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Dehleez 24th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jaidev and Jaya asking Adarsh what happened, did he win or lose. They argue. Adarsh asks them not to argue. Abhay comes and asks did he win. Adarsh says I won or not, I will know it in next 24 hours. Suhasini is doing engagement arrangements. Simmi asks Suhasini about Abhay. Suhasini asks what do you have to make him do now. Simmi says massage is pending. Suhasini says massage…. Simmi says head massage, he massaged head well and made my headache away. Suhasini asks will you make him do Bharatnatyam. Simmi says I once made him do Bhangra. Abhay comes and takes Simmi.

Jeevan comes to Swadheenta. He says you know, I felt no one can love you more than me, I was wrong, no one can love you more than Adarsh Sinha, the question is why are you thinking this, if you don’t see it,

everyone else can see it, I know you care for your dad’s respect, whatever happens is for good, its true, if we got married, we would have not been happy, love for Adarsh in your eyes is seen clearly, eyes don’t lie, you can convince Guru ji, I lost to make that person win, who is far better than me, who loves you more than me, listen to your heart. He goes. She cries and sits thinking about Adarsh.

Mamu comes to Swadheenta and says your eyes say you want to take decision, but heart is not, you are my daughter too….. whatever you want to decide, we will see then. She nods. He blesses her and says good night. He leaves.

Swadheenta gets Asad’s call and asks where are you. Asad says Adarsh Sinha won by losing, Ammi told me, you know I also lost and won, Radhika loves me. Swadheenta smiles and says so you went to college for this work, come home, we will talk. He says I m not coming home, its Radhika’s engagement today, I have to make her run away today. She asks him not to do this stupidity. He ends call. A man meets Asad and asks did you get money. Asad pays money. The man gives him knife and says just show this, don’t use.

Swadheenta rushes and her scooty does not start. She calls Asad. Asad is on his way. Suhasini asks Adarsh to get ready. Adarsh says you guys go, I m tired. Suhasini says I feel you have engagement jitters like people have wedding jitters, take rest, good night. Suhasini and Manohar leave. Adarsh looks at the sky and waits for Swadheenta’s call.

Asad sees the guard outside Radhika’s house. He jumps over the wall. He calls Radhika and says I m in your house compound, so I m talking slowly, why are you talking slowly. She says everyone is hear. Yash and his family are present there. Yash asks whom are you taking. Radhika says I was talking to Nidhi. Asad says they all are with Radhika, I have to do something. Yash asks her why is she tensed. She says I m not. Asad messages her to come to her bedroom, he is coming there. Asad runs and guard turns to see.

Radhika says I will just come. Yash gets thinking. Vanshika goes to open the door. Suhasini and Manohar come there. Bundelas welcome them. Swadheenta calls Adarsh. He sighs relief seeing her call. She asks for his help. He says if I say I won’t help, will you agree. She says Asad’s classmate Radhika Deshmukh, her father was in army, Colonel Deshmukh, find her address. He says give me 5 mins, I will tell, why are you sounding worried, where are you. She says I m at home. He says don’t lie, I can locate you in 5mins. He gives her Radhika’s address and says I have sent it. She thanks him and says bye……

Adarsh thinks when will Swadheenta say which he wants to hear since long. She is on the way in an auto rickshaw and recalls Adarsh. Tere andar ek samandar…….….Piya milenge…………….plays………… Adarsh recalls her and waits for her call. Radhika goes to her room and sees Asad at the window. She opens the window and he gets in her room. They hug.

Mrs. Bundela asks Suhasini did Adarsh not come. Suhasini says no, he was tired and I asked him to rest. Asad says I told you I will come, where is your bag. Guard tells Yash that he has seen someone going to backside room. Yash does not tell this to Radhika’s dad and asks guard to inform police. Asad and Radhika are leaving. Yash knocks the door and asks her to open the door. He breaks open the door and catches Radhika with Asad. Everyone sitting in the hall, hear the sound.

Yash asks whats happening, where are you going, Asad leave Radhika’s hand. Asad shows the knife and asks Yash to move back, else he will hit him. Yash asks him to leave the knife. Everyone come there and see Radhika and Asad. Asad gets tensed seeing everyone. Asad apologizes to Radhika’s dad and says sorry, I have to take Radhika, we love each other. Bundelas get shocked. Asad warns Yash. Police comes there. Asad gets shocked….. Inspector asks Asad not to do anything wrong. Yash takes the knife and holds Asad. Inspector takes Asad. Swadheenta comes there and stops inspector. He asks who are you, whats your relation with this criminal. She says he is my brother, not any criminal. Suhasini looks on and says Swadheenta…….. Swadheenta gets worried seeing Sinhas.

Swadheenta sees Adarsh everywhere at the dargah. Asad says you are in love, whatever happens of my love story, but your love story will complete, and hugs her. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. What ?!

  2. Badly waiting for tomorrow’s episode.. Finally confession will take place.. The most awaited one ???

  3. Asad…you shouldn’t have done this…you could have informed swadhu or adhu..

  4. Oh God….If adharsh was there in radhika’s home with Sinha family..then he might have done something..

  5. Precap looks so interesting…Asad is so supporting…love u..

  6. Swadhu…pls go n tell him that you loves him..he is waiting to hear that since a long time..?

    1. Hey that’s nice. I missed u too

      1. Hmm ??

  7. It looks like swadhu’s love confession will be after 2 days…

    1. I think wednesday r thursday confession as these tv soaps has some stupid funda all twists n turns happen mid week.

  8. Anshula Ingle

    Really impressive,….this site mentions each and every detail about the show…..including the background music also ??…..kudos…!!!!

  9. Thx for update confession didn’t happen but liked the episode .swadhu realisation was gud n harshad acting so gud n emotional scenes Ya too gud.asad rocking but may b not the rite way to get radhika.. Galti kar Di but love guru will help u don’t vory.

  10. Omg wat is happening yaar that stupidity how could asad can do asad is very cute & supportive adarsh yaar he is super duper cool and swadhu should realize her love for aadhu and conffess her falling I m just waiting for confessing episode when it will come uhhhhhh ????

  11. Today is fabulous!! Swadarsh love you a lot guys!!

  12. I think asad stupidity s gog to cost swadarsh as suhu wil think bhai ek ladki ko bhagana chahta hai aur behen mere bete ko.

  13. I think confession wil happen wednesday r thursday as tomoroe radhika n bundela rona dhona n psycho yash gog crazy.n all elders shocked mode

  14. Then swadhu will brainwash asad n thy will go to dargah n finally swadhu realise her llove.

  15. This wil atleast tk 2-3 dayz so till thn filler episodes

  16. Best moment of todayz episode was whn swadhu calls adarsh n he picks up n there s a moment of silence whn both dont speak as adarsh is eager to listen those words from her n swadhu knows what he wants to listen from her n wants to say but is still in dilemmma.trishad just rocked today superb acting…

  17. I am not aware whether – Is Yash a brother of Vanshika…? Did Vanshika, Yash and their parent are at Radgika house for Yash-Rasgika mangani & hence where Suhasini & Manohar come? Please tell me.

    1. Hey Bharat actually suhasini and manohar came to bundelas home…..n radika also came there right ?

  18. omg What is happening? Too much excited

    1. Hey u bckkk plzz don’t go ☺☺

    1. Swadhu n trouble with suhu for saving asad

      1. Thanks for the link ??

      2. Thank u goldie

  19. Oh boy! Get these two together already. How much dragging can they do esp. When there’s only 108 episodes. Little news flash Adarsh baba. This girl is not freedom she is frustration. Dilli mein aur koi ladki nahi mili kya is frustration ke pechche kyo pade ho yaar.
    Nice camera work and editing and of course Adarsh baba always rocks.

    1. I saw ur comment in ystrdy …but what is the relation btwn tht film nd this page ?

  20. So far Suhasini had no bitter feelings towards Swadheenta. But the Asad episode may turn that around causing more problems for her and Adarsh. But if the directors have brains and trying to show Swadheenta as a strong character with good morale than she should slap Asad in front of everybody and scold him to follow the wrong path for love confession.

    1. I think suhu s gog to b hard nut to crack in accepting swadarsh one reason being asad n second the way she proved simmi wrong by using her detective skills just to prove to bundelas that adarsh cannot do any such thing .she mite tk few days just to accept that her son can like a middle class girl.

  21. It’s going on good.. the starting episods were more nice. They are just dragging the things now since 2-3 episodes. This serial has a good concept where the characters are shown strong ..hope they don’t ruin it like other serials do after they complete 50-60 episodes. ???

    1. They are not dragging at all.girls take tym to fall in’s normal.and if u wanna see dragging then watch kasam the bullshit.u will learn definition even classification of dragging

  22. Hey veronica wlcum

  23. Good news harshad will be hosting SPA .i think he will win naya sadsya award as he was that category.

  24. Jaya and Jaidev’s bickering was so cute. Un dono ke nok jhok aur honge toh accha hoga. Swads looked beautiful in the auto w the extra lighting highlighting her falling in love look.❤️

  25. I live in California and came across an ad for this serial in sling TV while watching cricket. I cant wait to read your updates at 11AM PST every morning. Thanks a bunch to Abhi. It has been a long long time I have been addicted to a serial. Thoroughly enjoying .

  26. Damn it.. !!!??

  27. Really waiting wen will adharsh and swadheenta get together

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