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Dehleez 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Swadheenta saying it’s a murder. They all get shocked…..Singhvi laughs and says this happens by a big shock. He says you forgot this is a land case, these are mutation documents. She smiles…. And does not lose her cool. She says I did not know these are called Inteqaal/death documents, I got to know that the man who sells land is equal to dead, but if farmers did not sell land and their land gets snatched, then whats its called, its called a murder, Ahuja is trying to murder these farmers, I can’t see this, sorry Prakash, I will fight even with you for your land, because client and lawyer don’t lose courage together, either has to show courage.

Singhvi says she is getting emotional for no use. Judge says you are senior lawyer and feel this is useless…. He asks

Swadheenta to say what she has to say. She asks Prakash to go and sit. She asks permission to call Ahuja in witness box. Singhvi objects. Judge overrules his objection. Ahuja comes in witness box. She says whatever happened in court, I did not know what you did that my client took case back. Ahuj asks why are you doubting me, I can’t do all this. He says it was morning time, they came to request me… She says it means they said we will take case back….. and you did not do anything, you would have given them some bribe/greed. Ahuja says why will I, they stopped my car, I asked them to ask madam first. She says you are lying. He says if I knew you will ask me this question in court, I would have made video tape and got for you. She says its same thing, you record or I do, I will show. She asks for permission to play a video.

Ahuja and Singhvi get shocked seeing the video. Judge sees how Singhvi made the farmers take back case and put blame on Swadheenta for provoking them. She asks Ahuja to wipe his sweat…. She tells the judge that Singhvi said a line sometime before, I will also say the same, where will this case head more now… Singhvi says this is fake tape, its made well in editing room, I was there with Ahuja, this did not happen, I strongly challenge this, its land case, you did not present any proof that this land belongs to these farmers. She says thanks Singhvi, you are helping a lot today.

She gives the fertility report of Prakash’s lands, its agricultural land, its in this state as rains did not happen since two years, Ahuja captured it and proved its non agricultural land to make building in it. She recalls taking soil samples and sending it for tests. She says last time, Singhvi presented same sample, check Naveen Ahuja’s name marked with red ink with third page, and shows more reports, where Prakash’s name was removed and Ahuja’s name was written. Singhvi says its lie. She says court will decide, these documents presented before were fake, I m trying to say this land belongs to Prakash Yadav, not Naveen Ahuja. She shouts. Singhvi fumes….

Judge says forgery of mutation documents is big crime, if this is true then, Ahuja and all govt officers related to this will face enquiry. He announces three committees to decide on this matter in 6 months, and submit their enquiry reports, till then Ahuja construction is stopped for any construction on that land, else there will be strict proceedings done on Ahuja. The farmers clap for Swadheenta. Court is adjourned.

Swadheenta asks Singhvi to fill the form, and leaves. Singhvi sees application form of Singhvi in law college. He gets angry. Swadheenta comes out smiling and talks to reporters. They ask how did she feel by making Singhvi lose. Singhvi says its just stay order, I did not lose court. The reporter says its enquiry, not just stay order. Singhvi leaves. Swadheenta is positive and gives her statement. Prakash thanks her and asks how did she made that video. Swadheenta asks Ratna to say how did they make that video.

The farmers ask Ratna did she help lawyer. Ratna smiles and nods. Swadheenta says I called Ratna at night and made this plan. Prakash says we did not know you were with us. Swadheenta says Ratna and I had cameras and recorded everything. Prakash says you took such big risk for us. Zubeda informs Swadheenta’s mum that Swadheenta won and asks her to check news. Ahuja tells Swadheenta that he will win the case after 6 months. She taunts him about his plans and Singhvi. She leaves. He says she does not know whom she is opposing and calls someone asking to keep an eye on Swadheenta.

She thanks Lord and says Mamu’s lines. She asks Lord to get a good job, she will assist big lawyer and then fight cases. She goes to her scooty and sees a gift with open me tag. Adarsh scares her and she falls in his arms. Jiya re…… plays……………

They have an eyelock. She gets away and asks are you mad, if I had heart attack, paityam… he asks her to say it again. It looks good to hear from you, this surprise for you. She says thanks but… he says you would say you can take but can’t, as you are rude and… she says you called me rude. He says I said many things, but you just heard rude.. please take this. She smiles seeing the keep winning badge, and thanks him. He says you are welcome, coffee…. She asks will you not come for coffee. He says I want to, and sits on her scooty. She says you will go by your car. He says sorry, see you, bye. He follows her in his car and smiles seeing her driving ahead on her scooty. He observes a car following since long.

Suhasini calls Swadheenta and says I liked your arguments a lot. Swadheenta thanks her. Suhasini asks how are you celebrating. Swadheenta says I just came for coffee with a friend. Suhasini says I did not ask anyone to assist me in 25 years, but I m asking you now, will you assist me. Swadheenta gets overjoyed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. u r already a part of ur grp…… just ask max if he’ll make u his sister……….. coz i don’t think he likes any1 here except me !!!!!!! …………. just kidding……. actually every1 in d swadarsh family is our grp member…… why do u even ask??? 😛

      n cud u tell me what course r u pursuing????

      1. I’m a first year IT student in college in chennai….
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      1. Ohh cool…. I watch silsila at times, swaragini,dehleez and yeh vaada raha…
        And I’m writing my second ff in swaragini…
        Btw are you the sweety who’s started a new ff on swaragini?? I just read it…

  2. Todays role of Swadheenta was excellent.
    What a boldness and courage shown by her to deal this difficult case.
    She was elated and like a queen.So drastic change taking a great change.
    I hope episodes becomes such interesting.
    Thanks Telly Updates.

  3. wat a scene!! Thnks for written updation for us…

  4. yaa u r right sweety hrashad is a good actor and his perfomance is awesome in dahleez keep doing☺☺☺

    1. haha sakshi thanx for ur support………. btw which class r u in???

      1. i m qualify my exam of 9 next year my board will also what about u from where you belong??

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    2. Hey bilkish I saw your comment yesterday if you don’t want to read fan fiction then you can use filter written episode option only

  6. Hi guys

    So yes today’s epi was epic
    But I hope the next few episodes won’t b disappointing .
    I have gone totaly crazy for …eh swadarsh right ??.
    Finally found out a show like manmarziyam

    Gud night all the lovely guys .

    1. hi ms. x………. see my cmnt for u upside…………. but not on d roof…. navigate to d cmnts above 😛

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      I’ve seen it but not read it as I haven’t watched the show..

    2. Lol…the first half was meant for bilkish… not you sweety…

  9. Wow swadhu u rocked it ……..
    swadarsh scene was superb

  10. Power pack tat is all we can say for this epi

  11. supercool precap
    I loved it

  12. hai friends

      1. feeling really good yaar….

      1. hii any one can guess what will happen next.

  13. Damn!!… ystrday’s epi was toooo good…i jst looovveee swadarsh

  14. Hey sweety which ff u write on EMA I would love to read it

    1. she writes the one called love is life… I think more than 40 epis have been uploaded now…

      1. Oh okay thanks Anjali 🙂 I was wondering

  15. uff swadheenta rocked today..nd loved swadarsh….preacp is so interesting….
    btw where is my bhaiya?? max bhaiya…have u forgotten us??
    sweety which ff do u write plzz tell…

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  16. Hey sweety, what did happen to max? Why is he not entertaining us today :/
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  17. That time i was askng u it from swadhu phase as she is lawyer than how could i call u as judge??? But i no u will soon bcom gud lawyer(more than swadhu) and than even more gud judge!!!

    1. welcome…we all were missing u..

  18. Swadheenta falling on Adarsh’s arms was an old filmy style . Did not like it. Thank God the directors realised that Swadheenta’s character shld not be dumb like. She may be nervous but not dumb. Also, the judge on some episode was laughing at her, which was absurd. However he was ok today. Precap is interesting.

  19. Really!!! Where this new law is written??? And who the hell in this world can stop us….

    1. Lol…true…
      Its a free world…

  20. This was 4 bikish abdul rahim

    1. HAHAHA…

  21. todays episode was superb…..Swadeentha’s performance was brilliant….
    Hii max….All the best for your Exam

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  22. craze about skr

    superb nice epi…………………………as usual swadharsh rokzzzzzzzzz………………..
    hi everyone…………………….

  23. superb episode brilliant acting swadheenta and adarsh

  24. swadheenthas argumnts
    was superb

  25. Hiiiii…

  26. Hey sheena!!! I m hvng science stream(pcm)

  27. hello everyone..m getting bored…no entertainment 2day??

    1. Hey tara! Same here i get no 1 to f8 2day so gettng bore

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  29. I’m bored guys,Please provide entertainment…

  30. Well done swadheentha

  31. Hi… Can anyone tel me wen is dehleez being re telecast ??? I need to knw it badly….

  32. Tv k only serial jo dekhne lyk h vdna othrs serial mei kachra story rhti ,without meaning-less story….

  33. Its multi-tasking shw…love story &social both mix-up…swadheenta is mindblwing….real expression..ek bhi episode miss krne k mn nhi krta…really super& meaning-ful shw!!

  34. This shw represent highly posted persons work& thier lov story….my 2nd after balika vadhu!!

  35. Swadheenta shows typical indian working young girl who posted on lawyr/doctor/ohers…..her altitude is super!! Very good charctr!!

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