episode… Yash did a great job…really proud of u…just loved yash today n was feeling great respect to u.. Swadheentha finally proved her brother’s n mammu’s innocence… Hats off to u….really proud of abhayasad,yash n swadheentha…

  5. zoya

    Oo yash was not discussting first time i only read left episode that’s why writ that……..
    Today’s episode was great ?????.

  6. Umama

    Yash,u take such a bold & risk step.atlast u realise ur mistake & by this u repent that.Salute to u Yash.

  7. S. Aishwarya

    The best episode of dehleez so far. Loved u yash. Today u rocked man i m proud of you. Im so happy that finally you showed ur army spirit today and sacrificed ur life for the country. Loved u and pray that like this all the all the plans of all the terrorists fail nd they never return alive to their country.

  8. devgyani

    Yash u are also a true martyr along with abhay and asad now this serial’s last episode is left misss u dehleez.

  9. kitty

    such a quick update…wow… finally god bless yash for his good deed..wish this serial cud continue for some more days…

  10. mumtaz

    todays epi was show ne startng mae jitna hasaya aaj last epi mae utna rulaya.feeling so emotional.mis u n luv u adarsh.pls someone give me swadrsh’s addres

  11. Umama

    I’m all emotional now.That video is outstanding..Thanks yash.If u tell d truth before,u wouldn’t have died..Awesome episode.Thanks amenapu fr d superfast update..

  12. Umama

    They can end this show with d end of this month.By that only it’ll not in d hurry mood.They should has seen some epi’s on Singha’s happy family & mama-mami.I feel bad fr them.Now they r alone.Swadhenta & Asad isn’t there na..

  13. Maria Rebecca

    Baat ye hai ke apko apni galti ka yehasas hona chahiye…If my hindi is bad please excuse; )

  14. saurav

    Finally Yash did his job.. Bt feeling bad nw fr his death.. N wat a emotional episode today.. Loved it.. Nw only one last day for dahleez.. Will miss this show n whole team..

  15. Ritu

    today I really cried at yash death..though he did wrong with us but he never backed away from his duty.. a salute to him..finally freedom got the truth out…one of the best epi I have seen of dehleez so far..a perfect ending was given to yash’s character..will badly miss the show..

  16. Megha


    |Registered Member

    Yash really made me cry today, especially at the moments he called Swadheenta by the name freedom.
    Though Asad will always be my favourite, but Yash, today he for a special place in my heart ?

  17. Umama

    Fatarajo,i’m totally agree with u.Dehleez should atleast win d best ensemble award..After ‘Ek Hasina Thi’ ‘Dehleez’ came with a different concept & plot and win our heart.Dehleez is totally different frm others.Very very different.It is charming,thrilling and also educative.Dehleez team did a great job.All of them play their role very naturally on their own way.Each of them mostly suit with d character.Being a Bangali i’m proud of she is bangali too.. Will miss this show a lot,very badly.I’m feeling like crying.I’m very much angry with star plus..

  18. Vinitha

    It was indeed an awesome story!
    Everyone has started liking this serial in such a short span of time!
    Indeed, a great job I must say!
    Serials like dehleez shouldn’t come to an end, I salute the whole team of dehleez.. ?
    Hats off!
    And thank you so much for telecasting this serial! ?

  19. Fathi

    I love you yash u made me emotional. I cryed. Yash did great duty. This film has a good message for india. Dehleez rocks. But its going off air??? but phir pe. Me dahleez pyaar kari rahingu

  20. Sindu

    Dehleez rocks and proud of yash pls dont air off dehleez it was awesome serial and don’t know y Star plus always air off awesome serials like manmarzia and now dehleez and there was long running and irritating serials y don’t air off them and encouraging tammanah and dehleez type serials

  21. goldie

    One hour looked like a really rushed episode so many loose ens cvs had to close…nothing much to say…
    Yash …..calling her freedom atleast 100 times. since last 3 episodes iftekar yash ne swad ko freedom bulana shuru kar diya ….asad ka kaam kar rahe the dono.

    And bomb diffusion ke waqt kids cld b moved to a safer area …. cvs jaldi mein bhul gaye …

  22. Umama

    I like d scene very much.Where in d video he said,’three sons of d country trying to stop d blasts that night.Abhay,me & asad’.this scene made me very feels really good.again a salute Yash.u won my heart..

  23. Padu

    If yash had not lied in the first placed two families would not have gone through so much hell and a newly married couple would not have had to go thru so much misunderstanding. We as viewers also had to go thru the trauma.
    A terrorist on the run is armed so well and carries so much explosive materials is a little hard to believe.
    That suicide bomb blast was also a little close to the building. Reminded me of maniratnam movie dil se when shah rukh hugs manisha who has the explosives on her .
    Good attempt but still not happy w yash otherwise cast and crew did a nice job. A very different show that will be missed.

    • goldie

      Tru padu suhu s the only character whose redemption s justified till today i wud say.

      Jai n mano donot deserve redemption .

      I m still counting on adarsh actually i am guessing something which i got hint(i did not think abt it till then as i always analysed these characters just n what thy showed )from nb n the long discussion but i just want to wait if cvs have that n plan .

      • goldie

        Ya bcoz the male lead cannot b just a mere charming prince cum robinhood only for the aam junta….i m sure there s more to adarsh character than a mere stalker as he has been potrayed till now.

  24. sree

    i used to comment here when show atrted fr few days…but after tht i stopped commenting…but todays epi made me emotional tht i jst thought to comment…
    it would have been better if yash would have realised his mistake earlier…atleast he would have nt died….I think he felt very guilty abt it so he took this decision…
    even i felt very bad fr yash in todays epi…

  25. Meenakshi

    Superb… Yash was a rock star today…. I watched this episode several times.. Goosebumps.. It will be a shame if this serial does not bag awards… Excellent..Sad it is going to end tomorrow..

  26. anu

    There are 3 story which can never be forgotten n they are
    and these very the ones to go off air so soon miss them all .

  27. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Awesome episode. Oh no so sad Yash died I felt bad for him today Yash did prove that he is a good army who sacrificed his life for his country, loved him today, if he never let his anger overcome his honesty, and told swadheenta and others the truth he would have been alive , and he himself understood that finally. Hero of today’s episode was Yash

  28. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. Finally Abhay and Asad will get proper justice and happy ending for Sinha family, I will miss this show badly

  29. swadheenta

    ofcourse miss dehleez. i think sp could give one week more time to the serial so that they don’t have the rush of wrap up. otherwise good episode. i am also waiting for the surprise. hats off to dehleez team. please come with season 2

  30. Tamanna

    awsm show… it’s really different frm other show. it tought us many thing.
    Please don’t stop Dehleez?

  31. nonu

    jiya re.. jiyaaaa re.. gonna miss u swadharsh.. thizz serial s a package of romance,family,love, truth,.. i really loved it..excited 2 watch 1 hour spcl episode/ final episode.. i request to start season 2 at watchable time..

  32. navz

    great job done by yash serial is really superb iluv this serial idont like this to be ended fast plz continue.and i truly liked aravind’s acting and if u can plz, change the timings to 9:30 or 10:00pm

  33. navz

    again and again requesting plz starplus dont end this one instead u can airoff sathiyaa etc. worst stuff

  34. goldie

    Nb i have to com bk here tomorow my net gog to b off for a whilei will try today else tomorow definately to wrap up…

  35. shekhar

    Through out the serial, SUHA walk on a edged sword. She never look to let her character below a level she herself defined. Anyhow, while framing character of each actor, actress, lead heroin like swa get special benefit from director, producer, which is nor available other, and in this situation too suha mantain the level of her pre framed character. Great acting by Suha!

  36. swati

    Wonderful episode, really tears were rolling out of my eyes. Salute to Indian army. Always they are the only ones who decided to sacrifice their lives for nation and joined in army. Hats off

  37. shikha

    I have seen each n evry eps of dahleez…….
    really a great show n thr z no shw as comparable as this…..
    really will miss this show

  38. Ria sharma

    M going to mis dis show dis is one of my favourite i lov d characters of swadhinta nd adarsh both look cute together i want dahleez 2

  39. Aranya

    Yash did a great job at last and every individual who are related to jobs like that shouldn’t do something that Yash did before .

    Dehleez is indeed a great ? serial. Best .

  40. Anagha

    Awesome episode. I feel proud of yash. I became emotional when yash call swadeentha freedom and they played the vedio sent by yash. Why starplus is going to end such a good serial!!!!! Loved dehleez group ant will miss them a lot.

  41. Anu_u


    |Registered Member

    Cried throughout the episode???…most emotional scenes and beautifully written and presented by the Dehleez team…missed Asad and Abhay????
    Thanks Star Plus for giving us such a beautiful show ‘Dehleez’& ‘Swadarsh’
    Will miss u alot???
    Best show ever…Now in our memories forever???

  42. mamta

    truly luv d show from d core of my heart.. I had seen dis show on starplus either 2 r hardly 3 times aftertat I followed it’s written updates daily very eagerly. I don’t know what was there in tat show tat I always waited for 11.10 pm for its written update. according to me serial shud b made like dis. it had steady speed,daily new twists en turns en refreshg it was never dragging just loved en enjoyed d show. I think all producer en directors shud take d class on how to make d daily dose show from d producer en director of dahleez especially tat stupid director en producer of kumkum bhagaya

  43. ALIYAA


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