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Dehleez 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhasini saying Swadheenta……. Swadheenta and Asad see her. Suhasini says you here and this guy is your brother, I don’t get this. Swadheenta says I m really sorry, he is childish, he did big mistake. She says Radhika knew it why Asad came here, why are you not saying anything, even when Asad is called a criminal, this should happen with him, go and get engaged, I will manage my brother. Yash looks on. Inspector takes Asad. Swadheenta leaves with them. Suhasini and Manohar see each other.

Swadheenta tells inspector that she is a lawyer, she will get Asad’s bail done in morning, he is 18 year old guy, he did mistake, he did not wish to harm anyone, it will be criminal record against him, I don’t want this, I m sorry, forgive him. She folds hands. Inspector says see

her, you did mistake and she is folding hands to apologize, even I did love, I used to see her everywhere, even in raw mangoes, Gurmeet Kaur, do you see this girl. Asad says yes, no, don’t know. Inspector laughs and says you will see her if your love is true, if you love someone and you see her everywhere, it means your life is incomplete without her. She asks about what she said. He says fine, and asks driver to stop car. He tells Asad that he is leaving him because of his sister. They thank him. He says I will drop you home.

Asad says fine. She says no Sir, we will leave. Asad says Sir, you drop us, we won’t get auto, drop us to Radhika’s home. Inspector asks do you want to go there again. Asad says no, I have my scooty there, then we will go home. Inspector asks sure. Asad says sure. Inspector drops them to Radhika’s house. Asad takes his scooty… He says we will go home. Swadheenta slaps him and asks what will you tell Mamu and Mami. He says listen to me please….. She asks what shall I listen, you were tagged criminal there….. He apologizes. They cry. He says I do mistake as I don’t think, when Radhika said she has to go with me, I felt I will just keep thinking if I don’t do anything. She says promise me, you won’t lift any weapon from today. He says I won’t, I promise, but I can’t swear on you. She says fine, come, we are not going home. He asks then where are we going. She says I will tell you. They leave from there.

They reach the Dargah. He asks why did we come here. She says you believe Hazrat a lot, go there and apologize, promise you won’t do this again. Asad ties kerchief overhead. She asks him to go, and sits there. She smiles seeing kids running around. She gets shocked seeing Adarsh cooking there.

She goes to him and sees its someone else. She turns and sees Adarsh sweeping the floor. She runs to him and says Adarsh….. She sees someone else and says nothing….. She recalls inspector’s words and cries. The man in Dargah sings Mose naina….. She sees Adarsh again……. Tying thread…… Adarsh opens his arms for her. She cries. Jiya Re……plays…………… he disappears……………. Asad prays and turns to her. He sees her crying and says freedom….. She leaves from there. He stops her and asks why are you crying, are you mad.

She says yes, I got mad, I think a lot, I m talking to Amma, Appa, Jeevan, Mamu and Mami, but…. I m crying for my love story, not yours, that Sardar ji is right, when you see someone everywhere, your life is incomplete without that person, my life is incomplete without him. Asad says you are in love, its good thing, come we will go. Swadheenta says no, Yash is Vanshika’s brother, what you did at Radhika’s home…. Asad asks how do you know Vanshika. Swadheenta says Adarsh and Vanshika’s engagement is tomorrow.

Asad says its time to set things right, we will go to Adarsh. She says we can’t go. He says I m sorry to do that, but we will do anything, whatever happens of my love story, but your love story will complete. He hugs her and wipes her tears. They leave.

Its morning, Jaya is tensed and asks Jaidev what to do, I will tell Vanshika the truth, that we don’t have to keep engagement. Jaidev asks on what basis will you do this, you are thinking stupid. Jaya asks what shall we do. Abhay says just Adarsh can stop this engagement, I don’t think he will stop this, he is getting ready and not. Suhasini and Manohar are happy about Adarsh’s engagement. Suhasini says Abhay did foolishness, I faced much embarrassment because of it, people asked why did Adarsh not get married, why did Abhay marry first… did you talk to Vikram, is Radhika coming…

Manohar says yes, whatever happened was upsetting. She says I can’t believe this, see that guy’s dare to get in the girl’s room and that too with knife, I met Swadheenta’s Mama and Mami, they are good people, he is such a criminal mind….. Manohar says today is not for this talk, its your Adarsh’s engagement. She smiles and says I will just go and see him. She goes to Adarsh and asks him did he not get ready till now, girl’s family will come. Adarsh says I was getting ready. She says you are handsome, but its special day today, let me help you. He asks about the dinner yesterday. She says its good you did not come, there was a big drama, it was time for Bundelas to get embarrassed, Radhika’s BF came there with a knife, and Colonel Deshmukh and his daughter’s doings, oh God…. You are all done, come soon. She leaves. Adarsh recalls Swadheenta’s words about Radhika. Asad and Swadheenta are on the way to meet Adarsh.

Swadheenta sees Adarsh getting engaged to Vanshika. She asks can we talk for two mins, I see you everywhere, someone told me when you see someone everywhere, then that person means world to you. He asks can you hold my hand. Everyone look on. She holds her hand and says I love you Adarsh. Suhasini gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Oh..this show is really better than the other shows.. just saw a few episodes till now.. but it’s good. After long liking a star plus show..?

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  4. I am from california. watch this episode online..cant wait to see tellyupdates..Love this serial..Its been a LONG time that I have been this addicted to a serial. Thanks for all the posts. I feel like a teenager again!

  5. hey guys please anyone try to update dehleez story today…i think AMENA is busy today she is not updating any story today…please

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