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Dehleez 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with police looking for Arvind. Arvind goes to some place and digs the soil. He gets a gun and leaves. Inspector sees Arvind and asks him to stop. Arvind runs from there and enters some school. Watchman asks him to stop. Arvind aims the gun and scares him. Police reaches there. Arvind sees the little students and greets them. He asks them not to get scared and think of him as a guest, your school is really nice, won’t you show me. The kids get scared seeing the gun. He aims at police and warns them not to shoot.

Adarsh asks a man to pack some food. Suhasini calls Adarsh and says I believed I read people’s face, and know truth and lies seeing people’s eyes, I did mistake this time, you and Swadheenta are right, I m not ashamed to accept my mistake. He says mom, but…. She

asks him to make her talk to her daughter in law Swadheenta Sinha. He says thanks. She asks him to thank later, and make her talk to Swadheenta. He says I came out to get food, I will reach her and call you, are you fine. She says yes, I m fine. He asks how is dad. She says make me talk to Swadheenta when you reach here, tell her that its time to accept mistakes.

Suhasini goes to meet Mami. Swadheenta and Paddy reach the school. Swadheenta asks whats happening. Constable says terrorist captured school staff and students. Swadheenta calls Adarsh and tells him that Arvind has kept Jawaharlal school’s teachers and students as hostage. He asks her not to worry, he is coming.

Suhasini apologizes to Mami for doing mistake in identifying Asad and Haider, we all are much ashamed. Swadheenta had belief on Haider and Asad, and she showed the truth to the world, I had to tell you one thing, my son gave his life for country, another son also sacrificed his life for the country, Asad Gilani is not a terrorist, he is a martyr. They cry.

Minister asks Manohar do you want what are you saying. Manohar says yes, I know well, I lied a lot on your saying, to others, loved ones and myself, now I won’t lie. Minister asks are you in your senses. Manohar says yes. Minister says you lied till now, now when its about your son’s case, you came to senses, you don’t know what I can do, I can ruin you. Manohar says I m working since 30 years, many ministers came and went, person realizes things by getting hurt, I realized that corruption will silently eat our country, minister and bureaucrats do this, when all bureaucrats get honest, then no minister like you can do any scam, I m waiting for that day, I will leave. He leaves.

Arvind asks watchman to shut the door. He looks around the school and says your school is very nice, a big one. He asks whats this place. The girl says its assembly hall. He asks are you scared. The boy says yes. Arvind says you should be afraid, fear is good. He hears a teacher asking students to show homework. He asks watchman to be here and knocks the class door. The teacher is busy. He goes to her and she gets shocked seeing the gun. He says good morning, shall we go out, kids come, we need to talk. Teacher asks who are you, what did these kids harm you. He says not them, their country messed up things. He asks everyone to come.

Arvind asks them not to call police, sit down. Teachers and students sit and get tensed. Adarsh reaches Swadheenta. Arvind makes a call to Swadheenta. She asks him to leave the school. He says oh, so you reached here, I was missing some loved one, who do I have in this country, you are my friend’s sister. She says you animals won’t know the relation of brother and sister. He says shut up, tell police that I have done enough bloodshed, I m not interested to do anything now, I have to go back to my country, I have much bullets in my gun, you are smart to understand. She asks him not to do anything to kids. He asks her to send her reporter friend inside, I know she is there, I want to talk to government, you don’t have time to ask if and but, its about many innocent lives, if anyone tries to act smart then…. She says no, please, I will do something. He ends call.

Adarsh asks Swadheenta what did Arvind say. Swadheenta says Arvind wants to say something infront of camera for talking to govt, he wants Paddy to go there, we have to setup camera.

Paddy knocks the door. Arvind stops the watchman and asks him to go back. He gets Paddy and cameraman inside. He asks her not to get afraid and sit. He say you are scared as if you are taking life’s first interview. She says its nothing like that, you say what you want to. He says whats the use, I will say, you will hear, get your eyes and signs to camera. She asks cameraman to start recording. He asks for her phone. He makes her hold the phone and says I will do some makeup. He wipes his sweat and says is it fine, shall we start.

He gives message for govt, saying we both gave wounds to each other, some gave much and some gave less, forget the past, make arrangements for my departure, just remember I have few flowers of India here, I will wait for reply. She asks him is his name Arvind Gupta. He thinks Swadheenta, you can’t prove Asad and Haider innocent. He says yes, I can change my name if you say. She asks were you third terrorist that night. He asks her not to call him terrorist, we can’t do anything in this country without the traitor, who give us house to stay and support in our mission. Breaking news/live telecast is shown on tv. Suhasini, Swadheenta and Simmi get shocked hearing his statement against Asad and Mamu.

Swadheenta scolds Yash and asks him not to do this, if Arvind gets away, I can’t get justice for Asad and Mamu. He says I have to meet Arvind right now and gets ready. Yash wears the explosive jacket and meets Arvind. He says I won’t let you return to your country, I will send you to hell. Arvind gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sahasranjali

    Such a fast update.!! Thanks.. Amena di!!

  2. awsome episode

  3. when arvind went to other classes the watch man could help the students to didn’t seem realistic.


    Are you sure this show will end on the 24/06/2016, i doubt it.

    1. It will end on 26/6/16

  5. Last 2 episodes r more miss awesome serial

  6. thanks amena di for this this update will be only 2days

  7. Ending date is perhaps 26june

  8. Miss this serial soooo much .

  9. now this arvind again playing with swadheenta. don’t know how they show the happy ending. now suhu will be again confused!


    Nice episode… and going to miss…. as only 2 episodes left…

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yes same here will miss this show a lot one of my all time fav show

  11. Very nice episode. Sad its ending this is a very good serial I look forward to watching daily.

  12. Its going to end 26. 27 ishqbazz will air on tv

  13. I dont think so this serial is going to end bcoz there is no other serial to replace it ..maybe case continues and arvind dies


      No its ending… and jana na dil se dur repeat will be shown

  14. i think now the Yash will repent & bring the truth of That night of 1st june….

  15. when all the bureaucrats of this country become honest then no minister will be able to do any scam…………. absolutely right…… this serial is really awesome …it presented the cause of corruption & its solution in a very interesting & exciting manner ,,,very much informative serial…more such serials should be made to aware the citizens of this country about the system

  16. Good episode but if yash had just been truthful we could have avoided so much of unnecessary nonsense and concentrated on the main leads.
    Is yash going in as a human bomb in the precap don’t understand. I’m getting a dil se deja vu.

    1. Sanjay kumar Bhattachary

      Nice episode ! With new concept a love story with a difference. I will miss this show. This is the best show on star plus.

  17. I think Ishqbaaz’s telecast time is 10 o’clock whereas Dehleez 10:30….is it Dehleez or Tamanna going off air ??????

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Both dehleez n Tamannah r going off air so ishqbaaz will take Tamannah’s time slot and Jana na dil se door will take dehleez’s time slot for repeats

  18. Moment at which each character had the know how about ARVIND, serial becomes only a formal only to end. Main characters , SWA & SUHA, are moving around a single lie of YASH. Its a good and remarkable acting by both SWA and SUHA throughput , but JAYA seems doing over acting after 2nd time tied black thread . After excluding, overlooking some extrimity, its a good one.

  19. It’s so sad
    That dahleez is going offair…in 26 june….going to miss swadeenta n adarsh

    1. Siddhi

      I am also sad and that also on mothers birthday really sad

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Well for me the day dehleez ends the next day my classes will begin again so for me it’s good can concentrate on studies more 😛 but will miss it a lot

  20. 2day’s episode was worst. Not Dahleez style. It is only crime petrol. Hence nothing to comment. Aise bhi Gold is not there, hence koi faida nahi hai disc start karke. Bye people.

  21. RANdomfANCreationz

    I loved the fact that there was no high drama, overdose of romance in this show everyone did justice to their character and also there was no much of unrealistic things in this show I feel that dehleez should at least win an award not for best show but at least for best ensemble cast what do u all think?

  22. Wonderful updating and so quick. Thank you dear. I like this serial very much

  23. Wonderful and quick update.Thank you dear.Perfect direction of serial .

  24. ananya sabujima

    It is a very good serial… Will miss this serial..

  25. I will miss this serial

  26. Sumita Kansal

    Perfect and meaningful story…..

  27. kyu hamehsa acchi serial ko jaldi band kar dete ho aap… sare band karna hi toh yeh rishta kya kehlata kijiye woh ghatiya sath nibhana sathiya kijiye jisme bus har wakt gopi bahu, krishna bhagawan hi hotai hai… majak banakar rakh diya hai krishna bhagwan ka… bewkuf log.. band karo woh sario serial or acchi serial ko jaari rakho please dehleez band mat karo plz plz plz m huge fan of dehleez team just love dem a lot… plz its a request… plz

  28. Yeah will die with. Arvind..he should have given his confession to radhika may be in cd

  29. I mean yash will die

  30. Awesome!

  31. Soecially commenting for suhasini sinha what a performance yday malik no one cld have played suhasini sinha better than what u did ?.

    Cvs hav gone mad surung rajasthn se delhi omg r arvind itne jaldi delhi pahunch gaya lagta hain surang nahin express way hain

    Indian army ke bure din only one army officer left one man army i wud say.

    Sorry nb quick comment today wil catch up tomorow if u cant mon tue continue atleast for last 2 episodes .bye

  32. I m going to miss this serial a lot bcoz i never left any episode of this serial. I luv u swarsh!

  33. nice drama in starplus with a new story and a good theme miss the serial and nice pair swadarsh

  34. Awesome serial… going to miss alot. Huge fan of dehleez team… everyone did justice to their charater. The best serial ever on star plus….. please don’t go… plz its a request. Going to miss alot

  35. If time limit was not a problem, we may have more opportunity to experience a fantastic fight between two Mrs. Sinha ! Virtual fight always nice to see between a mature and a novice!

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